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Ulrich Lehtnur

"I'm insane, eh? I don't see an asylum around here. You must be the insane one, if you can."

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a character in “My Daddy Death: Revamp”, as played by Gintoki Sakata


Name: Ulrich Lehtnur
Nicknames: The Contrarian
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Image

Personality: Ulrich can be described most accurately as one, big contradiction. It seems that everything he does, and every motive he has is based purely on contradicting the beliefs of others. No matter how stolid someone is in their belief, Ulrich will find a harebrained explanation to prove them wrong. Although he is an adult, he does childish things such as fiddle with toys, such as tops and rubix cubes, or eating an unhealthy amount of candy. If someone confronts him on these habits, his usual excuse is "Its a good filter for the brain." or "My blood sugar is low."
One contradiction he loves to play out is when someone comments on his smoking habits, as he is often seen with what appears to be a cigarette in between his lips. He then tells them, that it isn't a cigarette, but a lollipop. If they still don't believe him, he takes it out, revealing that he actually was eating a lollipop. He never does explain how he gets the end of the lollipop to smoke, however.
His contradictory antics sometimes take a turn for the dangerous side. If someone calls him a pacifist, his resolution to prove them wrong somehow empowers him. He almost beat someone to death once, for this exact situation. Ulrich has no sense of taking things too far, or too little. Someone could punch him in the face, and he'll act as if he didn't feel it at all. Someone could challenge him to a friendly car race, and he'll constantly try to ram them, or push them off the side of the road. Ulrich's sense of reality is quite warped, as he doesn't understand, or rather care for the concept of life. Everything in the world is clay for him to mold as he chooses. At least, that's his view of the world.
He had also developed the ability to contradict his own mind. Often he discovers his desires other than that of contradicting others. One example would be a woman of captivating beauty, or a seductress. While he may find himself overwhelmingly attracted to her, he is able to contradict that thought by telling himself that he would never even suggest subjecting himself to such a hideous creature. Through this, he is able to overpower almost any desire other than that of his love for contradiction.
Most of the time, Ulrich can be seen as lazy, and unmotivated to do anything. He speaks in a constant monotone, and rarely shows true emotion, unless he gets angered. Every now and then, he tends to mock those around him, and let out a little laugh. But that's it, really.
Dreams: The ultimate contradiction. Ulrich strives to mend
and construct his mind to where he can contradict every belief
and reasoning imaginable, changing the way everyone sees things,
and throwing the world that he believes he controls, into insanity.
  • Contradiction
  • Candy
  • Toys
  • Science
  • Myths(although he refuses to admit it, most of the time)
  • Beliefs(especially popular belief)
  • Thoughts of others(both rational and irrational)
  • Natural human desires that distract him at times
  • Science
  • Myths
Bio: As a child, Ulrich was always told that everything he did
and said was wrong. Not only by his parents, but by his friends
at school, his teachers, everyone. No one seemed to trust what
he said in the slightest. No matter how he tried to make them
believe him. Eventually, he constructed his own little world in his
head, where everyone trusted what he said, and were amazed
by the things he did. This delusion allowed him to cope with life.

As the years went by, Ulrich's delusion manifested itself, and mutated
into what could quite possibly be called insanity. As a teenager, he acted
the gullible, innocent fool. But would often prove any girl otherwise who
he took to bed. Now as an adult, he chooses to contradict that fact that
he has become a full grown man, by doing, and even enjoying childish

Eventually, he found his way to Reaper. It is still a mystery to most
people why he chose to come here, but no one seems to be complaining.
He can most often be seen conducting his studies of the rumors behind
Reaper, and the supernatural quite dutifully. But at other times, he is
caught slacking off. Taking naps, and over all, just being a lazy bum.
Deep in his gut, Ulrich knows that there's something more to Reaper

than meets the eye. He just can't fully decide whether he trusts that
gut feeling or not.


