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Lemon Pie

"What is this magic?! I don't even-"

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a character in “My Little Pony: Coming to Earth!”, as played by KuruLesperance


"Woah! This is so weird! But hey, I look 'kinda cute!"

Pony Name: Lemon Pie

Human Name: Lane "Lemone" Pike

Nickname(s): Lemon, Laney, Pikey, Lemonade

Human Age: 15

Pony Type: Unicorn

Lunar Pony - Solar Pony: Solar

Pony Form : Lemon Pie

Human Form: A scrawny boy with a love for lemon meringue pie, he's found wearing almost anything yellow. Let it be earrings, jackets, you name it! Wearing bright, vivid, yellow cargo skinny jeans, he has ideal (according to him) legs, though in honesty, he isn't that tall. To complement his bottom wear, he has on yellow ankle boots with small, ornate and intricate charms attached to short silver chains that link together.

Further matching his outfitting, he occasionally wears a long sleeved black and white shirt with a black heart near his breast. Other times, he will wear a yellow hood, without the overalls and with bright orange bracelets.

His blond hair is appeared unkempt, and his eyes are a rusty, neat orange, along with his skin being oddly plush and pale.

Personality: Lemon, referring to his name, can be sweet or sour. A very complex and strange boy at that, and also, being oddly feminine. The scrawny male is normally very boisterous and upbeat; a positive person, rather than negative.

Eelymosynary you could say, as he is quite generous, and loves to give away items. The male's also a bit clingy.

Special Traits:

Special Abilities: Telepathy, Telekinesis, able to jump high, all other powers were lost/disabled.

Favourite Colour: Yellow!

Pet(s): None

Carried Item(s): Pocket watch and Lemonhead candies.

Theme Song: PONPONPON Full ver.【English | Romaji | Translation】

Voice: He has a rather high-pitched, feminine voice, as if he hasn't hit puberty yet, though he has. It's just, I dunno..

"Once! Twice! SCORE!"
"Aww! It's so cute I could just hug it."
"Now that's just freaky, y'know? It's all, ewwwie and stuff. Or something. YO BRO!"
"Put that there, put it here, heck yes! This is an awesome trap, now to wait and eat a lollipop."
"I wonder what I would look like if I put on makeup and fake eyelashes.."
"Since when am I pale? What happened to my mane and stuff? Holy..NEH!"
"Come here!~ Please?"
"I lub you."
"Rawr. Don't I get any hugs? That is totes not fair."
"Pretty, pretty eyelashes! Flutter, flutter! With pretty yellow nailpolish! YES!"
"Nehnehnehnehnehnehnehnehneh...that's my version of a giggle, y'know?"

Charm Point: Well, his petite smile, so he believes.

Human Ethnicity: English/American

Favored Expression: Smiles! Image

Favorite Food(s): Bananas and Lemon Meringue Pie

Favorite Drink: Lemonade

Thoughts about human form?: He actually thinks he looks quite cute in the human form. In honesty, he really doesn't want to leave it.

Favorite Flower: Sunflower!


Lane's answers. Did this to add more detail; sorry if I'm going a bit overboard. I..detail is a virtue. ;A;

1. If you see a fellow pony about to get hurt, what do you do?
Go out and help them.

2. A boy runs up to you and asks for money. He appears to have a small smirk ghosting over his lips; as if he was scamming you. What do you do?
Give some to him? I don't know. I can't say no, meh.

3. You get shoved by a running man, and he shoots a nasty growl at you.
Watch him run off and pay no mind. They're just ignorant, that's all, I think. Right?

4. A small child runs up to you and seems to be upset, and continuously cries out for his mother.
I don't know who his mum would be, so, I guess I'd have to ask the child what his mother looks like, I don't know. I'm not too smart with that stuff.

5. A girl your age walks up and calls you cute. (Sorry I need humor.)
Holy hooves..


Preferred Clothing: Anything bright, and yellow.

Vivid Colors


Occupation: None

"Remember, when life gives you lemons, you gotta make 'em into lemonade!"

So begins...

Lemon Pie's Story