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Atheya Faye

"It's hard to see beauty when all youve ever been surrounded by is horror."

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a character in “My Demons”, as played by AmeliaIsGhostly




『 “I do not believe this darkness will endure.” | J.R.R. Tolkien 』


✥Name✥ || "Sounds an awful lot think the name Athena to me. No idea if it was on prupose or not however.

Atheya Calla Faye

✥Nicknames✥ || "Nicknames add a comfortable affection I think."


✥Gender✥ || "I don't necessarily know if I could be mistaken as male?"


✥Age✥ || "Ah, so close to adult hood."


✥Defining Trait✥ || "I guess so, huh?"


✥Marital Status & Sexuality✥ || "I don't really see the importance in this..."

Single & Heterosexual

✥Her Aerea✥ || "..."


✥Element✥ || "I find water fascinating. It can be as calm as a lake, or as hectic as a storm. Its spontaneous."


✥Role✥ || "Huh?"

Female Espirt 1

『 “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”| Kahlil Gibran 』Image

✥Hair✥ || "I'm indifferent to my hair."

She had a deep brunette hair color, that shines a small tiny of red in the sun. Her hair that reached just passed her shoulder. When curled, it seems unusually shorter then it is.

✥Eye colour✥ || "They remind me of the forest, which is quite a good thing."

Atheya eyes are a vibrant evergreen color.

✥Height and Weight✥ || "I'm not that short... right?"

5'2 and a half inches, and 104 lbs.

✥Species✥ || "I know what I need to know about it. Also know I'm one of the last ones."


✥Ethnicity✥ || "England if beautiful, I care a lot for my home, despite knowing I really don't belong there."

Raised in Brighton, England.

✥Detailed✥ || "How peculiar to read a physical description of your own self."

Atheya can only be described as a graceful looking being. A metaphorically diamond in the rough. She has a fairly petite stature, and fair skin. She doesn't seem all that breakable to the touch however, as one would presume. She's a strong girl, and has an equal strong stance. She almost seems to walk as if she were on air, yet that doesn't do her very good as it tends to make her more clumsy then the average person. Due to her rough past and nature, Atheya has few tiny scars that mark her polished skin. The most notable and prominent, however, is one that runs down her left shoulder blade. She's very self conscious about it, so will often hide it, which isn't all that hard to do.

『 “I turned silences and nights into words. What was unutterable, I wrote down. I made the whirling world stand still.” | Arthur Rimbaud 』

✥Personality✥ || "Yep. That's me."

Atheya likes to think of herself as extra-ordinary. She basically finds herself being very ordinary, whereas the extra part is just the fact she’s not necessarily human. Now, this is just her opinion on herself, but in all truth of the matter Atheya is a very kind and laughing girl, who sees to hold more grace in the tips of her fingers then most people do their entire beings. It’s hard not to love her, as she finds ways to relate to almost everyone, despite being the slightest bit sarcastic at times. She tries to find good in everyone, as she believes it’s what’s keeping the little sanity she has left in check. She loves to love, but that doesn’t mean she’s all peaches and cream. She’s quite the opposite actually. She is not shy to state her opinions openly, and is very stubborn. It’s almost impossible to convince this girl into another point of view. But other than that, she’s very sweet and playful, giving stupid nicknames to people and teasing them in a friendly manner when appropriate.

She, among other things, is also a creative soul. With this she can get distracted into wild ideas, which she may or may never act out on; this also causes her to day dream and stumble down steps a lot when she doesn’t pay attention. Atheya is impulsive in situations that cause for little thinking time. Probably not the best personality trait, but it’s what makes Atheya herself. You would probably never meet someone like Atheya again in a lifetime, and it’s not just because she can control water. She doesn’t give up, and persists on being loyal and spontaneous. Spontaneity has been proven to be one of her favorite things, as long as it is a good spontaneous and not a bad one. But then again, everyone would kind of hope for that. Many seem to find that she disappears easily. This could be because of her spontaneous attitude, but it's mostly because she can't just sit around and do nothing. She loves to disappear into woods for walks, or just lay outside on the grass without telling people her whereabouts.

