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My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch


The Ponies are forced to work under humans, after the world goes post apocalyptic. And not just as horses: They're human slaves, too.

952 readers have visited My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch since JayZeroSnake created it.

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Well, It's finally happened.

The Fires of war have engulfed Earth, and the ponies were now lost in this godforsaken land. That is, until they were found.

By a small town of humans, with a protective wall to keep out the bandits of this new world...

Humans that have taken them for use as actual horses, at first not seeing their speech abilities. When they were noticed, it at first made discrimination a huge possibility, but the ponies and humans were able to help each other out. The real problems came around when the ponies could turn…HUMAN?!

I do not lie. In fact, this is how they survived so long rather than be turned into the month's rations: Princess Celestia was the first to go, actually.

One of the head officers of the village's militia was about to oversee the destruction of a few of them, Celestia and the youngest of them, when the princess suddenly took on a new body and figure, pleading for the safety of her people, and forced to become this officer's Wife/Concubine sort of deal, stripped of her rank and now a simple housewife.

The rest must support the pleading of Celestia by doing their part in helping the work around town, all while trying to fight for their rights. And the new feelings they gain while being human women, and switching to pack mules, warhorses, and possibly worse, with the constant threat of the Thugs beyond the gates constantly attacking people and towns.

Will They fight battles? preach peace? clean toilets? help grow food? make deliveries?…become permanent humans?…

It's all up to you.



CANONS: (these are the listed canons currently taken. I will put names on the list as people join and request the characters.)

Derpy (xFerretgirlthethirdx)

Rainbow Dash (Proclamation)

Celestia (Proclamation)


Character Sheet Requirements:

Species (Human, Pony, you get the idea)


Theme Song

Toggle Rules

1. No Godmodding

2. No Mary Sue's

3. No Posting Limit, but try to put some decent effort forth, please.

That's all for now

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Marcus awoke to a bright new day with a loud yawn. Fitting for a man like himself, with his great height and physique. He looked out to the open window to see a couple birds fly past. The Nukes didn't hit some places directly, so there were of course, places that still had the greens and the animals and the clean, radiation free water.

He stretched a little, before looking over to his servant, and 'lover,' Celestia, who happened to be in the human form she presented to him before. sighing, he got out of bed, and started putting on his uniform…


Ken Belmont was trying to sleep in that morning. He figured he locked his door, but actually, he forgot to the other night, seeing as he just stayed up late, and just screwed around. Apparently a world after nuclear war still had some surviving Television, Computers/internet, and video games.

And whenever he slept, he hoped to god that Dashie bitch wouldn't try to wake him up early...


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#, as written by Guest
Cele's eyes opened halfway, pretty, blue irises that pierced the back of Marcus for a moment. She wondered, and pondered over possibly getting up and pulling him back in bed.. But she decided not to. She felt rather disgruntled with the fact that she had grown accustomed to liking him. Maybe even loving him. She wasn't sure exactly. Rolling her eyes beneath soft, white lids fringed with dark lashes she turned over on her side, pulling the silk sheets around her as she curled up gently. Her soft, multi-colored hair swirling around her gently for a moment, before it settled, sprawling across the bed in sparkling, silky swirls.

Another day.. I need this. I wish I could just fall asleep and never wake up again.. Cele thought to herself, before grunting softly beneath her breathe and closing her eyes once more. Sighing softly beneath her breathe. It was tiring, being a human. Oh well. She fell back into her soft slumber once more, breathing evenly, her back turned to Marcus.

Rain, however. Was seething, and angry as hell. That bastard Ken had locked her out of the room every single day. She paced back and forth, a dark red lock falling across her face. This wasn't the only hair color she had though, a myriad of hair colors fell across her shoulders and dangled to her lower back, as she moaned beneath her breathe. Her violet eyes widened as she turned back towards the door. She was being daring.. She gripped a horn in her hand, a bright red bubble in her fist, that if she pressed down on, would blast out a piercing sound that left a ring in your ears. She slowly made her way to the door, and pushed it open. She had hoped, and she had realized that her dream had come true. He'd left the door open.

Creeping into the room, she grinned, bright white teeth showing as she leaned the horn's mouth down to his ear, and pressed down, no, slammed her fingers down as hard as she could..

BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT! The piercing sound shrieked, directly into his eardrum, and she took a step back, leaning against the walls and examining her nails, her smile wider. She knew he'd be pissed off, and she knew that he'd try to hurt her. But she also knew that she could hold her own, and that she would hit him as hard as he hit her.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty. The early bird catches the worm.." Dip shit.. She added mentally in her mind, but bit the words in half on her tongue as she waited for him to freak out.


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Marcus turned his head slightly, noticing Cele was awake to notice he was about to leave. He turned over and gave Cele a kiss on the cheek, hoping there were no hostilities. After all, the town needed this help, and the ponies simply living lazily would have lead to a decrease in supplies, and possibly worse. He had talked to her a dozen times how much worse it could have been, especially with the outside thugs getting them all, but not just them: Humans too.

The ponies certainly did have more power than most of the other slaves, who were town criminals serving sentences. But even they weren't treated too badly as they learned to reform. It was just some of the warier people who didn't feel comfortable with a pony out their window.

