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Chen YanYu

"Who said water was always tranquil?"

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a character in “Mystics: Rise of Disception”, as played by Runika


陳煙雨 Chen YanYu


Nickname: Anna, Yuna, Yanny
Age: 22
Gender: F
Race: Dragon
Ethnicity: Chinese
Origin: China

Appearance Description: Yanyu is a young lady that stands at about 5’7; a height that is quite tall for her ethnicity. She has jet black hair that runs down her back to her waist and dark brown eyes that contrast her rather pale face. Yanyu usually dons more traditional clothing that is comparable to oriental robes. Her hair is either let down to flow freely or tied up to keep her hair out of her vision. Yanyu doesn’t usually like to wear jewelry. She considers them a danger hazard and a hassle to wear around with all the noise they make. Present on her back is an intricate tattoo of a dragon spanning her entire back.

Transformed Appearance: When transformed as a Mystic, Yanyu’s jet black hair lightens as if the water’s blue color were soaked into her hair. Not only has her hair color changed, but the length that was already long was now floor length. Luckily by tying her hair or having it curled, the hair barely touches the ground. Her eyes also become as clear and blue as the water that reflects her image, and her skin seems to have more of a beautiful glow. When her eyes are observed closely, it can be seen that surrounding her pupil is a shade of red or maroon. Her attire has changed, but it is not a drastic one. In place of her usually robes is a flowing white gown. It is accompanied by a sash that wraps around her arms. In her hair are two headpieces; one on each side of her head. They resemble the flaps that can be found on the sides of a dragon’s head. She is now barefoot, and is also wearing more jewelry; but they make no sound, as if merely there for decoration. She now dons silver ankle bracelets on her left ankle, a shimmering crystal headpiece, a blue crystal pendant the shape of a teardrop rests on her neck, and bracelets on her right wrist to match the others.

Orientation: Bisexual
Side: Mystic
Element: Water


Mystic Abilities:
Water Trap – Engulfs the enemy in a large bubble of water, suffocating them and restricting their breathing.
Mist – Creates a fog and/or a mist within an area.
Qiang – Creates a hail of water bullets upon the enemy. They’re small, but pack a punch.
Tide – Good old fashioned tidal wave.

Blood Line Abilities:
Spirit of the Dragon - Enhances focus, accuracy, and attack.

Due to the dragon's affinity to water, Yanyu is able to conjure clouds and rain, and is also able to manipulate water. Breathing underwater is also not a problem and with the help of her abilities, flying is not an impossible task either.

Being of pure dragon blood, she is able to transform into a dragon. When transformed, her scales are different shades of blue, and her eyes still hold that clear azure shade. There are antlers protruding from the top of her head; normally these are used by the rider to hold on. Yanyu loves to fly in dragon form, but she tries to not make a habit of it. There are not many of the dragon race left, and she tends to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Her enlarged body makes for an easy target in the sky, which is why she tends to fly within the covers of the clouds. However when she does transform, her body becomes elongated and is covered in blue scales. When standing on all four feet, she has a height of seven feet. From her head to the end of her tail, she is approximately 30 feet long.

Note: Yanyu does not possess all these abilities at the moment. She possesses those of her blood line, but even within those abilities her power is limited. It isn't until later that she will hone her abilities and become stronger. For example, in the beginning she may only be able to transform into a dragon once a day. Be logical, she's not a god. She can't control what isn't there. There is water in the air, but it is limited, and therefore her attacks will be limited based on her surroundings. That is until she unlocks her Mystic powers. Hypothetically it will allow her to manipulate more water from her environment, but it still isn't going to let her manipulate what isn't there.

She’s been trained in Kung Fu for only ten years. Yanyu is a fairly good cook since she grew up in a patriarchy and was expected to grow up as a lady. In addition, she is very skilled in the use of her Liu Ye Dao, a Chinese sword.

Weapon: Liu Ye Dao

Personality: Yanyu has a seemingly laid back and easy going personality because she tends to just go with the flow. However she only does so to avoid any unnecessary conflicts. For the majority of her childhood, if she got into a scuffle, she was always the first one to have the finger pointed at and blamed. After a while she learned to just ignore whatever was thrown at her. She is hard working and courageous, but she is not all that affectionate. Her politeness may come off as kind or caring, but many of her actions are merely manners. Sure, she’s not evil or rude, but she’s not a saint. She won't turn a blind eye to those in need of help because it is considered cowardly, but she is only doing it due to the way she was brought up, and not because she wants to be a hero. She is not the type of person that will not immediately rush up to a child and kiss their wounds; that was not the treatment she was given when she was their age.

Another thing that Yanyu has gained from growing up in her household are personality traits that many find endearing. These include respect, gratefulness, and loyalty. Yanyu will always show respect to those older than her in the first meeting. If they prove to be undeserving of the respect, then she will retract it. Otherwise it is a necessity to show those with seniority.

