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My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0


This takes place two years after The Kusakabe family moved into the old house in rural Japan, except now that their mother has recovered and strange things are happening around town, they have no need to stay any longer... (Restarting this rp!)

1,220 readers have visited My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0 since xLevesquex created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


(Note: You don't have to have watched the movie to roleplay, as long as you know what the story is basically about!)

The Path of Wind ~ Joe Hisaishi

This takes place two years after The Kusakabe family moved into the old house in rural Japan, except now that their mother has recovered and strange things are happening around town, they have no need to stay any longer. Very shortly after they moved, 4 young adults moved in, and they are becoming witness to what is happening around them. Would you like to meet them?

Gender Availability Count:
β™‚: 3
♀: 3

Juri Haruno: OPEN
Faceclaim TBA
Quote TBA

|| 19 years || Male || Dream: Writer ||
He's the older brother of Misaki and brought her away from their home, feeling like she needed more freedom. He's best friends with Kai. He's quite protective over things that he loves, is kind of a coward, over worries too much and gets annoyed very easily. He's loves hugging everyone and he does really stupid things to make people laugh. He dreams to become a writer one day and felt that living in a rural area could help him concentrate and get away from his rich, strict father.

Misaki Haruno: TAKEN by xLevesquex
Sakura Matou from Fate series
Quote TBA

|| 18 years || Female || Dream: Artist ||
She's the younger sister of Juri and she recently left home to live in a quieter, more peaceful area. She's best friends with Kiyomi and Sora. She is very quiet, shy and polite but she often has trouble warming up to people, believes everything that people tell her and she is convinced that she's nothing but a burden. She dreams to one day become a great artist and also hopes that she recovers from her terminal illness. She keeps this illness a secret from her friends and only her brother knows. She is also the first to discover Totoro.

Kiyomi Hayashi: Reserved for Runika
Aoyama Nanami from Sakurasou
Quote TBA

|| 18 years || Female || Dream: Clothing Designer ||
She's best friends with Misaki and Sora and has a big crush on Juri. She moved away from the city with Juri, Misaki, Sora and Kai so she could pursue her dream in a less stressful environment. She is a very stubborn, jealous, tsundere girl but she works very hard for what she wants. She dreams to have her own clothes designing company. She was bullied through out her school years for her interests, but Misaki and Sora stood by her side. She occasionally attends the university nearby.

Sora Wakahisa: OPEN
Nagase Iori from Kokoro Connect
Quote TBA

|| 17 years || Female || Dream: University Teacher ||
She's best friends with Misaki and Kiyomi, she's also the youngest in her household. She moved away from the city because her grandfather is dying of cancer and her parents have already passed. She is very bubbly, loud and extremely outgoing, but sometimes her teasing goes a little too far and ends up being mean. and she'll tease everybody. She's the type of person who is very skeptical of anything supernatural, so no matter what anyone says or what she sees when it comes to spirits, she'll come up with an excuse for what's happening. She dreams one day become a very intelligent teacher at a university. She attends school in the small town.

Kai Daishi: OPEN
Ittoki Otoya from Uta no Prince-sama
Quote TBA

|| 19 years || Male || Dream: ??? ||
He's best friends with Juri. He moved away from the city simply because he'd miss Juri if he went on without him. In front of strangers and the public, he's a gentleman, a sweetheart and he's quite the charmer. When he's in front of his friends though, he's a crazy ass, hyper, 5-year-old in the body of a 19-year old boy. In front of random women, he acts like a very kind and charming man but around girls he's more familiar with or if he's watching from a distance, he'll be completely goo-goo eyed over her or basically just constantly hit on her. He dreams to one day _____.

Also, here are their new welcoming neighbors, the Amagasa's!

Akio Amagasa: TAKEN by Zinai
Haru Yoshida from My Little Monster
Quote TBA

|| 20 years || Male || Dream: Farmer ||
He's the older brother of Koi and Nanako and he moved to this rural area 2 years ago with his siblings, being tired of all the fame they were getting from their movie director father and actress mother. He is apart of the Amagasa family. He's more immature than his younger brother but he's a real sweetheart. He's nice to almost everyone, unless they hurt his loved ones. He's super outgoing but really blunt and kind of an airhead and he'll believe just about anything anyone says. He dreams to be a farmer. Seriously. He's gotten used to the quiet environment that he lives in and he wants to stay for a long time.

