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My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil

Rural Japan, 1960


a part of My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil, by xLevesquex.


xLevesquex holds sovereignty over Rural Japan, 1960, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

485 readers have been here.

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Rural Japan, 1960 is a part of My Neighbor Totoro: Good and Evil.

11 Characters Here

Misaki Haruno [3] ~WIPWIPWIPWIP~
Juri Haruno [2] "We're free to do whatever and live however we please here. Let's make the most of it." WIP
Koi Amagasa [2] "You guys should be worrying more about girls and less about ghosts."
Nanako Amagasa [2] "How can I know what to do later if I don't know what to do right now...?"
Kai Daishi [1] "Weeeeeeeee~" (WIIIIIIIIIIIP)
Kiyomi Hayashi [1] Light WIP
Sora Wakahisa [1] WIP: "Honestly! Spirits are just patches of... um, fog! And the imagination!"
Granny [1] "Just call me Granny."
Kanta Amagasa [1] "Hey! Your house is haunted!"
Totoro [0] "To-To-Ro!"

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Character Portrait: Misaki Haruno Character Portrait: Sora Wakahisa Character Portrait: Nanako Amagasa Character Portrait: Kiyomi Hayashi Character Portrait: Juri Haruno Character Portrait: Koi Amagasa Character Portrait: Kai Daishi
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Misaki Haruno

Misaki's eyes slowly opened before she closed them shut again. Why was it so bright in there? She sat up, rubbing her eyes before stretching her arms out and yawning. Misaki shared a room with her two best friends, Sora and Kiyomi. Misaki's tired self didn't bother checking if her two friends were still lying down beside her. She got off of her futon and stretched out her whole body. Sometimes, Misaki missed sleeping on a bed but to be perfectly honest, she enjoyed these futons better. Only the rich people had beds in this time, so it was common for them to be sleeping on futons. In the other room, her brother and her brother's friend also shared a room. She was told that there was recently a wall inserted in the one large room, which split it in two. Misaki remembered that today their neighbors were taking them to a harvest festival. They wouldn't arrive at her house until around noon, which gave her time to do whatever she wanted. They had actually just moved in yesterday morning and they spent all of yesterday unpacking the big things, so there were still boxes to be unpacked. Misaki walked in the hallway and realized why it was so bright. The door had been left open all night. That also explained the chilliness.

Misaki dressed herself in light blue overall shorts with a white button up blouse underneath. She pulled her long purple hair back into a low bun for today and used a white bandana to pull her bangs back, wrapping around her whole head. Misaki pulled out her beige combat boots and set them by the door, for when they were going to leave. Misaki made her way into the small kitchen they had and also opened the back door, letting in the fresh air into the musty kitchen. She pulled out some pots, cooking utensils and plates and began making breakfast.

Misaki put the plates of breakfast down on the table. She didn't want to make too much, since there would probably be more to eat at the Harvest Festival. She was so excited, although she'd have to socialize... that was one thing that bothered her. She served a large bowl of rice, a pile of tamagoyaki and another medium sized bowl for the miso soup for the 5 members of the household.
Breakfast is ready!
Misaki didn't call out too loud, she was afraid she'd wake anyone that was still sleeping up. She kneeled down on a pillow at the kotatsu table and pulled her chopsticks apart, then began eating.

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Character Portrait: Misaki Haruno Character Portrait: Nanako Amagasa Character Portrait: Juri Haruno Character Portrait: Koi Amagasa
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#, as written by Damioa
Koi woke to the sound of the local stray cat giving its cry's in the morning. It wasn't as if he gave any mind to it. He actually enjoyed waking up early. It made his day a whole lot easier. He got out of his futon and went to the kitchen to start making breakfast. Usually the oldest in the house was the one to make Breakfast but in their families case, he was going to have to do it. He also didn't mind this either. He didn't look it, for the expression on his face rarely changes from its normal bored look, but he was actually pretty excited about today. It's been a while since they moved to the country side and he was getting bored of having no one around his own age, but finally they got new neighbors. They seemed like pretty nice people and he could relate to them because they were all from city life. Honestly he didn't expect country life to be so different. It was so relaxing. So relaxing he could fall asleep all day everyday. Still, it was pretty boring at the same time.

Having finished cooking he went to his older brothers room. He gave a few hard knocks and called, "Nii-san. Come and eat. We gotta take that new family around town today remember?"

He didn't bother waiting for a response he just gave a hard stomp on the floor, one that was probably loud enough to wake him up and went to his little sisters room. He didn't bang on wooding of her door like he did his brother. Instead he opened the door and shook he gently a couple times. "Hey. Wake up. I made food." After that he proceeded to go to the kitchen and start eating.
In a whole other household, Juri was dreaming a most spectacular dream. He had won the Oswald prize for writing, which was the best prize someone could get in the world. Well, the world of books. He was just about to accept his prize and get all the fame in the world when the prize holder suddenly said 'Breakfast.'
He didn't think anything of it at first, but after a few seconds of waiting for his prize his dream became nothing but the foods and smells of foods that would usually be made for breakfast. Eggs, sausage, bread, bacon, cream of wheat. He just knew he had to have it. His eyes shot open and he stood up from his back almost like Dracula. He slithered his way through the halls of his small house and crouched down like a tiger investigating his pray. His sister was already sitting down and he crept up next to her just poking his eyes above the table. Staring intently at her plate and looking around for the rest of the food, he said, "Morning sis. That looks really good." He licked his lips. "Can I have some." He said opening his mouth like a baby bird waiting to be fed. It seemed not to occur at all to him that he could make his own plate. Either that or he just wanted to be fed.