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Voodoo Doll

0 · 152 views · located in My Imagination

a character in “My Playground”, as played by PsychoNezumi


I have been called many things, most people online call me Nezu though.

I turned 22 last November.

I am of the girly female gender.

Time Zone
I live in California so I’m pacific standard time. I’m most often active between 10:00pm and 1:00Am but it tends to vary.

Life Status
I suffer from a chronic illness so I don’t have a job and am unable to go to school. If I were to name my life status I guess I’d call myself a lonely little shut in.

RP Time
When I find a good rp or good people to rp with I can spend an hour or so a day on writing. I would rp a lot more often accept I’ve found it hard to find a good RP that doesn’t get abandoned.

General Ideas
I tend to have ideas floating around in my head all the time, but the only specific one I have for this rp at the moment is a character of mine I think might fit in well in this kind of universe. She’s pretty complicated and hard to explain, her name is Voodoo Doll she’s an evil undead villainess. I like the idea of her in a futuristic universe, original her powers came from magic but she could make a great mad scientist type.

Example Writing

Voodoo stood looking up at the large cross that stood in the middle of the chapel. She wasn’t sure why she had been compelled to come here in the middle of the night, but that didn’t matter, she stood there her mind going over everything she hated about the convent. She loathed the clothes they forced her to wear to cover her scars, how the sisters and priests looked at her silver hair and ash white skin with disgust. Above all she despised the book they all worshiped and forced her to study at length, as if it was the only important thing in life.
Letting out a loud scream the raging girl began tearing off the night clothes that covered her scarred body. She knew she wasn’t meant to be here, that she had knowledge far beyond what the sisters seemed to know, and she had urges. Strong overwhelming urges to rip and tear at these women who plagued her. When one of them would annoy her she found herself staring at them for hours on end imagining what it would feel like to sink her nails into their skin, shredding it like paper. She could even picture the blood between her fingers and flesh under her nails.
When she had finally managed to tear the suffocating fabric from her body, she heard the doors behind her open, Sister Marie walked in gasping when she saw the girl naked “Dolores what on earth are you doing?!”. Voodoo turned glaring at her, as she walked into the moonlit church. The shaken nun walked over to her “my dear girl, you mustn’t do this.” Voodoo’s only reply was a dark chuckle, as she brought her delicate hand and sharp nails up to her own face. Without warning she began digging her nails into her cheek slicing through her pale skin. Sister Marie screamed putting her hand to her own cheek which was miraculously incurring wounds identical to voodoo’s, the nun pleaded with her to stop but Voodoo only continued tearing at her own skin watching the nun writhe in pain. Satisfied with her work voodoo dropped her bloody hand and picked up a letter opener from amongst the torn remnants of her torn clothes as she walked closer to the bloodied woman. “Marie, if this god of yours really existed” she spoke softly as she knelt down in front of the terrified woman “there is no way in hell he’d let something like me walk this earth.” With that Voodoo plunged the letter opener into the nun’s chest and began chuckling with delight as she watched her slowly die.

So begins...

Voodoo Doll's Story