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Marina Kearney

I'm nobody's puppet, not even yours.

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a character in “My Little Puppets”, as played by gezzygezzy


Name: Marina Kearney
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5’9”
Marina, standing at 5’9 and weighing 115 pounds, is pretty much a hipster in looks. She has long, brown hair that has a natural kind of hair that looks like it was blown straight from the wind. She has bangs that stop two inches below her face and has faint highlights from the sun, or at least she did until she was stuck in a basement for a month. Now her hair has darkened considerably and she has lost 5 pounds, making her only 110 in truth. Her beach tan has paled greatly but thanks to the small bit of Italian in her she still has some of her natural tan left.

Her eyes are a sharp green color, and her lips are a deep pink that almost seems red. She used to have a very defined six pack and was very fit but now, due to her lack of running, her muscles have seemed to of vanished. Even though she tries to exercise as much as she can in her small ‘cell’, she finds she has little time and even less energy every day. Her limbs are now visible becoming weaker and her cheekbones are beginning to be visible.

The last thing she was wearing was an “I <3 NY” T-shirt with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans to go with them and red converse. She also had on black sunglasses but those were broken the night she was taken.


Even though Marina doesn’t look it, she is normally a very sweet girl. She doesn’t like to argue, and is actually the one to end any fight that happens. She likes to help people and has never been in a fight in her life. But this doesn’t mean that she’s harmless. Marina is an independent, driven, and strong-willed girl. She doesn’t like to be forced to do anything and thinks that she knows best. If she thinks she is right, she won’t cave in to somebody else’s views and opinions.

That being said, she’s not stupid either. She knows when to keep her mouth shut, most the time. She’s thoughtful, resourceful, and is known to be a bit of a problem solver. Then again, those problems were simulations in a class or small family crisis’s.

Lately though, Marina has been a bit…different. She’s more on edge from all the time and events that have happened in the past month. Her thoughts waver, her strength weakens. She’s getting scared, everything that is happening has finally sinked in in its entirety and she doesn’t know how to cope with it than to push it into the back of her mind, trying to ignore it. It’s the only way she knows how to deal with her emotions, and she thinks that it’s working, but it’s slowly making her worse.
~Mind Puzzles
~Being wrong
~Being forced to do something she doesn’t want to
~Peanut Butter(She’s allergic and if she eats it her throat tightens. It’s not a life threatening allergy but it’s definitely not a fun experience for her and if nothing is done she could pass out for hours, waking up with a horrible headaches and blurry memories.)
~Eating Peanut Butter(See dislikes)
~Complete Darkness


Basic History:
Marina was born into an ordinary family. A mom, dad, sister, and a little puppy named Biscuits. She lived in a small town in Missouri, actually grew up there really. Although at a young age she knew she wanted to live the big city life, she never got to. Instead she spent her days living in a town with less than 3,000 people in it, where everybody knew everybody. She couldn’t sneeze without the whole town hearing about it.

So it was no surprise that when Marina turned 13 and entered a talent show to sing, the whole town knew about it the day after the audition. Being one of the favorite children of the people in town, the crowd was packed full the night she sang. She won the show and was told by everyone how amazing she was. At age 15, thanks to all the praise, she began posting videos on you tube of her singing. Her videos had an average of 100,000 views each and never really got her anywhere.

When Marina was 18, she decided she wanted to something with her life other than singing. Although she still loved to do that, she wanted to model in New York. Her parents were very against the idea and did everything they could to dissuade her. Nothing worked. A month after her decision she had sent out over 50 applications. The next month she had received three forms back. One of which, was in New York. She finished up school and packed her thing, leaving her family behind. While traveling she saw a small shop with an enormous house behind it. Intrigued, she stopped to see the shop. You know the story from there.


Cyrus- "He's a bit quiet, keeps to himself. I've thought about talking to him a few times, but in the end always end up staying silent in my own little prison. I don't think he likes any of us though. Seems to have that annoyed look in his eyes all the time. I know he was the next to arrive after me, and I know that he is right across the hall, but other than that nothing really."

Brooke- "Who? Oh, sorry, I don't really know who that is. Even though I've been here a month, I don't have the names down. I think he's the one with the messy brown hair right? He's alright I guess, he sort of just blends in. Maybe he was outgoing or standout-ish in the past but being down here has sure seemed to change people a lot. I know it's changed me quite a bit."

