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Maira Tru

"We're not all human. Remember that."

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a character in “My Lovely, Bloody Coven”, as played by RainbowFace



Maria Tru

Marcie (Only by close friends)

The Don't-Get-On-Her-Badside-Or-She'll-Probably-Kill-You Girl.

Since when is Maria a man's name? Female

The Rose

Maria has the appearance of a girl in her teens. Her hair is long, wavy, and black. And her eyes are a bright red, and are quite large compaired to the rest of her facial features. She is average height (As average as a vampire's height can be), and her skin is fair and creamy, and barely unmarked (Aside from the freckles dotting her nose) She also prefers to keep her hair up most of the time, other than when she is hunting.

Maria comes off as a sweet, shy girl, and uses this to her advantage, as she doesn't have to hunt for food (It comes to her.). But below the warm exterior, is a cold-blooded, terribly sad girl, who has a pessimistic outlook on life. She barely pushes her burdens on others, and prefers to watch and listen, than talk and interfer with other's plans. She is a cold person, and rarely shows affection towards others (Other than when she is hunting). Maria has anger issues, and won't hesitate to snap or swat at you if you piss her off (Which happens very often).


As she was living, Maria was a happy child, and always appreciative of the small things. She lived with her mother in a small apartment, in a tiny town in Colorado. She was the one who took care of the house, as her mother was always "Sick" or "Tired". Maria was oblivious to her mothers drug abuse, yet she knew something was wrong. One day Maria was sent out of the house, as one of her mothers "friends" was over. As she was walking in one of the fields close to her home, it began to get dark. As she sky darkened, Maria began to feel as though she was being watched. She brushed this off, and continued on her way out of the field. She began to feel paranoid, squeeking at every abnormal sound. She heard breathing behind her, and spun around to see a large pair of black eyes staring back at her. The vampire wasted no time on feeding on a struggling Maria. He saw potential in her, and decided to change her rather than kill her. She does not recall who changed her, she can only remember a large pair of black eyes staring at her.

Special Traits:
She has an uncanny ability to sense if people are lying.

Special Abilites:
Her sense of hearing and sight is hightened greatly.

Your Story
She aspires to show the world what she really is.

Theme Song:

Favourite Colour:
~Dark Green or Blood Red

~Night Time

~Ignorant People
~Rap Music
~Bright Light

She tends to bite her nails, or tug on her hair when she is nervous or bored.

So begins...

Maira Tru's Story


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Maria Tru

Maria sat horizontaly in a plush chair, legs hanging over the armrest. Her legs were swinging in time to the music to was listening to, feet hitting the chair with a deep thump! She leaned her face against her cheek with a huff in exasperation. With a sigh, she opened her mouth slightly, and began to sing along with the song.


Dracula, Dracula

Dracula, Dracula

The percentage of us tow the line

The rest of us out of reach

Everybody party time

Some of us will never sleep again


With a small groan, Maria sat up and stretched, loving the feeling of her joints cracking. Throwing her head back to yawning at the ceiling, she began to prod at her insisors, poking at the sharp tip of them. With a small smile, and shut off her iPod, and pulled herself off of the chair. She head the Clock Towers bell's ring, and narrowed her eyes, as a sliver of sunlight poked through the part in her curtains. With a dash, she reached foward and pulled the curtains tighter together, allowing a beam of light to hit her wrist. She stares at it for a moment, enjoying the warmth against her skin.

Maria heard a flutter, and threw her head back towards the ceiling, only to find a lone owl banging against the ceiling. Maria laughed and made her way towards her "Bedroom", flicking her wrist to move spider webs out of her way. She had found this abandoned house a few years ago, and she was still surprised a group of teenagers hadn't come in to investigate the random sounds, and the flickers of light that she had made during the nights she had decided to stay home, and not go out and hunt. Maria laid down on the plush bed, pulling a random pillow into a vice-like hug. "Argh. I should have slept last night"

"Good-Night" She whispered to herself, as she began to drift off to sleep. She could hardly wait for night to come, as it was her favorite time of day.