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Oishi Matsuta

"Swimming is my life. Without it, I wouldn't be me."

0 · 220 views · located in Yousaka High School

a character in “My Letter”, originally authored by Lainpinky131, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Oishi Matsuta
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 2"
Weight: 114 lbs.
Skin Color: White
Eye Colour: Grey


Personality: Oishi isn't quiet, a loner, or anti-social, but he spends most or all his time practicing his swimming. He doesn't mind people, but he does not like being in a large crowded area. It is hard for anyone who has known him for a sort amount of time to tell what he is feeling or thinking. He is a mystery, an unfinished book. What his family and anyone who knows him with never know, is that Oishi is very fragile. He doesn't take heartbreak, greif, or anything along those lines well. It is incredibly difficult for him to recover from such events.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual, though he is not open about it.
Crushes: Nao Ryunosuke
- Speed Under Water
- Swimming
- Singing
- Lifting Heavy Objects
- Ever Other Physical Education
- Playing an Instrument
- the Outdoors
- Water
- Pastries
- the Summer
- the Heat
- the Sun
- Eating
- Practising SSwimming and Singing
- Sweets
- Cooking
- Flowers ((expect sakura flowers))
- the Cold
- the Indoors
- Spicy Things
- Bullies
- Relaxing
- Swimming
- Singing
- Eating
Romantic Interest: None

Bio: Oishi lived with his parents, untill they divorced, where he stayed with his mother who moved in with her brother and his fiancΓ©. His uncle is a well-reknowned author and his fiancΓ© is a well-paid actress. His mother is a waitress at a gay bar.
Other: He is ambidextrous. He is still recovering from his previous relationship.
Thoughts on Other Characters:
Hiro Mashiyama~
Mira Mashiyama~
Isaac Reece Morris~
Roselyn Kai~ "Rose is unlike most people, she is a good friend." Good Friend
Kari Kyoto~
Ami Kyoto~
Nao Ryunosuke~ "I don't think it concerns you."
Aya Ryunosuke~
Grim Barrett~
Katashi Tamakashi~
Jin Byunghee~ "Jin, he's... different from everyone I know." Good Friend
Miyako Kiyomizu~
Ellie Falon~
Katsuyo Naganishi~
Yamamura Miharu~
Gumi Rataro~
Lily Williams~
Kohaku Tsubara~ "Kohaku is a good person. I'm glad I know him." Good Friend
Tatsou Sinne~


So begins...

Oishi Matsuta's Story

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The half-white-haired-half-black-haired boy with silver eyes walked through the hall, very close to the wall to avoid being noticed. If it weren't for his strange hair; Oishi would have blended right into the wall and away from sight. He would rather disappear into wall than have the students in the hall try their best to avoid looking at him or acknowledge his existence. But he had grown used to others acting like so, and he was not one for change.

Oishi had not seen anyone he recognized in the hall that day, not that it was a surprise. He rarely knew anyone at this school. The people he did know, his three friends, were older than himself. Two were two years his senior and one was one year his senior, so he rarely saw them during the school day. Oishi usually waited until after school to see his friends, but that would mean he would spend the whole day alone with strangers.

Finally arriving at the door to his classroom; Oishi slipped in quietly, again to avoid being noticed, and took his usual seat in the back of the class. Once again, the classroom was filled with strangers.

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Hiro Mashiyama

Hiro saw Katsuyo pass by as he heard him ask, "Caught again?" Hiro chuckled and whispered back, while his sister was distracted, "Yep, just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that." He actually began to think that it may have been better that he was caught because last time he went in, some girl with ridiculous strength had slapped him really hard across the face, and it didn't end too well for him. He was a bit nervous to run into the same girl from before, so he felt a bit glad about being caught, having second thoughts.

"You should find some better peeping places."

Hiro glanced over at his sister, who wasn't paying attention again, and shrugged with a childish smile on his face, "Oh but if I did, people would see me as the secretive pervert, and everyone knows I'm the type of person to do it straight out where the whole public may see my success!" He said sarcastically with a laugh, although he obviously knew he was probably the worst flirt in the whole entire school.

