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Cordelia Braxton

I see all.

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a character in “My Dear Red Riding Hood...”, as played by Adantas


Name: Cordelia Braxton
Aliases: Delia, White Wolf, Cor
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Occupation: Shaman
Physical Description: In wolf form she is a pure white wolf with brown eyes that are streaked with gold. In human form she is a slender young women with delicately wavy hair that is a white blonde with the same hazel-gold eyes. She wears a white coat that is lined with down (duck feathers), usually goes bear foot but in the winter wears animal pelt boots. Underneath she wears a simple grey dress. She has many bracelets that are woven with animal hair around her ankles and wrists.
*Staff wielding

So begins...

Cordelia Braxton's Story


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#, as written by Adantas
It was a crisp winter night and the moon was gloriously full. Its silver rays lit up the dark forest. The forest was covered in a snowy blanket and there was no way you could tell that there was something out there. The wolfs fur was nearly undistinguishable to the whiteness that it stalked in and it's golden brown eyes and nose were able to fool the unsuspecting that there lay just brown twigs and rocks. The wolf was lying low, hardly breathing as it stalked its prey. The poor rabbit was peacefully munching on some grass it had uncovered. The eyes flashed with hunger and in a matter of no time it had lunged forward catching the rabbit between it's razor sharp teeth killing it instantly. The bright red blood was striking against the whiteness. The white wolf munched contentedly on the rabbit until it had left just the bloody bones. Satisfied the wolf trotted back to its home leaving red paw prints and its bloody mouth dripping.

A small cabin hidden amongst the thickest of trees welcomed home the wolf. With bloody paws the wolf scratched at the door pushing it open. Once inside the wolf was greeted by warmth and aromatic smells from brews cooking in the heavy stone pot. Nudging the door closed the wolf shook itself and advanced to the small area blocked off by the curtain. The wolf began to violently shake, bones breaking and reforming, muscles stretching and hair malting. From the shift stood a beautiful young women, wavy platinum hair tumbling down her back. She redressed into a simple grey tunic and stepped from out behind the curtain. Her mouth was still covered in dried blood as were her hands. Going over to a small bucket she washed herself. She bent back up again and delicately wiped herself dry. She breathed in deeply relishing the feeling of her home. Inside there was a small fire place that held a tripod that situated a large stone pot above it; usually filled with odd smelling liquids. Near that was her working table that was strewn with herbs, glass vials, needles, materials, charms and all sorts of bits and bobs. In the centre sat a small round table and a single chair which had piled on top of it sheets and sheets of parchment along with a pot of ink and quill. In the corner covered by a curtain was her sleeping quarters that was simply a mattress piled with blankets and animal pelt. Beside her bed also sat her wardrobe which only contained a few grey dresses and her prized coat- a white fur material lined with down that kept her warm when out searching for plants in the winter. This was her home and despite her madness she cherished everything in the small stone cabin.

To those rare visitors she was the mystic, the shaman who could deal curses and cures. But they were weary because she was unpredictable and ruthless. Cordelia Braxton used to be the town of Azgrowths healer but after an encounter with a werewolf she started dealing in darker methods. Her sole clientèle is now the werewolf community that live in the forest. She has her own agenda but even she has heard about Big Bads new toy. The child from the village - Little Red. She had just been changed when Little Red was only a small child. And now that child is caught up with the Alpha Male. Years ago he used to be her lover but when she changed her mind was warped and they separated. She wasn't cast out from the pack but she chose to be by herself. So the old couple that used to live in the cottage she killed and took over.

Cordelia lost in her memories like she often is just sat and stared out her window watching as snow began to fall. In the distance she could hear the cries of the wolves.