Why are you here in Reaper?: No one can truly get a clear picture of what Ulrich came to Reaper for. Ulrich always has a different story to tell each person, contradicting what he told the others. In one story, he claims to have a sincere fascination with the supernatural, and heard about the rumors surrounding Reaper. In another, he would tell a short, boring tell of how he couldn't cope with his life in the city anymore, so he decided to move to a small suburban area, and Reaper just seemed like an appealing choice at the time. The few who know of his view of the world and motives, speculate that through discovering the mysteries behind Reaper, he aims to use it to further his goal of throwing the world into a jumbled mess of insanity and contradiction. They may be correct. But, like I said. No one truly knows for sure.
Do you believe in Reaper's myth?: He seems indecisive on this matter. At times his resolve to solve the mysteries behind Reaper is unmatched. At other times, he refuses to even talk about it, saying that myths are merely stories made to frighten both children and adults.
Do you believe in otherworld entities?: Indecisive.
What position are you?: Group leader

So begins...

Ulrich Lehtnur's Story


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"Mr. Lehtnur? Mr. Lehtnur?" Ulrich awoke to one of the assistants calling out his name. He let out a low yawn, after having his morning nap disturbed. "Its seems you fell asleep overnight again, sir."
"Wrong..." Was Ulrich's simple reply. "Wrong sir?" The assistant asked, nervously. "I didn't fall asleep overnight. I merely took an exaggerated nap, that happened to be here." He answered him. The assistant looked at him dumbfounded, not really sure what to say in response.

A few seconds later, another assistant called for his attention, which he gratefully used to escape the strange situation. 'Damn newbies. They'll learn sooner or later.' Ulrich thought, as he pulled what seemed to be a small top out of his lab coat pocket. He placed the tip of the top on the metallic table in front of him, and gave it a gentle spin. The top twirled at a speed that wasn't nearly as fast as what it appeared to be spinning, but altogether grasped Ulrich's full attention. He seemed to be in an almost hypnotic trance, as he watched the simple toy rotate. Soon, the top began to lose energy, and eventually stumbled onto one side, and rolled down and off the table into Ulrich's hand. "How therapeutic..." He said to himself, aloud.

He then turned his attention to what appeared to be Jameson, moving through the halls and just passing the lab room that Ulrich was in. As he observed, Ulrich couldn't help but wonder what kind of mind game Jameson would have in store for him today. All of a sudden deciding to not care, he turned back to what was in front of him. A small hand full of candy of variety, an open book that when closed can read "The Reaper Tells Lies", and a mess of random notes, carelessly tossed about the table and disorganized. Some even occupied the floor space around him. He eyed the notes on the floor, but made not the slightest gesture that he intended to pick them up.

He then turned his attention back to the book. It was a baseless, autobiography that's author was a former resident of Reaper. He now resides in a mental institute in a far off town at the age of 87. Throughout the book, the author states several times, that he had seen the Grim Reaper. In both his dreams, and in real life. He took himself to be a psychic of some sort, although this in itself was also baseless. There were several theories however, that Ulrich took notice of, while observing the pages of the book. One was, that the Grim Reaper chooses residents of Reaper to become his disciples, and do his dirty work for him, by killing people. Ulrich did take note of the many recent murders in Reaper lately, but he soon refused to consider it as evidence.

Ulrich reached for his cup of what one would assume to be coffee. Ulrich peered inside to find that there was no 'chocolate milk' to be found. He blinked twice, never once changing his expression. "Aria!" He instinctively called out in a whiny tone. He waited for a few seconds, but was met with silence. He had planned to ask her to get him some more chocolate milk, then stating that he never asked for chocolate milk, but instead for hot cocoa with marshmallows. Some of the others speculate on just why exactly he asks a field researcher to do this for him, instead of an assistant. The more senior members of the lab already know the answer to that. "Geez... What could that girl be doing at this time..." Ulrich said, looking at his wrist, even though there wasn't a watch in site. "9:48. Don't tell me shes out doing research right now..." He said to himself, slightly irritated that he'd have to wait for his chocolate milk even longer. One of the assistants came forward, most likely offering to get him the beverage that he craved so much. "Go find Aria!" He exclaimed, in his usual monotone, while throwing the cup at the assistant.


