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My Daddy Death: Revamp



a part of My Daddy Death: Revamp, by Gintoki Sakata.


Gintoki Sakata holds sovereignty over Reaper, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Reaper is a part of My Daddy Death: Revamp.

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Arabelle [14] "From the looks of things I have a lot of work to do."
Remiel Jihad [14] "Are you man enough to face me?"
Sevan Raul [11] "If I had a life, I would dedicate it to both you and your offspring, Lord Death. However, I can't exactly say the same for Raul."
Ulrich Lehtnur [11] "I'm insane, eh? I don't see an asylum around here. You must be the insane one, if you can."
Aria Musetta [10] Alright, time to roll up my sleeves and get to work
Jameson Moriarty [8] "Watching you dance is quite enjoyable."
Vincent F Wright [7] ''My eyes are not meant to see everyday occurrences.''
Rinne N. Eliade [7] "Back off before I castrate you."
Adam Chase [7] "I always knew I was meant for more than this."
Alek James Ayeris [7] You don't want to know the real me

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Shari watched Remiel as he talked about no screaming, throwing things or recommending whatever. This still did not gave an answer of who he was, and she lost his interest until he said his name. 'I still wonder what he's doing here and why me... People never get heart attacks at such a young age...' The guy continued bragging on about an alarm system or whatever.

She felt rather confused. 'How can a heart attack be a warning system? That's a stupid one.' She sighed, rubbed her eyes to see if she was really seeing him, sadly she was. And before she could ask her question, it was answered. She was a special child, a daughter of the Grim Reaper. That's why she was abandoned and put in the orphanage. That's why she felt like she didn't belong anywhere. It was enlightening, and scary.

Shari sighed and rose from the bed, watching him. She was afraid of him and his sword, it did scare her but she tried not to show it. ''So my father is the Grim Reaper?'' She sat down on the bed, letting it sink in. ''And what now?''