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Colette Royal

The Blushy Insane

0 · 290 views · located in Cindertown

a character in “My Lovely, Bloody Coven”, as played by percy book nerd2


Full Name: Colette Royal

Nickname: Cole


Gender: Female

Role: The Blushy Insane

Appearance: Colette has a mop of pale blond hair that falls to her shoulders. Her bangs fall just half way to her eyes. Her eyes are a dull gray that seem to see more than just reality. She has a petite figure, not to light but not to heavy, nor is she very tall. Most of the time, Colette wears baggy t-shirts or sweats. She carries a doll around her all the time, it's her best friend. Colette has long fingers and long, a little lanky, body. She loves to be in a curled up position. Most of the time, her mouth is occupied with a pokey and her hand with a book. Around her neck if a symbol of a wing. On her arms she has random tattoos of symbols that most don't even know what they stand for, other than the girls in her school.

Personality: Colette is a quiet girl that rather be alone than with anyone else. She turned a new shade of red when people talk to her. Rather than talking back, Colette usually nods or looks away. With her, at all times, is her doll, Melody. Melody and Colette love to be together in the deep parts of the library. Colette is never one to get mad fast or react fast. She'll stay calm until she can bare no more. When she cannot bare anymore, she goes crazy. Literally. She flails and thrashes against things, she screams and rips things apart. When she regains conscience of what happened, Colette is usually in a room sobbing with Melody on the other side of the room. Colette pays little attention to her surroundings, therefore, she's always bumping into things and never realizes when she touches on bad feelings. She hears things and says them out loud. When people get mad at her, she cries and wonders what she did wrong. She never figures it out. Colette is a naive girl, will fall for the oldest trick in the book. She also happens to trust easily. But there are few people that she trusts, the reason for that is simple. She can't speak to others so only the people that speak to her first, are the ones that she can speak to or trust. Colette loves to read books and sing.

Most of the time, Colette fails to notice things, even when her head is out of her books. She sees things but ignores them. She hates seeing things that is why she is in her books so often. Colette is trying to grow her bangs over her eyes so that she won't have to see what's in front of her any more. Colette hates looking up, she avoids it if she can. When she looks up she sees things. People, cats, odd shapes. Everything. She sees them floating around and talking. They can talk! It drives her mad. Colette gets scared fast and is always cling on to people. When she gets attached to something, she doesn't let go easily. Even if it's wrong. Over all, Colette is a very simple minded girl. Give her some cake and she'll do whatever you want her too. Hell, if you ask her nicely she'll do whatever you asked her to do. If you make her smile, then she'll never let go of you. Colette cries very easily, she's much like a child that has too many things being thrown at it at once and doesn't know what to do.

Species: Witch

History: Colette lived with her family of one older brother and a younger sister. The younger sister always acted as though she was older than Colette and Colette acted as though she was the youngest. When Colette got in trouble it wold be her sister saving her butt. Her younger sister would always be there for Colette, they were insuperable. Until that one day when her sister got a boyfriend. At first, Colette was happy. Her sister was happy. But it soon got horribly wrong. Her sister would spend more time with her boyfriend that she would do with her. Colette started to get clingy. She was being her self, but her sister thought that she had changed. Slowly, her sister started to get angry and mad. She thought Colette had changed. It wasn't true. But in the end, her sister despised Colette. Colette became lonely. That's when her brother came into the picture. He tried to comfort his lonely sister. Colette got attacked to her brother pretty fast. Her younger sister did not like that. She tried to rip the to apart but her brother knew that Colette wasn't like everybody else and had a protective need to help his baby sister. So he did. It was going pretty well too, before he got into a drunk driving accident. The man with into coma. The youngest sister blamed Colette. Colette refused to leave her room for the entire month. When she heard the news that her brother was being sent to another hospital that could take care of him she finally took a step out of her room. In the end, their parents had decided to separate the two sister. Colette was sent away to a town, barely known to anyone. But it was near the hospital that her brother was admitted to so she was okay with it. But, when she joined her special school, they taught her things that she always knew were real, in the back of her head at least.

When Colette cam here, the girl was alive. She never took the time to know her name and she still doesn't. In her eyes, the girl wasn't important. It wasn't till she died that Colette was disturbed. That was when her eyes started to see more than they did before. Don't be fooled, Colette saw things no one did, but after that girls death she saw much more. All her dolls started to talk to her, when she looked at a person, people floated behind them, and sometimes, she would see herself. She was standing on barren land, the grass and tress all dead. Nothing seemed alive. Then, like a sailor out in sea, she would hear a song. It was a sad song. The song made Colette run, and she did, she ran to see who was singing. She wanted to see who was so sad. But whenever she ran she would fall into a tunnel in the ground. She never screamed, she never flinched, instead she would stay still. When the light at the end of the hole shone, she saw real people. Not her imagination. Sometimes they would be people that she knew, sometimes they would be people she didn't know. She saw them do things. But after a while of falling, Colette would wake up beside her dolls. Her hair would be wild, and her hands scratched from falling in the barren land, but no other marks that she had been there. Then, after a couple of days, the people that she saw when falling, they would show up and do the exact same thing she saw, wearing the exact same thing she saw, and they would end the same exact way she saw. So, she didn't look. Not up, just down. But try as she might, she would always run after that song and she would always fall.

Special Traits: Colette has tatoos on her arms and afair skin. She has another tattoo of a wing on her. One way to know that she is Colette, is her doll, Melody which she takes everywhere. Her gray eyes turn darker when she goes into one of her... scenes.

Special Abilites: Colette can walk through her entire day without lifting her head up, that's pretty special in my eyes. She can also talk to dolls and cats and inanimate objects. Sometimes, Colette can see parts and bits of the peoples lives. Sometimes the visions that she sees have already happened and other times they are about to happen. Other than that, she uses her tattoos to help her cast spells. That way, she doesn't have to draw the images before she casts her spells or curses. Because of that, Colette happens to one of the fastest which in her school.

Your Story: Colette lives in the library, well she would if she couold at least. But she helps out there once in a while... Well, by help she means when the library is clooed or the librarian has gone, then she will put hte books away or sweep away the dust. Other than that, she is involved only in her school. When Colette came to this town, there were very few times when she'd go out. One of those times was when she would go out and buy some cloth and filling. She would make her own dolls, and sometimes she woudl sell them. She runs an online site where she makes custome dolls.

Theme Song:

Favourite Colour: Purple

Likes: Her doll collection, They always talk to her even when she feels bad. Sweets... because... they are good... Baggy clothing! And walking in the sand under the light of the moon. Nothing feels better than having sand in between your toes and the moonlight washing your sorrows away.

Dislikes: She hates storms and shadows. Sometimes they talk to her and they scare her. Tell her that they will hurt her and kill her in her sleep. She hates going out. Colette also hates it when people don't eat their food. Why do they waste it? So stupid. She hates looking up. The people float and say nasty things about others. She doesn't want to hear that. Sometimes... she hates Melody. Sometimes she says things that are mean. So mean.

Extra: Colette doesn't like to leave the library. It's actually the only place she stays. Sometimes, she even sleeps there.

So begins...

Colette Royal's Story