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Character Portrait: Cordelia Braxton
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#, as written by Adantas
It wasn't long before there was a thumping on the door. Cordelia wasn't the least bit surprised. The howling she had heard was one of pain and she knew that it would come to her eventually. She leisurely made her way to the door and by then there was a deep growl that accompanied the pounding.
"SHAMAN! Open up. I need healing!"
She disliked this sort of command over her and it made her reluctant to aid him. But she opened the door anyway and found Gust. Quite a young werewolf and full of fury. Always the looking for a fight and it seems that he got on the wrong end of someone. His face had numerous cuts, he was limping and his hand was a bloody mess. Cordelia simply raised her eyebrows. He was no different from the others. Recently there have been more and more wolves visiting her. All with severe injuries. It was obvious that he had provoked Little Red. The stupid wolf. Cordelia couldn't careless what the other wolves were doing but Little Red was getting more and more vicious and that meant that more wolves were coming and disturbing her. He didn't wait for her to invite him in, not that she would anyway, and went straight to take a seat.
"That bloody Little Red. Who does she think she is? If she wasn't Big Bads Bitch I swear I would have ripped her bloody head apart."
His fury was obvious and he didn't seem to notice that Cordelia wasn't really listening. She heard but she wasn't listening. On her desk she started to grind some herbs to make the salves. He was still complaining and she was amused that his anger was overriding his pain because even though he was a wolf and was stronger he had been cut by wolfs bone and that caused serious agony. She had moved over towards him and with a small cloth started dabbing his face with some of the mixture. It would have stung but he was still too caught up in his hatred. There wasn't much she could do for the leg except mutter a few incantations and sprinkle some of her special salts. Next she moved to check the wrist but it was so bad that it was basically hanging on by a single tendon. She went in search of her little wolf bone dagger to sever the muscle. The idiot Gust was still going on that when Cordelia came back and swiftly severed the wrist he yelped and turned his tirade onto her.
"You stupid witch! What the hell have you done?! You've cut my hand off!"
Cordelia hadn't minded him going off about someone else but he was now threatening her. She didn't like that. No one threatened the White Wolf.
Quick as lightening she lashed out and Gust found a wolf bone knife pressing against his throat. Finally he shut up. With a deep guttural growl she said,
"You better stop your tongue flapping or your wrist might not be the only thing that you will find gone."
Slowly removing the blade she stood up and saw the pathetic wolf gulp before his gaze turn dark.
"Jus' get on with it."
Silence filled the small room and Cordelia continued to spread some of the salve on and wrap it up. Done she looked down at him to assert her dominance.
"You know the deal. I help you, you help me. I need some more herbs that only grow near the edge of the forest near Azgrowth they are a small shrub with rubbery leaves. They have a distinct smell which you won't miss. I need a basketful."
She had turned her back and was about to dismiss him when she thought of something,
"Oh and while you are there try and gather some gossip, I like to know what's happening in the village."
Gust cradled his missing limb before standing and returning to the cold night.


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#, as written by Adantas
It had been but three hours since that arrogant wolf gust had left. The snow had stopped falling but the wind had picked up. She doubted that he would be back for the night and would probably return early morning if at all with her herbs. His arrogance and just plain idiocy is going to get him killed because Cordelia doesn't appreciate it when you disobey her.

It is not very known, not even within the wolf community, but her little charms are not the only thing she crafts. Using the bones of children, as they are most potent, she carves symbols and sculpts them into different shapes. They create disfigured objects that she uses for death curses. As soon as Gust had left she went outside to the back of her house and entered her secret cellar. It isn't large but its able to hold at least 6 people. At this point in time she had run out of her little ossa's and needed fresh bones.

As she opened the cellar door the wind picked up causing snow to flurry around her and sweep her coat up. Her hair that looked ghostly white in the light was swirling around and as the wind whistled through to the ones inside she probably looked like a banshee. Inside each in their own little cage sat 4 scruffy, shivering children. They had been the kids of a travelling merchant passing through. Because they had camped on the outskirts of the village she was given the chance to one by one steal the children. It caused distress among the party and they went to the villagers demanding to know who or what stole their children. Of course the villagers were too terrified to do anything but the merchant was beginning to go mad so went out by himself in search of them. In the end he met his demise at the jaws of another wolf.

These children had only their thin dresses, tattered coats and some old boots on. They were freezing but not enough so that they would die. No Cordelia needed her bones fresh and from one forearm bone she could carve four ossa's. As she descended the stairs the three girls and their young brother started to whimper. They each scurried to the back of their cages and held the other tight through the bars of their cage. Cordelia would never allow them to soil this place so a little pot was placed in each cell which she regularly disposed of. To Cordelia, being slightly insane, this was only natural and felt no disgust towards them when emptying the pots. Although it wasn't through kindness that she did anything for them. She would give them a fresh loaf to share each day to keep them alive. She took the small key from around her wrist and unlocked the cage that held the oldest child. The girl started babbling incoherently, her voice slowly rising in crescendo as she began to get more hysteric as Cordelia progressively unlocked the door and made her way inside. She held a basket with some items inside in the right hand and a glinting steel knife in the other. She placed down the basket and and knelt down. She waved the child over, of course the thing was terrified and shook her head vigorously.

