Although considerably more known now.

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a character in “My Guardian Demon”, as played by Cypher


Name: Still as unknown as before. Many had guessed "Satan" the last time he made himself known. They were wrong.
Age: Immeasurable. It is heavily implied that he's been around since pretty much the dawn of man himself.
Gender: Male.


His style of dress still hasn't changed since the subway. He still prefers to dress in the style of a 1950s film-noir detective no matter what part of the world he resides in or what the conditions there are. It has been found out that he's about seven feet tall and well-built (although his supernatural powers kinda negate his actual physical strength).


He's detached from the lives of mortals and completely capable of killing without remorse. He rarely, if ever, displays softness towards a living being and often disdains the few other supernatural beings that lurk upon the earth. When he is toying with someone, he seems completely unhinged, bordering on sadistic, and his laughter is almost demonic in nature. When angered or annoyed, he turns stone cold, displaying rage beyond that of any mortal.

That said, he has displayed a hint of doting affection; perhaps even love, for our heroine.


Aside from his clothing, the man has access to an unspecified array of supernatural powers, such as the ability to read minds, induce hallucinations, move objects via telekinesis, and control a terrifying hell-beast. He also has impressive natural strength, a keen intellect and a sharp tongue.

Also, he has a mysterious glowing black ball in his pocket...


Still mostly unknown, although I'm sure we'll learn as the game plays out.

So begins...

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