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Leslie Wakeshima

"Oh come on, 70 is not that bad!"

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a character in “My Sister And I...”, as played by TheodoraMina


Leslie Wakeshima

"Oh come on, 70 is not that bad!"


Name: Leslie Park
Nicknames: 'Lee'; 'L'
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Birth Date: 30 November
Occupation: Student

Height: 5"9'
Weight: 136
Tattoos: "힘" on his right wrist

Description: A pretty boy; tall and slender, with an attractive face and complexion, Leslie is nothing short of pretty, if not handsome. Due in part to that, he looks younger than he actually is (not significantly though, considering how old he currently is). His hair is naturally black but is typically dyed different colors depending on Leslie's preferences at the time (Presently, it is brown).

Leslie typically dresses well, with a wardrobe containing clothing catered to most situations imaginable. At home, he opts for something more casual, like a singlet matched with a pair of shorts. When he goes out, he is usually wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a pair of jeans (in hot weather, he'll roll up the sleeves). This also applies to the blazing hot summer - he merely unbuttons a top button and rolls his sleeves up.

Personality: In a word - languid; Leslie by nature prefers to take things slow and easy. In fact, sometimes so slow and easy he doesn't even do it at all. According to him, if he can delay it long enough without consequences, it's probably not that important. However, if he is convinced that something requires his swift and focused efforts, he would display a side to him that is almost uncharacteristic to those who know him - one so highly driven and intensively pursuing the desired end.

Due to his nature, perhaps, he is also very slow to anger and frustration. In another sense, his level of tolerance is exceptionally high. It takes a lot to anger him - usually a serious threat against his brother or sister (it's cool if he knows the threat or words targeted against them are made in jest). One exceptional characteristic is his ability to calm himself down before acting rashly due to his emotions - and also to mediate arguments.

Peers would cite one such situation where he and a friend was arguing. The argument appeared to be spiraling out of control, with the friend slamming the table, and clearly on the verge of resorting to violence. However, instead of getting mad as well, Leslie smiled. He acknowledged the friend's anger and frustration, summarized his points, clarified his own, and suddenly, the tense atmosphere subsided in favor of one where the friend was calmer and somewhat more apologetic. That was the closest Leslie has ever came to blows with anyone, and peers would always cite this story whenever they speak of his 'love for peace' - as they put it.

  • His siblings
  • His friends
  • Night-time
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Reading
  • Doing Nothing
  • Learning
  • Languages

  • Liars
  • Bullies
  • Homework
  • Studying
  • Sweating
  • Being Betrayed
  • Bitter Stuff

Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean (learning)
Family: Father, Mother, Brother, Sister
Hometown: Manson

Relationship Background: Leslie, as un-masculine as it may seem, believes in true love, and awaits such a phenomenon to enter his life. He is straight, and hopes to one day find a girl that he would be willing to give his all for. He has had some girls he thought he would stay with, but it mostly ended with them leaving him for another guy (while still in the relationship; hence his dislike for being betrayed).

Background: Born into the Wakeshima family as it's oldest child, Leslie had high expectations heaped on him. Fortunately, his siblings were born some time after, so the burden of the family's future was now shared among them. His parents heavily emphasized the value of education, and as such, forced him to study very intensively even when he was younger, forcing him to pick up several extra languages besides English, like their native Japanese, Chinese, and later (of Leslie's own choosing), Korean.

Growing up, it was more and more academic workload piled on him. Ultimately, he began to grow to hate school, merely attending because he didn't want to be chased out of the house, or get into fights with his parents. At present, he has discovered his love for languages and is planning to study as many languages as possible to become a translator (and leave the town for other places).

Theme Songs:

Ring Ding Dong | SHINee
Bubbly | Colbie Caillat

So begins...

Leslie Wakeshima's Story