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My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong


Four college students go on a roadtrip to California and find themselves caught in the apocalypse. The only way to save themselves is to get to Area 51, a shelter in Nevada.

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Road Trip!

Loretta Lovett, a girl of 21, was packing her bag when there was a sudden knock at the front door. She raced down the stairs and threw open the door. Standing there was her best friend, ____. Together, they and two other friends, Christine Young and Dimitri Jones were all going on a road trip in an RV they had rented from their little town in Rhode Island to Los Angeles, California. The four of them were all in college, but knew each other from high school. Since they all went to local colleges, they decided that this would be a great opportunity for them to spent time together this summer.
With the others already in the RV, Lori grabbed her suitcase and joined them. It was going to be a great time! Nothing could touch them this summer! And everything went fine.
Until the apocalypse stopped them. Quite literally, too. All of them believed that it was supposed to happen (if it even was) in December, but they were very, very wrong. Some bizarre light ripped over the horizon, overturning cars and buildings. Quickly, ____ swerved the vehicle, flipping it and throwing the passengers every which way. They were all knocked unconscious.
The first one up, Christine found herself staring out the window into the darkness. But it wasn’t night or even a bleak landscape. It was dirt. The RV had been overturned and was flipped into a ditch. It was cool in the RV, but dark. Feeling around for where she was, she pulled herself to the seat where the emergency kit was stashed. Suddenly, though, she heard something on the roof (or rather, the floor as the bus was upside down). It sounded large and animalistic. Was is a dog? A loud, low growl came from whatever it was. All she could think of was a lion, but that couldn’t be possible.
When the thing finally went away, she got the flashlight, spilling a few things from the seat that was hanging on the ceiling and waking up the others.
Getting outside, the group found that it was very hot. What was formerly a lush forest on Long Island was now a wasteland. But that wasn’t the only problem. Now they had to face this new world of strange things, but their food was limited. They decided that, since the RV was wrecked, they would continue on by foot with what they could carry to New York City. There, it wasn’t long before they met ____ and ____, two other survivors who had met each other in New York as well. ____ informed the group that there was a way to survive. In Nevada, a place called Area 51 was actually a shelter for the survivors of the apocalypse which the government had known about for years. But it wouldn’t be easy and certainly wouldn’t be safe. They would have to stick together to survive. Out there they would encounter hellhounds, zombies, swarms of mutant insects, animals that had escaped from zoos, and rival groups of people that would want to kill them for their supplies.
But with the weapons they have crafted and found in New York, they must fight their way to the safety of Nevada to begin a new life.

The Cast:

Lori Lovett|Face Claim: Christina Perri|She is a calm girl. She is a gymnast and a hard worker. She is agile and flexible. She was going to school for writing. She is the scout, the girl who will go out into an unexplored area first to get a good look around and then report back to the group about what to expect. In love with Guy 1 and his best friend. She is very good with a daggers.

Christine Young|Face Claim: Taylor Momsen|She is a smart girl. She was studying to be a nurse. She is the girl who comes up with plans as well as sees the holes in them. She is the healer, the girl who will save someone’s life when they are hurt. She knows about different kinds of plants and which ones are safe to eat and which ones can be used for medicine. In love with guy 3 and guy 2’s best friend. She is skilled with a bow and arrow.

Girl 3 {RESERVED}| Face Claim: Lana del Rey|She is a brave girl. She is the one who will be the first out to fight. She knows how to use weapons. She is the motivator, the girl who will lead the others and start the fire that will motivate them all. She knows how to kill anything that comes at them. In love with guy 2. She is very good with a gun.

Guy 1 {OPEN}|Face Claim: Brandon Lee|He is a quiet guy, but he’s smart. He is a musician and went to school for music. He is the protector, the guy that will guard the group when and attack comes. He is also the one to fight the most and risk his own life. He is extremely agile and flexible, having talking many years of MMA. He is in love with Lori and her best friend. He is skilled with daggers.

Dimitri Jones|Face Claim: Jake Gyllenhaal|He is a kind guy. He was studying to become a lawyer. He is very strong and quick, but also stealthy. He is the hunter, the guy who will hunt for food as well as be the one to lead an ambush. He isn’t afraid to fight and is very good at it. In love with girl 3 and girl 2’s best friend. He is good with a gun.

Guy 3 {OPEN}|Face Claim: Ben Barnes (if you want a different actor, this is the only one you may change as long as you ask!)|He is a mysterious guy. He knows how to fight and how to fight well. He doesn’t reveal a lot about himself or his life. He is the navigator, the guy who will get everyone to where they need to be. He seems to be the only one who knows the way as well as the only one who really knows about survival. He knows about plants and animals and what is safe to eat. He also is crafty and can create weapons, shelters, and traps. In love with girl 2. Skilled with any handcrafted weapon.

