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Caleria woods is a part of Mystic Winter.

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Cassandra slept, her dreams filled with delusions of grandeur and union between her and Luca. There was something bittersweet between that union: a child. The child would grow with her kindness, or his father's disposition. She hoped, nay, she prayed that their son, or daughter, would gain her attributes. If the child took after her, they could influence the kingdom for good, rather than in a conniving and manipulative manner that would have been bestowed. The seed of Luca took to her, as confirmed by the nurses. Cassandra didn't know how they knew, nor did she want to dwell on that fact. She wasn't looking forward to this pregnancy, but she could look forward to the infant she'd be holding in her arms. In her entire lifetime, she had never pictured herself becoming a mother, let alone a pawn in a greater scheme that involved a Lord. Her right palm moved toward her midsection and she knew that she'd protect the child with every fiber of her being. Should Luca use the child as a pawn against her, she'd figure out a way to cast some sort of protection spell on their child. Although her gift in magic was few, she knew some basic spells that could prove beneficial for the child and herself. As she had witnessed, Luca was not the kind gentleman he had portrayed himself to be. She knew his upbringing well and his role. Some part of her felt sympathy for the man, but she prayed that their child wouldn't be born with that rage.

* * *

Luca watched Cassandra fall into a deep slumber and came out of his reverie, with the knocking at the door. He felt dirtied from the previous act, although he had no choice in the matter. It was either that, or perform a darker craft and that was something he wasn't willing to gamble. The face that greeted him, forced him to soften his features and demeanor. He was still on edge, but the presence of Drift gave him comfort. They were doing this for them. Not Cassandra, or the kingdom. They needed this security, even if it meant giving the role of pawn to the child.

He sighed, tired from his ordeal and the fact that he had to share his room with the woman. It was decided early on, that he would be present for the birth and declare himself as the father. It was the only way. The Elders would have to accept Cassandra as his "wife," and mother to his heir, regardless of her background, or status in life. His shoulders slouched at the thoughts that rolled around in his troubled mind.

What if the child grew to hate him? Another thought manifested, thick with a painful reality: what if Cassandra used the child against him?

Luca didn't know how to answer his own questions and he felt a migraine begin to form. He rubbed at his temple instinctively and wondered if the child shouldn't be raised by a nanny. At that thought, he knew he was following in his parents footsteps and refused to give the child that same treatment.

The worrisome expression on his face didn't wane and he glanced at Drift. Whatever had possessed him earlier, had lifted and the Luca that Drift knew, reappeared.

"Do you have it?" Luca asked, the wearisome tone apparent in his cadence. He pulled Drift in with a gentle touch and quietly locked the door behind him. Nurses stood guard and waved away any curious bystanders.

It was going to be a long evening.