Belinda- "She's only the happiest, most cheerful person I've ever met! That was sarcasm, in case you didn't notice. In reality she is actually the most negative person I've ever met. I doubt she's ever been completely grateful for something in her life. If she was given the best job in the world with the most amazing salary in the world, she would probably comment on how she would have to sit down all day. Honestly, she finds the bad things about the best things. And the way she shys away from the boys in here, it's like she has something against them. Not that I would express these opinions to her, these are just my private thoughts about her. Pessimists just piss me off sometimes."

Aspen- "I like her, she's the only one that's trying to save all of us. Everyone else is trying to either save themselves or has just given up. She tries to encourage us, and although she doesn't always do so at the best of times, I have to give her and A for effort. She seems a little younger than the rest of us though. Maybe she just looks that way but the collecter seemed to pick older teenagers for the most part, she strikes me as a 14 year old."

Macallister- "He's like a big teddy bear! Emphasis on the big though, because he is REALLY tall. I wish I had met him before this, if I had I think we could have been really good friends. Then again, if it wasn't for this, I wouldn't have met him in the first place I don't think. He's really shy, and I doubt even if I had met him we would have had more than an attempt of a conversation before I gave up trying to talk to him and left. He just seems like the kind of guy that would have said hi, and made his sentences as short as possible so the conversation would end quickly. But still, a big teddy bear!"

So begins...

Marina Kearney's Story

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The pain began to become unbearable, a gnawing emptiness in her stomach that felt as though every bit of her organs were caving in on themselves. The man who had taken her, and the others as well, did feed them, but never more than the bare minimum, and it had been a good period of time, at least based upon her sleep cycles, since the last source of nourishment. Belinda couldn't decide whether his lack of appearance was good or bad, for though it meant that he wasn't around, it also meant that there was no food, and the only source of water was in the hoses. However, there was no hose in her cell, probably because it would be strange to have a water pipe running into each of the separate rooms. When she had first arrived here, the young woman had wondered who had constructed the house to have this dungeon within it, and how they had done so without arousing any sort of suspicion. Had he, Damian, claimed he was remodeling? Filling in a hole? Fixing water damage in the foundations? What had this room been used for, before it became a cage for the victims whom he stole away from their lives? Probably not a leisure room, but maybe families had once stored bikes down here, or alcohol for parties. Perhaps someone had been drunk here, had died here, had laughed here, had been abused here, had- the girl winced at her process of thoughts as it came upon a subject which was rather touchy for her. Suddenly, the complete darkness became more clear to her, eyes somewhat adjusted to the absence of light which they had been left in for the past few. . .days? Weeks? Can't be weeks, we'd have died without food. You can only go so long without food, even if you have water, she corrected herself darkly, though the process of even thinking was beginning to become difficult. Her body had already begun to go into a hibernation sort of mode, saving what little energy remained by feeding off of the very little fat left on her body. The silence had persevered for a period of time now, as well. Perhaps Aspen had died, she mused bleakly. No, we would smell it. Not that it smells pleasant here normally.

Belinda's lips felt chapped, no doubt red and dry behind the cloak of darkness, and she was struck once more with a strong desire for water. The days without food have made her slightly lightheaded, and so everything had come to blend together even more than they had before. She had slept a lot in her exhaustion and lack of energy, effectively losing track of any idea of the date or time that she may have possessed. I need water, she confirmed, pushing herself up from the ground where she had leaned against the wall. The young woman can vaguely recall being on the bed, and decided than she must have fallen off of it at some point, or gotten off in a dazed state. It took a moment for her to stabilize her balance, but when that moment was done the young woman walked carefully towards the door. She pushed it open and peeked out, but saw no one. Belinda opened her mouth to speak, but no words were willing to venture out of her dry throat, leaving the young woman temporarily mute. Who has water? she recalled the sound of dripping coming from Cyrus's room, but even the desire to live was not strong enough to prompt her into such a close proximity with a male. Marina. Marina's room as water. It was almost funny that she considered those pitiful cells rooms at this point, having been captured only three months ago but already adjusting to the system.

