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Jaycee Light

"Remember when you were five and the world wan't a bad place? Yeah, I miss those days."

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a character in “My Daddy Death”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Jaycee Light

Jay, C.C, Miss Light, J.C (Pronounced the same as her name, but spelt differently)



Jaycee has dark, raven black hair that is long and wavy, and she usually wears her hair in a messy bun, or ponytail. She cut her hair herself, never bothered to drop into the hairdressers - well, that and she didn't trust anyone with scissors near her neck. Her eyes are a dark brown, that can look either a dull red or black from afar. She has no visible freckles, and atleast half of her body is covered in tattoos. Her lips are pink and full, which helps compliment her face. She is quite tanned, and doesn't burn easily. She is what would probably be considered tall, standing at 5'10, and weighs a measly 120lbs.

From this description, you certainly wouldn't expect her to become a scientist, especially if her personality is as fiery as her looks. Infact, when she was younger, she was always expected to become a model or lawyer, model because of her obvious good looks, and lawyer because of her knack of talking her way out of trouble, and constantly arguing her opinions. That being said, she has always been a straight A student - well, except for Geography, but as far as she is concerned, that's only important if you want to be some sort of explorer. She usually wears rather...revealing clothes, but has cut down slightly since she has become a scientist.

Her, Aged 17:


Jaycee is very...complicated. It would take a lot of time to describe every aspect of her personality, like an 'onion,' or in the wise words of Donkey from Shrek, 'Cake!' So as such, I will only tell you the more important aspects, and the 'need to know' information. She is extremely loud-mouthed, and absolutely hates being left out, or looked down upon. She has a hard time trusting people, and doesn't have many people she would call friends, as it can take a long time to get to be close to her.

It was always that she would become a model, because of her obvious good looks, or a lawyer, because of her knack of talking her way out of situations, and the fact that she constantly argues her opinion. Though she does have a 'knack' at talking her way out of situations, she also has a knack of talking her way into them, as well. She is consantly in troule for giving 'smart-comments,' or talking back, but as far as she is concerned, so what? She deserves a chance for her opinions to be heard, and she will darn well try her hardest to make sure that happens.

Though she may come across as hard and all-around mean, and though this is mostly true, it isn't completely. She has a special soft spot for children and animals, and will never be hard on them. Well, unless they scream, or generally make loud noises - or she stands in their shit. Then it's a fight to the death, and she ain't gonna' play fairly. Of course, not literally. But trus, there will be consequences.

Jaycee, of course, has all those average dreams; Get rich, buy an expensive car, live in a mansion, yada yada yada. But, besides those, she also hopes to be known as the best Female Scientist the world has known, and discover something that will change mankind - like electricity, or medicine, or X-Rays.

~ Money; Who doesn't?
~ Animals
~ Lil' Kids
~ Science
~ Being Adored
~ Being Loved; You may view this as the same as 'Adored,' but she thinks of adored as in 'Looks,' and Loved as in 'Personality.'
~ Thunder Storms
~ Snow
~ Rain
~ Sun
~ Music
~ Old Movies
~ Shrek
~ Harry Potter

And Dislikes:
~ Bugs
~ Being Ignored
~ The Wind
~ The Dark
~ Being Left Out
~ Being Looked Down On
~ Being Called Average; Honey, trust me, this girl is far from average.
~ The Cold; Yes, she loves the snow, but that does not mean she likes the cold.
~ Rats
~ Snakes
~ Not Being Able To Get Something, Or Being Denied Something.

Jaycee was born in New York city in 1990 to Claire and Terry Light. She was the youngest of three girls, but by far the most spoilt, and the favourite of her parents.One of the sisters, named Rachelle, was most likely the smartest, but she had the bad misfortune of inheriting her fathers looks - and by that, I mean everything, from his not-so-appealing-looks to his masculine figure. The middle child, Amaria, was beautiful, like Jaycee, inheriting her mothers stunning looks, but with the looks the regular 'cheerleader' personality to go wih it, with her average in school being a C - well, apart from History, which she excelled in. But when Jaycee was born, as far as her parents were concerned, she was a child from heaven. With her stunning looks and A average, she was perfect - well, if you can get over her terrible personality. She was envied by many, her sisters only two out of hundreds.

When everyone either wants to be you or be with you, life can be pretty sweet. Because of this, she had always been selfish, and can not tolerate it when she doesn't get something she wants. Her family would not be considered wealthy by any standards, but were not just 'managing' like most of the other people she knew. Infact, they owned a three-storey house, complete with it's own pool and jacuzzi.

When she was 18 she moved out, her mind set on becoming a Scientist. She didn't go to college, for as far as she was concerned, she was good enough as she was. For years she was looking for something to work on, working part-time as a waitress to earn money, and finally found out about Reaper when she was 21, nearing 22. She thought about if the myth was real, then what could be found in the town, and if she found the Reaper himself, she could be the person to conquer Death. Her friends and family practically begged her not to go,saying it was too skeptical for her first project, but she ignored them. She had always been extremely stubborn.