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#, as written by Rarikou
Aria put her hands in her lab coat, looking out into the world. She had spent all of her time indoors, her face stuffed in a series of books. Now, it was simply time to take a break As she let the chill wind blow through her hairm she pulled out a soda, and took a sip. She was never the type to enjoy coffee. Good old soda had always been the way to go.

She was on a balcony leading out from the library she had been sitting in the entire time. She simply couldn't find some of the books she had been intending to research, and thus had no choice but to come here.That, and it was a rare opportunity tto think on her own. That lunatic of leader usually bothered her with random things, and she quite enjoyed the solitude.

'Alright, let's think this through one more time.' She thought to herself, simply gazing out into the city. 'Legends have it that the Grim Reaper himself founded this city, thus it's name. The question isn't 'why would he do that?' but rather 'Why did he pick this location?' As far as I'm concerned, it isn't because the city is on a ley line.' She said, thinking about one of the books she had been reading. 'No,I'm thinking TOO paranormal. I need a more mundane start. Why would someone want to found a city period? To house something? TO make a home for himself? Is there something about the land that is convenient for him?'

She huffed, taking another sip of the soda. 'I can only assume it would be out of convenience... but what could possibly be convenient for Death himself?” She began thinking to the book ;The Reaper Tells Lies, in witch the author constantly stated meeting the Grim Reaper in person. 'Maybe this land has better properties to project himselff? Either way, I had better take a sample of the earth, from outside of the borders and that from within. It's a long shot, but It'll be a decent place to start.”

Her mind made up, she went and returned the books to the librarian... except for one, a book on the city, indicating possible religious landmarks. THAT book she ripped the label for the security code so it wouldn't trip the sensors, and snuck it into her coat before leaving.

Not ten minutes towards the exit of the city, she heard her name called. She blinked, then turned around to find an assistant. “You're... from the lab. What is it?”

“It's... -huff- the boss. He said he wants you to get him some chocolate milk.”

Aria blinked... then linked again. “You couldn't have just GOTTEN IT YOURSELF?”

The assistant yelped and took a few steps back. Apparently, this one hadn't been around Aria for too long. A small pang of guilt gnawed at her. “Sorry, I just hate that idiot. I'll get him his milk.” 'And I'll lace it with sleeping toxin' was she she hadn't added to that, “I would appreciate if you collect a soil sample for me. Go roughly a few yards away from the official city borders and collect about five different samples. Thank you.” She said

She began waking to the nearest store, buying the stupid milk. She paused. “Maybe I should just get him drunk instead.” She thought, also buying a bottle of wine. Taking a syringe, she got some wine out from the bottle, poking a hole in the milk carton and injecting it. “With any luck, he can't hold his liquor, get's too drunk, dies, and I get put in charge of the lab...”

After realizing what she was thinking, she shook her head, and threw the carton away, instead buying a fresh one. 'I'm not that horrible a person.' She thought, and made her way back to the lab.

As she got back, she found the director, aimed, and threw the milk carton straight at his face. After all, it wasn't HER fault if he got a concussion from failing to catch a carton.


As Remiel took the steps back into life, he stopped and thought about it... where exactly was he going to look for this children. He knew their names, but no idea what they looked like. He couldn't just wander around sensing foer power... that would make him look stupid.

A bright idea coming up, he turned to his police vehicle, which he had appeared near, and tapped the com. ' Officer Jihad, badge number 4242564. I need an address on one Adam Chase.”

A moment later, the comm gave him the information he needed. Remiel smiled. “Alright, let's get extreme.” He said, blaring the cop lights and hitting the engine, running as many red lights as possible. Was there a reason why he did this? It was more fun this way. Never let it be said Remiel Jihad let the rules slow him down.

When he got to the house, he parked the car in front of the doorway. “I don't think he's in...' Remiel said, trying to sense life nearby. “I guess I can just wait for him...” He thought.

Smirking, he walked towards the front door to Adam's house. As he did, two swords blinked in front of him, flinging themselves at the door hinges, and they shattered. The door fell to the ground just as Remiel stepped on top of it.

He walked over to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of soda from the fridge, and walked over to the couch. Finding the remote to the tv, he turned it on.


