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Kyo Apolla

"I am a warrior. Hear me roar."

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a character in “My Mythical Moon”, as played by H3R0


"I will lead this world to revolution. We will raise riots and set cities on fire. Don't let the man get you down. If any of those figures in authority think they can take from me, rip my rights from my hands and hold it over my head like a dog with a bone, then there's only one solution. I gotta cut 'em off at the wrists and take back what belongs to me."

Kyo Apolla
(kee-oh uh-pah-luh)

A few people have come to call him Banshee since more often than not, he'll be one of the loudest voices at any protest rally. It's a name he's come to be fond of, but he enjoys nicknames of any kind as long as they're not offensive.




Caucasian American

Romantic Interest(s):
None at the moment.

Asexual | Panromantic

"I am more than I appear to be. I'm stardust and the ashes of past lives held together in a vessel of flesh and bone. I am my thoughts, I am my feelings, I am all that I've experienced and all that I've ever done with my life. Do not underestimate me. Do not make that mistake."



Blond and usually unkempt. Kyo has what most might refer to as a perpetual bedhead. No matter what he does to style it--which, on a normal basis, really isn't much--it always falls back in whatever place it feels like falling. On top of that, he tends to run his fingers through it periodically throughout the day which never helps. It's kept short, thick, and fluffy, with the nape of his neck clear and his forehead brushed by bangs. Every other week or so, he'll put some temporary dye or spray-on color in it, but it always washes out.

Two bright orbs of glistening amber, as vast and fiery as the rest of him. His vision is perfect enough without the use of glasses or contacts. The only time he'll wear glasses is for the sake of style.

By all means, Kyo is attractive. He's someone who's frequently asked out by his peers. It's definitely not hard for him to gather the attention of others, considering society tends to follow those with good looks than those without. He knows just how to use them to his advantage when need be, too. People are often flocked around him, enamored by his perfect skin, by his short, soft, and fluffy hair that's just so perfect to run a hand through. His pearly white smile could drop an audience to their knees and it's rumored that just one twinkle from his sparkling amber eyes is all it takes to defeat the strongest of hearts. He holds his head high, his chin up, his back straight, and walks with purpose, as if there's no question at any point on where he's going in life.

To others, Kyo truly looks like someone who knows exactly what he wants out of life, someone who isn't afraid to take what he needs without hesitation. Even strangers find themselves drawn in by his looks alone. He's an easy one to spot from a crowd, as he seems to have an aura of confidence that surrounds him. He's radiant in every way, shining as a light in the dark of those lives that surround him. When it comes to what he thinks of his looks, he can be more modest than most might allow. While he wouldn't deny that he's good looking, and may even brag about it if he's feeling especially egotistical, he doesn't think he's anything to be put on a pedestal. To him, people are beyond their outward appearance. Everyone is beautiful, whether they know it or not.

Preferred Clothing:
Kyo's sense of style can be defined in a few words: hardly tried at all. Rather than worry too much about if what he's going to wear will look good, it mostly comes down to the reality that he can make practically anything look great with very little effort at all. In a word, his most common aesthetic is probably what most would call "hipster," but if anyone asked, he'd just shrug without having a real answer. He doesn't usually think too much about his outfit unless it's for a special event. While usually fashionable, his clothes are often wrinkled, pulled out of the laundry basket of clean clothes that have been sitting there since he washed them.

"You have to go through life with the mentality that nobody is going to be there to save you. When the light at the end of the tunnel flickers out, when the stars and the moon fall victim to the vast empty void of the night sky, the only one you ever truly have in the end is yourself."

Kyo is quite the interesting character. He's not just one color or even a blend of two, but the whole spectrum from one end to the other. He's the type of person that's hard to get a handle on, the type that can't quite be described in words alone, but in expressive hand movements and splatters of paint on a canvas. Kyo is the mural of graffiti on a run-down building in a sketchy part of town, the kind left behind by a hooded young adult with too much pain and oppression in their life, the kind that sends a message without needing words at all. He's the loudest person at most protest rallies, sit-downs, or march, acting as the voice for the people, leading the masses along the streets and refusing to back down until they've met their goal. He takes in those in need and if he's not able to help someone with their particular problem, he'll find someone who can.