Why are you here in Reaper?:
Jaycee is in Reaper to find out more about the myth, and most importantly, to find the Grim Reaper himself. If she were to find the Grim Reaper, she could be the one to give invincibility to human-kind, and would go down in history as a saviour.

Do you believe in Reaper's myth?:
Jaycee, to be honest, isn't sure what to believe. When she first heard of it, she believed it immediately, fully set on going to crack the mystery of Death. However, after her friends and family talking to her, she began todoubt it more and more, and isn't completely sure if she should go. Of course, she still is going, there was no way she was going to admit to them that they were right.

Do you believe in otherworld entities?:
No, mostly, though she does belive in ghosts, as she once was alone in her room when she thought she heard her deceased grandfather whisper her name. She has been trying to convince herself it was the wind ever since, even though the windows weren't open.

What position are you?:
Well, she came alone, so I suppose that would make her Leader. If she were to join the rest of the Scientists, she would probably be a regular Scientist, or Co. Leader, not because the rest of them liked her, but because she would convince them to let her. No one in their right mind would let her be the Leader of a Group, though.

So begins...

Jaycee Light's Story


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Jaycee Light sat in her Blue Porsche, one hand on the steering wheel, the other flicking through the radio channels.
Well, on other news-
-were meant to fly! Hands up, and touch the-
he's running up the pitch and GOA-

She sighed and turned off the radio.
"No, it's so quiet and awkward without music," her older sister said from beside her. Jaycee rolled her eyes.
"Then you pick a station, Amaria. I'm trying to drive- hey!" The car in front of her had thrown something out the window, and it hit the car's windshield. Jaycee glared at them and rolled down the window, sticking her middle finger out, to which the car just honked it's horn in response.
"What is that?!" her sister asked, looking at the sloppy piece of paper smeared on the window. Jaycee glanced at it before looking back at the road.
"It's a McDonalds drive-through wrapper," she said with a slight shudder. Amaria's face of curiousity turned to one of horror.
"Eww! And it's on your car!" she squealed. Jaycee gritted her teeth. "For god's sake Amy! I'm trying to drive a bloody car here!" she yelled angrily. "Your lucky I even gave you a ride!" Amaria fell silent.

Jaycee parked the car infront of a dingy, three-storey house. "This is Hardgrove Home?!" Amaria's mouth dropped open. Jaycee looked down at her map, then back at the house. "Yup. Now get out," she said, practically pushing her sister out of the car. Amaria gave her a glare and went around to the boot of the car, taking out her luggage before trudging up to the house. Jaycee grinned at her and quickly drove off before Amy made her drive her back home. She's going to be having a lovely time at that holiday home, she thought with a slight chuckle. And she said her boyfriend was rich!

She arrived at her destination half an hour later, the town of Reaper, with a Rihanna song full blast. She took the keys from the ignition an got out of the car, grabbing her bags in the process. She used her foot to close the car door, then managed to pick up thefour bags she had brought, before entering the hotel.

"Hello, welcome to Almond Hotel, can I help you?" the clerk at the desk asked her. "Uh...I'm Jaycee Light. I booked a room," she replied in response. The clerk nodded and handed her a room key. "Room 603. Hope you enjoy your stay!" the clerk gave her a friendly smile, with which Jaycee replied with a sullen expression.


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Character Portrait: Jaycee Light
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Jaycee Light

After she had entered the elevator - the bellboy lagging behind, she only had four bags, for god's sake, what kind of a man was he? - she had headed up to her room, a large en-suite with a kitchen/living room and a bedroom through a doorway, which actually had no door. Through the bedroom was another door, this one led to the bathroom. And it was in her room that she was, sprawled across her bed as she typed some andom letters in the google search engine as she looked for inspiration, when the dark shape flitted across her window.

She didn't take any notice of it at first - after all, what was it but a shadow of a bird, or a trick of the light? But when it happened the second time, she jumped up immediately. She had always been a bit paranoid about this sort of thing, ever since she supposedly heard her deceased grandfather whisper her name. But as far as she was concerned, better safe than sorry - and better paranoid than dead.

She was slowly approaching the window when she became aware of the faint sound of something...dripping.

Her head swivelled to the bathroom, the source of the noise. Worried about a leaking tap, she scoffed. Classy. But she couldn't help herself, she turned towards the bedroom and walked towards the dor, opening it with a creak. She glanced in the room and gave a scream.

Blood. Dripping from the sink in small tear shaped drops. She stumbled out of the bathroom, falling on her butt, before scrambling to her feet. God, she chose the wrong day to wear heels, and her short drees wasn't helping to hide herself. As quickly as she could, she ran out of the bedroom, grabbing her laptop from the bed first, and ran to the elevator.