Lexie Collins

Am I supposed to scream like your other fans? Sorry I'm not acting how you expected me to.

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Lexie Collins

Everybody calls me Lex, that's what I go by now, NOBODY calls me Lexie.

17? Do I look to young for this contest?

Female Contestant Winner 1...yay.

Please, I don't waste my time with crushes.

-_- Why do you need to know this?
Competition- If you want to know what I like, you should know I love a good competition. I hate losing and if told I couldn't do something better than somebody would probably challenge them. Even if it was something like eating a jar of peppers. I pretty much never back down

Music- I may not be starstruck by the people who sing a song, but I don't know what I would do without music. It calms me down and entertains me. There are songs that express how I feel and understand me.

Carnivals- It's weird how much I've always wanted to just go to a carnival with somebody and play the games there. Where I'm from there aren't any carnivals and they just seem like so much fun. Except for the clowns, no man who covers his whole face with makeup is sane. I can understand some eyeliner for rockers or something but not that.

Paintball- Paintball is so much fun! It's way better than the video games, and you don't actually hurt anybody, well you don't kill anybody. WHen you get hit by the paintballs it kinda stings...

Singing/Guitar playing- Believe it or not, I play the guitar and sing a bit. I'm no good though, despite what my friends say. So you're not going to get to hear me sing no matter what.


Clowns- As I stated earlier, no man covered in that much makeup can be sane in the head.

Sushi- The idea of eating raw fish is just...bleh. I shouldn't need to explain it.

Snobby attitudes- I don't like it when people think they're better than somebody else. That's why I'm not so thrilled about going on this trip. Idols tend to be rather snobbish. I'm not sure if I can spend three months with snobs.

Cheesy Romance- I don't really think I'll ever have a crush on anybody but I hate it when in movies somebody goes into the work place or some crowded area and says at the top of their lungs that they love somebody. TO public, to cheesy, it's much better when it's subtle and you just hang out. No drama or

Dresses/Skirts- I just don't wear them. Once I lost a bet and had to wear a dress for a day but that's it, I'm not very girly so when I do have to wear them it's really awkward.


If I said I feared nothing, would you believe me? Because I don't. (She really is scared of spiders and cats.Cats scare her because they scratch, hiss, and bite.

I'm not good at much...I'm okay at playing the guitar I guess (She's actually really good at singing and playing the guitar but doesn't think so.) I'm not sure if I'm good at this or not but I have this journal I write in, poems, stories, or just what happened that day. Nobody has read it though and I won't let anyone read it either.

There's really no point in trying to hide how I really act since you'll probably find out soon enough. I'm sarcastic, competitive, and hard to please. I don't care what others think because that's just their opinion. My friends call me stubborn but I personally don't believe them. They also say that I don't want any sort of relationship which I guess is true. They set me up on a date once but I didn't go. You aren't supposed to go out with somebody you hardly know after all. But I think that I can be nice. No, I know that I'm nice most the time. It's just when I get annoyed or are around people I don't like or think I don't like that I get rude. But even if you are my friend, my sarcasm won't go away.

(Not from Lex's point of view) As a kid Lex was never a girly girl. She listened to music all the time and often got in trouble for playing her Ipod in class. In highschool she pretty much only gets good grades in English class. She finds Math to be very hard and the other classes she has B's and C's in, so not too bad. She's never been the one to idolize over anybody and was counted as a bit strange for that. Never had a boyfriend, never had a crush, she was kind of put into the weird people section of the school for that. But she didn't care, she liked her friends and her life.