So it's clear as day that Kyo is a loud, fiery individual with a self-righteous attitude. He adamantly refuses to let others define who he is. He is who he claims to be, and he likes to think that he's a proud person not afraid to walk with his head hell high and his heart on his sleeve, but sometimes this isn't always true. Deep down, he questions himself and his state of being. He wonders if he's actually done any good for the world, if his life will ever make a worthwhile enough impact for his existence to matter. He feels like he needs validation. Even though he'll deny until the ends of the Earth that he doesn't care for what others think of him, and that all that matters is what he thinks of himself, it's not entirely true. He needs to be needed, needs to feel like others care, and so he has a tendency to push himself on others and into their lives, insisting that he can help if they ever need it, swearing that he can do what they need him to do, be who they need him to be.

While Kyo may preach many things about the health and well-being of other people, he hypocritically doesn't take much care of himself. He can be quite the reckless individual, the first to jump into a crowd at a concert to ride along the arms of strangers, the first to dive head-first in a filthy lake just on a whim or a dare, the first to step right into the path of a loaded gun to stare the holder in the eye and dare them to shoot. His hot-headed nature often lands him in trouble, not only with figures of authority, but also with other people in general. He's quick to start a fight, especially if he feels he's been offended. He could care less about gathering unwelcome, negative attention from the general public. When he's been angered, all he sees is red and will act first and think later.

While many people may consider Kyo a little on the crazy side, most wouldn't hesitate to say that the kindness in his heart is the most sincere. Kyo genuinely cares of the lives and well-being of others and will not hesitate to go out of his way to protect someone or stand up for their rights. However, he believes in second chances only. He doesn't allow people to take advantage of him. Once his trust has been taken away, it takes a lot to gain it back. He's a very strong, considerate, opinionated individual, who often sets goals that he whole-heartedly expects himself to meet. Once he starts something, he's determined to see it through to the end. However brave he may be to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves, this bravery may also be considered a bit...unhealthy. He's been known to be a bit over-the-top. When first meeting him, many people might consider him a calm and kind sort, full of smiles and a radiant warmth, but once they spend enough time around him, they'll see him when his spirits have been riled up, and they'll find him on the top of a building, standing precariously on the edge just to make some sort of point.

While Kyo is often surrounded by people of all sorts of natures, he wouldn't consider himself a people person exactly. It's true that enjoys the company of others, but he prefers acting on his own, an individual amongst the crowd, a leader amongst followers. He only knows so many people because he's mingled around and has built up a reputation, but he often prefers his alone time and dealing with things on his own. He gets peeved whenever someone tried to partner up with him, push their nose into his business, or try to tell him what to do and how to do it. It sounds hypocritical because of all the things he'll preach to others about always sharing, but it's mostly due to his bit of a superiority complex. He wouldn't openly admit that he thinks he's above other people, but he really does, hence his preference as a leader. He believes, as a leader-type person, it's his duty to act as a rock for those who may be looking up for him. He believes he needs to be seen keeping it together at all times, never showing a sign of weakness, never backing down, never giving up. The only things these thoughts will lead him to is an eventual spiraling downfall fueled by his own bottled-up toxicity.

Expressive. This shows best when he's speaking, as he'll move his hands to go along with whatever he has to say. It's like he's putting on a show every time he talks. Sometimes it can be captivating, other times it can be distracting or annoying, but for the most part, it's subtle enough that it's easy to ignore or overlook. It's also hard for him to conceal what he's thinking or feeling, as his facial expressions give him away more often than not, making him as easy to read as an open book.