Despite this seemingly fun and slightly stubborn girl, there has always been a serious side to her and a side of commitment. She knows when to be solemn and mysterious when need be. If something is important to those she cares about, she will do everything in her power to do it. She is selfless in that manner. She cares about people in a way they never have been cared about before. She makes everyone feel important, as she is a strong believer that everyone has a reason to be placed on this earth and to strive there, and that’s all that she wants. She wants people to become themselves, she wants them above all else to know that they are important. She has never come across someone who was not important.

✥Power✥ || "..."

Atheya has an affinity for water.

Ice Manipulation:
Atheya can create ice only by freezing up water. If it was something she has created, she can mold it into different shapes if she is strong enough at that time.

Storm Manipulation:
Atheya has the ability to create storms. They can range from a little rain dribbling, to massive thunderstorms in areas close to her.

Water Manipulation:
Atheya can ultimately create more water if there is a source nearby, diminish it, mold and shape it, and manipulate it to her desire.

Snow Manipulation:
If Atheya causes a storm, if she concentrates hard enough she can change it into snow.


『 “We work in the dark – we do what we can – we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. The rest is the madness of art.” | Henry James, The Middle Years 』

✥Likes✥ ||

▲Water - Of course Theya love water, She controls it. || "I'm guessing this isn't a real shocker."
▲Art- She has an appreciation for art. She herself is a very talented sketcher and painter. Many of her drawings hang on her room wall. || "I see art as a way of preserving and making beauty in the same manner."
▲Musical Instruments- She's a very talented piano player, and she also has an acoustic guitar that she calls Lou. She sing, but only does in private. || "It's not so strange that my guitar has a name, right?"
▲Night - Since she has a slight insomnia issue, she's often up during the night for manner hours. Its the best time for walks, or to disappear for awhile. || "There's a peace in the night which I find myself craving."
▲Tea - She can't wake up without tea, however black coffee is just as good. || "Peppermint tea is life I'm telling you."

✥Dislikes✥ ||

△Blue Berries - She's very allergic, so no wonder she dislikes them. || "I'll never forget that damned blueberry pie."
△Feeling Alone - Everyone's she's ever cared for has been ripped away from her. She always feel alone. || "I don't generally like talking about it."
△Change - Despite everything always changing in her life, she still hates it so much. || "I just want something to stay the same for awhile."
△James Franco - She just hates him. Doesn't even like hearing his name. || "He's going to be the end of the world, I swear to god."
△Dishonesty - She can always tell when someones lying, and it often results in pain. || "There are too many lies in this world."

✥Strengths✥ ||

●Strong- Atheya is big on cardio and fight training. || "I suppose I fight, not flee"
●Sneaky - She's always been rather quiet on her feet, and can disappear unnoticed || "Well, I've always been like this."
●Trustworthy- She's got a very trusting front and personality. || "Is this really a strength?"

✥Weaknesses✥ ||

○ Claustrophobic - When she was very young, one of her foster parents use to lock her in a closet. || "Oh yeah. Small spaces. Fun times."
○ Scardy Cat - She gets scared by pops ups. A lot of fun for horror movies. || "Okay, okay. I think I'm not that bad of a scardy cat."
○ Scared to get close to people - She's lost so many people in her life, she can't get close to people very easily. || "It's not that I'm untrusting I just don't want to get hurt."

✥Quirks✥ ||

◆Lip Bitter - When she's nervous, scared, or thinking hard she bites her lip. || "It's a horribly obvious tell."
◆Talks to self - When she's trying to think, she often speaks her thought out loud. || "I'm working on stopping this."
◆Takes long showers - She loves water. So she ends up staying about half an hour long in showers, leaving no hot water. || "Sorry."

Image Image

『 “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” | Anton Chekov』

✥History✥ ||

When your family dies, along with all the friends you grew up with, one would hope they would be too young to remember. That it’d be easy to move on, get past it somehow or some point in time. It’s hard to do that however with a photographic memory.