"Y-Yes, hello Naganishi-san. Y-You can just call me I-Ike, if you w-want."

Although he wasn't being spoken directly to, Hiro was always the type of outgoing person to just listen to other conversations and jump in, "Ike? Mmm... doesn't sound very Japanese... Are you a foreigner, Ike?" He asked, not adding any honorifics since he always saw people as friends without even having to meet them. A simple introduction, to Hiro, meant a friend if they had a nice attitude.

Mira Mashiyama

Mira watched as Katsuyo joined them, and saying a simple 'Good morning' with a polite bow and smile. She saw her brother around him sometimes, but couldn't say that she actually knew him as well as her brother did. Still, she was at least glad her brother had a sane friend unlike most of the friends he brought over which all had strange problems like drinking, flirting, or anything else of that sort. Of course, it was nothing serious, but she wasn't exactly very tolerant when it came to their behavior.

"Y-Yeah, m'okay... S-sorry again for the inconvenience."

She saw the student in front of her bow as she did the same, as respect, not sure if he was older or younger, but did it anyways. She couldn't help but continue to stare at the bandages over his face, wondering how he got him, seeing how she only knew a few certain people in the school, mostly just people in her classes, her friends, and her brother's friends. Other than that, she never really got to meet to many people outside that little group she stayed around.

"Y-Yes, hello Naganishi-san. Y-You can just call me I-Ike, if you w-want."

One of the things she had in common with her brother was that she, even though she didn't mean to be rude, listened to the conversation, and seemed to have joined in on it. Perhaps it wasn't exactly called 'joining in,' but she never referred to people by their first name unless she was a very close friend, "May I ask for your last name dear?"

Kohaku Tsubara

While walking, Kohaku saw one of his close friends, Oishi walking to his class. Just as he was about to call out and greet him, one of the people around his age seemed to have bumped into him, laughing as they passed him by. While he got bumped into, his glasses fell, hit his books in his hands, and hit the ground. His vision all of a sudden became blurry as he squinted a bit, and put his hand to the floor, trying to find the glasses he needed to see for class. Most people who walked by him, who's faces he couldn't recognized, just ignored him. He was one of this insignificant people at the school, the nerd, the weirdo, and other nicknames he was called throughout his life. While still searching for his glasses, he seemed to have sighed quietly and thought to himself, 'Only a few people actually understand people like me...' He wasn't just referring to himself, but most of the people who walked around the high school with little friends, and little people who realized them in the crowd.

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It seemed Rose and Kohaku both had the same goal, get to Oishi before people could begin to make fun of them. She tugged at the bottom of her shirt, trying to pull it down further. Her outfit wasn't a usual one, considering it consisted of a white button down, black vest, dark leggings, and a similarly colored shirt that fell to about mid-thigh. Since she was usually found in jeans and a sweatshirt, this felt especially strange for her. But she was staying at her sisters house for the week, and her sister wouldn't let her leave the house looking like a boy- at least that was what she had said. The only normal thing was the checkered mailbag around her shoulder, which actually happened to be comforting her greatly at that moment. Her sister hadn't even allowed her to take her books with her, but she reassured herself by remembering that she had a book in her locker.

As she began to push past people- to make her way to her friend -she found herself looking back over to Kohaku. Half of her was glad she did, since his glasses were on the ground and there was no way he was going to find them with all the people in the hall. But the other half was sort of angry at herself, knowing that if she went over to him that she would get the same treatment he was getting. It wasn't like they were great friends or anything, but having Oishi as a common factor would occasionally shove them together. At the same time though, it wasn't like they already didn't treat her that way. Letting out a deep breath she hadn't known she'd been holding, she pushed her way over to Kohaku and dropped to her knees beside him. After grabbing his glasses, she tapped his shoulder and held them relatively near his hand. "Here K."