Koi Amagasa: OPEN
Oreki Houtarou from Hyouka
Quote TBA

|| 18 years || Male || Dream: Business man ||
He's the younger brother of Akio and older brother of Nanako and he moved to this rural area 2 years ago with his siblings, being tired of all the fame they were getting from their movie director father and actress mother. He is apart of the Amagasa family. He's actually more mature than his older brother. He's a full out pervert. It's not like he'd rape someone, but he is quite touchy. He seduces almost every pretty girl he meets, he's lazy and pretty much always has the same expression unless he's teasing someone, but he's friendly and enjoys being around people, even if it may not seem like it. He dreams to simply live an ordinary life as a business man and have a family.

Nanako Amagasa: Reserved for Soulies
Faceclaim TBA
Quote TBA

|| 17 years || Female || Dream: Lawyer ||
She's the younger sister of Akio and Koi. She moved to this rural area 2 years ago with her siblings, being tired of all the fame they were getting from their movie director father and actress mother. She is apart of the Amagasa family. Nanako is a tsundere, very stubborn and hot-tempered. She's hard to get through to sometimes, but she has a much nicer side to her and can act very motherly. Her dream is to become a lawyer.

Granny: NPC (Unless you want to play her.)
Granny from My Neighbor Totoro
Just call me Granny.

|| Elderly || Female || Farmer ||
Granny is a very elderly woman and she is apart of the Amagasa family. She's the grandmother of Akio, Koi, Nanako and Kanta. Granny is a very kind old woman and she is a very motherly like old lady. She loves children.

Kanta: NPC (Unless you want to play him.)
Kanta from My Neighbor Totoro
Hey! Your house is haunted!

|| 13 || Male || School boy ||
Kanta is a young 13 year old boy and he is apart of the Amagasa family. He is cousins with Akio, Koi and Nanako, and he is also Granny's grandson. Although Satsuki recently left, he is still dating her and the send each other messages whenever they can or call each other whenever they can. He's a bratty little tsundere kid, but he's also very sweet once you get to know him. He's always wearing a sailor's hat.

And of course...

Totoro: NPC (Unless you want to play him.)
Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro

|| Age Unknown || Male? || Forest Spirit ||
Totoro is a outgoing forest spirit who doesn't mind showing himself to humans. He seems to like young children. Totoro is very kind and helpful. He also has two smaller companions that look like him, except one is blue and the other is white.

Catbus: NPC (Unless you want to play it.)
Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro

|| Age Unknown || Gender Unknown || Spirit ||
The catbus is a helpful spirit that will take you anywhere, only if you can see him and he likes you.

Now that you've met the characters, it's time to explain what's going on in this small rural town!
Satsuki and Mei were noticing lately that Totoro has been more tired and he is hiding more often. Then one night, curious Mei left home and tried finding Totoro in the forest, only to come face to face with many dangerous spirits. Innocent Mei thought that they were nice and she tried asking them were Totoro was. Suddenly, her big hero Totoro came along, but he was hurting the "good" spirits. This traumatized Mei and she ran even further into the woods, trying to find her way home. Mei lost her way in the woods and ending up falling asleep near a tree, but little did she know that poor Totoro was protecting her from the evil forest spirits all night. Very early in the morning, Kanta and Akio were out playing in the woods (yes, Akio is that immature) and they came across little Mei. They brought her back home and Mei tried explaining what happened to her dad and Satsuki, but Satsuki refused to believe her. She told her that Totoro was good and he was only busy lately, that's why he wasn't around. Mei stopped going in the woods, in fear that Totoro would hurt her. After a few months, a miracle happened and Satsuki and Mei's mother got over her illness. After another few months of complaining about how much she hated that house, they decided that it'd be best to move back to Tokyo. Satsuki was so angry with her sister and parents, so she tried visiting Totoro one last time. Fortunately, it worked. Though he couldn't respond, Satsuki told him everything that was happening, knowing that he would understand her. She ended up staying in his small "home" for the whole night, but woke up in her backyard. Finally accepting what was coming for her, she said goodbye to the Amagasa family and her close friends, then they left. One simple month later, the house was bought by a group of five young adults.