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As Ulrich continued to survey the pages of the book, he could feel himself getting somewhat drowsy. He couldn't help but feel that it was time for another nap. He picked up a kitkat pack and opened it, revealing the delicious, milk chocolate covered waffle. He hurriedly took one of the two bars, and popped it in his mouth, clearing enjoying it. "Hm... How bland." He whispered after having finished it. This time he slowly, and sluggishly took the other bar and brought it to his mouth, proceeding to nibble it, bit by bit. The sweet apparently had been enough to rouse him from his tired state.

A few minutes later, the door to the room slammed open. Ulrich slowly turned his head, only to be met with a milk carton to the face. Thus, dropped to the ground, and bounced a couple of feet away from him. Ulrich continued looking in the direction, seemingly unfazed. After a few seconds, he recuperated and brought his hand up to his nose, moving it around a little. His eyes then went from Aria to the milk carton on the floor. He reached for the carton with his closer arm, and picked it up, setting it on the table, next to a set of 4 empty mugs. He always had them handy. "How is your research going, Aria? Did you find some hard evidence about the so-called mysteries of Reaper?" He asked, looking away at the book. The hint of interest in his voice clashed with his seemingly uncaring actions.

At some point, Ulrich found a quote, that he could have sworn he had already written down. He looked through the scattered pages on the desk, hoping to find the quote. Eventually, he remembered the pages that had fallen onto the floor and turned his head towards them. He thought about picking them up for a second, but instead looked towards Aria. The way he looked at her, almost seemed as if he was pleading, but could tell that she knew he was mocking her.


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#, as written by Rarikou
Remiel had sat in front of the t.v for hours, emptying the fridge of it's soda collection. He had watched a comedy, a game show and a soap opera, which he didn't fully understand- why would the supposedly dad mother get facial reconstruction surgery so she could marry her daughters fiancee? It made no sense at all, but it was strangely intriguing.

At any rate, he wondered what he was going to do next... he had almost run out of soda, and the midget was late in coming home. He supposed he could mess around on the computer, but then he might not notice whe Adam came home... but there WAS a nice drama coming on...

Turns out he didn't have to wait too long, because In came Adam, as calm as could be despite seeing a door on the floor. He gave a slight wave. “Took you long enough. You're out of soda now and I was getting bored.” He said.

When he made a comment about telling a bank they'd get their money, Remiel blinked. “There's a police car out front and the first thing you assume is I'm some sort of loan shark? What kind of conspiracy theory books have you been reading lately? Don't worry about your loan, I'll handle it.” He assured

Remiel stretched. “Anywho, I've come to get you. No way else to say it: you're the son of the Grim Reaper. Now, let's get going, shall we?” He asked turning towards the door without really caring. “I've got to fetch another one of your siblings before nightfall, so think in the car.”

Well, Remiel got points for bluntness, if nothing else.


Aria huffed “I'm not your damn assistant, get your own stupid milk.” She said removing her coat and setting it on a chair. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples. Already, this buffon was giving her a headache. He tended to do that a lot. “For the record, I was in the middle of travelling to get a sample of dirt for one of my theorys.”

She opened the book she had swiped, detailing the myths of reaper, and sat down. “My first idea is to see why on earth the Grim Reaper settled here, thus the soil sample. I'm going to run mineral and density tests on the different samples to see what I can find.” She said, turning a page . “Other than that, no. What about you? Have you been sitting here freaking the assistants out the entire time?” She asked

Regardless, she opened her miniature fridge and pulled out another soda , and took a sip. If nothing, soda helped her relax, as well as think. “I might have to use some other type of experiments too. I have no clue if rituals or such work, but I may try researching a way to call a ghost or some such. Wish I knew more about that kind of thing.” She took another sip.. “Remind me to steal a copy of the Ars Goetia.” She said, making smll notes of things she found while reading.


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Julius had slightly expected that Arabelle would blow him off and call him insane, but that didn't happen. Instead, she answered his questions to what appeared to be her best effort. Julius would have gone into shock or become mad if he wasn't as solipistic as he was. Nothing is true; everything is permitted, this was the way he was saw the world, but enough about that.

