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Isabella Sophia Gray WIP

Major WIP

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a character in “My Lover is a Murder!”, as played by Isabella Sophia Gray




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Isabella Sophia __________

Bella By her friends
Bee By her mom and Boyfriend
March 8th 1996
Eighteen// 18
Heterosexual// Straight

Ashely Greene's Daughter



Isabella is a rather unique individual. She has a lot of different sides, from meek and shy to rambunctious and cheerful. She appears optimistic and beautiful at first sight.

She is extremely shy at first, and will hardly speak to strangers. If forced to be introduced, she'd simply say hello, her name, all while smiling goofily and maybe blushing a little. She will dance in front of strangers, as she is a major dancer and has danced in front of them before, but she always has that slight discomfort towards people she hardly knows or people she's just met. She isn't that bashful when she opens up, though she can appear quite shy sometimes even if you do know her, and even if you know her well.
Following up on her opening up to people, she opens up quickly. From that point, she is extremely talkative, and will blab on about things other people might not care about but she has something to say, which can always be a good thing. It really depends on how you take your perspective on people who talk and talk and talk and talk and talk. She is one of those people, but she isn't annoying; she talks about things that are relevant at the right moment and thinks before she speaks, which is always a good thing as well.
Many people say "omg dancing is mah life ya rly yus". When Isabella says it (in a more intelligent way), she means it. When she's felt alone, she turned to music. When she feels heartbroken, music is the antidote to her sorrow and grief. Music can heal anything in life for this girl, and she can't help but obsess over it. If music was an addiction, she'd be on it all day, all night. She can't live without music, and if anyone were to criticize her choice in genres she would crush, kill, and destroy. She sings, dances, and plays several musical instruments, so she knows a lot about music, which helps contribute to her undying love for it.

Most girls hang out with girls, and guys hang out with guys. But she's different. She likes the company of guys more than girls. She enjoys hanging out with guys; it makes her laugh more than talking about lipstick and boys with girls. The guys just pull her attention more.

While she hangs out with all of these guys, she can be flirty at times. Though she isn't a huge player or a prep who walks around flirting with guys to make a living, she still flirts a little. Sometimes she fails at it, but she'll never admit it. Isabella isn't that flirty, to be honest. She doesn't flirt nonstop. It's usually rarely, with the guy she likes or one of her close guy friends.

If Isabella likes someone, she'll keep it secret at first. After that the word will spread to her close friends, and she will trust they will keep the secret from others, including the guy she likes. After that, if the word somehow extends to that guy, she'll go along with it, and then she'll end up admitting her love to him. Guys are unpredictable, so she's usually scared of what will happen... but she always hopes for the best and is rather afraid of rejection.

Isabella is a kind girl who had a fondness for animals. Isabella is often seen with her nose in an book paying no mind to the outside world. Some might say she's low key very quiet. Most suspect an innocent like a fawn. But this girl pays them no heed. She has no interest in the real world and rather just shut in her home. Alone She's also very intelligent and smart ass. She's not one to take insults lightly and will take them to heart. She's been known to hold grudges for more than a couple a months a record breaking two years. Making a person's life h*ll before finally letting it go. Isabella is also a bit cold she gives off that icy cold glare and you know she's pissed and will kill anything that makes her eve more pissed. Otherwise Isabella is very shy and bookwormish.

☼ Reading Novels ☼ Ballet; Dancing ☼ Singing ☼ Music ☼ Being Alone ☼ Yoga ☼ Mornings ☼ Baths ☼ Social media ☼ Healthy eating ☼Tanning ☼ Traveling ☼The smell of the ocean ☼Wine ☼ Her Boyfriend ☼Her Family
✖Losing in anything ✖Chocolate ice cream ✖Beer ✖Rejection ✖Unrequited love ✖ Cops ✖ Guns ✖ Drinking ✖ Smoking ✖ Drugs ✖ Being Lied To ✖Violence ✖ Horror Movies ✖Knives ✖Cats

☢ Being cheated on | Isabella has big commitment issues which hinders her relationship at times with her boyfriend.
☢ Being alone| Isabella fears that she will never develop close relationships with people.
☢ Sharks | Isabella is terrified of sharks since the age of six.
☢ Scardy Cat | She has no major phobias but is a noticeably jumpy person. She's easily startled and can't stand when people sneak up, surprise or prank her.


Mother|| Mariah LeAnn||
Father|| Name||

(This should be just as detailed as the personality. Where is your character from? What makes him/her who they are?)

(Anything else you want to include. Secrets, weaknesses, pets, etc.)

Sheet made by aurban16.

So begins...

Isabella Sophia Gray WIP's Story


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Silver was sitting at home with her two best friends, Mariah and Maria, Mariah's daughter, Isabella and her own son, Ashton. Seeing as how all the guys were out, she figured she mind as well have them come over for a girl's night and to let the teenagers spend some time together. Silver was out in the kitchen, beginning to make the three of them some margaritas. With a sigh she handed Mariah and Maria both one of the drinks before lifting her own into her hand. She held the glass up and spoke, "Cheers," she stated as she clinked her glass with the other two and sipped from it with a soft chuckle. "Any idea what you guys want to have for dinner?" she questioned as she leaned against the counter.

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Jason sighed as he placed his final bet in the poker game, finding that he had won back all of what he lost plus more. He glanced back at the guys with a smirk and stood to his face as he then looked to the guys he played the game with. "Have my money by the end of the week," he stated before making his way to Blake and Alexander. "Wanna hit the bar?" he questioned as he began pushing through the crowd and up to the bar before grabbing a drink from the bartender. "I swear, those guys better get that money to us by this weekend or there will be hell to pay," he stated with a serious tone before sipping from his glass of whiskey.