"No!" she screamed in a nordic accent, "You are going to kill me! Take us home. I WANT TO GO HOME!"

Cordelia frowned. The child had no home to go to. How can she go home? Besides, Cordelia needed their bones. In a stern voice she told the child to come to her.

"You have no home to go to. I need you. Come here and it won't be painful. Disobey me and you will find yourself in unimaginable pain."

It wasn't the voice of someone cruel, just matter-of-fact. The child didn't know what to do so she pulled herself into the cradle position and cried into her knees. Still frowning Cordelia grabbed the child's arm and pulled her into her lap. At first she struggled but Cordelia's warm hands soothed her and she was crying into her dress. Taking a herb from the basket she lacquered it along the blade above the child's head. The child seemed to have given up, resigning herself to her fate. Gently she extended the child's arm out and laid it on the cold stone floor. She placed her free hand firmly on the child's arm to restrict her movement. Without even pausing she pressed the knife down at the elbow joint and severed the arm. The child screamed and convulsed but the herb quickly did it's job and numbed her body. She stopped thrashing and just lay there loudly sobbing. Swiftly he grabbed the bandages out of her basket along with some other leaves. She placed them firmly on the knob to stop the bleeding and deftly bandaged the wound. Blood had seeped onto the floor and was still flowing from the cut off limb. Taking a large folded sheet from the basket Cordelia placed it over the bloody spot and using a corner dabbed the severed end of the limb. She placed it into her basket and carefully removed the girls head from her lap. She would leave the sheet their as a reward for the girl for her limb. The others were in silence, trembling in the corners farthest away from her. They didn't dare speak. Cordelia stood up and exited the small cage and relocked it behind her. She had become so skilled at her task that she didn't even get a spot of blood on her clothes. Her hands were another story but that was unavoidable. She returned to the warmth of her cabin and went to work at creating the first ossa. She removed the hand first and placed it in a jar for another time, then she skinned the arm and went about cleaning it up. It wasn't long before all she had was the forearm, a clean white bone.

One fully complete ossa lay on her crafting table next to rest of the bone. Cordelia was standing over her cooking pot brewing a small meal with some of the flesh from the child's arm. She wasn't one for wastefulness. She spooned a bit of the broth into a small wooden bowl and sat down to her meal. Cordelia was a woman that because of her madness just did a job. She liked and disliked things but felt no emotion of an action completed. Her mind and emotions were things that she could control. Although lately the only emotion she had felt was irritation. And now with Gust still not returning she had started to fiddle with one of the ossa's. As she finished up her meal she had taken the steel knife from before and had the tip pressed gently into one of the symbols. She didn't know what she was going to do but it didn't take a psychic to figure out what would happen to Gust.

All of a sudden the knife was plunged straight into the ossa and Cordelia knew that Gust was dead. While she is carving the symbols she is in a state where she can't comprehend what she is doing. Once something has occurred to the ossa she is able to then read the symbols and determine what happened. As she was reading she raised an eyebrow. The one who killed Gust was coming here. The fool. They killed him with a steel knife, only achievable through a stab to the head. As she twisted the deformed bone she saw another symbol that represented voice and realised how the hunter managed to kill Gust. This person was a siren and if she was coming here Cordelia needed to know that she wouldn't be seduced. Rising from her chair she went to prepare herself for her guest. She grabbed the purple Isila flower and crushed it, she applied some rosemary and crushed some bamboo. She acquired the bamboo from one of her rare travels. She was gone for three months and it was very difficult to get a hold of this powerful plant in which she uses it sparingly. Finally she was left with a messy pulp. The last step was taking a red velvet pouch and placing the mixture in with a touch of sea salt. Complete she took the pouch and hung it from her neck with woven hair of some of the wolves that had died.

Now she was protected and she didn't have to wait long before she smelt the newcomer. It was female. This would be interesting