Julius furrowed his brows when he heard that others could track him and was about to say something, but stopped to listen. He wouldn't interrupt, he might miss something if he did. He only smiled when he was told of his 'supposed' lineage. It seemed so funny, how all the pieces of his life fitted into that story. Julius would get to meet his father and decided whether or not to be angered towards him.

It took him a few seconds to register what she had said, and what she had forgotten to say. She had forgotten to tell him where her damned appartment was at, but he could handle figuring it out. He pulled out a phone and went into the school's website as an administrator. He found the addressess of the three most influential people in the school he went to and decided to pass by each of them.

Finding the correct house took a bit of time, but he finally managed to find the house of who he now knew to be Arabelle. It felt different from the other houses and instinct had told him to go inside. He sat down at a random location and expanded his phone. After doing this, he began typing into a journal. He'd need to keep track of events, and so he would.


James had been met with broken machinery when he went to see the equipment he would monitor the fairy through. He had the ability to, through connection with optic nerves, see what the fairy saw. He could as well hear what the fairy heard, but that was unimportant. The data was being transmitted on a specific frequency and could not be deciphered without the proper equipment. He could not however, go back to his mansion to use the equipment there, for he had already wasted enough time.

He decided to instead see if any of his associates had similar enough equipment which he could configure to decipher his signals. He doubted his luck would be that well, but it was worth a try.

He walked through the hall and passed assistants with a smile on his face, a fake on at that. His body language radiated serenity and benevolence, but anyone who could look into his mind would know otherwise. James eventually reached the place he was looking for and the person he was looking for, Ulrich Lehtnur. He would have asked his other associate, but he felt that he had little time. He waited a few seconds before entering the room and calmly approached Ulrich, smiling as he did so. "I apologize to bother you, but would you by chance have a device capable of receiving signals of specific wavelengths?" He waved quickly at Aria then returned his attention to Ulrich, "I may or may not have a tracking device put onto a... creature of sorts, if that interests you." He kept his description of the fairy ambiguous. He didn't want people to think he was insane, mostly out of unconventionality. He didn't want to bother dealing with assistants who feared him, that would have been too troublesome.

That's when he noticed the book Aria had. He hadn't expected it to be there and had an expression of shock on his face for a second. He quickly traced an Enochian sigil he had sketched on his hand, making his palm glow slightly. Anyone looking at his palm would see that he had the warding on it, but most would probably dismiss it as a luminescent drawing. If she knew about the sigil however, she would be able to notice it. He quickly regained his composure and stopped tracing the sigil on his palm. She was probably just scientifically interested in the myths of Reaper. "May I ask if you're having any progress with your endeavors, madam?" He didn't dare ask directly whether or not she truly knew of the supernatural or if she had barely scratched the surface.


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Sevan waited for Rinne, after he had caste the flame. He wondered how accepting she would be, when he told her of her fate, and about her father. Sevan could only hope for the best. Deep in his thoughts, Sevan didn't notice Rinne come outside and call out for someone.

He turned his head in her direction as soon as she spotted him, and fell over, having been surprised. 'Death's child!' He screamed in his head. 'Hey. She ain't bad looking either.' Raul added in with a snicker. 'Don't even think about it, you buffoon.' Sevan sneered back at him.

Sevan soon recovered, and stood up, regaining his composure. He cleared his throat before answering Rinne's question. "Greetings, dear child of Death. My name is Sevan, and I have come to escort you to my lord. Your father." Sevan explained, with a bow. Sevan ended his bow, and looked at Rinne with a charming smile. "I know this must be a little hard to take in at first, but I hope you'll soon learn to accept things how they are." Sevan followed up, now giving her a sentimental expression.

"Unfortunately, you aren't safe here. There are... forces that will come after you, and if you stay here, then they might come after your family as well." Sevan told her. "I can understand how this has come out of almost nowhere, but it is indeed the truth. You also have seven siblings who are currently receiving the same news that I am presenting you. However, unlike them, you seem to have yet gone through the three stages of your awakening. The awakening of your otherworldly blood, and powers. But this also gives me a chance to warn you. You will very soon start to experience unbearable heartaches. But please know that this is the first step of your awakening." Sevan explained, trying to sound as believable as possible.