Code: Select all
[center][size=290][font=georgia][b]Name you like to be called[/b][/font][/size]
[size=200]Full Name[/size]
[img]picture/gif of your face claim (Preferably gif)(not optional)[/img][/center]
[b]Role:[/b] guy/girl 1, 2, or 3

[center][img]picture or gif(optional)[/img]
[b][u]Let me tell you about myself…[/u][/b]
[b]I am:[/b] Age (between 19 and 22)
[b]I was going to school for:[/b] (or if you were not going to school.)
[b]My best qualities are:[/b]
[b]My greatest flaws are:[/b]
[b]A secret I have is:[/b]
[i]Type a small paragraph about anything else you may want us to know about your personality, how you act around others, what your habits are, your likes, dislike, hobbies, etc. Put a little thought into it.[/i]

[img]picture of your normal outfit that you wear. Does not have to be your face claim (not optional)[/img]
[u][b]My outfit…[/b][/u][/center]
[b]I wear:[/b] describe your outfit.
[b]I also carry a [url=link to picture of you bag (optional)]bag[/url] with me. In it I keep[/b]: describe the items that you are carrying. Don’t go overboard and remember they have to fit in the bag and you’d have to have either taken them with you or found them. If you took them with you, explain why. If you found them, explain where. Use a bulleted list!
[b]Other than the things in my bag, I also carry:[/b] One item your character may just carry. It may be a personal item or a larger weapon.

[center][img]another picture of gif(optional)[/img][/center]
[b][u]My past…[/u][/b]
[b]Before getting into this mess:[/b]
[i]Type 3 paragraphs. 1 about your character’s life beforehand, one about what they wanted to do with their life, and one about their goals for their new life.[/i]
[center][img]one last picture or gif! (not optional)[/img][/center]

~Moving/controlling other people’s characters is acceptable within reason. You may say Joe asks Bob “can you hold this for a second?” He gave the bag to Bob and reached into the water to get Jane’s hat. simple actions like that are fine even things like Jim pulled Jill to the side as the fire spread. “RUN!” he yelled as the group all fled to the safety of the river. You don’t need to wait for someone to reply saying that they ran. You have now said that they ran SO THEY DID. What you can’t do is Jeff began to go swimming as Jen walked along the lake before. Suddenly she was attacked by a giant landshark. If you are not Jen, then you can’t say that something happened to her character. I will warn you if you are being too controlling of other characters. The point is that we don’t need six posts saying that each character ran. You can say that in you next post as long as you add something else to your posts.
~Write each post to further the plot. Don’t just say Jay swam in the lake. instead say Jay, seeing Joy swimming in the lake, decided that her would join her. He wanted to tell her something and cool off as well. Swimming over to her, he confessed “I killed your father.” Make something happen, add a plot twist, anything like that. I may be the GM, but I should not completely control the plot. If you are really looking forward to a zombie attack, then make a zombie attack. You will be added to my list people I love.
~Write long posts. I see any one liners, I will cry.
~To prove you read these, write “Pickles” on your character sheet.
~Reservations will last for one day.
~If you can’t post often, don’t join because you will fall behind.
~OOC will be used for many things involving the plot, summary, and other things. Check it often.
~Be nice to people in OOC.
~Do not say you’ll join or reserve a spot if you know that you actually won’t get a sheet up.
~I am God in OOC. What I say goes and no arguing
~There obviously can be romance, but the main point of this will be to enjoy the apocalypse.
~Try to remember your setting.
~Abandon your characters if you can’t continue. You will be replaced by someone else!
~To prove you actually read all of these, ignore the pickles rule and instead write what animal you will obtain (you will all get an animal sometime in this RP, when you decide-so you may already have it if it’s a pet-and it can be whatever you want since wild animals have escaped from the zoo. Well, not fish ‘cause that would be a little hard.). Any sheet marked with “pickles” will be rejected.
~Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Lori Lovett
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Character Portrait: Christine Young
Christine Young

"I'm too nice for you to hate me."

Character Portrait: Lori Lovett
Lori Lovett

"Silence and patience equal results."


Character Portrait: Christine Young
Christine Young

"I'm too nice for you to hate me."

Character Portrait: Lori Lovett
Lori Lovett

"Silence and patience equal results."

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Character Portrait: Lori Lovett
Lori Lovett

"Silence and patience equal results."

Character Portrait: Christine Young
Christine Young

"I'm too nice for you to hate me."

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Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

This probably counts for nothing, but I'm still here. So... If you decide we're doing it, send me a private message.

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

Although I'd hate to say this, we never got all of our characters and I have also run out of time. I'm going on a three-week trip in six days and won't really have internet access for that time. Also, i doubt many of you are actually still here. Therefore, i don't think that we will be doing this afterall. At least not now. Maybe when i get back, I'll be able to make this a better RP that will actually fill six spots. So, I'm so so so so so so sorry, but this RP is on hold T-T

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

Hey, I have... A girl. Idk which one, I forgot. And since I use 3rd person so much, I'm going to vote 1st :D

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

Ya know, second person. You, your, etc.

No, just kidding! might mpbe interesting to do it in first person(I, my, me). I'll let you guys vote! First person or third (he, she, they, them, his, her)?

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

He's absolutely perfect.

Also, what point-of-view will we be writing in?

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

So you all are in love with Jake as well... Good....Good...

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

May I reserve girl 3?

By the way, I really hope someone takes Jake Gyllenhaal.. I am MADLY in love with him.

Re: My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

Id like to reserve the Brandon Lee face character :D

My Summer Road Trip Gone Wrong

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