"Sleep Tight…" He whispered. "I'll see you and Jenny early today. I'll even bring back lunch. I guess today's your day off…"


Ken's eyelids shot open, suddenly bloodshot, as his ears bursted out a bit of blood from the sheer loudness of the attack.

He turned his head slowly, in a creepy way, his surprised face going to a 'I'll Fucking Kill You' kinda look.

"I'm going to make some breakfast… =_="

He hopped out of bed, and washed up, before making 'Fatass' Dash's food. When it was ready, he brought it over to her on the couch bed he let her use if she fell asleep in human form, and, with a huge pile of pancakes on one plate...


…Started grabbing each breakfast disk, and shoving them into her mouth as quickly as possible.


And he finished by shoving a carton of milk into her mouth. ... EE9A5CF567


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“Gotta bring the letter~

Gotta bring the letter~

Gotta bring the letter so somepony can read it~”

I love bringing ponies letters, it’s my most favorite thing to do! I really love it when I get to see the look on somepony’s face when they receive a letter. It’s so nice when they get excited! But, some times their face is sad, and that’s no fun. Getting a letter should be reason to celebrate! I love getting letters! Even know I hardly get one, but that’s okay because I get to see a lot of the ponies I know often anyway. One of them always has a letter they want to send! It’s so great how they all get to stay in touch with each other! Even when times are rough, they still have a reason to smile!

Little Miss Derpy Hooves was skipping along to the beat of a happy tune she was humming. Right now she had only one set of legs, because if she ventured out into the public in her original pony form, the bad people might get suspicious. She didn’t mind being human, walking and skipping and running was a lot different from galloping and trotting and flying, and that made it so much fun!

“I’m almost there~

I’m almost there~

Soon another pony will receive a letter~”

Finally, she arrived at the possible destination. Derpy looked back at the address on the letter, but due to her obscure vision she could only make out a few letters and numbers.

“Let’s see… F… A…. I… 2… 5…”

Her eyes shifted up to the door.

“Hey! This place has those too! This must be it!”

She then proceeded to knock on the door, wondering what kind of person would answer.


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Marcus was about to walk out the door when he opened it to find there was a female pony using her human form, this was the cross-eyed one. Her name escaped her, as he watched her hold a piece of mail like it was the holy grail. He stared forward, and tried to smile, and politely ask her to leave.

"Uh, Miss….Uh…Derpy, Ditzo? something like that?" Began Marcus. "Please, get out of the way. I think your former leader, Princess Celestia would enjoy the company. Just wait for her, she's very tired, and needs her rest…"

And with that, he lightly shoved Derpy out of the way, and tried to walk past, hoping Celestia and Jenny wouldn't be bothered…

He was probably wrong.


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“Wow! Princess Celestia!?”

Derpy stole another glance at the address.

“This can’t be right! I must have the wrong-“

Before she could finish she noticed the nice man had already left. Completely forgetting the ‘Princess Celestia is tired and needs rest part’, she called into the house.

Maybe somepony here can help me find the right place!

“Hello-o-o-o-o? Anypony, er, anyone in her-r-r-r-r-re?” She rolled the last syllables off her tongue, as if trying to make it sound like her voice was echoing through out the house. Cautiously, she placed one foot steadily inside while running her hand against the interior. Her mismatched vision scanned the place.

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Character Portrait: Derpy Hooves


Character Portrait: Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves

I brought you a letter!


Character Portrait: Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves

I brought you a letter!

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Character Portrait: Derpy Hooves
Derpy Hooves

I brought you a letter!

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Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Yeah I figured, that was directed towards Proclamation mostly. :C

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Ferret, the posting has ceased due to the fact I was waiting for a reply. :( I can't post without Celestia and Dash.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

It's a cross. you're basically a transformer.

I just did it to appease the 'romance-addicts.'

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

I have a better question;


And that video works.



Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

OK i can play Dash but i have to ask a few things One: Is Dash human or still a pony? and WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS? this is not right coming from Brony ok. I don't mind human ponies but this is just weird.....

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

We need a new Celestia, Rainbow Dash, and pretty much MOAR characters.

Otherwise, I can say this RP is on its deathbed.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

hey guys

hey guys

A wild Derpy has appeared.


I think I should double up as someone else, but I'm not sure who...

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Sounds good. I'll post now, Rain and Cele.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Sure. Sounds cool. :D

Thanks! I made the first post. Ken is trying to sleep, Marcus is getting up early, leaving Celestia alone in bed, and at home with the other OC, Jenny, AKA Marcus's Daughter, whose mother died, and Celestia is sort of replacing her.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Thank you Jay. I was actually planning on creating her human form in the Roleplay instead of limiting myself. Btw Marcus is awesome. This is going to be a fun RP.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Ze change has been made, Proclamation. Feel free to post as Celestia now, but since there's no sheet, post a pic of her human form (you can add her pony form with that if you want).


Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

AWH CRAP! DX I meant for Rhyme's character.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

What pony pic? I made a human character, not a pony. :P

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

Sorry about that Jay. I'm indecisive sometimes.

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch


Will change it for yew. :3

@Aixulram: BTW, your pony pic didn't show. D:

Re: [OOC] My Little Pony: Slavery is a B$tch

If Celestia is open, then I change my mind. I'll take Celestia instead of Luna.