Dr. Richard Holmes

-sigh- Why must you stand there? There is work to be done.

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Dr. Richard Holmes
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Sherlock, Rick, Dick, Richy, Rich

appearance. A white lab coat, khaki dress pants, black socks and shoes, and a white dress shirt and tie, is what makes Richard the epitome of what a scientist should appear to the world around them. His face is normally clean shaven, and his hair is kept short and neat, as he has no desire to style his hair in any way, shape, or form. Standing at five (5) feet and nine (9) inches, he would not be an opposing figure within the complex, however, his attitude and facial expressions more than make up for his average height. To those around him, he regards as only things, but to those who know him best will find that he is not as harsh as he makes himself out to be.

Life outside of the complex had taken it's tole on his body and mind. As he can be often seen with a tired look in his eyes, and is constantly rubbing them with his left thumb and forefinger, before returning to work. He has been told, on multiple occasions, that he must rest, but when someone does, he could be seen hunched over a computer, writing up reports or researching for more knowledge on his charges.
markings. Richard has a scar running from his right shoulder to the middle of his chest. The scar is old, and thus, it is white. To those who ask him what had happened, they will only find a cold glare in response.


personality. Richard might seem melancholy and stern because he lives by self-discipline and responsibility. He evaluates everything and doesn't take daring chances without weighing the advantages and disadvantages first. To the onlooker, he might seem boring but it is the serious drive and structured way of life that allows him to feel safe. His self-sufficiency is often mistook for coldness, but he is not as cold as he seems, this might be apparent just because he enjoys doing everything himself. This way there is no worry about something not finished or not done properly. It is all about the control of his surroundings and his daily life and sometimes this spills into other people's lives. He believes he can give structure and organize other people's lives too, which they can but others might see this as intrusive and not welcome any of his suggested changes. According to him, there is only a right way and a wrong way to do things and this idea makes him closed minded, stubborn and reluctant to agree with others. This is an ongoing lesson for him, knowing that there is more then one way of doing things and even though his way is usually right, it does not mean that he has to impose his ways on others.

fears. Richard's most important need is security, financial and material security. This is the driving force behind his ambitious character and all other personality traits of desire to succeed. He is very concerned with his public standing and prestige. He is mainly a loner, but also has the need to feel appreciated. Fortunately, he excels at hiding this truth. Being very self contained, he has many faces they present to the world, and is normally aloof and indifferent, but this is him, concealing himself from the world. Unfortunately, he may never know who he really is. This causes feelings of insecurity and causes him to question his own self worth. This makes it difficult to get close emotionally to anyone, because once he allows someone in, he will not want to let them go. Any sort of emotional connection makes him feel vulnerable, and yet, satisfied at the same time. This is an ongoing internal conflict of contradictions inside the mind of Richard.


Becoming angry
Loud noises to the point of not being able to hear his thoughts



opinion on charges. Nira- He sees her as a beautiful bird in a gilded cage, and secretly enjoys being near her. Draco- He rarely cares for the snake-boy, but makes sure that he is well fed and has plenty of water to drink. Together- Richard would rather put them both under a microscope and be studied intensely, poking and prodding them until receiving sufficient results, then discarded if broken. As it is not the case, he tends to push them to the breaking point, and beyond.

their perspective. These are your new charges. Take care of their well being, and you shall be given compensation for your time here. That was the last time Richard had spoken with his new employer, the last time he had seen her. Glaring down at the papers that were handed to him, he leafed through them quickly. Finding them to be of no interest to him, he decides to check the files within his employer's office. Within merely fifteen minutes, he had located the correct files that he needed. "Experiments on human DNA," he muttered with a slight smile that played upon his lips, "Something of interest at last. Perhaps it shall stave the boredom from my mind for longer than a week, this time."

A smile crept to the edges of his face, pulling it taught with unused muscles. "I will greatly enjoy learning more about my new charges," he whispered quietly to himself. "Strange how they had neglected to inform me on how old they had grown up to be. No matter," he cracked his knuckles and neck, then arched his back until he heard it pop, "These new charges of mine shall provide me with the entertainment I seek."

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