Caleb Black


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a character in “Mystical Darkness”, as played by Finn Mikaelson


Name: Caleb Black

Age: 26

Father: Sirius Black

Mother: Rachel, A Fairie

Race: Faerie Vampire / Wizard.

Changer: Catherine Dark'Allure Salvatore

House: Gryffindor

Caleb at a young age was born into the esteemed Black family. At a young age, he was taught the magics by his parents, and become a rather talented wizard in Wandless Magic. Who his mother is, remains as a mystery although as he grew up through puberty, he started to gain traits of the fairies. On one particular birthday, his father Sirius, explained to him who his mother is, and how he met her and why she was never around, due to the ways of the Fairies. As he grew older, he began to look for his mother when during his travels and studies, he was attacked.

His attacker was none other then Bellatrix Lestrange, who attacked him under her disgust of his bloodline. As time and events passed, he had to live in fear of her and her ways. Soon, when the event of his fathers murder by her hands pass, he developed a strong disgust for her, and considered revenge although at the time he wasn't strong enough to take on one of Voldemort’s servants. More time passed as the Fairie blood within him that disgusted Bellatrix so much, helped cultivate magic for him. The studies passed down on him from his father, helped develop Caleb into a fearsome opponent.

With time he moved more of his studies into Mystic Falls, where he eventually met Catherine Dark'Allure Salvatore. The two got on rather well, although some could say a different story, with time Caleb grew tired of his life as it is, having taken notice of the ways of vampire. He eventually after giving it some thought and requested for Catherine to change him into what she is, during the night. After discussing it his neck was broken as he willingly accepted the change. From then on, he went from a Fairy wizard hybrid, to a Fairy Vampire wizard hybrid.

To this day he is still looking for his mother, and the origins of his family, where he developed the talents of being an Animagus on the way. He has over the seasons, to decades continued to study up on magic when he finally had a lead where his mother was looking into the boundaries of Espers and Wizards last in a building destroyed by one known as 'The fucking Elukist”. Whether or not Caleb finds them, is yet to be told by the strings of fate, the only thing known is, they have a lead to his mother, and the secrets behind Caleb are vast, to vast for any of those involved to know.


Animagus – Takes the same form as his father but looks like a big black shepard

Combustion Sphere– Wandless Magic, by focusing on a particular area, after a few moments if the area isn't moved, it will explode from the inside out. Can, travel up to the size of three classrooms.

Growth Touch – Wandless Magic, by pouring some purified magic from his own body, he can accelerate the aging span of the objects, making wood break when its next stepped on, a seed become a in season plant, or … wither away a limb. Has limited use until more magic pours into the body.

Wandless Magic Mastery – If he sees the spell, and learns the mechanics behind it, he can take it for his own with a 80% success rate.

Word of Death – Start using words only known to hell dwellers, if the person is a sinner, they will drop dead on the fourth verse. That means, murderers must flee when its used.

Dance of Blood – Its really a dance, as corny as it sounds. But the steps and rhythm was created by a god of pain, when its seen, every old wound in a foes body will open up.

So begins...

Caleb Black's Story