When first brought to this wretched place, the young woman had wondered if anyone would look for her. A shallow thought, but one that she couldn't help but possess, desperate for the concept that something may come along, even in her own pessimistic mind. However, such hope had faded rather rapidly, overcome by realism and a distaste for hopeless dreams of breaking free from a place that seemed nothing less than hell. It wasn't long before she had come to focus simply on surviving, an instinct that was strong within her, rather than breaking free. She focused on trying to remain sane, aided by the ever-hopeful Aspen, and the sanctuary of her own cell. Being in such close quarters with two members of the male gender had been terrifying at first, but she found that if she didn't think about it, or come face to face with them, she could cope with the fact that only thin walls separated her from them. Yes, there were ways to cope with everything, ways which she had learned beforehand, enabling her to find a balance quickly. She wasn't like Marina, who would push things away until she was certain to explode. She knew that the best way to cope was immediately and efficiently, doing whatever worked fastest, even if it wasn't always necessarily the easiest method of running away. Belinda had been the type to run away for several years now, any belief that the fight side of the fight or flight instinct would be effective having parted from her brain already. How would she fight, after all? How could she fight the place she resided in, knowing that, even if she made it through the door, the beast waited on the other side? A healthy, well-fed beast at that. Starved, weak, and terrified, Belinda would stand no chance. She knew this, and therefore hadn't the same determination as Aspen. She was happy simply to get through it all and survive without completely losing her mind. She was happy to maintain a form of sanity that was manufactured in order to deal with her current situation.

Belinda takes another step, only to find herself tripping over some lump on the ground, and tumbling over the body. She fell against the wall beside it, lacking the strength to have protected herself from the descent. Her head throbbed bitterly, as it had hit against the concrete walls. A noise could be heard from here, a cough and a muttered swear. The injury only served to make her vision even blurrier, her breathing unsteady and difficulty. "Aspen? Marina?" She asked in a hoarse and soft voice, somehow found in her concern, carefully stretching out her leg to poke the unconscious being before gasping and retreating into a tight position against the wall when she realized that it was Cyrus. Even in this state of mind, not completely there thanks to hunger and darkness, Belinda's fear triggered. Her hands began to tremble, and her heart rate spiked in a way which was unhealthy, considering that she was trying to conserve energy. Her mouth felt even dryer, lips stinging with desire for water, but the need for nourishment squashed under overpowering, irrational fear. I need water. But he's right there. I can't move. Oh god, why can't he just stay in his room? Why is he out of his room? He never is. Please go away. Please go away, she thought in a terrified panic. The girl was able to squeeze her eyes shut and hug her knees against her chest, but the combination of starvation and fear was crippling, rendering her motionless.

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Marina Kearney

Marina shot up in bed, drenched in sweat as she had been lately. She looked around panicky, unable to remember where she was. Her chest tightened, her throat clenched, breathing becoming a hardly audible wheeze. Whose walls were these? Why was she in a concrete room? In a sort of frenzy she sprung up from bed but her legs quickly gave out and wobbled for only a moment before she collapsed in a heap on the floor. She tried to hold back a sob but it still managed to escape from her lips, but only one. Then it all came back. She was in her cell, in Damien's basement, being held captive for his own sick twisted reasons. Yes, she liked it better when she couldn't remember.

Grabbing the frame of the bed Marina managed to pull herself up into a sitting posistion on the matress. Just as she did though what felt like a knife ripped through her stomach and caused her to double over, almost falling back into her pitiful position on the ground. God she was hungry. She had never even known that this kind of hunger existed. How many days could you go without food? Marina never really paid attention during science, and now she regretted it. She figured it was somewhere around two weeks, but now that she thought about it that didn't really help. In the beginning she had tried to keep track of the days but without any light she quickly lost count of what day was what. Looking over at her wall she saw the five sad little tallys, her failed attempt to have some connection with the outside world.

The feeling came once more, not as strong, but still forcing her to grip her bad frame for dear life. Why was she so hungry? Damien should have fed them by now. I mean by god, he may think of them as dolls but he must know that you have to feed them in order to keep playing with them. It made her shudder to even consider herself as a doll but she figured the only way to get out of Damien's basement was to get into his mind. So far, she wasn't doing that well.

Beside her was the sound of a raindrop hitting the ground. Only one, barely even audible, but enough. Marina's mouth seemed to dry out all at once. She could touch the roof of her mouth with her toungue and it would stick for a moment. She got up shakily, ignoring the pain in her stomach and the weak legs she had somehow gotten overnight. Walking to the hose she held it to her mouth and had the water pour in. She gulped it down as fast as she could, not even stopping when her mouth overflowed and the water faintly splashed the ground. Not caring at the rusty taste the came with it. She just kept drinking, and drinking, and drinking. "If you don't stop you going to puke."

