Mystic's Red Oak Tavern

Mystic's Red Oak Tavern


A tavern created between all worlds, taking in all strange looking warriors or creatures of any sort and race. No matter what race, gifts, or time you are from.

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Arian Bastion, a reincarnation of Samuel Marcus Jumioko and a former warlord to the Jumioko Clan. He of course remembers his past life perfectly, he just chooses to make out his own now in the future, finding his place in a forest. Arian is part elf and part mystic, a mystic is a creature capable of bending elements to their will with great ease and control as with his elf side he is capable of having pointy ears and perfect hearing, sight and smell. Let's not forget the good looks of a handsome young barkeep. And so once he was mature enough to set out on his own he found his way accidentally into a crossroad between all worlds that every race used to go in and out. And atop the path rest a large massive redwood apparently cherished greatly in the past. It set perfectly atop a cliff overlooking the large sparkling lake of life and the path of course. With his elven red curved eyes, Nolan spent years persuading the tree to take form of a magnificent tavern. Taking shape of rooms of all sizes to welcome any race or being that may come to rest and drink, the lodge was massive, three stories high and tables of all sizes made up of the inner wood of the tree. Passing faeries whom cherished their beloved tree also agreed to Arian's offer, using their magic to give light to the tavern inside and out. Among the lake floating candles that could never be doused out and fireplaces that released heat but no fire.

Inside the tavern it smelt of fresh forest and the smell of meat and food that could draw in any hungry orc or human alike, the barkeep Arian Bastion had finally achieved his dream and now he swung open his doors to all the worlds to come.

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Character Portrait: Arian Bastion Jumioko (Fallen Warlord)

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Arian Bastion Jumioko (Fallen Warlord)


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Arian Bastion Jumioko (Fallen Warlord)

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Racing into the tavern, Arian grumbled as he pulled on his black tank top and batted a pink glittering fairy out of his way that was trying to play with his strange colored hair. It was his opening day and he knew many people would want to come and see this new tavern, the tavern that would change everything. With a glance outside one of the many glass windows that surrounded his tavern he smirked, watching the sun rise above the lake, lighting it up like casting a flame across the surface of the water. With a deep intake of breath, Arian took his place behind the counter, making sure all the bottles of mead, rum, and every other hard and light bottled beverages were in the correct place for him to find quickly. An old gnome in the kitchen was already prepped and ready to start cooking if a hungry customer were to arrive.

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Character Portrait: Arian Bastion Jumioko (Fallen Warlord)


Character Portrait: LadyNadine

skilled in combat but looking for merchenaries and scouts to find the fiends that killed my clan and plundered my village


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