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Xylie Ezra Rosner

"Ah, let's stop and smell the roses. "

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a character in “My Demons”, originally authored by toajojo, as played by RolePlayGateway


"Enjoy the good times to the fullest ‘cause it only goes downhill from there."

The basics


”That’s my name, don’t wear it out.”
Xylie Ezra Rosner

”I am not picky.”
Xy, Ez, Ezzy, Izzy

”I think it is so stupid when people say, ‘years young’.”
Seventeen years old

”Aren’t I special?”
Female Espirit Two

”Oh god, please do not bombard me with stereotypes.”
Asexual. Xylie still loves companionship and being with people, heck she is even romantically attracted to some. She just, lacks sexual attraction to others.

{Her Aerea}
”We’re just friends.”
To be announced. . .

Lookin’ Good


{Height & Weight}
”Not too big, not too small.”
She is a bit above average reaching 5’7”, and she only weighs 131 pounds.

”It’s all natural.”
Xylie has a luscious mane of obsidian locks. It is a struggle to tame it on a daily basis, but one would never know with her expert hair skills. Her hair style changes often. Sometimes it is immaculately pressed, sometimes it falls in a wavy tresses, you never know.

”Um. . . Brown? Black?”
Officially, Xylie's eyes are a pretty chestnut brown color, but at first glance they look to be black. Just as dark as her hair. Only when a light is directly shining in her eyes can one see the true color.

{Tattoos, Piercings, Scars}
”Lemme check.”
Xylie has two piercings and that is it, one in both of her ear lobes. She will never get another, heck, she did not even want the first two. Xylie, is a very careful girl. She goes out of her way to avoid placing herself in painful situations. That includes going to get tattoos or piercings. Her carefulness is the reason why she has no lingering scars.

”Ah, I’m okay I guess. . .”
Xylie is undoubtedly attractive. Her appearance being as bright as her personality. Colored a lighter shade of milk chocolate, there is a deep contrast between it and her black hair and upturned eyes. Along with an athletic build, she also sports some gracious curves. She is all muscle. Not the bulky body builder kind, but the lithe dancer kind. A perfect body for wearing cute summer outfits. A bright crop top to show off her slender arms, toned stomach, and more than average chest. Some navy blue shorts to flaunt her muscled legs, and round butt.

Let’s Dig Deeper

”F-fuck you! Who said these were tears?”
In general, Xylie is a friendly and kind person. She loves to socialize with people whenever she can and she loves making new friends. It does not matter if they are young, old, a stranger, or an acquaintance. Xylie can talk to most anybody. At times, even keeping a continuous one-sided conversation going. She has a habit of rambling and loosing herself in her rampant thoughts. Often she needs someone to snap her out of it. Xylie is like a butterfly. You can rarely catch her and you definitely can not keep up with her. She likes to think out of the box and say things that surprise people. Her thoughts are all over the place, no one can ever guess what she's thinking about. She's bewildered and awe struck by the weirdest of things.
Xylie is a very simple, carefree person. Going with the flow in most situations. And she never seems to regret anything. Making it through life with a devil-may-care attitude mostly. Forgot to do that essay that is due first period? Crap!. . .Oh well. Burnt your dinner on the stove? Dang. . .Guess I'm getting pizza.
She does not worry about the inconsequential things. Though, Xylie can also be strangely determined at some points. If she decides to do something, she will do it. There is no doubt about it. One can try and block her path, but she will find a way. No matter how impossible and/or stupid it may seem to others.
Though, she is always trying to maintain an aura of toughness. Doing her best to appear brave and confident constantly. But, that is sort of difficult when you are a complete and total crybaby. She is sort of like a child in this aspect. She wails when she stubs her toes. She is almost always seen crying while watching movies. She ends up crying when she is immensely fed up. Sometimes when something scares her she cries. Xylie can't help it, it is a curse. Whatever you do though, do not mention her tears. She will immediately deny it and it will only make her angry.
”The past is the past, can't we just leave it at that?”
Seventeen years ago. Robin T. Rosner, an espirit, a young business woman, and partner in a thriving company. Terrance W. Ashley, a well respected employee of said company, also an espirit. One who was coincidentally being transferred to one of their other branch offices hundreds of miles away. Some people decided to throw a going away party for him. He was a good employee, well-liked as well. Everyone was getting drunk, Robin and Terrance included. Their minds were clouded. Terrance pulled her aside. All of a sudden she was in a small closet with him. Chest to chest in the dark. He whispered in her ear how much he wanted her, how he always had. Robin was not in her right mind. If she was, she would never have taken the risk. Instead, she let him do what he wanted. Not really feeling anything, he was just an inferior co-worker. Later, they both walked out as if nothing happened. The next day she continued work, he was on a plane to his new position. Three weeks later, she began feeling sick. Lo and behold she was pregnant.
The news hit her like a train. She was not ready, and she had always prided herself of being prepared. A pregnancy was never in her plans. She allowed herself to indulge once and she ended up pregnant. Robin was conflicted. Did she want it? No. That was definite. But did she want an abortion? Could she even get one without anyone finding out? Maybe. Though, she was never able to bring herself to kill it. Many might have thought of her as cold, but she would never take a life. So, she collected herself and got her butt to work. She worked diligently until her condition began to interfere with her performance. Finally she took a maternity leave for the last two months of her pregnancy.
For her maternity leave she traveled to her mother's home in the countryside. Her mother, Nicolette A. Rosner, was deeply surprised. Her daughter had not even given her a phone call since she moved out and now she was coming to stay until she gave birth in a month. Her daughter was always so stoic and independent. Nicolette ended up delivering Robin's child in her own bathroom, and at once, she fell in love with her granddaughter. Robin was. . . Unsure. Sure, she felt those pesky maternal instincts kicking in, but she was too busy to devote herself to an infant. She took a few days to recuperate and wrote for the birth certificate. Before, Nicolette knew it, her daughter was getting ready to leave again. Robin thanked her mother for the help and asked her to take care of her daughter.
Nicolette was a very doting grandparent. She would have given Xylie the world if she could have. Xylie was a very sweet child who loved her grandma like no other. She rarely even thought about her parents. Why would she need to? She had the worlds greatest grandmother who took care of her. She did not resent her mother, or miss her at all. She was just a topic in the back of a young girl's mind.
Xylie had a normal childhood. There was nothing really special about it. Her town was small so she lived in a very close knit community. They seemed to live by the motto, Takes a village to raise a child. And, she had her best friend by her side. Twelve years ago, she was five and the war began. The neighbors they were so very close to, ratted them out to the authorities. Subsequently, they came for her and her grandmother. Nicolette did her best to keep her with her and protect her, alas she was aging and frail. All it took was one burly man ripping them apart forcibly and her grandmother fell. Hitting her temple on the edge of their dining room table, she was out like a light. That was the day Xylie was taken and placed in the foster care program. She lost her grandmother and would never meet her birth mother or father.
Her mind sealed the memories away and she quickly regained her bright and bubbly persona. Due to being such a lovable child she was adopted a year and a half later. They were a young couple who dearly wanted to have a child of their own. They spoiled her and she grew attached to them. Anything to fill the void.