[url=LINK TO SONG]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsboGD-U76U[/url](She doesn''t like this kind of music, I just couldn't find a song other than this one to fit)
It's always been about me, myself, and I
I thought relationships were nothing but a waste of time
I never wanted to be anybody's other half
I was happy saying I had a love that wouldn't last
That was the only way I knew 'til I met you

You make me wanna say
I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo
Yeah, I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo
Cause every time before it's been like
Maybe yes and maybe no
I can't live without it, I can't let it go
Ooh what did I get myself into?
You make me wanna say I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do,

Tell me is it only me
Do you feel the same?
You know me well enough to know that I'm not playing games
I promise I won't turn around and I won't let you down
You can trust I've never felt it like I feel it now
Baby there's nothing, there's nothing we can't get through
So can we say
I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo
Oh baby, I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo
Cause every time before it's been like
Maybe yes and maybe no
I won't live without it, I won't let it go
What more can I get myself into?
You make me wanna say

Me, a family, a house, a family
Ooh, can we be a family?
And when I'm eighty years old I'm sitting next to you

And we'll remember when we said
I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do do
Oh baby, I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do do
Cause every time before it's been like
Maybe yes and maybe no
I won't live without it, I won't let us go
Just look at what we got ourselves into
You make me wanna say I do, I do, I do, I do, I do, I do,
Love you

So begins...

Lexie Collins's Story


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#, as written by Xantiz
Alex Rose

"You know sir, you really shouldn't be doing that... It will draw to much attention to yourself." The limousine driver seemed concerned, as he should be, normally you don't allow passengers to casually sit on top of the roof of your vehicle. But this was no ordinary passenger. No, he was Alex Rose who has become a rising star and popular idol. There wasn't much the driver could do to persuade him, he could only just watch as he did whatever he pleased. The wind rushing past him, his hair flowing around as he sat on top of the roof of the limousine. Rush... that was all that was needed. It wasn't like I am in danger, the lower half of my legs are still within the limousine via the sun roof. Not like I am just going to fall off, Jasper wouldn't do anything unnecessary which would bring me into harms way anyway... I was fine up here.

"If you worry about me too much Jasper you'll give yourself a heart attack you know..." However after a few more comments from his driver Alex had finally descended inside the limousine, much to Jasper's delight. Taking out a small note from his suit jacket he read the name upon it out loud. "Lexie Collins... wonder what she's going to be like. Wonder if she is looking forward to this vacation." Alex loved his fans, much more than he thinks he should. He would often use all of his spare time with a group of fans, something which his manager had often told him not to do. Not that Alex really cared, he was an idol because of his fans, he owes it to them to be for them and to continue being who he is. I'm not changing for anyone... They knew that when they had asked me to join them. I am who I am and to hell with anyone who thinks I should be anyone but that.

After a few minutes the limousine had come to a stop in front of the winning contestant's house. Looking around the driver had noted that there seemed to not be anyone around, but to remain cautious as any amount of fans or paparazzi could show up any minute. Alex didn't care though, he had opened the door to the limousine before Jasper had said anything. Standing outside Alex noted how wonderful the weather was, the warm golden sun and the cool breeze. Scratching the back of his neck he looked around to find that Lexie was nowhere to be seen. Odd, he thought, Thought she would've been out by now. Looking down at his watch he noticed that they were running a bit early. "Hmm... guess we have a bit of time to spare. Guess it wasn't that odd that she isn't out here at all." Still Alex wanted to meet Lexie as soon as possible, and so he began to walk towards the house.

After a short greeting with her parents Alex was invited into her household. Receiving instructions on where he would find Lexie he had decided to greet her in her room. Walking up the stairs he tried to remain as quiet as possible, to surprise her when he arrived. While walking however an idea had popped into his head, taking the necessary precautions he moved to attempt his plan. After a few minutes he found himself outside of the room he was told she was in, he however was outside by the window. Opening it quietly he slid himself through the window, now standing behind the supposed winner. She hadn't noticed him, most likely because of her headphones. Walking slowly towards her he lifted the headphones from her ears. "Aww... and I was hoping it would've been one of my songs." Laughing to himself he stepped back and sat on Lexie's bed, waiting for her reaction. Hopefully I didn't freak her out to much.


