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"Have you seen the real me?"

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a character in “My Only You”, as played by VitaminHeart



Name: Palmira

Age: Over 3000 years old. Palmira has a rather skewed perception of time, having nothing to compare her own existence to, so she’s not entirely certain of the exact years.

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10 as a humanoid, 6’2 as a creature (on all-fours, considerably taller when stood on hind legs, though that is something she rarely does.)

Weight: 140 lbs as a humanoid, 300+lbs as a creature, due to heavy reptilian bones and scales.

Personality: Palmira tends to be a fairly quiet individual, and is not exactly a social butterfly, due to many many years of complete isolation. She tends to be rather ‘deep’ in a sense that she doesn’t tend to express emotional reactions outwardly, but puts a lot of thought into things.

She is rather resentful of more humanoid or ‘beautiful’ demons, tending to find them rather superficial. Indeed she distrusts any sort of courtesy offered to her in her human form as being only down to her appearance, rather than being for any other reason, as a result she comes across as quite bitter and hostile towards those she interacts with.

Deep down she is rather ashamed of how she looks, and puts a great deal of stake into it.
Beyond that, Palmira is quite an intellectual. She has read on a wide number of subjects, and has an extremely good memory and knowledge for facts. Despite her age being fixed, she has a sort of air about her that suggests her great number of years.

Despite all this, Palmira is not aversed to violence. Her monstrous form is well equipped to kill, and she came to think of it as being an almost trivial matter. She doesn’t enjoy it as such, but she doesn’t mind doing it when required…including killing humans in order to retain her human form.

♥ Reading (Classical Literature is a firm favourite.)
♥ Rare Meat (It’s one of the few food items that she tends to let her manners slip with, even in humanoid form.)
♥ Shiny Objects (She has a real compulsion to horde items of value, and gets quite defensive over her ownership of such things.)
♥Heat (Palmira tends to become more energetic and enthused when she’s warm.)

♠ Modern Technology (She is rather a technophobe and is utterly mystified by any such things. Anything later than 1800s era tends to puzzle and frustrate her.)
♠ Loud noises (Having existed for centuries in the echoing quiet of her fortress home, Palmira is unused to loud noise. It tends to grate on her a lot.)
♠ Shallow/Superficial People (She feels that she is judged due to how she looks, and as a result resents those who judged others based on appearance.
♠ Rain/ Cold (Palmira becomes tired and sluggish in the cold and the wet, and even in her humanoid form is quite weak to the cold and prone to hypothermia.)

Magical Abilities: (Only two)

-A creature borne of chaos, Palmira’s form is transient and not fixed in the same sense as a mortal’s body. For much of the time she appears as a horrific reptilian monster, but she is able to obtain an almost human form, though only by consuming the flesh or blood of a mortal. Upon doing so, her form resembles that of a human woman, distinguished only by her yellow, slitted eyes, slightly sharpened teeth, and small patched of scales on her ribs, shins, and forearms. She is able to remain in this guise for some while afterwards, but needs to continue using mortals to retain it.

In her human form, she retains a lot of the strength of her monster guise, though the transfer is quite literal. Her right arm retains all the strength, though her left arm is only as strong as that of a human.

- Palmira, as a creature, can create a very nasty venom in her throat that she can spit a great distance with great accuracy. The venom is mildly corrosive, but more importantly is a potent neurotoxin that can paralyze the effected, causing them considerable pain. It is generally fatal to a mortal, and is potentially fatal to an angel without treatment.

Weapons: (Only two)

-As a creature Palmira has the use of sharp claws, teeth, and a huge, swiping tail which can knock opponents over and crush them with considerable speed.

- Her monstrous strength allows her a good mastery of unarmed combat. Her right arm can easily break bones and her jaw can do the same. She is well-versed in fighting and knows how to use it effectively in both forms.

Favorite Quotes:
○ "Don't touch."
○ "I've got a rather extreme beauty regime going."
○ "Please keep it down to a dull roar, thank you."
○ "Everyone puts on masks to some degree. Everyone plays a part. All the world's a stage, and I happened to get doubled on roles. Lady and abomination."

