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Ruthie Baragas

"No matter what's thrown at us, we persevere."

0 · 353 views · located in New Orleans

a character in “My Demons”, as played by chanelindistress


ImageCastle Walls: Christina Aguilera || Chandelier: Madilyn Bailey || Boom Clap: Charli XCX || Dear No One: Tori Kelly || Stand in the Rain: SuperchickImage

{Would you destroy Something perfect in order to make it beautiful?” }
-Gerard Way



|Full Name|
"My mom used to call me Bubbles all the time. At one point, I'm pretty sure our next door neighbor actually thought that was my name."
Ruthina Juliette Baragas

Ruthie {Most common}; Thea {Common}; Bubbles {Common; by close friends & family}



|Other Half|
"I always get the faint whisper of a name in my head, but the face is always blank. I always feel bad about it."
Eric Wong

London, England

Female Aerera #1

|Face Claim|
Kristina Bazan


Ruthie Baragas was the result of a loveless marriage. To be completely honest, had it not been for her birth her parents would have never gotten married. You see, Gavin Baragas was a very resourceful man. Coming from a very wealthy family that kept a close knit community of the Dimoni people in England together, Gavin was one of the first private investors of Microsoft when the company first came about. And when it came down to receiving his millions, he turned that into millions and the rest was history. And how did he accomplish such a feat? Not by himself. His Espirit at the time was a close friend, business partner, and the only woman he ever loved. But she had never loved him. She married, he slept around, and boom, pretty little Ruthie was born! And he loved his daughter - but only in the way a father could love a child he never wanted. So, she and her mother were welcomed in his family, partly because it would be proper in his elite lifestyle but also what would the other Dimoni say if one Aerera abandoned one of their own? But Gavin made it clear that Clarissa and Ruthie were not truly welcomed.

When their kind began to be hunted twelve years ago, despite how much Ruthie didn't want to be separated from her childhood friend, she was. She and her mother were sent to a family vacation home, first in France and then to a more private housing area in New York. However, by that time, both of her parents were damaged. Both of their Espirits died and her father didn't want to be near his family, no matter how much his daughter might have needed him. As long he gave funding (which would never be a problem) and called every now and then, they should be fine. And poor Clary, her Espirit was also killed, but tortured first and because of her ability to link minds with them, she experienced it all. Her only solace was her daughter and even then, she couldn't be the real parent Ruthie needed. So all of her care and affection, Ruthie received that from a few house maids. She was homeschooled and only allowed to host small get-togethers or tea parties, never really getting to go out as much as she wanted.

And despite how privileged others think she is, all the privilege in the world cannot take away the loneliness Ruthie felt in their many mansions and house parties.



⋆Baking ⋆Being supportive and comforting ⋆Playing and composing music {She plays the cello} ⋆Winning people over {Occasionally} ⋆Remaining positive and optimistic ⋆Great memorization ⋆Planning ⋆Thinking on her feet ⋆Photography ⋆Doing research and being eager to learn ⋆Speaking French

|Flaws// Weaknesses|
⚘Not a very good liar ⚘Can be a bit too trusting and naïve ⚘Loves people too easily ⚘Cannot remain the most calm under pressure ⚘Is not receptive to people when she is close to tears ⚘Feelings can be hurt quite easily ⚘Can come across as a airhead even though she works hard and is kinda smart ⚘Does not have complete control over her powers (because she's not always in control of her emotions) ⚘Can be easily manipulated easily provoked ⚘Friends and family

ø{Achluophobia} Fear of darkness ø{Athazagoraphobia} Fear of being forgotten or ignored ø{Merinthophobia} Fear of being bound down øRejection øAnything happening to someone she cares about øClowns

One of the first things you think of when you look at Ruthie Baragas is bright. As clichéd as the term is, Ruthie is definitely a ray of sunshine whenever she walks into the room. A part of this stems from the fact that she has lived with a high social prestige long before her kind was hunted and she is used to portraying a particular character in order to appear proper and perfect in the public eye. On the other side, she typically tries to see the good side of everything. Perhaps this is simply saying that she is very much still naïve and innocent since she has been pretty sheltered her entire life, but also it's just who she is. Ruthie doesn't like dwelling on the bad. Pessimism has never been her forte and she is typically the one trying to brighten everyone else's moods up or easily making friends. With an infectious laughter and a face that is very difficult to say no to, Ruthie is a ball of sunshine, your new best friend, but also not someone you want to be your enemy.

