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My Lovely, Bloody Coven



a part of My Lovely, Bloody Coven, by Kawaii Desu.


Kawaii Desu holds sovereignty over Cindertown, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Cindertown is a part of My Lovely, Bloody Coven.

10 Characters Here

Saimat Morzän [2] "I hate bunnies. They're evil, I tell ya', EVIL!"
Analise Rose Nox [2] "You have your whole life ahead od you. Smile and welcome it with open arms."
Maira Tru [1] "We're not all human. Remember that."
Laurence Delevital [1] "I was in my brain. Now its scattered around town."
Daisuke Manny Soto [0] "The hunger will never end."
Colette Royal [0] The Blushy Insane
Velvet Walsh [0] "Don't make me rip your eyeballs out and eat them. Literally"
Rose Audley [0] "Curiosity is little more than another name for Hope."
Mandy St. Michaelis [0] "Go be stupid somewhere else."
Malan Le'Muur [0] As Done As He's Going To Get

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Character Portrait: Laurence Delevital
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It was raining in Cindertown, which was kind of awkward since its been sunny for the past days. There wasn't trace of any living being that morning. Probably everyone was still asleep. The birds didn't sing either. There was a smell of wet puddles and rain on the streets, the wind blew quite harshly, too. The main street was blocked by a tree which had happened to fall down over the night. It seemed rather creepy, all the windows were closed, and there was no sound of anything living in the nearby, even though it was a school-day.

The skies were full of clouds, and didn't seem like they'd clear up soon. The silence was interrupted by the town cloak tower, who's bell began ringing. That caused several windows to open up, and sleepy groans to come out.


The young boy got up as soon as he heard the bells ring. He yawned sleepily and sat up in his bed, looking at the clock. He should've gotten up half an hour ago, but that didn't bother him, since school started an hour later on this day. He yawned once more and got out, heading other to the bathroom.

After taking a quick shower, and drying his hair, he quickly got dressed and grabbed his bag, then he walked out of the house and locked the door. His father didn't return since he left the night earlier, but that didn't bother Laurence much, since he knew that the old man would turn up sooner or later.

The boy stretched. "Lovely day..." He muttered as he took out the umbrella which was laying on the terrace of his house. He opened it and walked out to the street. He didn't see many people out, but that was rather logical, since it was raining, and the day was pretty chilly. He made his way towards school, he couldn't wait to get inside, since the rain kind of got on his nerves, even though he liked rainy days alot.


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Character Portrait: Maira Tru
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Maria Tru

Maria sat horizontaly in a plush chair, legs hanging over the armrest. Her legs were swinging in time to the music to was listening to, feet hitting the chair with a deep thump! She leaned her face against her cheek with a huff in exasperation. With a sigh, she opened her mouth slightly, and began to sing along with the song.


Dracula, Dracula

Dracula, Dracula

The percentage of us tow the line

The rest of us out of reach

Everybody party time

Some of us will never sleep again


With a small groan, Maria sat up and stretched, loving the feeling of her joints cracking. Throwing her head back to yawning at the ceiling, she began to prod at her insisors, poking at the sharp tip of them. With a small smile, and shut off her iPod, and pulled herself off of the chair. She head the Clock Towers bell's ring, and narrowed her eyes, as a sliver of sunlight poked through the part in her curtains. With a dash, she reached foward and pulled the curtains tighter together, allowing a beam of light to hit her wrist. She stares at it for a moment, enjoying the warmth against her skin.

Maria heard a flutter, and threw her head back towards the ceiling, only to find a lone owl banging against the ceiling. Maria laughed and made her way towards her "Bedroom", flicking her wrist to move spider webs out of her way. She had found this abandoned house a few years ago, and she was still surprised a group of teenagers hadn't come in to investigate the random sounds, and the flickers of light that she had made during the nights she had decided to stay home, and not go out and hunt. Maria laid down on the plush bed, pulling a random pillow into a vice-like hug. "Argh. I should have slept last night"

"Good-Night" She whispered to herself, as she began to drift off to sleep. She could hardly wait for night to come, as it was her favorite time of day.


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Character Portrait: Saimat Morzän Character Portrait: Analise Rose Nox
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Tap. Tap. Tap.

The sound of Mr. Morzän spinning and tapping the tip of his ceramic blade against the dark, hardened surface of his 18th century mahogany tablestand, overlooking the acres of trimmed, but slightly flooded, grass that made up the beautiful lawn of Morzän Mansion. His personal study room was the size of a living room within an average-sized house, filled with thousands of books and tomes, ranging from multitudes of subjects in different languages. Morzän leaned back into a plush swivel chair, and tossed his blade onto the stand.

The day was still young, and clouds had covered the small city with a fluffy blanket of rain, coming in without warning during the early morning. The mansion itself was located deep within the northern forests, a good thirty minutes of driving on the outskirts of Cindertown. Nobody fucked with the mansion, or the occupants, unless if it was strictly business regarding with the owner. It was built like a fortress, and is commonly regarded as one... and for good reason.

This is the home and headquarters of the lycans. There are rules set in place between the three councils, keeping somewhat an uneasy peace between the lycans and the other two. Vampires and witches are not to venture within the mansion's property, and the lycans stay out of their business. Lycans are to stay on the premises during all full moon risings, to stay away from the local populace as well as not accidentally attacking either a witch or vampire. These words were directly taken from Mr. Morzän himself, and his word is law to the lycans. To enforce these rules, Mr. Morzän has enlisted over a hundred armed guards, each trained in how to properly defend against all three "societies".

Behind him, the door to his studies opens, and a seemingly old butler reaching into his seventies stepped through. The man had a lanky appearance, yet it still held a proper posture dispite how old the man was.

"Sir, Miss Nox is here and wishes to speak with you. Should I send her in?" the butler asked in a wispy voice.

"Thank you Walter. You can send her in."

"Very well, sir."

After a couple seconds of muffled words, the butler had escorted the young lady in before exiting and closing the door behind him. Mr. Morzän had spun around in the chair, facing his mahogany desk and pointed a chair with an open palm.

"Please take a seat, don't be nervous, and make yourself at home. Walter should be coming back with some food and coffee. How are you adjusting to your new... family?"


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Character Portrait: Saimat Morzän Character Portrait: Analise Rose Nox
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Analise Nox

Analise roamed the halls of the mansion quietly, her eyes scanning the walls and her bare feet making no noise as she walked across the smooth floor. She had never quite seen anything like this mansion, nor had she ever met anyone quite like the occupants. But it felt more like home then her home had ever been. She didn't feel the need to look over her shoulder as much as she used to.

When she saw the butler, out of force of habit she jumped back, away from him until she remember who he was. She gave him a gentle smile. "Um, sir? Would you know where I could find Mr. Morzän?" She asked politely in a little voice, and he walked her to his office and slipped inside. She glanced down at her clothes. Her hair fell in soft blonde ringlets that fell down to her waist, and she wore a white blazer with dark fitted jeans.

The butler escorted her in, and she gave him a soft smile and a quiet 'thank you'. She looked over at the dark haired man before her, seeming slightly intimadated. She sat down in the chair he gestured to, tucking her legs underneath her. When he spoke to her, she gave him a little smile. "Well nobody has struck me, which is all I really ask. It's very nice to have people to trust." She told him softly, her blue eyes bright and her expression gentley. She seemed to be careful not to upset him in any way. "So far, I like it here."