All smiles. When someone is starting to progressively get on his nerves, Kyo will begin to smile. More often than not, people tend to mistake this smile to mean that he's only joking when he tells them they're pissing him off, so they tend to not take him seriously and continue what they're doing, which only makes him more ticked off. It's a vicious cycle. However, when he's truly, purely angry, there is no smile.

Speeches. No matter how big or small the situation may be, Kyo has a speech for everything and will not hesitate to whip one out of his rear end to spout to everyone within earshot as if he's announcing an ode to the Queen herself. These can go on for quite long, so those who know him tend to stop him before he can talk everyone's ears off or get too ahead of himself. In response, he'll simply be a little bitter, but he'll get over it.

Crying. Kyo in an open crier. He finds no shame in it. He doesn't cry over anything and everything and isn't sensitive to push to tears so easily, but there are many things that can cause him to cry. The strangest one would probably be his reaction to seeing others crying. Some people are put off by his reaction, thinking him to only be crying just to get the attention onto himself, but it's just a reaction he can't control. When someone he's around is crying, he begins to cry as well. When he's furious, tears will come, but he will not hesitate to speak through them or despite them. A mere quiver in his voice will not prove him weak.

Dealt with violence. Bottom line, if someone misgenders him, Kyo will, without hesitation, punch them. It doesn't matter if the person is an elderly woman with a cane or a snotty ten-year-old with puppy dog eyes. Of course it irks him when someone mistakes him for a girl, but as long as they meant no harm in it, he'll calmly correct them. However, if they continue to get it wrong on purpose, or if someone refuses to acknowledge that he's a guy, or asks him a stupid, offensive question in this category, he'll punch them first and ask questions later. He doesn't hold back either. When he sees red, his fist flies, and only after the hit lands does his temper clear enough for him to deal with the consequences.
✰Human Rights
★Loud music
★Good will

✰Rude customers
★Most elderly
✰Authority figures

Being forgotten. Nobody wants to die alone, do they? Over the years, Kyo has gone through many instances of gaining and losing good friends, people he truly thought would be there for him for everything, but after a while, he began to learn that these things can be so easily artificial. It's terrifying how easily someone can walk out of your life. Kyo has worked most of his life to make an impact on others in many ways. He wants to make sure that he isn't forgotten, even if his memory only lives on in the smallest of ways.

Failure. To someone who has so many great things expected of him, Kyo feels the need to not only meet these expectations, but surpass them if at all necessary. He's constantly raising the bar on what he believes he should be able to do and if he doesn't manage to meet his goals, which have a tendency to be impossibly set, he takes it out on himself in a harsh way. Next time, he'll try harder, going to extremes of even locking himself away without taking proper care of himself to get what he needs to get done, done. A failure is still a failure in his book. There's no difference between how big or how small it may be.

Intimacy. Being asexual comes with its limitations. There are few things he minds as far as being close with another person, especially one he's dating, but some things are just too much for him. He doesn't mind cuddling up with someone to watch a movie as long as they don't expect any more from him than just that. If they ever make a move to do more, he cuts them off and if they try to convince him or bribe him into it, he'll get pissy to conceal his anxiety and make them leave him alone. His flirtations are simply artificial at best.

Claustrophobia. A simple fear with no real history to it. Kyo has always been afraid of tight, enclosed places. It doesn't make a difference if there's light or dark, as long as there are walls blocking him on either side, he feels trapped. He begins to panic and is rendered practically useless, a mess of a puddle on the floor. In mere moments, he'll lose any semblance of rationality and honestly believe that he's going to be trapped forever. He can drive himself to vomiting, hyperventilating, and passing out.

"Be the dragon beneath the flames. Be the diamond amongst the coal. Be the you that you want to be and don't let anyone tell you who you are, where you're headed, or what you need. Take what you deserve. Stand tall on the mountain of your victims. Crush the heart of those who oppose you. These are the mottos I live by."