Where we will be starting at:
Juri, Misaki, Kiyomi, Sora and Kai will be getting ready to go to the harvest festival that they were invited to by the Amagasa family. Kanta, Granny, Kanta's mother, Akio, Koi and Nanako and will be waiting for them down the path of their house and they'll ride to the festival at the back of the tractor. This will allow them to all get to know each other better and have a good time, learning about each others' personalities.

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[img]IMAGE or GIF HERE[/img]
|| Age || Gender || Occupation ||
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[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Eye Color:[/color][/size]

[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Hair Color:[/color][/size]

[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Body Type:[/color][/size]

[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Skin Tone:[/color][/size]

[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Height & Weight:[/color][/size]


[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Choice of Clothing:[/color][/size]

[img]IMAGE or GIF HERE[/img]
[size=155][color=ofyourchoice][b]About Me[/b][/color][/size]
[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Personality Traits:[/color][/size]






[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]My Dream:[/color][/size]
[quote][color=ofyourchoice]My dream goes here.[/color][/quote]

[img]IMAGE or GIF HERE[/img]
[size=155][color=ofyourchoice][b]My Story[/b][/color][/size]
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[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Where I was born:[/color][/size]
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[size=140][color=ofyourchoice]Romantic Interest:[/color][/size]

Toggle Rules


Please no Mary-Sue's or Gary-Stu's! >_<

No godmodding, metagaming or powerplaying! This is in about every single roleplay ever and you've most likely already learned that, but still. Just in case!~

Pretty, pretty please make at least an effort to remember which location to post in! And if you forget, just edit it into the right location. But seriously, please try to remember!

I don't expect your posts to be like a novel, but I also don't expect it to be a single sentence. Try to make at least a paragraph, if even more. This isn't necessary, but try decorating your post a little! Add a picture, maybe change the font around a bit or something, trust me, even if you aren't all sophisticated or whatever, it sure makes you seem like it! I understand that some of you are busy and have lives, I get it, I do too, but please try to make some time for this roleplay. I don't want someone to not post for a week and miss out on a bunch of stuff. If you have even a bit of time, try to use some of it for posting. I'm not saying neglect your duties as a... human, but just please make an effort! At least once or twice every 6 days would be lovely.

Go ahead and pick which ever character floats your boat, I have no problem with that! But, only pick one character for now, 'kay? I want to wait for more people to join and choose their favorite characters too! If there are still some remaining roles at the end, then just ask in OOC or PM if you could take that character as well. To properly ask for a character, please reserve them first! I wouldn't want somebody to work hard on their character, but someone else already have it reserved without them realizing! Sorry, but I'm not accepting original character right now! The pass is this smiley face at the end of your reservation: ^Ο‰^

I'd appreciate it a lot if you all stayed OOC active, that makes things so much easier for everyone if something happens to change or there is a discussion going on. I want us all to be in this together, so please just don't forget to check in once in a while. Also, please don't even bother joining if you're going to lose interest right away. I know that sounds kinda mean, and I'm sorry, but I really don't want people that aren't going to be dedicated to this.

If I make a mistake on something, then just correct me or something politely. (>_<) And you can't be mean to anyone else either. I'm not saying that I'm more important or anything, but I really want people to correct on my mistakes because I just... yeah. You can be meanies character to character, but not in PM or OOC please!

I allow all kinds of swearing, but keep the swearing in character. I mean, you wouldn't have your super innocent character to sound like a sailor, right? That just wouldn't make sense. Also, drinking and smoking is allowed and well, if you really want your character to do drugs, then sure, why not? Sex is allowed, but that isn't at all what this roleplay is involved with... If you really wanna, go ahead I guess but we still have to follow the site rules, so just black it out or take it to PM.

