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Finn Berggren

"The night is nice and all, but imagine walking freely around the world during the day."

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a character in “Mystic Grove”, as played by greenmousee



"You say I'll be able to go out into the sunlight?"



Finn Berggren





Male #8


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Bill Skarsgård




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Light Brown

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|{General Appearance}|
Finn possesses the Swedish qualities, being tall, and lean. His distinct hairstyle, with his hair styled back. He also has the appearance of a 23 year old, although he is already 97. He’s a good looking fella, that can easily lure women or men with his charm. Most likely to be found at the The Tavern where he works as a waiter/bartender.


Finn is a being who cares for little, and when he does care for something he is usually really passionate about it. He is a little self-centered, and likes to satisfy his own needs before others. Finn is a person of the night, he’s easygoing to an extent. He can get distracted by his gnawing urges, which also prevent him from really pursuing anyone, because he’s scared to hurt them. He is a nice guy, with an attitude toward certain people.

▲ Sunsets
▲ Cider
▲ Heights
▲ People Watching
▲ Cats

▼ Sunlight
▼ His Urges
▼ Garlic Bread
▼ Being Controlled
▼ Being Alone


"I'm trying to control myself, but I have a feeling that I just might sink my teeth into the next human who walks in here."


Born to a vampire mother, Finn never knew his human father who left the family soon after his birth. He knew all about what his mother was, and lived a normal human life till the age of eighteen. His mother at that age gave him the choice of becoming a vampire, which he took without hesitation. His mother and he usually fed off of animal blood, but one Halloween he brought a girl over his apartment and accidentally bit her too hard during foreplay, tasting human blood he went in a frenzy and viciously attacked the poor girl, killing her in his apartment. Panicking he disposed of her body, and stripped his apartment of evidence. From that moment on he was addicted to that sweet taste of human blood, although he drinks animal blood he craves for some human blood. His mother found out about his incident within a few days and made him promise that he wouldn't go berserk and kill the humans in the town. He agreed, and whenever his urges are to strong to resist he leaves the premises of the town and picks up a human, drinks their blood, and then erases their memory.

This has become a routine thing for him, his urges don't usually last long once satisfied. He can go on animal blood for a while before another urge comes up again. The only thing Finn doesn't like about being a vampire is that his ability to be out in the daylight is limited. He mustn't at all go into sunlight, but he can be in the shadows during the day. He personally likes the day life, but is forced to be a creature of the night. He doesn't mind since he's done it for 79 years. Although he has recently met a Vargulf who said he has an ability that would allow Finn to venture out into the sunlight for short periods of time.

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"It seems that someone has decided to pay me a visit."

So begins...

Finn Berggren's Story


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Finn honestly wasn't surprised to hear the news of the mayors death, sure he was a good man or that's all he hears now that he's eternally sleeping. He actually went to the funeral because his mother begged him to, he watched all the townsfolk mourn the death of their mayor. He stood far away from them, in the shadows, since the funeral was during the day. And Finn didn't mess with the sun. He returned home soon after the people slowly dispersed, only to be informed that there is some sort of event tomorrow that the town will be present at.

"Another public event? Is it a must?" Finn asks his mother over the phone as he sits in his apartment smoking a cigar. "Finny, I know you don't like being out there, but if it helps I'll join you tomorrow morning, just come by and pick me up." Finn sighs and took a long drag and blew out the smoke before replying "I'm only attending because of you, and your reputation. What time am I to be there?" His mother in an overjoyed tone replies "Great, Be here before twelve." He ended the call, and puffed on his cigar while watching some tv program until it was pretty late.

When the moon came into his view he smiled and finally stood up stretching his aching muscles. He opened the blinds to let the moonlight in, as he stood there the moonlight washed over him and he felt more relaxed than usual. But this action also arose an urge that was nestled deep inside him, one that he sometimes wishes he never found out about. He quickly snapped shut the blinds and decided that he'll visit the cemetery.