Ulrich smirked, knowing he could also get Aria to get him milk, just by the fact that hes her boss. While simultaneously working on his research, he gave halfhearted responses and grunts to Aria, while actually maintaining the information she gave him. When Aria asked him what he was doing, Ulrich scoffed. "More like the assistants have been freaking me out. They keep pestering me, to get me milk, and wake me up from my naps. Whats more, they keep using this creepy, friendly voice when they do it. Do they think I'm their buddy or something? I just might be..." He complained, knowing that they were most likely just kissing up to him, or dutifully doing their job. Meanwhile, one of the assistants who had woken him up earlier, grimaced at Ulrich. "Ars Goetia? An interesting read. The entirety of the contents were dreadfully boring, though. Got it." Ulrich agreed, instantly forgetting the name of the book right after. He never intended to remind her in the first place.

"I apologize to bother you, but would you by chance have a device capable of receiving signals of specific wavelengths? I may or may not have a tracking device put onto a... creature of sorts, if that interests you." Ulrich's ears almost visually perked at these words. He turned his head, to find Jameson was now in sight. Jameson was one of the few people(or toys as he referred to them as), who actually interested Ulrich, other than Aria. One of the main reasons, is that Jameson was the only man who was able to truly challenge and even best Ulrich's contradictory personality. If Ulrich saw Jameson as anything, it would either be as his favorite toy, or a broken toy that refused to do as he bidded, and needed to be disposed of. There were things that Ulrich didn't like about him however. How his every action and word was practically a lie. A facade to improve his image in the eyes of his peers, and others in general. While not every word Ulrich said was the truth, he was never prone to hiding his true nature from anyone. Why would he need to hide himself from toys, afterall?

Turning back around, he responded. "Yeah. I'm sure Aria has one of those in her dresser, next to her bed. It seems prone to attracting cats for the most part. Although I'm not particularly interested in it." Ulrich answered him, displaying his subconscious habit of sexually harassing women with his words. At least he tells them its subconscious. As Jameson began asking Aria about her progress, Ulrich scoffed again. She's just been playing in the dirt all day, Jameson. Come here, if you want to see some "good" progress regarding the mysteries of Reaper. Although, most of it is complete bullshit." He told James, while waving his hand forward, to signal that he should come over and look. Ulrich had completely forgotten about the papers that still lied on the floor, slowly gathering dust.


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#, as written by Rarikou
'I should have just given him the poisoned milk' Aria thought to herself, but keeping her annoyance masked. Showing any hint of annoyance usually made that idiot target her even further. “The only think I keep next to my be is a silenced 9 mm Colt. Useful for repelling burglars... or sexual harassers.” She said, making the underlying message quite clear.

She shrugged as Jameson had approached her. “Although, I DO have a signal emitter. Made one special just in case.” She said. She kicked off the floor, her swivel chair sliding to the other side of the room, where she pulled out a small device, handing it to him. “Just input the necessary signal, and you're good.”

“As for my work... I can't complain so far. I'm looking at sol samples right now, trying to figure out why Death would settle here. If there is magic of any sorts around the city, then there is a great chance that the composition will be different. From there, I can cross reference any discrepancies in the soil with known magics. For example, If Death chose this place because It's close to a ley line, the soil will be enriched with additional minerals. If he chose it for it's ease of access, or to travel, then the soil will be thinner, and contain less to could possibly stand in his way. Not the best way of detecting magic, but it will have to do for now. If I can get my hands on a Lesser Key of Solomon or a grand Grimoire, I can try summoning something. Maybe in this city, it'll work...”

She smiled to herself, She always talked a lot about subjects that interested her. “Actually, you might be able to help me out, unless that Enochian you were writing on your palm is some strange coincidence. Is there any knowledge you might be able to contribute to this?” She asked,

As she did, an assistant came over with a bunch of bags, and Aria lit u. “Perfect, my soil samples.” She said, grabbing the bags. She kicked her desk, propelling herself over to a microscope, and began examining the contents.