Atheya was only four years old at the time, the time when the “war” had stated, in turn killing all those who she knew clearly she loved. Hell- she even saw her mom get shot before her dad swooped her away and handed her to a woman named Daliah Morse, her pre-school teacher at that time. Atheya had a good life up until that point, her parents over nurturing. Her father was a doctor, with an affinity for wind and her mother, affinity of water, a stay at home mom for the young Espirit child. They were kind, too kind for what they got. What Atheya herself should have got. Atheya from the point was sent away to England, a country foreign to the young American girl. She was put into foster care, knowing all too well that somewhere out in the world, lived eight more Dimoni people like herself, one including her bond mate, who she deeply missed most of all.

Atheya hopped around a lot, being known as what they call a problem child in the system. She would stir up issues, as being the free-spirited person she was, she’d wander around without permission, going into places she couldn’t go. There was also the tiny issue that sometimes she’d make strange things happen around her to do with water, but no one really believed it was her doing it. They bushed it off as just some odd occurrence that happened to only transpire when she was around. By the time she hit ten years old, she had been in a new foster home very year.

Things slowed down when she got a hold of her powers more clearly. She spent about a year in a girls group home when she was thirteen. There, despite being called a “safe area” she was beaten by the juvenile girls with records, simply because Theya tried to keep a low profile. But she knew if she behaved, she’d get out there soon enough. She almost got out until she punched one of the girls, in turn breaking her nose. It was a long story, Atheya didn’t discuss it often. But walla, eight months later she was out, and put into a new foster home, with a single woman by the name of Lily O’dair.

But this time, she had a new foster brother, Lucas, to go along with the ride.

Both children were fourteen years old. His family had died in a shooting when he was five years old, and he had no family left so was forced into the system like she herself was. There always seemed to be an unspoken understanding between the kids who’ve been through tragedies as such. They bonded almost immediately, a true brotherly and sisterly bond. It was good for a year, Ms. O’Dair having been a sweet woman around thirty five years of age. She worked at a law firm, so she had good enough income to sustain all three of them, but she was barley ever home. Atheya and Lucas attended the same high school together, even going and picking up their friend James. It was just the three of them, believing they had all the days in the world.

Age sixteen was a rough year.

Lily had lost her job, and her serious boyfriend at the time has broken up with her, having it been relieved the violence he ensued upon her all that time. She quickly had to pick up two new jobs, both as retailers in stores. The girl was under a lot of stress, the only outlets she had being Lucas and Atheya. But they weren’t outlets in the way she would confide in them her issues, no, instead she took up her Ex Boyfriends way of doing things and started to get abusive. First, it was just the verbal stuff. Both of the kids knew it well, as verbal abuse often occurred in every foster home. But then it got more physical. Starting with just shoving them away when she came home from long days but it goes gradually worse. Slapping, hitting, spitting. The previously lovely woman was so different.
Lily started to drink too. One day, Theya and Lucas come home an hour later then they were supposed to, as James bands concert went a bit over time and the traffic at night was unusually busy. Lily was sitting in the living room, watching some sad movie, a bottle of cheap vodka popped open on the side table. When she saw the kids, her anger crossed a line, and after yelling and screaming about how late they were and how they were just money drainers, she threw the bottle hitting Atheyas shoulder, shattering the equally cheap glass and slicing a put on her left shoulder blade. Needless to say, both kids didn’t want to be in the house anymore. They could have gone t their social workers, but inevitably they would have been separated having had no blood ties, and probably sent into those horrible group hoes again. So they ran away together, having collectively enough money to go into a hotel together. The only person who knew where they were was James.

Too bad social serviced found her out and around one day, dragging her back. She was forced to tell them everything. She called Lucas, telling him to pack up and go, so he did. No one knows where he is now. Not even James.

✥Family✥ ||

||Mother||Carina Faye - Deceased
||Father||David Faye - Deceased
||(Foster) Brother|| Lucas Richardson - Unknown

✥Notes✥ ||

  • She has a British Accent
  • More to come

So begins...

Atheya Faye's Story