Marina almost dropped the hose when she heard the voice, but ignored it and kept drinking. Already she could feel the thirst leaving her mouth and moistness returning. How could she puke from something so amazing. "Ever heard the phrase, to much of a good thing is a bad thing? This time she did drop the hose, water splashing all over the place. She quickly turned it off and looked around. Who was saying that? The voice had sounded oddly familiar but she couldn't pinpoint it. Whoever it had been they must of just been trying to stop her from drinking it so they could have a turn, she didn't feel the least bit si-

The feeling came in an instant, she barely had time to run out of her cell before she fell on hands and knees on the hard floor and puked. She retched and gagged, finally puking out half the water she had ingested and with tears in her eyes. She wiped them quickly and got up, noticing two others. She looked over to see who they were, seeing one that looked like Belinda, but couldn't tell so she ignored them. She felt awful, could barely walk, woke up sweating, and had just puked. Marina had to do something productive or she might just stop altogether. Just lie down until the world stops.

She began walking around, making it to where she could take a step without practically toppling to the ground. Nothing to fancy, just walking in a rectangle as far away as she could be from the stairwell. She didn't want to be gathering her strength just as Damien walks in. In fact when he comes she often considered kying on her bed. That would be the smartest thing to do, make her look as hopeless as she could look. But her pride refused to allow herself to sink that low. She refused to be thought of as beaten, because she knew for a fact that she was nowhere near there yet. She would get out of here even if it killed her.

She moved on to wall push-ups. They weren't very good, but they were better than nothing. One, two, three She had often thought about it before though, dying in here. There were many ways it could happen. Dying trying to escape. Dying of thirst. Dying of starvation. Suicide. Dying because Damien wanted her too. The more days that passed the more ways Marina could picture herself dying in this hellhole. It was frightening really, the amount of possibilities there were in this basement. Eight, nine, ten She had to get out of here. Had to leave before she lost it.

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Aspen C. Carter

Aspen wasn't giving up. She would not, could not give up. Leaning against the wall furthest from the door, she stared listlessly off into space, wondering if there was a plan she hadn't formulated yet. Perhaps she would ask Mac. He knew best - he'd been here longer than she had. Mac would know. Yes, he would.

With herculean effort, Aspen managed to get herself off the floor. She moved slowly to the door, pushing it open. She'd forgotten about that one stone that was slightly raised, though, and tripped on it, falling forward and hitting her lip on the hard floor. The metallic taste of blood filled her mouth, and she would have cried out in pain, except she had no energy to do it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Aspen got up. Her legs nearly collapsed from under her, but with the aid of the nearby wall, she managed to stay upright. Wait, before Mac - water. Right, Aspen needed water. There was water in... Marina's room. I need to get to Marina's room, Aspen told herself.

It'd been over a year since Aspen was here, and it was getting hard to think. Every action had to be carefully calculated, then a simple and straightforward command to be sent to her brain. Otherwise, Aspen would get confused and have to start again. She edged towards her left, where Marina's room was.

However, she was stopped in her tracks by a whimper. "Aspen? Marina?" Aspen tried to place the voice. High, whispery - a girl? The girls are Marina, Belinda and me - she said Marina, so it's Belinda. Isn't it? She was pleased with this logic. And now - to find what Belinda wanted. Aspen changed direction, moving towards the voice. A figure shifted in the shadows - who was it? Not important, right now Aspen wanted Belinda.

Aspen continued moving, and finally felt her foot nudge against something. It looked like Cyrus - but another figure was near by, whimpering. "Belinda?" Aspen whispered, crouching down next to the girl. She raised a hand and rubbed it across Belinda's shoulders carefully, trying to be comforting.

Just then, the door opened. Aspen froze - was he coming for her? Please, God, no, not her. Oh, please.

"My sweet little pretties! I have a little gift for you. I'll give you all food when I catch lovely, lovely, Brook but this should hold you all until then. You'll have a new playmate soon my precious little dolls. I know how much fun you'll all have with a fresh new friend!" Aspen shivered. Another friend? Oh, no, please help him get away. Aspen knew this was impossible, but she prayed for the unknown person's safety.

Aspen heard footsteps coming down the staircase. She shrank back as they passed her - terror was all she knew. Luckily, he paid her no attention. After a minute, he went out again.

Aspen continued trying to comfort Belinda, hugging her. Right now, she wasn't sure who she was trying to comfort - Belinda, or herself?

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Marina stopped moving at the sound of creaking metal. Her back stiffened, arching up and forcing her off the wall. Her body tingled with a knowing fear of that all to familiar sound. She turned around slowly and saw Damien, right where she had expected him to be, just standing there. His lips were moving but her head was pounding to much to hear a word he said. Every time she saw him a mixture of feelings would rise up in her. Anger, fear, sadness, it was all mixed. She never knew which one would win out. This time it was the anger.

"Get him. You know all that the bastard's done to you." Very slowly Marina began making her way across the wall, using her hands to shimmey and not put to much pressure on anything. Where had that voice come from? She tried to ignore the question as she continued making her way across the wall. But just as she was about twelve feet from where he had been standing, he set something on the floor and left, locking the door back behind him, and leaving something else entirely.