Remember! ~ This roleplay takes place way back in 1960! So, they do not keep a telephone at their house, instead of texting and using the computer, they send mail, etc. Please follow the way things worked back in 1960. ^-^

Possible Questions?
~ Roleplay Full? ~
If all the roles are taken, but you really wanna join, no problem! Just PM me or ask in OOC if we could figure out a role for you!

~ Changing Face Claims? ~
I kinda like the face claims I chose, but if you really must, then go ahead and ask to change yours.

~ Sexualities? ~
I hope nobody takes this offensively, but your character may not be homosexual! The reason behind this is because I don't want an uneven amount of homosexuals and have a few peoples' characters end up alone. I'm really, really sorry if this is inconvenient! You may have a bisexual or pansexual character if you please! I just don't want to make it unfair...

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Character Portrait: Misaki Haruno
Character Portrait: Akio Amagasa
Character Portrait: Kiyomi Hayashi
Character Portrait: Nanako Amagasa


Character Portrait: Kiyomi Hayashi
Kiyomi Hayashi

"It's not like I like you or anything, baka!"

Character Portrait: Misaki Haruno
Misaki Haruno

~Small WIP~


Character Portrait: Kiyomi Hayashi
Kiyomi Hayashi

"It's not like I like you or anything, baka!"

Character Portrait: Misaki Haruno
Misaki Haruno

~Small WIP~

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Kiyomi Hayashi
Kiyomi Hayashi

"It's not like I like you or anything, baka!"

Character Portrait: Misaki Haruno
Misaki Haruno

~Small WIP~

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Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Finally got her in! Editing her out a bit to make her more IC~
Hopefully her FC is suitable~ cuz I think so! Well.. its close XD I hope.

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Haha, thanks! And yes, I think that's true. The kinda deal that's happening in this movie is that bad spirits are kind of going wild, so good ones have to try to keep them out but it's getting all messy and complicated, etc., so even the bad spirits are showing themselves to basically everyone in the little town. I know this roleplay has a big part around Totoro, but I don't actually want him to be there all the time, only when something dramatic happens. x3
(Sorry if that's complicating, it sounded a lot better in my head. xD)

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

It's good that you have an initial event ready. :) Oh no, I'd love to stay. I haven't rped in such a long time. Just steering events keeps the roleplay interesting and rolling, and hopefully, prevent it from dying. xD

Oh, one inquiry I had. I'm not wrong in remembering that only children could see totoro in the movie, right?

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Yes, you certainly can! To be honest, I had a few ideas here and there for my first attempt at this roleplay, but it got like, two posts far... Now, I'm kind of just hoping to follow the little part in the introduction how it says where they start off and continue from there. I hope this doesn't change your mind about his roleplay. T^T

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

May I reserve Kiyomi Hayashi? ^Ο‰^ The FC you chose for her is so adorable!

I laaaav this movie so much. Do you have a general idea of how you want to steer the plot? I'm very nervous about aimless plots. :$

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Hey Soulies!! :D Oh, and yeah I just want ____ for now, thanks! Will start on the character profile now! ^Ο‰^

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Alrighty, it's reserved for you!

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

ohh hi Zinai :DD //roleplayer of "Life is a great big paper"
and may I reserve Nanako Amagasa! ^Ο‰^
huehue... found it >:D

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Crap...I want a last minute change! Just reserve ____ Amagasa for me. I don't need to reserve two spots, since I only want ____ Amagasa for myself :3 As for the WIP, I will post it later on today. I'll also edit this post once I find the password.... *squints eyes at the introduction ^Ο‰^

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Haha, thank you so much! I'll reserve Juri for you and a soft reserve for _____. There was, but it was very unnoticeable, so it's totally fine!

Re: My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil 2.0

Great job with the roleplay design. Wow...I just used your male #2's faceclaim pretty recently in 'Life is a Great Big Paper'. Well, I want to reserve Juri Haruno and soft reserve ______ Amagasa. I don't think there's any passwords to reserve? Anyhow, looks really interesting. I look forward to it!

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