The Fun Stuff


Xiley is the Espirit of earth elements.
Geokinesis || Also called Earth Manipulation. It is an ability where the user can shape and manipulate any earthen elements to their will. Including almost all solid objects. To be specific, all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state. Rock, metal, sand, dirt, etc... Though, Xylie is unable to create earth, she must take it from an already existing source. She also can not manipulate synthetic materials.
Chlorokinesis || Also called Organic Manipulation. An ability in which the user can manipulate plants, any part of them. Able to control leaves, seeds, vines, mosses, roots, fruits, branches, and etc... The user, if skilled enough can move the plants like an action figure of sorts, attacking and/or defending. They may even mutate the plants by rearranging their DNA structures reviving withering plants. Though, Xylie must already have an existing source to manipulate, and she can not manipulate plants in any concentrated forms, i.e., cotton clothing or paper.

{Habits & Quirks}
”Wait. . . I do that?”
✦ She taps her foot when she is irritated ✦ She always has some gum on her ✦
✦ She can not stand still and usually rocks from foot to foot ✦ Always has some
form of background noise whenever doing something alone ✦ She tugs on her
earrings when she is confused or thinking ✦

”Shut up! I-I'm not scared!”
✦ Being Alone ✦ Big Fires ✦ Lightening ✦ Spiders✦ Complete and utter darkness ✦
✦ Being Unneeded ✦ Losing her friends ✦

”I'm not totally useless.”
Gardening ✦ Cooking ✦ Math ✦ Coming up with corny jokes/puns on the spot ✦
✦ Hair Styling ✦ Dancing (Ballet, Hip hop, Ballroom) ✦ Fake Crying ✦ Making people laugh✦
✦ Reading lips ✦ Sign Language ✦

{Likes & Dislikes}

”There is no point to life without these.”
✦ Animals ✦ Children ✦ Cookie Dough ✦ Comedies ✦ Finding Money in her Pockets ✦
✦ Cake ✦ Eating ✦ Long Showers ✦ Gardening ✦ Reading ✦ Compliments ✦ Sleeping ✦
✦Myths ✦ Heels ✦ Puns

”God, don't you hate that?”
✦ Ignorance ✦ Butterflies ✦ Silence ✦ Roaches ✦ Spicy Foods ✦ Horror Films ✦
✦ Tragedies ✦ Pain ✦ Washing Dishes ✦ People Who Disrespect Nature ✦ Bananas ✦
✦ Dark Chocolate



”Bulletproof Love by Pierce the Veil. Ah, don't you just love Vic? I do!”
I breathe you in with smoke in the backyard lights (backyard lights),
we used to laugh until we choked into the wasted nights (wasted nights).
It was the best time of my life, but now I sleep alone (sleep alone),
So don't, don't, don't wake me up, 'cause my thrill is gone.
(Say I'm wrong)
and the sunset turning red behind the smoke,
forever and alone.

You've gone and sewn me to this bed, the taste of you and me
will never leave my lips again under the blinding rain.
I wanna hold your hand so tight I'm gonna break my wrist,
and when the vultures sing tonight I'm gonna join right in.

I'll sing along, oh
'Cause I don't know any other song.
I'll sing along,
but I'm barely hanging on.
No, I'm barely hanging on.
By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone,
and now there's nothing to do but scream at the drunken moon.

This isn't fair!
Don't you try to blame this on me.
My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot me.
And god damn it, I can barely say your name,
so I'll try to write it and fill the pen with blood from the sink.
Whoa oh
But don't just say it, you should sing my name.
Pretend that it's a song 'cause forever it's yours,
and we can sing this on the way home.

I'll sing along, oh
'Cause I don't know any other song.
I'll sing along,
but I'm barely hanging on.
No, I'm barely hanging on.
By the time you're hearing this I'll already be gone,
now there's nothing to do but tear my voice apart.
Nothing to do,
and scream at the drunken moon.

So begins...

Xylie Ezra Rosner's Story