It had been ages since she had smelt something with such an amazing scent to it. Falling to the ground she crawled on all fours as fast as she could, squabling to get to the food. When she reached the plate she saw one simple sandwhich. She had eaten a sandwhich before, and knew for a fact that all the sandwhiches in the world never smelt this good. She had to keep her mouth closed to prevent the drool from coming out. Greedily she reached out to grab the sandwhich, eat it whole. She wouldn't even swallow, just stuff the whole thing in her mouth.

But just as she picked it up and held it to her mouth, something stopped Marina. The frenzy stopped and her mind cleared, allowing her to think clearly. I could eat this. I could eat it and nobody would be able to stop me. But if I did....what would happen if I did? Her mind began to escape her again and she hit herself right in the temple once, clearing it again. If I did than everyone else wouldn't get any. Then they would be angry. If people are angry they just might start hating me, and that's bad because...because the best way for me to get out of here is for everyone else to help. All the clouds in her mind cleared and she got the full picture, the idea she had been working on for quite some time now.

For only god knows how long Marina had been trying to get out of this hell-hole. When she still had her strength she would try hiding behind the door and when he came in she would try and hit him and run. Unfortunately, he had still been faster. After that she had tried faking a serious illness. It had been working at first, but she quickly realized that not all madmen were idiots, some were actually geniuses of sorts. There had been various other attempts but all had ended up with the same results: failure. She now knew why. Her plans would have been so much more succesful if she had others helping her. Sure, in many of the scenarios she would be the only one to get out, but Marina wasn't going to be telling the others about that. She was also most certainly not going to mention how not once had the thought crossed her mind to come back and get them. Sure, it might have in the beginning, but not now. She would lead these people, but she would only lead them for herself in the end. If she could get them all out, fantastic. But she would try, but do nothing that would risk her own escape.

After thinking about all of this, Marina carefully took of a section of the sandwhich that looked as though it left equal sharings for everybody. In reality she had taken as much as she could without making it obvious she was giving herself more than Aspen would allow the rest of them to have. Sweet Aspen, still rooting for the team. She admired that, even though she didn't share those exact views. She didn't understand why she wanted to help everybody and not just herself. Maybe it was just an act like Marina, and she just decided to showcase it a bit more. Then again, a real actor would realize that the more exagerated you make your act, the more likely it is you get caught. That's why Marina was the second most determined in here to everybody else. She didn't want everybody's eyes on her to judge which move she made was true and which one was acted out. When everybody is keeping there attention on one person, it's more likely they'll pick up the mistakes they make. So she would sit back and let Aspen take that on and easen up her own load.

She got up and ate her slice, saying to the others in a bit of dry humor, "He brought a feast, one whole sandwhich!" In reality it did seem like a feast to her, but she knew that was just the hunger. This sandwhich wouldn't satisfy even one of them if they were to eat it whole. He was just toying with them.

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After a moment of sitting in the corner, mind gone blank in a combination of dehydration, starvation and her irrational fear of men, Belinda heard a voice coming closer, that of Aspen. Although Belinda herself may have seemed to be quiet and reserved, she had a need for there to be voices around her, as though the noise was able to help ward away some oncoming storm which she is constantly afraid of, despite not understanding completely what it is. Chances are it is the fear of another rape or assault of some sort, but Belinda pushes the thoughts of such things to the back of her mind, the only things she really did keep bottled up rather than simply accepting. The voice, anyway, cut through like a ray in the mist, not quite breaking the cloud but helping to some degree. The young woman opened her mouth to speak to Aspen, but found herself closing it once more instead, selfishly using the girl before her as a barrier to keep Cyprus away. It seemed to work well, especially as the young man could be heard standing up and shuffling away, something which immediately calmed the girl. Belinda took a slow and deep breath, then looked up at the shadowy figure of Aspen, who was trying to comfort her, with genuine gratitude. Although, of the girls, she was not the kindest nor the most determined, she still had some shred of sincerity behind the irrational fears and pessimistic point of view. "Thank-" her gratitude went unfinished, as suddenly the door opened and blinding light shined into the room, stinging the young woman's eyes badly enough that she felt the need to shut them entirely, although doing so only gave her a red light, from the inside of her eyelids. Besides, that left the threat of Damian getting near her and Aspen without her seeing it quickly enough to react properly. This didn't seem to be the case at all, however, as the wretched demon of a man simply spoke cheerfully about the prospect of food, a sort of good news that made Belinda flinch as she anticipated the bitter edge to it- this being the future imprisonment of another person in the world, to be brought down and likely put into the final empty cell.

