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Haru Itou (Aya)

"Hmm? Wash the bath? No problem Ma'am!"

0 · 846 views · located in Spirited Away Universe

a character in “My Name Is ______.”, as played by FuyuHana




ImageName: Haru Itou

Nickname: Aya

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Romantic Interest: None at the moment, he's a little too clueless for that.

Height: 5'10

Weight: 146 lbs

Appearance: Haru is a young man standing at the height of 5'10 and weighing 145 lbs. He doesn't really consider himself fat, skinny, lean, or strong, even though he really is with such a weak looking appearance. When someone would look at him, their first impression would be something like, 'He's not a very strong young man.' or 'I don't think he's eating very much, is that healthy?' So in other words, yes, Haru is actually fairly skinny, but he is almost inhumanely strong for his build. He's able to carry a full grown adult, perhaps with a little struggle though, and he has tried carrying a various amount of people before as well.

He also has dark black hair that tends to sometimes fall over his right eye from long bangs. He holds all his hair on his left side with a very small golden hair clip that he was given to by his older sister. Haru never really cuts his hair too short, or leaves it to get too long (although he has done that before) since he tends to like the current style he has. People will see his hair slightly longer, or slightly shorter sometimes, but what people won't see is the tiny yellow hair clip in his hair go away suddenly. In fact, if you were to be an odd pervert and check, he'd wear it to bed and even shower with it on.

Haru's eyes are an odd color, being a sort of hazel, though some argue his eyes are just simply green while other argue that they're a regular brown. Haru doesn't know himself, but his eye color doesn't bother him very much as he only states that its 'Sorta unique.' Honestly, he couldn't really care since he pays little attention to his eyes.

His clothing choice is a different style than what most people his age would be wearing. Haru wears a dark green jumpsuit with goggles attached to the back. Underneath that he wears a white tank top, but other than that, it's about it. People tend to think he's weird since he wears strange clothing, but he's just another regular person with an odd fashion style, you could put it.

✤ Dogs
✤ Animals In General
✤ Helping Other People
✤ Food
✤ Music
✤ Odd People/Things
✤ Reading
✤ Drawing

☓ Violence
☓ Hatred
☓ Fire
☓ Dark Chocolate
☓ Lies

Personality: While Haru may appear to be and odd person, he's actually probably the most normal person you'd ever expect to meet. Well, in some ways he is not normal at all because of his kindness. He'll go to extremes to help other people, whether it's just helping out with work or ever doing something dangerous to make someone else happy. He's the type of person that'll open the door for 1,000 people and wait there for a whole hour if needed and not complain a single bit. Haru says that he is 'Number 02' as in his welfare will always come second to another person, even if it's just a stranger on the road.

Because he goes out of his way to help others, he also often gets compliments. It usually depends on the type of person, or who's complimenting him, but most times Haru will get a little shy. If he were to help a blind person across the road, lets say, and he gets a thank you, he'd probably blush and continuously say that it was nothing, that anyone would have helped that person. To put it simply, compliments are what will break into Haru since he'll get all mushy and get embarrassed.

Not to mention Haru is also very clueless. He's like an innocent little child. In fact, he practically is. He hasn't done anything wrong before, he doesn't have dirty thoughts, he hardly cusses, and he's sometimes a little too clueless to understand what's in front of him. For example, which has happened when he was 16, one of his high school classmates confessed to him, saying that she liked him, and he answered with a simple 'Yeah! I like you too!' From there she began to cling on him, which made him confused because he mistook her like, for a friendly sort of like and just said it right back. He's also walked into a girl's locker room accidentally while they changed and just apologized and walked back out, not really caring that he saw them all half naked (though he did get a talk with the principal.) So yeah, in some ways he can be a dense idiot as well.

Even knowing that Haru is a good person with good intentions and is literally a 'Goodie-Goodie,' he can be quite the dark person. Haru is very protective of people he cares about, such as his family or friends. He has been that way ever since the incident with his older sister. If someone were to bully one of his friends or family members, instead of asking politely for them to stop like most people would think, he'd probably go over and threaten the other person. Some threats were like 'I'd call the police,' and others were 'I will personally murder you if you want to try that again.' He can be quite the scary person. This can also happen when things like backstabbing or betrayal can get in the way, or lying, something he absolutely hates. But that hardly happens.

Haru trusts nearly everyone, meaning everyone, so he has no need to use violence or say bad things to them. That's usually on the peak when he's annoyed (which is rare) or when it's needed. He'd hate to be rude or mean when it's not since he really does have a reputation of being the 'hero.'