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James found Ulrich to be an interesting person to say the least. James believed that the two had a bit in common, but they were noticeably different. For one, James hid behind a facade of lies and did not have a particular goal in mind. Ulrich however, seemed to be set on contradicting people and appeared to be quite blunt with his goals. Jameson would not kill Ulrich unless it was necessary. He'd toy with Ulrich, find out what made Ulrich tick, and hold it over Ulrich's head. James wouldn't be bored as long as Ulrich was around.

As for what Ulrich had said concerning James's question, James found the answer amusing. Mostly due to the fact that Ulrich seemed to know what Aria had in her dresser. James did not however, want to ask how Ulrich happened to know this. James felt slightly annoyed when Ulrich scoffed at James's question towards Aria, but he did find the answer Ulrich gave to be informative. He'd be able to cross-reference Aria's answer and Ulrich's to figure out what she had been doing.

James smiled genuinely when Aria pulled out the device he needed and carried it carefully in his hands. He would be able to transfer the signals the device received into video and auditory format. He would be able to figure out what his little fairy friend was doing. He carefully laid the device on an, miraculously, empty table where it wouldn't be damaged. He could technically afford to pay for it, but he couldn't afford to waste time.

"..." James was going to say something regarding the 'supposed' ley-lines Aria had been speaking of, but held his tongue. He hadn't studied ley-lines and knew little of them, meaning that any input he had regarding them would be useless. Perhaps she was onto something, perhaps she wasn't. Either way, it would benefit him. He flinched when she mentioned grimoire. Those were hard to come across, something which he personally knew. He had, in his earlier years, stupidly chased magical items with no protection and ended up losing a lot of members in the Mafia he was previously leading. His endeavors had however, allowed him to memorize most books concerning magic and the supernatural.

"Ah," He had decided to resign pretending to be oblivious to the supernatural, "you noticed that." He hadn't given her enough credit. "You're going to have to be more specific on what knowledge you need." He did, after all, remember nearly everything he saw, heard, tasted, saw, and felt. James traced the Enochian on his palm once more and held it up, so she could see the glowing of it. The Enochian he had traced wasn't that complex, it was a simple protection spell which could defend against weak magic. He did not have enough time to create a stronger ward.

He noticed that she had gone to observing the samples that had just arrived and decided to go to Ulrich. James came to where Ulrich was at and cleared a seat then brought it up. He expected to be there for a while, so he might as well have gotten comfortable. "Now, what were you going to show me?"


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#, as written by Rarikou
Remiel sighed. He had hoped he would have just said 'okay' and gone with him. He hated trying to convince people he wasn't insane.” I've heard it all before kid, but do you honestly think a police officer would stay active on the force if there was even a small suspicion of insanity?” He walked over to the fridge, pulling out yet another soda, opening the lid. “ Let me guess: you had a heart attack before walking through the door? You reacted to my supernatural presence, and It's a sign of transformation.”

He walked over and sat down on the couch, sipping the drink. “Listen kid, whoever you think is your blood family, isn't true. Name's Remiel. I'm one of your father's messengers.” He said. He stretched his arms out. “Don't tell me you haven't heard the story of how the Boss Man founded this place? That one's completely true. He exists, and is more capable of having children... in other words, you.”

He checked his watch, and grimaced. “ The longer we stay here, the more one of the others stands of getting murdered... I'd rather not do this the ugly way but... oh I know! Carrot in the front, plank behind.” He said, pulling out a checkbook. “Tell you what- come with me, give me a chance, I'll write you a check for however much your debt is. Don't come, I make up a crime and arrest you, and we go prove my words anyway.” He said, glad he thought of this idea. He unholstered his gun, spinning it around his finger. “What's it gunna be? I can be your best friend, or your biggest nightmare.”

A voice came in on the radio. “Hey, sheriff. That name you wanted us to look out for just came over the airwaves- she's in the hospital.”

“What?” Remiel asked, cursing a long string of words. “Damn it, I have no time for this! That's one your siblings, now hurry and make up your damn mind!” He said, playfulness no loner present in his voice.