Calculating. Kyo is a good mixture of street smart and book smart, pooling together into a dangerous combination that many learn the hard way not to mess with. When he sets his mind on something, he goes for it and doesn't look back. If there are any obstacles in his path, he finds the best solution to rid them from the world. Puzzles are easy business, people are all the same. It's rare that something presents a challenge to someone of his caliber. If he needs to work behind the backs of another, he can do so easily in a quick and efficient manner.

Fighter. In every sense of the word, Kyo is strong. He doesn't back down from a challenge and won't hesitate to butt heads with the worst of them. He doesn't care if someone has a reputation of being a mass murderer, he'll still keep his back straight, his chin held high, and square off with them just as he would any other. Physically, he's quite capable. Even before his powers, he toughened himself up through years of physical altercations solved on his own. It takes a lot to take him down and once he's down, he doesn't stay there for long.

Leader. If he had the right mind to, Kyo could raise armies under his feet and lead his men to war. He knows just the right things to say to get into the minds of the masses. While he isn't a huge fan of working with individuals, working with a large group of people, especially one he's in charge of, is a different case altogether. It's when he's in a position of leadership that he excels. He's smart, quick-witted, courageous, and just the type of person others can look up to. He can take himself out of a situation and see things from both sides to decide who is in the right and which plan of action is necessary to act on.

Inspirational. When Kyo gives a speech, people listen. He has the odd ability to inspire the best in the worst of people. It's as if people get the sense that he really, truly, honestly cares about them and their life, even if nobody else does. He can be the light shining at the end of a dark tunnel, the brightest star in the frightening void of the night sky, the shadow on the sidewalk as one walks alone through a bad part of town. He wants people to know that he cares because he does.

Works alone. Surprisingly, Kyo is bad at working well with others. He does much better on his own or when he's above others and is only at his worst when he has to take instructions from someone higher in power. He's a leader, not a follower. Along with this, he can be considered a bit of a hypocrite, as he'll go on and on about how others should feel comfortable going to him for their problems or if they need bailing out with a problem, but if he's ever in a jam of his own, emotionally or physically, he'll keep it to himself. He would rather bottle his true problems inside until they fester and rot than ask for help from another person.

Over-the-top. His methods have a tendency of being a bit...extreme. It's a problem he's had all his life. When Kyo gets into something, he puts his absolute all into it, every fiber of his being, and sometimes that's just not necessary. Sometimes, it's just a bit much. When he gets riled up, he can get kind of crazy. He has a reputation for it. It's all too easy for him to get carried away with his passions or with the energy of what's going on around him. He can lose his head over something that started off small and make it a much bigger thing than it was ever meant to be. All the strikers may have wanted was a nice pay raise for their efforts, but in the next second, Kyo came along, and now they're using the court house for firewood without being entirely sure why.

Reckless. Being the type of person he is, Kyo jumps headfirst into everything he does without fully considering all the consequences of his actions, or all the possibilities that could occur. He cares little about his own well being, physically and mentally, and seems to carry around the mentality that he might just live forever. However, the latter isn't entirely true. He's well aware that he can die just as easily as any other, but the fact of the matter is that he simply doesn't care. If he's to die young, then so be it.


With this power, it takes next to nothing for Kyo to become adept in any new experience. For instance, while he's never played an instrument in his entire life, if he were to get his hands on a piano, he would concert worthy in a matter of seconds. He's become a better problem solver, finding it easier to see all aspects of a physical issue at hand to find the answer to it. This power gives him a better handle on his surroundings and with any events that may happen. His reflexes are quicker, his senses sharper. Of course, he's no Superman. He can't suddenly run from one side of the city to another, moving cars out of the way as he goes, but he can definitely catch an abundance of fallen trays without a single one hitting the floor and avoid most objects, within reason, that are aimed at him.