Then there will be no more rooms left. The next time he wants a new 'doll', he will kill one of us, Belinda thought with certainty, seeing the final dark underbelly of it all, though of course it seemed to be primarily darkness in this Tartarus-like pit the five of them had been thrown into. When Damian came down, she shrunk against the wall slightly, glaring as a creature may at a possible predator, and watcheed as he stroked Mac's cheek before leaving, an action which inspired pity for the young man, who had been the first one there, apparently. By this point, Aspen had begun to hug Belinda tightly, presumably to offer some comfort, though the force of it felt as though Aspen was the one who desired comfort all the more. She was far less resigned to this fate than Belinda was, after all. When she was younger, Belinda could remember reading a quote somewhere about greeting death as an old friend, for one had died so many times over in life before. Though she couldn't entirely claim to sympathize with the author, at that point point Belinda would not have been entirely against dying, though she did try to prevent it. At that moment, she remembered the sandwich that had been thrown down at them, but was trapped in place to an extent by Aspen, and therefore could not think to even look at it, for the morsel was only a shadowed lump on the ground, which Marina had reached out and grabbed, before hesitating and merely holding it still in her hands. She isn't going to eat it? Belinda asked the obvious of herself, knowing that Marina was the sort who cares very dearly about the opinions of others- relies on those opinions, almost, to keep herself strong. That was why she did not always call out in the darkness, knowing that it would irritate Cyrus, or something of that sort. The young woman instead made a dry comment, a good enough effort in their situation to have some sort of humor, bitter and sarcastic though it may be.

"I wouldn't be surprised if it were filled out with human meat," Belinda responded darkly, immediately regretting the words once they had left her mouth. Back under the sun, in the real world, she could get away with such a sense of humor, for it was funny to those privileged friends of hers in its apparent absurdity. In this place, however, dark mutterings could only be seen seriously, if only due to the natural desperation and terribleness of their situation.

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Aspen C. Carter

Aspen managed to collect herself. Slowly, she let go of Belinda, taking a minute to compose herself, calm down after being so close to him. She watched as Marina rushed over to the sandwich left on the floor, falling on it as if it would get her out of this hellhole.

Well... maybe not get her out, but it would help her survive.

It was then that Aspen realised that the rest would be expecting her to do something about it. The truth was, she was too exhausted to move, but she got up anyway, moving over to Marina. To her surprise, instead of eating the whole thing, Marina took a portion and left the rest. Aspen placed a weary hand on her shoulder, thanking her quietly for having the willpower to share with the rest. Marina only replied dryly, "He brought a feast, one whole sandwich!"

Aspen knelt down next to Marina. "Thank you," she whispered. "I'll try my best. I promise." As she tried to divide up the sandwich equally, Aspen heard Belinda call from behind her, "I wouldn't be surprised if it were filled out with human meat." Aspen sighed, her shoulders sagging. Everyone was on edge, tired and ready to give up. Aspen herself barely had any energy to be irritated with Belinda, so she let it slide.

She moved over to Belinda, taking firm hold of one of Belinda's hands and placing her portion in them. She then passed Mac his portion, before shifting over to crouch outside Cyrus's door. "Cyrus - " she said almost pleadingly, holding out the slice of sandwich for him. "I'm sorry for - what happened just now."

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Just before Belinda had formed her comment about what the contents of the sandwiches may or may not be, Aspen stood up and went over to Marina, presumably in order to assume the role of leader that had kind of been put onto her on account of the young woman's hopeful and determined temperament. Regardless of the fact that Aspen seemed to trust the food enough to divvy it out among the people, the slightly more pessimistic person would not have put it past the sociopath who kept them locked down there to feed them the flesh of a victim, perhaps an older one or something of that sort. Still, her stomach seemed to turn in on itself within Belinda's stomach, and begged to be fed, the hunger having reached that acidic state where it is a raw, strange sort of pain to be feeling in the gut. When Aspen pressed a piece of the sandwich into Belinda's hand, the girls squinted at it through the dim lighting, clearly wary of this little bit of food given to them. Of course, if she were to wait until the next meal came, there was no guarantee that it would be legitimate food either. I can just eat the bread and lettuce, she thought. The girl gingerly picked at the bread and glanced around at the others to see if they had begun to consume the tiny bit of food yet. While she had contemplated this, Aspen had reached Cyrus and apparently offered him some food. This was clear by the hiss of his words, spitting out towards the girl that he 'didn't need her charity.'