Once there he walked around in the shadows of the trees, avoiding the stupid moonlight. He walked around aimlessly sometimes stopping to smoke, hoping that the fresh air would help quell the urge. It would be horrible to leave town now, when he was suppose to attend this town gathering, or whatever it was. Finn stayed in the cemetery up until sunrise, and then ran to his apartment as fast as he could trying to outrun the sun.

Whilst getting ready, he overlooked the minor sunburns that he'd gotten, and since they weren't anything unusual in his life. He called his mother to inform her that he'd pick her up soon, but she wouldn't answer. Instead of trying again, he quickly got into his extremely tinted car and drove to his mother's house. He blared his horn outside her house, and when she wouldn't come out he was forced to leave the car. "I'll go out during the day, Finny, Pick me up Finny, Finny do this and do that." he mocked his mother as he ascended unto her porch. Finding the spare key, he walked into the house with ease and called out Mum, you said you'd be ready by now. Where are you?"

His mother descended the staircase in a nightgown with a light blanket around her shoulders that she was tugging onto tightly. "Finny, I think I might be getting a cold." she said and added a clearly exaggerated coughing fit. "Fuck you too mum, We don't get colds." Finn replies and his face clearly shows how annoyed he is with his mothers act. "Finny, C'mon you know I'm you mother and you shouldn't-""Shouldn't talk to you like that, you coaxed me into leaving my apartment to go with you and now you bail?" Finn asks his mother who slid down to sit on the steps. "Honey I need to someone to be present on my behalf, and since you're my only son, well you've got just walk around talk to some people and if anyone asks I'm not feeling well. That's it, Finny." Finn rolls his eyes "Mum, I'm my own person. I don't want to be your puppet that you can just shove into the daylight. Okay? And Finn, it's Finn!"

Finn left his mother's house alone, and drove to the town square with more than sour mood.

The setting changes from Mystic Grove to Town Square


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Parking his car at the bar his mother owns, which wasn't far from the town square. He adjusted his hair, he cannot look out of order like he did this morning. No one should think that he can't control his urges. He finally got out of his car, and headed towards the town square. He noticed that although people were there it seemed a bit empty. Maybe it was all the negative energy, and their grief over the dead human body that was rotting in the cemetery. He didn't want to seem rude, but how does one pretend to like someone they never did.

He approached the square and decided to make way to the table with the drinks, he sure could use a drink right now. He's stressed out right now and some alcohol would loosen him up a bit. He walked in an elegant way, being alive for over ninety-seven years gave him reason to, he doesn't want to come off as some twenty year old who doesn't know what he's doing. Although he clearly looks like one, if you don't know him. Taking a cup he filled it with some whiskey and downed it in seconds, and then poured himself another full cup before moving away from the table and ascending the stairs of the gazebo that stood in the center of the square.

Finn wanted to observe, he saw Ula and Oscar pouring some drinks at one table, and Rosa with Arturo talking to some people, some humans, passing by the town. He saw Rimara from a distance, she looked like she wasn't ready to go to an event like this. He was right in his assumption when he saw her going away from the town square.

Another urge hit him, as he though about Rimara being the only human that lived in this hell hole. If only she wasn't so nice and innocent for him to hurt. He wished that more humans lived in this supernatural infested town. He looked over to the car that was still there, and saw a young guy's head pop into view. A beautiful young nerdy guy, who probably had sweet tasting blood. He shook at the thought that popped into his head. He mustn't think of blood right now, especially not human.

He groaned as he faced away from the car and mumbled, "Crap, Crap! Just what I needed a new HUMAN family stopping by. It'd be nice if they stayed for a while, but who knows how long I'll control myself with that sweet thing around." Finn knew how to take care of his urges, but if this family did stay for long he would have these urges more often. Then again, this town is lacking humans. Downing his second cup of whiskey he needed a distraction.

He left the gazebo, and was about to approach Ula, but it seemed as if she was too distressed, so he decided to leave her alone. Now he was left alone with Rosa and Arturo who were still hanging around the humans. He wondered how long he had to be present at this thing, before it was considered he officially attended the event.