Background Info: Haru, just as his first and last name shows, was born and raised in Japan by an adoptive mother, father, along with two sisters (one being older and the other one being younger.) He was adopted because his real parents couldn't afford to raise a child, especially after his actual father left his actual mother once knowing she was pregnant with his child. Simply after that, he was dropped off at the orphanage, unlike most children. There, he was bullied for a long time, people saying that he looked strange, that his eyes were weird, and even that the way he talked to animals, especially a stray dog he found and made friends with. These two became friends quickly and their bond was insanely tight, Haru even refusing to go to sleep without saying goodnight to the little puppy. The next loving family who adopted him even offered to take both him and the stray dog, which made Haru incredibly happy to leave.

His mother was kind and loving, though she had a sickness that affected her physical health, making the kids all jump in to help with any chores. His father was a working scientist who cared for his work, but also loved his children just as much. His younger sister was a shy one, being two years below his own age, and always hiding behind one of the family members when guests came over. But his older sister was the one he used to adore as a child. She was a year older than him, but looked just as young, and always taught him things like being the good guy, or helping others. He didn't happen to care very much, although he did listen intently until the strikes of accidents came.

One day his mother fell into a coma, and she didn't wake up any time soon. The family took her to the hospital, but they found nothing wrong with her. Even though the hospital was watching over the sleeping mother, one day they let their job slip and Haru's mother's heart stopped beating. It was tragic, and this effected the whole family greatly. Especially the first daughter. She loved her mother the most, and because of her mothers death, she commit suicide a month later. Now this brought Haru down because he loved his older sister the most too.

Remember how she used to read him those stories about being the hero and always helping others? Haru never paid attention to any of that until the person who read that book to him passed away. Because of his older sister's death, and instead of committing suicide out of the loss of love like she did, Haru changed his dull personality immediately, making a promise that he'd stay strong for her, even though he was only 13 years old back then.

That's when he decided to try and get a job as an artist, since he was always drawing as a child, and after drawing so long he actually got good at it. What he drew were portraits of people and scenery. He was going to offer one of his paintings to a company so see if they would buy it, but along the way, he got lost, which was how he met Yubaba. It was a bit strange for him to hear a young girl asking if he'd like to go to another world, and he actually took it serious and thought for a while. He had his sister and father to worry about. They had already lost two people and if they were to lose a third that'd be even worse, but nevertheless, he took up her offer, thinking he'd come back after an hour so, but he was clearly wrong.

Other: While Haru's past isn't the most bright one, he's still a bright person, and talks about his mother and older sister like they were still alive. He also now adores his little sister, usually brushing her hair and styling it for her since she had no mother to help do that for. Haru also got used to the Spirit World quickly, adjusting to what his eyes saw and being quite familiar with the place, people, and spirits.

Theme Song: Shounen Brave - Brave Boy | Jin

I cried, “Please, don’t tease me”
And couldn't help but tremble
I was scared at how easily I felt lonely
Like “courage” itself hated me

There was a puppy, rain-soaked like me
And I begged it to understand me
Embraced it and said
“You won’t bully me, right?”

“Let’s become ‘friends’, without using words
though I really want to say something”
But there was was a tragedy waiting for me.

I heard it, a loud voice that
knocked on my closed-off mind
“They’re so dirty” “Let’s play a trick”
“I hate you” “Just die already”
like that

“The voice of my thoughts”, all at once
refused to comply and knocked
If I can’t talk, my heart will break
I’m going to cry

The noise in the web called
“Punishment for having dreams”
was planted in me
as retribution

Today, too, the voice pulled at me
flowed into me as I melted
I stole the psyches of others
Everyone hated me for being strange

Let’s escape, fly away
here, I can’t even breathe
Avoid the eyes of hatred in the city
I quietly dashed along to somewhere…

In the silence of the wandering forest
with no destination in mind
Again, I was scared
and there was someone waiting for me

I could hear it
“Today, too, I’m waiting for a lightly sketched ‘today’.
Anyone, please, help me, I’m lonely”

“The voice of my thoughts” was of the
hesitant boy I was yesterday
“Are you afraid of ‘hearts’?”
“Do you lack the ‘courage’ to change tomorrow?”

“That’s not true” came the faint knock
of the story that I cautiously
opened up

The crouching girl said
“Yesterday, today, and the day before yesterday
I had a dream that
this wide world was easily crumbled.”

That feeling of “I’m scared”
The teary voice of “It’s hard”
But what if we could be saved
like in a picture book?

The feelings that budded today
knocked with a small voice
I want to tell you
“Even so, it’s alright. Don’t cry, okay?”

If I could embrace and laugh with
The heart of “the voice of my thoughts”
I think that a “heart that rescues hearts”
could be called “courage”

As I start to move forward today, as I do every other day,
I can no longer hear the voice from outside the door.

So begins...

Haru Itou (Aya)'s Story