The boy was far enough away from her that Belinda felt relatively safe, and therefore she spared a slightly irritated glance towards him, despite the fact that she knew it was a hypocritical one. After all, she was not the most optimistic of souls, but the girl rarely acted sharply towards Aspen, and disliked the fact that Cyrus did so. In fact, as was often the case, she seemed to go out of her way to find something to pick at about the boys, and that time it was his behavior towards the act of generosity. Perhaps she had considered not eating the food, but that was more out of uncertainty than anything else. Cyrus was simply a contrary soul, enough so that it irritated the second most pessimistic character of the ragtag bunch of captives and victims. The girl turned her attention back to the bread and cautiously picked a piece of it off of the sandwich and placed it in her mouth. It tasted slightly stale and should have been plain otherwise, but might as well have been seasoned professionally to the girl. Hunger is the best seasoning, after all, and this especially applied to the girl who had gone, along with the others, an extended period of time without any nutrition to speak of. Still, her chewing was slow and methodical, as though waiting for some poisonous capsule to explode within her mouth and silence her mind for good. Her swallow was even more careful, though of course the speed of it would not have made any difference. Equal parts comforted and desperate, the girl took another pinch of the bread and ate it, making it last.

Belinda appeared fairly satisfied, or as much as one could be in those circumstances, to be in her solitary corner, still within sight of the other girls but distanced from the two male members of the group. A new member. . . she mused once more, Please be amusing- take the attention away from the rest of us. Her thoughts were selfish, but unapologetically so. There wasn't much space for selflessness, at least not for the girl who hadn't exactly been a ray of sunshine to begin with. However, her thoughts did shift slightly upon realizing what it would mean if the next person were to be amusing. One of us would likely die to make room for another, if the newest is still fairly amusing.

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I wouldn't be suprised if it was filled with human meat."
Marina cringed hearing those words just as the last of her own sandwhich fragment was shoved down her throat. Human meat, the movies said it tasted like chicken. Honestly, she always doubted it did. Chicken seems to have a really bad name to it, because everything tastes like chicken to people. Human meat, frog legs, deer meat, if you were to try and convince somebody to eat a certain kind of meat, you would probably end up saying, "It tastes just like chicken." If she were a chicken, Marina would be ashamed at some of the things she supposedly tastes like.

Marina didn't realize he thoughts had begun to trail off until Aspen was suddenly right in front of her. Normally she would be able to hear somebody apporaching, Aspen must be rather quiet if Marina couldn't hear her. It's not that she took pride in her amazing hearing sensitivity, but after being down here in this almost silent hell-hole, every sound was like a pen dropping. She would need to remember that. Afterall, Marina doubted that with her now chicken-like legs, she would be able to get very far without stumbling and giving herself away. God, she needed more food.

Aspen took the rest of the sandwhich, and just in time too, Marina was seconds away from losing any restraint of lunging towards it and scarfing it down whole. She took one last longing look at it and turned away. She hated this. Hated pretending, hated being down here, hated the fact that her whole life had managed to be ruined by a man who openly walks in here just to torment them, then pulls them away to torture them. It wasn't right, nowhere in any part of her life could she of been prepared for this. Not once did somebody ever give her a book or a pamphlet saying, "How to Survive a Crazy Madman Kidnapping". Her eyes began to go blurry and she immediatly looked away from the rest of the group, blinking rapidly until the tears dried back up into what they should be, nothing.

Gaining her composure, Marina put her hands on the ground and pushed herself back onto her feet. She wobbled a bit at first, and almost ended up falling back on the ground. She forced herself to stay up though, because she was afraid if she fell she would not have the strength to get back up. There was some commotion in the back and she heard somebody say something about charity. It sounded like Cyrus's voice and by the time she put two and two together she knew what he was doing. She wasn't quite sure why but something twisted in Marina's gut when she figured out Cyrus wasn't going to eat the food. "More for you, leave him be." The voice was like daggers to the brain, and she gripped the side of her head in pain.

Once again though she tried to ignore it, and walked up to Cyrus and the figure in front of him she could only guess to be Aspen. Certainly not Belinda, she hates Cyrus for some reason. Putting her hands on her hips, Marina looked at Cyrus. "It's not charity, the food was actually meant to be all of ours. Just because you're too picky to eat food somebody else hands to you does not mean that you can live without it. We're all hungry, so deal with it."

The force of her own words hit Marina and she took a few steps back, stunned at what she had just said to Cyrus. Even if he paid attention, she had never said anything like that to anybody down here. Sure she had thought that way about almost everyone at some point, but never actually came out and told anybody how it was. It felt a bit nice. It was scary that she did it without thinking, but nice to get some of it out.