Basically, he's become the best he can be as a human being. His balance is impeccable, allowing him to walk a tightrope with ease; he's not easily weakened or fatigued, no matter how lengthy or arduous the situation is, allowing him to go longer without needing sleep or nutrients than most (but not without them at all); he's as flexibility as a professional gymnast, able to contort himself in so many ways that would probably appear uncomfortable to all who happened to be watching. Although, he hasn't become double-jointed, so he can't pop anything out of place to make himself bend in awkward ways.
His natural senses have been greatly boosted, as well as his immune system, making him much less likely to get sick. Unfortunately, while the enhancement of his senses can be pretty handy in many cases (like eavesdropping or figuring out what his neighbors are having for dinner), they're also the worst part of his powers. After living nineteen years with normal human senses, he was very much used to the dulled sensations. When he woke up out of the blue with the ability to hear planes passing overhead as if they were nearly crashing into his home, things weren't so great. While he's had a few months to get used to them, he still has frequent troubles. Sometimes being in a noisy public for too long can give him terrible migraines, the sun is so painfully bright on his eyes that he often needs to wear sunglasses, bad smells within his radius are suddenly vomit-worthy, and he's developed a weakness to things that are too hot or too cold, both in taste and in touch.

In the beginning, his skin itself was much too sensitive. Getting pricked by a pin was like getting stabbed with a knife. Most things that should only emit a dull pain can be borderline excruciating and they tend to last much longer than they ever used to before.

Kyo never leaves the house without his trusty taser and his favorite pocket knife. These are the only weapons he has on him at any given time, but he rarely goes without. The pocket knife is kept in his pocket, clipped to the side of his pants so he doesn't accidentally lose it, and the taser is small, so he simply keeps it hooked on a keychain. While the taser may be small, it definitely packs a punch.

Fighting Style:
Kyo is a reckless fighter. He isn't afraid of getting hit so long as he gets in two for every one that lands on him. While he's an exceptionally good fighter, and in good physical condition, he has a tendency to see red and let his anger get the best of him, which may cause some sloppy screw-ups that never would've happened if he was in his right mind. Regardless, he rarely pulls his punches and he's a fearsome opponent to face. It takes a lot to knock him off his feet, and even more to knock him out entirely. He can endure just as many hits as he can dish out and has never been afraid to fight dirty if it ever comes down to it.

"Do not let your past define you, but learn from the mistakes you made. Be a better person every step of every new day. You are forever growing and you will not be the same person tomorrow that you were yesterday. Every flower needs time to grow out towards the sun. Don't worry. Your time will come."

Father | Theodore Apolla
Teddy has had to work for all he's had his whole life. When he was younger, his parents were strict on him. His father would have him sleep in the yard if his grades weren't up to par and his mother would refuse him meals if he didn't do all the chores he was assigned to do. His grandparents would occasionally beat him if they thought he was acting up. It was because of these upbringings that he grew into the man he claims to be today: strong, bright, and ruthless when it comes to what he wants. He takes what he needs without asking beforehand. Known for his temper, and feared for his physique, rarely does anyone bother standing in his way. Teddy is a champion swimmer, having won countless medals and trophies that he displays all throughout his home. He expects his family to reach the skies just as he has done.

Mother | Victoria Apolla
Victoria is a highly intelligent woman with an unfortunate history of mental illness. In her youth, she was treated as an outcast by her family when she started showing signs of schizophrenia, and only paid attention to when she attempted suicide. As soon as she was at the right age to, she ran away from home with only a hundred dollars to her name. She managed to survive by partaking in a variety of medical studies over the years, acting as a test dummy for doctors to poke their needles into and scan her brain. However, it was through these experiences that she managed to get a job as a respectable doctor. Since they were already familiar with her, they allowed her on their team. She hoped to find a cure to her illness, but shortly after marrying the man she calls her husband, when she started showing more signs, he demanded that she be committed. Since then, she has been in and out of the mental facility countless times, seemingly getting worse each time she returns home.