“Oh, anything's fine.” She said to Jameson. “I would do well just to have another person versed in the occult giving me a hand now and then.”

As she examined the dirt, she blinked. “Hmmm... some of the minerals seem harder than most... but that isn't much to go on, “ She said, then turned to the assistant. “Get this to an analyzer, get them to tell me the exact chemical makeup on this soil.” The newbie nodded, walking out the door.

She stretched as she got up, going to join Jameson standing next to the idiot. “You mean you actually came up with something of worth?


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'Damn It', this was the thought that flashed through Jameson's head when he noticed that he had forgotten to meticulously word what he had said. He did however, feel slightly relieved when Ulrich tossed him the book, albeit a bit worried when Ulrich said he'd read James a bed-time story. Was he actually expected to tuck himself in? Probably not, but who knew?

James decided to go with the flow and not contradict what Ulrich had said. It was in his best interest to unless he wanted to spend a day going through a conversation with Ulrich. "I thought I raised you better than that," He said this directed towards Aria, careful to not make eye contact with Ulrich while saying it. James hoped Ulrich wouldn't bother to contradict him, and that Aria wouldn't be angered. Emotions tended to be troublesome, especially anger.

"I'll leave you two alone so you can get to business, I have some reading to do." James got out of the room as quickly as he could and went into his personal work area, carrying the machine he had borrowed from Aria with him. He'd read the book later, he had important business to take care of.

James set up the machine as quickly as he could and began sending a feed to a backup server, in case any of the footage he recorded was lost. He wouldn't be surprised if some machinery happened to malfunction. He didn't really need to record it for his own sake, but rather for the sake of others he might intend to get help from. The device managed to convert the signals it was receiving into sound and video on the large television he had setup. On one side of the television was the fairy's vitals and on the other was what the fairy was seeing. It wasn't anything particularly interesting, just a fairy flying through a forest. He decided to read the book and wait for anything important to happen.


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#, as written by Rarikou
Remiel had barely waited for Adam to speak. He couldn't be bothered to wait- there was one of the children in danger! If that girl died... oh boy he'd be in some big trouble. He walked out of the doorless house and over to his police car, starting the engine and revving off at about double the speed limit. The trip took about five minutes, due to some extreme traffic dodging, and informing the police that he was chasing someone and they shouldn't interfere. He'd erase that memory later. His finest moment had been speeding off the ramp, breaking through the railing, and landing in an empty parking lot, and using the moment to slide out of his window and onto the ground. He wasn't bragging, but he was fairly certainthat he would have been awarded a perfect 10, especially since he he perfected that last landing.

Walking through the door to the help desk, he leaned over, "I'm here to question one Ms. Shari Smallwood."

The nurse blinked. "She had a heart attack, why does that need to be questioned."

"Why is everyone not simply saying 'okay?' Remiel asked, getting throughly annoyed. He tapped into his abilities, spreading a wave of compliance. He may have spread the radius of that a little to far- in the distance, he heard a patient agree to a surgery with a 90% risk of death... oops. "Now, what room is she in?"

"304." The nurse said simply. "And might I say, I love a forceful police officer."

Remiel blinked. Had he gotten the emotion wrong? That sometimes happened when Remiel was pissed. "Sure, maybe later." He said, walking off to the room. A woman outside, presumably her mother, was crying, She tried to intercept Remiel, but he shot her a look that said 'Please don't piss me off;." and she kindly sat back down.

"Wow, you must have really scared them." Remiel said, walking in to see her bound to the bed. He shut the door, using his sword magic to cut through the bindings, and sat down in a nearby chair. "Let me guess- sudden heart attack? Felt like you were dying? Intense pain and not nowing what the hell is going along with your life? Or do I have the wrong room?

Well, at least Remiel stuck to what he knew how to do best- directness.

Aria watched Jameson go, half wondering what exactly he was doing, but turned back to the idiot scientist.. She took a breath. "Ulrich..." She said, and aimed a slap at his face, with all the strength she could muster. "Stop being such a JERK!"