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Aspen C. Carter

"I don't need your charity. Leave me alone." Aspen sighed. "Please, Cyrus. Don't." She couldn't understand why he was still giving her so much trouble. Didn't he want to survive?

Somebody walked up to them, and Aspen knew, somehow, that it was Marina. Her suspicions were confirmed by Marina's voice reverberating through the place. "It's not charity, the food was actually meant to be all of ours. Just because you're too picky to eat food somebody else hands to you does not mean that you can live without it. We're all hungry, so deal with it."

Aspen kept her eyes trained on Cyrus. She was glad that Marina was sticking up for her, but it was a little harsh. Everyone was losing hope, Aspen herself, though she would not admit it to anyone. There was no need for Marina to be so scathing. "Thank you, Marina," she said softly.

Turning back to Cyrus, she placed his portion of the sandwich inside the door. "If you want it, it's still there. Please, Cyrus, don't starve yourself, okay?" Though she hated the bullshit he gave her on a constant basis, somewhere deep inside, she still cared for him. Aspen did not have the energy, nor the willpower, to argue with Cyrus, so she left it at that. It would be his choice.

Aspen got up, turned her back on Cyrus. This was an indication that she would not dispute the matter with him anymore; it was his choice, if he wanted to starve. A sudden wave of anger surged over her. Here she was, doing all she could to help him survive, going out of her way even, and all he could do was refuse her "charity". Stupid Cyrus! she thought viciously. Starve to death then! See if I care!

Immediately, she was remorseful. Ages spent in this stonewalled prison had changed her; Aspen was now more prone to mood swings. Still, did Cyrus deserve it? Maybe he did, just a little.

Aspen made her way to Mac's... Room? Cell? Whatever is was, there was water inside, and she needed it. She knelt gingerly beside the tap, letting the cool water trickle down her throat. As she drank, Belinda's comment earlier on about human meat came back to her, and it was too much. Aspen threw up there and then, heaving violently as what she had just eaten minutes ago forced its way back up.

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When the other girl's footsteps approached, not Aspen, certainly not Belinda, which left....Marina. Marina was annoying, but she generally left him alone. What did she think she was playing at now? He backed away farther, only stopping when his back bumped against the wall. What drivel was she spouting? Why couldn't she just leave him be? Why couldn't they just realize that he wanted to be left alone? It wasn't too difficult a concept to grasp, especially since he'd just told Aspen to go away. Her voice sounded exasperated as she commended the other girl. But then Aspen spoke again, and the small portion of food was inside the perimeter of his room, in his line of sight. His eyes seized on it as the girl moved away. Had she gotten the message or just given up? Cyrus didn't care which, he was just pleased that she'd left.

Now about Marina. He really did want that food, and she wasn't in extremely close proximity to it, maybe he could chance it. He circled around, his back sliding against the wall, until he could see Marina outside his door. His eyes narrowed as they fixed to her, venom in the olive gaze. He slowly drew nearer to the door, knees bent and his hands aiding his forward motion. As if he was nothing but a feral animal. Once he was near enough to the food to grab it he swiped it up tucking his arms to his chest as he backpedaled a few inches. Then he turned his attention back to the girl, a snarl on his lips.

"Fuck off," he hissed, his body tense, "you think anyone cares what you have to say?" Then he continued to retreat, still staring at her in case she tried to do anything funny. When his back hit the wall perpendicular to his door, so he could still see out into a little corner of the main room, he proceeded to shove the little bit of sandwich he'd been given into his mouth, nearly choking on it in his haste. He could barely even taste it, he couldn't even remember how to taste, it felt, but his brain rewarded him for providing his body with sustenance. It sent a thrill of pleasure through Cyrus, his eyes closing and a soft look crossing his features for but a moment. He caught himself quickly, however, and returned to the defensive as he swallowed the sandwich. His stomach wasn't nearly as pleased with the food as his brain was, however, it turned as soon as it was filled, even the small amount of food stretching it.

Then he curled up on the floor right where he was, face turned towards the door, his body relaxing but his expression still wary. After the encounter it would take a little while for him to fall back asleep, he didn't trust any of the others, he had to keep on his guard no matter what, until sleep stole his body completely. At the moment that didn't seem to likely, his body was still bewildered by the addition of food to its composition. Food after so long. It didn't know what to make of it. He'd be even hungrier than before in a little bit, but for the moment Cyrus knew enough to enjoy the sensation of feeling full in his constricted stomach.