Palmira is unsure of the exact nature on her background, though she is almost certain she was created, rather than born….or if she was born, it was not in the form she was used to. Her earliest memory was that of being in an enormous amount of pain. Her next earliest was herself stood before a high ranking demon, instructed that she was to guard his hoard.

Palmira was stationed in the demon lord’s treasure house, a great empty fortress on the plains of hell. She was the only being stationed in the place, and as a result, much of her life has been one of unending solitude.

The fortress was enormous and expansive, filled with some of the richest jewels and trappings of the rich, though being alone and set on an eternal guard vigil, Palmira took little enjoyment out of it. The monotony of the guarding was disrupted only by the times she would discover a thief, something trying to pilfer the riches…and they would be swiftly dispatched.

Centuries of isolation was disrupted when she received a new order, and order to war. It was a surprise, certainly and almost frightening to Palmira, who had become so set in her ways, but she had no choice in the matter, and went along without objection.

Theme Song:
Peform: Monarch


So begins...

Palmira's Story


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Lucifer sat in his throne, the seat composed of brimstone, bone, and the pulsating power of damned souls flowing like blood. Lucifer stared before himself, a chessboard of sorts set before him. Rather than the normal pieces, as one would imagine them, they were each individual carvings, each in their own position, a likeness to a real being. The setup also denoted the ranks in a different way; facing him was the likeness of the Lord's Army, with a depiction of the Holy Trinity as a kingpiece ; a smiling archangel Micheal as the queenpiece. Various other angels graced the other pieces, each piece having their own rank and place. On his own side, a human's depiction of the Devil sat as a kingpiece, the rest of the pieces being graced with the depictions of his fellow Demons, the Army of Hades.

He looked to the pieces with care, all seeming normal--Aya, sleeping. Keito, cooking and awakening his sister. The others were doing their own thing, preparing for what was to come soon...the War. The one that would end it all. The final war before Tribulations began; where he would roam freely with the rest of Hell to drag down as many souls as possible. That was when a certain figure caught his eye--Touya. It was frowning, agitated. Something was abnormal. Setting the piece back down, Lucifer stood and began to walk down the stairways to his throne, each step transforming him more and more into a serpent until the end of the steps, where the Devil had taken on his Serpent form.

The serpent slithered across the bowels of brimstone, the scaled beast large enough to swallow a car whole, if it so chose. The serpent approached a building tucked away in the brimstone, hidden by near-unuse. It was here that Lucifer knew it would find one of its Demons. To be more precise, a Demon that was born into his damnation.

"Touya." The serpent spake as one would imagine that of a snake speaking, with a hissing undertone and harsh extension on the consonant 's'. "What ssssssseemsssss to be the matter?"

The setting changes from Earth to Hell


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Lucifer gave an understanding smile. "That is understandable. And I understand that there is more pressure than that of before to win. To survive." Lucifer nodded, knowing that these words were true. God would not put mercy upon His former creations, and Lucifer had no doubt that God would not be any easier upon Touya. If anything, he would be judged much harsher, being a creation not of His Own. "But I believe in our kind. I believe we can win. Mostly..." Lucifer got down Touya's level, looking him in the eye. "...I believe in you." A confident smile. "You were reared by the Root of Magic in your art, and its blood courses within you. I have no doubt that you will make us proud. That you will make me proud."

Lucifer knew that, when the Seven Years of Tribulation were over, he was to be cast into the lake of fire, destroyed and consumed by God's 'holy' judgment and fury. His intention was not to survive, himself. Moreover, his case was to destroy the very essence of good so that when God rebuilt the world to be 'perfect', the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit would find Himself alone. An eye for an eye, a hypocritical Being for His Creation.

But, as far as Lucifer was concerned, for the sake of his Army, the Legions of Hell would win.

Lucifer gave a small sound of Hellish attention, several imps flying to their Master. The Lord of Hades spoke in the Demonic tongue, the floating flaming skulls flying to the far circles of Hell to alert the High Demons of a meeting called by their Lord. Turning back to Touya, he noted the interruption of reading that he had done. Lucifer pointed to the book Touya had held. "What were you reading, there?"