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My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!


During a ponies' expiriment, the young one accidently opened a portal, bringing herself and the ponies nearby to our world, this time in human form.

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During the preparation for Autumn, a young pony was trying to use magic to make everything easier, since they were late on their routine. However, during her attempts to cast a spell, she got distracted, and didn't realize that the spell she was about to cast was the wrong one, causing a large portal to open, bringing several ponies in the nearby to our world. The were all scattered around a town, called "Furawatun" (Which means Flower Town in Japanese). All of them are confused, some are even freaked out to their change of form, however, due to the fact that the town they were in before the disaster was small, most of them knew eachother, which made the situation slightly easier to handle.


The Ponies that have been teleported, have changed form, and became human, but their powers have remained. Most of them have encountered in the small town called Furawatun, where they are trying to find a way to change back. During their adventure, some of them may find love, others friendship, some of them may even begin a small life in the town.


Earth Ponies - Earth Ponies are normal ponies, no wings, no special magical powers. They seem to be more confident about the whole situation, and also are alot more used to their new form than other ponies.

Pegasus Ponies - Pegasus Ponies are also known as Ponies with Wings. They have different types of wings, some of them have feathered, others have butterfly wings, it depends. Pegasus Ponies are least used to their new form, but they have developed very good agility skills in their human form, and some have even kept their previous powers.

Unicorn Ponies - Unicorn Ponies, also known as Ponies who can deal magic. The change hasn't been very big for them, as they are still able to use magic. However, in their new form, their magic powers depend on their location or type of the day, for example, ponies which lean more towards solar-magic (Light Magic) are best at magic during the day, Lunar-magic (Dark magic) is best during night, and so on. The Unicorn ponies aren't very sure about why they are divided into Solar Magic and Lunar Magic.

Unicorn-Pegasus Ponies - Very rare, Unicorn-Pegasus Ponies are usually royal ponies, or very powerful ponies. They are a mix between Unicorn and Pegasus ponies, and are highly respected in their realm.

Male Unicorn-Pegasus Pony -
Female Unicorn-Pegasus Pony -

Character Skelly

Please take some time to fill in this form, as it results rather long and descriptive.
Code: Select all
[left][img]Insert Human Form Image Here[/img][/left]
[i] Pony Name[/i]:
[i] Human Name[/i]:
[i] Nickname(s)[/i]:

[i] Human Age[/i]:
[i] Pony Type[/i]:
[i] Lunar Pony - Solar Pony[/i]: Not Neccessary for Pegasus and Earth Ponies, but can be filled on preference.

[i] Pony Form [/i]: Description or Image
[i] Human Form[/i]: Description - Anything we can't see in the picture.
[i] Personality[/i]:

[i] Special Traits[/i]: (ex; Animal Lover; Party-Head; Anything that characterises your character, or something that can be related to their story)
[i] Special Abilities[/i]: (Powers that they have from their pony form; Mainly for Unicorn/Pegasus ponies)

[i] Favourite Colour[/i]:
[i] Pet(s)[/i]:
[i] Carried Item(s)[/i]:

[i] Theme Song[/i]:
[i] Extra[/i]:

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Character Portrait: Bell Breeze
Character Portrait: Samson
Character Portrait: Lemon Pie
Character Portrait: Cloud Tumble


Character Portrait: Cloud Tumble
Cloud Tumble

I wanna play!

Character Portrait: Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie

"What is this magic?! I don't even-"

Character Portrait: Samson

"Prepare to be amazed!"


Character Portrait: Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie

"What is this magic?! I don't even-"

Character Portrait: Cloud Tumble
Cloud Tumble

I wanna play!

Character Portrait: Samson

"Prepare to be amazed!"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Samson

"Prepare to be amazed!"

Character Portrait: Cloud Tumble
Cloud Tumble

I wanna play!

Character Portrait: Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie

"What is this magic?! I don't even-"

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Most recent OOC posts in My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I submitted A pony to join, I hope it's okay. ^-^"

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

Thanks, Kawaii. ^^

EDIT: Oh, pshhh. Editing Lemon Pie's pony picture. I found a better pony creator.

EDIT EDIT: Okay. Now I'm finally done. FOR THE LAST TIME. I am done...done done done. o-o

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

Awh, thats cute Kuru~

Anyway, I believe we can begin, but people can still join. I'll also make a male pony so we have everything balanced.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

Entered him in, but I'm editing him a bit to add more stuff.

EDIT: Done.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I'm not going to use any human images, but there will be a written description. I'm just not in the mood to image search when I know there won't be an image out there that will come close to what I envision, so yeah, hope that's fine. It's easier for me to get this thing up and finished that way.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I just thought it would be rather nice to know each other's pony forms, you know. :I Plus, they don't have to look identical.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

Yeah, I used that to make my custom pony. The hardest thing is finding a human picture because...yeah. I wasn't expecting them to be human. It almost seems like having pony pics and description is pointless if they're humans.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

Awesome! My little pony! <3

I'll be joining as a male pony, I will enter him in a bit.~

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

If you guys want, you can use this to make a custom pony :)

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

@ Sonata - Thank you! xD I was wondering what they were called, actually. On the MLP Wiki it said Unicorn-Pegasus so I was like "Ooookay." And I don't really care how you make your character, unless he's god.. Because I'm god here. B| I'm a pony jesus.

@RainbowFace, HanyBanany - There's no need to reserve Unicorn, Pegasus or Earth Ponies since I'll have an unlimited amount of those. But sure, go ahead :D

@A.C. - The Male Unicorn-Pegasus (Alicorn) is yours c: I shall put him up as reserved right now.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I'd like to reserve a Female Unicorn please ^^

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I want to join this with an earth, male pony, but I'm making him stronger than an average human since pulling great loads would have been one of his special character traits that he would boast about. I have a friend who loves the MLP series, so she might join this also lol.

Also, unicorn + Pegasus ponies are called Alicorns. Just to give you a single word to use lol.

I'll have a profile up real soon.

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I'd like to reserve a female unicorn pony :) Thanks

Re: My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

I would like to reserve the Male Unicorn-Pegasus please, I wish to reserve it so that I can have a chance to fill out the sheet without losing the spot.

My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!

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