Younger Brother | Lyle Apolla
From a young age, Lyle seemed to have a lot going for him. He was smart right off the bat, skipping a grade in Elementary school. It was always easy for him to make friends, as he had a very charismatic personality. Seeing his potential, his parents, namely his father, wrapped him up in an air-tight box, desperate to carry on their family's talented name through him. He was put under strict schedules for every day of his life, from what times he could eat, to what times he could sleep. Every second of his time was monitored, including what foods he was allowed to eat and what television programs he could watch. Eventually, all this pressure became too much, and he snapped. When he entered his first year in Crescent High, Lyle easily fell into a dangerous path. He dropped all the schedules, began flunking out, going to parties more often than school, started coming home less and less, and practically disowned his family's name. It's a rare sight for him to be seen at home at all, and when he does, it's only to argue with his father.

According to his parents, Kyo was the perfect daughter. He had his mother's intelligence and his father's ambitious nature. He was a wild child from the very beginning. It was hard for them to hold him back or keep him from doing whatever it was he wanted to do. Independent from a young age, he would often go out wandering around the house, and sometimes even further throughout their neighborhood. He had a strange knack for finding sick, hurt, or starving animals, which he would always bring back to his home to take care of until one of the maids would shoo them out of the house. He would nurse the animals back to health and send them on their way.

He was born in a summery town in the South, but when he started showing signs of his intelligence and expertise at such an early age, his father, Teddy, insisted that they move to a place that would have better opportunities for him, so Kyo could be the best he could be. Kyo's father focused fully on him, which had many ups and downs. He would praise him for every A he got on an assignment, but he would crack down and enforce strict rules to ensure that his grades would continue being the same. Kyo would often spend time with his father when he was younger, following along to his swim meets and watching with a babysitter in the stands to see his father compete and win. All of his father's friends would gush over Kyo, going on and on about how he would take his father's place some day, about all the amazing things he would do in his life, how great he was and how much greater he would be.

However, these things changed. At the early age of thirteen, Kyo announced that he was not born the right gender and that he considered himself a boy, rather than the girl everyone perceived him to be. He asked his parents that he be called their son, and that Lyle would consider him a brother rather than a sister, and even that his friends start referring to him as such and use his preferred pronouns. Unfortunately, his parents didn't take the news as well as he thought they would. His mother, as despondent as she ever was, simply smiled and patted his head and said it was a phase that he would grow out of. His father, on the otherhand, was outraged. He insisted that Kyo stop screwing around and called him terrible names, treating him crudely every minute of every day in the hopes that it would condition him to change his mind and give up on his passion to be the gender Kyo felt he was meant to be all along.
Kyo grew bitter with the reactions of those around him. Rather than back down and stay in his "place," he became outraged and defiant and did what he felt was best for himself instead of trying to be someone he wasn't just to keep his parents' approval. They moved a second time when Kyo became all too destructive, getting suspended from school for fights that he instigated, cursing out his teachers and throwing a punch at anyone who dared misgender him. He didn't allow himself to be bullied. Instead, he fought back, and he would win. He separated himself from others, growing mean and bitter and alone. When they moved to Eclipse City, he calmed down a bit, deciding that being so cruel and destructive wasn't doing any good for anyone, including himself. In the hopes of making a better name for himself, Kyo threw himself into social justice, and since then, just like with the animals way back when, he's taken in and patched up a multitude of people who have been abused, kicked out, or just needed someone to talk to.

His father started pretending he never had a second child at all and instead focused all his time and energy on Kyo's younger brother Lyle, who only managed to take the stress of being a runner-up for so long before he, too, snapped from the pressure his father caused. They are no longer a family, but individuals all living in the same house, neither speaking to each other unless it's to start an argument.

Kyo's father is quite rich. They own a mansion, one of the largest in the city. Since his father is often out practicing or scouting, his mother away at another mental facility, and his brother wherever it is he goes when he isn't home for days on end, the large home is usually empty aside from the small group of maids they have to keep everything neat, tidy, and in order. So when nobody's home, Kyo will allow those who need a room to stay in to get back on their feet again, or just need a room for a night or two, for whatever reason it is they need it, to stay there without pay so long as they don't cause trouble and don't let themselves be known when his parents come home.


So begins...

Kyo Apolla's Story