It still has not been tested how far she will go for anyone seeing how her father has kept her and her mother out of much of the public eye, but along with Ruthie's seeming inability to actually get mad, there is an underlying protectiveness and possessiveness within her that is hard to not notice. While she can be as trusting as a tiny child, she also has a fierce desire to protect those she cares about, especially her friends and even the Espirit she can barely remember. Ruthie is a firm believer in loyalty and hers is unwavering, especially when she feels like the shared cause or relationship is worth the risk. Again, she can be too trusting and perhaps unassuming because she sometimes does not recognize when a character may seem untrustworthy in her life. But when it comes to people that she cares about, regardless of what her original opinions were, all of that will change if the threat or person is a danger to those she cares for. Due to the separation from her Espirit, Ruthie can be quite on edge whenever someone she cares for seems to care for another or when she cannot always know what is happening with them. But that's not just because of some separation anxiety about a person she can't really remember. It's also just because of her life.

Despite how open Ruthie can seem and how genuinely sweet she truly is, she does still keep a distance from others. She is a great listenener, up for any adventure or fun, and can be the shoulder you need to cry on. But when it comes down to herself? Ruthie would hardly - if ever - allow herself to cry in front of others or show how vulnerable she truly is. She can seem high-strung or overly emotional in public because that's just what she knows how to be, but when it comes to being vulnerable and honest about how she feels about life - about herself - Ruthie will be the first one to clam up. It's not that she doesn't want that comfort or those affections; Ruthie lives for it! But when it comes down to it, wanting something and having it are two very different things. With a father that pretty much threw her away (not just because it would be a danger for her to be in the public as much as they used to be, but because he also lost his Espirit whom he was actually very close to) and a mother that was more and more closing in on herself, Ruthie has grown accustomed to simply giving affection and not receiving. After all, no matter what's thrown at us all, we persevere.


❤Fashion "When it's all you have, of course you love it!"
❤Making new friends "I just like people, ok?"
❤Strawberries and kiwis "My two favorite fruits!"
❤The scent of jasmine
❤Watching movies and pigging out
❤Tea and coffee "I don't understand people who don't want the best of both worlds."
❤String Instruments "I play the cello and the violin."
✘Bean Sprouts "Don't even think about it!"
✘ Rude people
✘ Being abandoned
✘Talking about sex "Don't judge me! Of course I'm still a virgin."
✘ Rejection "Does anyone? It's not a fun thing, ok?"
✘ Disloyalty or betrayal
✘ Twizzlers
✘ Wearing too much makeup


Ruthie can manipulate various objects with her mind. It was a surprising ability, but hers nonetheless and she's been working hard to maintain control over it. However, control is still something she does not completely have. At her current and probably basic level, Ruthie can do things like keeping objects from moving, levitating objects above her head, and pulling or pushing objects. She has proven that she is eager to learn and if she concentrates hard enough, she is capable of lifting people. However, as those before her, true control comes from her emotions and well, Ruthie can be a very emotional being. She is always feeling something on an extreme level, so when she's angry she is angry. When she is angry, she is beyond angry. And during those times, the true extent of her power is revealed. Out of anger when she heard people insulting her kind at a café, Ruthie was so enraged that every glass in the building shattered and if she can do something like that, there's no telling what she can do once she learns to master her powers.


|Height & Weight|
5'3 & 108 lbs

|Hair Color|
Light honey blonde

|Eye Color|
Baby blue

|Distinguishing Marks|
On the left side of her back near her shoulder is this birthmark. It typically hums against her skin whenever she feels angry or close to emotional, which is a constant, and positively burns (but not in a debilitating way) when she uses her powers. She also has [url]this[/url] minimalist tattoo on the nape of her neck.

|In Depth|
Since she was a child, her mother always spoke of Ruthie being a rather gorgeous young girl. After all, she is a carbon copy of the older woman. With her creamy fair complexion that is as soft and as dewy as a baby's skin, bright blue eyes, and blonde hair, Ruthie is a classic beauty - a ball of sunshine. Her hair is long and typically holds soft curls towards the ends, smooth to the touch and always smelling like jasmine and vanilla. She is rather petite and slim, and she would probably tell you that she's lacking in the curves department, but she does have a willowy sort of form that is admirable. With her chic and somewhat hipster-influenced attire, she can definitely be a looker.

So begins...

Ruthie Baragas's Story