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Alizah Leal

"If you care about me, you'll let me go."

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a character in “My Soul Animal”, as played by Maeve


Alizah Leal


House #4

Girl w/ Soul Animal



Alizah is very quiet. She is graceful, unnaturally so. It is one of the qualities that is most prominent about her, to recognize her as a human who indeed is bonded with a Soul Animal. She seems to light up a room when she's in it. She can work magic, but with only her hands. You get an electric current when you touch any part of her skin, almost like a shock, but it soon subsides into a gentle humming. Everything around her is a silver pool of light. People who surround her feel the benefit of it. Through her hands she can make anything come to life. If she transforms, she can, indeed, fly. She can also control nature. [Ex: plants, trees, rocks, vines.] She emits a sort of faint glow, in the dark. She has vivid dreams that often predict the shifty future.

In a word?
Alizah is a complicated book. Some of her more stronger traits: she believes in doing what's right, and she'll often inform others on her input. She is very optimistic and down-to-earth. You'll never find her daydreaming or dozing off. She's patient and can stay still for long periods of time. She loves to meditate and center herself. Alizah has to have quiet to sleep, though she doesn't mind loud noises. She has vivid dreams that often foretell the future.

Alizah is rather secretive. She has a complicated past and is a privacy fanatic, though she won't mind opening up to a few people. Her smile is often displayed, along with her laugh. She is rather outgoing. She doesn't believe in lying or sugar-coating things; you can always count on her to tell the truth. She sees the big picture more often than not and isn't very talkative, yet her aura of energy and such goodness, attracts many people. She is unpredictable, she is a bit mysterious. Despite this, she makes friends often, and her friends love her. She is a good listener and leader. She enjoys giving advice and help. Wants to travel.

Brief Description
Standing at 5'9", Alizah is rather tall for a girl, with sinewy arms and legs that are muscled but not heavily so. Her long hair changes colors over seasons; usually during the summer it is a pale strawberry blond; in the winters' it is a red- is often pulled into a braid or falling down her back in steady waves. Her eyes are the strongest blue and often mesmerize anyone brave enough to glance into them. They are blue orbs that can make you smile or cry or whatever emotion she is feeling. Her body is lithe, yet she isn't skinny. Her face is drawn, with high cheekbones, a stubborn chin, and white teeth.


* The color orange.
* Long walks.
* The ocean.
* Spicy foods.
* Exotic accents.
* Being herself.
* Soft fabrics.
* Sleeping.
* Travelling.
* Reading.
* Music.
* Art.


* People who tell her what to do.
* Bossy people.
* Extreme cold.
* Hardness.
* Greasy food.
* Sitting still.
* Lying.
* Drinking.
* People who get wasted at parties.
* Too-sweet foods.


* Her endurance.
* Her ability to defend herself.
* She can run very fast.
* She can do complex math problems in her head.
* Good memory.
* Makes friends easily.


* Her need to help those hurt.
* Her fear of tight spaces.
* Cannot kill anybody.
* She is allergic to various processed foods.
* She is a vegetarian and cannot survive on meat.

Will find out in RP. Just a few things to know off the bat;
She was abandoned by her parents as a child and raised in a group home.
She was abused physically and mentally by one of her caretakers.
She found refuge in the woods, where she was raped at 13.
She got lost in the woods once and stayed stranded for 3 days.

Love Interest
None yet.

Theme Song


Her Soul Animal



Given above. About the same size, as well.

So begins...

Alizah Leal's Story