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#, as written by Xantiz
Alex Rose

Alex was amused by the young women's banter, he found her honesty of the situation to be somewhat comforting. Well she might not be a huge fan of mine, but that doesn't matter. The rush is much more exhilarating with someone who doesn't believe me to be "perfect". Smiling I stood up and walked over to her, leaning in close towards her ear. Whispering he said, "I think you and me are going to raise a little hell in this little competition, don't you?" Not really waiting for a response he walked over to the luggage which she had assembled, noticing a rather huge and roughly packed bag and an acoustic guitar. She must be a musician herself, or at the very least play music in her spare time. She needn't have brought it along with her though, I'm pretty sure I could've found something like this for her... She must have her reasons though. The guitar called out to Alex, at least he believed it did, so he picked it up placing the strap over his back.

"Hope you don't mind me... I know it's a bit intrusive of me but as a thanks I will promise to grant at least one wish for you in return. But nothing to crazy though, I might be an idol but I don't have an exuberant amount of money... or magical powers... Not that I thought you believed that... Well the magic part at least." Smiling he leaned back on the door of Lexie's room, playing a soft beautiful melody. Alex didn't play the acoustic guitar that much, he was a bassist at heart but because of his newly ordained idol status he had to play guitar. Something which he somewhat regrets, since he preferred playing his bass guitar. After a short while of playing he slung the guitar around his back. "It plays beautifully... You must take good care of her. What's her name?" Alex asked this more jokingly, thinking nothing much of it since he himself named his own instruments.

Walking over to her luggage Alex grabbed the large bag and carried it almost effortlessly with one arm. Opening the door to her room he turned back to look at her. "Well you coming or not? Or would you prefer if we exited how I entered your room?" Smiling and laughing as he opened the door he found that Lexie's father was standing outside of the door. Knowing that it would've looked quite suspicious for him to be in his daughter's room for an extended period of time. Grinning from ear to ear Alex placed his free hand on her father's shoulder, "Don't worry... I was gentle with her, it being her first time and all." Noticing the rage building up inside of her father Alex walked back inside the room and closed it. Laughing inside he walked back towards the window, opening it and crouching upon the windowsill. "Guess like I will be using the window again... Meet you down outside, I'll be waiting at the door." Jumping before she could answer Alex landed on the ground, surprisingly not hurt by the fall, mostly because of his prior training.

Smiling as he walked back towards the house's entrance he waited for Lexie. Hope I didn't cause her too much trouble... Oh well. Sitting quietly on the entrance steps he waited for her to come down.


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#, as written by Xantiz
Alex Rose

After Lexie had come out of the door she made short work of relieving Alex of her guitar, something which he had found quite funny. Must be important to her... or maybe she just doesn't want me to touch it. She had said that her wish was that Alex would not touch her guitar and journal, and to call her "Lex". Alex didn't think it was that hard of a wish to accept, actually he found it quite easy, he pouted slightly at the thought of this. No... won't do... will have to get her to wish for something else later. Placing his open arm around Lex's shoulder he walked her towards the limousine. Alex didn't know whether or not he should be that close to her but he was just acting on impulse, not really thinking much of it. Were both going to be going inside the limousine... why not? Smiling he turned his head towards her as he walked, "To bad... your wish choice is pretty boring. Maybe I will give you another chance... at a latter time though. Not going to be giving out wishes like candy now."

Once they were next to the limousine Alex had placed Lex's belongings into the back of the limousine. Yawning he opened one of the doors, walking inside and lying down on one side of the vehicle. "Coming "Lex"?..., he asked her. "Or are you willing to go back and face your parents right now? He said the latter part jokingly with a devilish grin. His grin however is soon reverted back to his tired expression. He was tiered, because of this competition Alex's workload had increased significantly to make up for the time they would lose. Many sleepless days turned into weeks, he didn't really like working he just wanted to rest. Finally having sometime to himself Alex begins to drift asleep. "Don't worry Lex... If you need me I will just be a tap away." Exhaustion finally overtaking him he fell asleep.