Brief History: As a child, Yanyu was very docile due to the strict upbringing of her parents. However as she aged, she did not like the way she was treated differently from her older and younger brother just because she was a female. They were able to start training in martial arts at the age of 5 or 6, whereas she had to beg for six years to finally undergo training. Because of the six year head start, both of her brothers are stronger martial artists than she is. Because she is of dragon blood, she, her family, and her clan live in a palace in a secluded part of China. Her great-great-great-grandfather, one of the emperor's favored men, was giving a high ranking and as a result was given a large area of land. Since then, those of dragon blood that belonged to his family have lived peacefully together.

As long as she was in the vicinity of her clan, she was safe. After all, who would try and attack a group of dragons?

The Chinese dragon was known to have auspicious powers such as control over rainfall, storms, hurricanes, and floods. The dragon itself is a symbol of strength, willpower, and good luck. It is no surprise that the clan's symbol is also a dragon. Tattooed on her entire backside is the image of a dragon, showing her love and devotion to her blood and her clan. Dragons of western culture are not to be associated with those of Chinese culture. While western dragons are menacing and meant to be revered, the Chinese dragon is one to be respected and honored. Though western dragons are known to breathe fire, Chinese dragons are associated with water such as waterfalls, rivers, or seas. However Yanyu was taught that although water gives life to those around, it can also destroy as seen by storms, hurricanes, and floods.

Transforming into a dragon was something that everyone in her family and clan could do, it wasn't anything special. Every dragon transformation was different, but Yanyu's seemed to be abnormal. They had seen dragons with green scales, gold scales, red scales, even black scales and those with white ones, but never one with blue scales. They found her transformation strange, and she avoided transforming in front of others due to all the talk. It will be later that she realizes because she is the Mystic of Water that her scales are colored the way they are.

Other: ♫ She is the one, Sailor Moon! ♪

So begins...

Chen YanYu's Story


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#, as written by Runika
Her eyes blinked open just in time to catch the morning's first rays of light. With a small sigh Yanyu sat up in her bed, looking around the empty bedroom. Her instincts told her she had waken up ten minutes later than she was supposed to. The upcoming encounter was not going to be pleasant. Deciding there was no point in trying to rush herself, she slowly got out of bed and started to count down.

One. She pulled on the edges of her covers and began to make her bed.

Two. Fluff up her pillows so that they looked presentable when she was to return.

Three. Take her time observing her bed.

Five. The head servant comes barging into her room. Right on cue.

"Young mistress, this is unacceptable. You are late! Quai dian!" Hurry up. She yelled.

How unnecessary. She was already up, yelling would do her no good. As the older woman continued to bicker, Yanyu moved around the room unfazed and trying to block out the noise that she directed towards her. She wondered when the older woman would get tired of trying to reprimand her so often. Her old age was already started to take a toll on her. If she continued to pester Yanyu like this every morning than she will spend too much energy on something useless. Frustrated, the older servant eventually gave up and threw her hands in the air, finally leaving the young lady in peace. Alone at last, she sighed and started to go about her daily routine. She changed out of her silk night gown into her usual oriental robes and garments and combed her long black hair through before deciding to leave it Jdown for the day.

Honestly she still could not understand why the daughter of the clan leader was treated like a commoner. Yes, they had servants, but her father believed that she should be brought up properly as a lady, and learn to cook and work around the household. Of course she did well in all the tasks given to her, but she dreaded it. It was unfair how she was treated just because she was born a female. Her passion for the martial arts, swordsmanship, and fighting were no less than the passion her brothers had. If anything, she had more passion than the both of them. Yet, her father still did not understand.

Slipping on a pair of slippers, she stepped out to take a breath of the morning air. It smelled peaceful and pleasant, something she always enjoyed. The sun was just starting to rise in the horizon, producing a dull color in the sky. Dusk and dawn were perhaps her favorite times of the day. It was when everything was so serene and beautiful, as if the world was still at peace and there was no such person as the 'president'.

"Yanyu-ah, jin lai!" Come in! She heard someone call.

"Lai le." Coming. She replied. After a last glance at the tranquil scenery, she turned and headed back inside the household, not eager for the rest of her day to begin.


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The ageless man looked up at the young girl who approached him. She was quite the fiery female and her comment about the water he had asked for made him smile. Money was something he worried not about. His immortality had allowed him to gather vast wealth, and thus when he retrieved the roll of hundreds from his pocket; he removed one and placed it into the hand of Syeira.

“Syeira Eason, it is good to finally meet you,” Naja began, “do not speak, but rather listen. I am Naja, and you, my dear, are something far more than a simple human.”

Naja raised his hand slightly to keep Syeira from speaking before he continued.

“You’ve been searching for someone am I right? Someone who is close to you, and by the looks of it…” Naja glanced over at Casamir slightly, but not too much so as to give anything away, “that person is closer to you than you think. My dear, you’re probably wondering why I have come here.”

Suddenly, everything in the room stopped. Everyone’s movements ceased and it seemed that only Syeira and Naja moved.

“You’ve heard of vampires and werewolves and the like no? Well, imagine having the power to put a stop to that which threatens our world. You have that power within you Syeira. You are part witch. Please hear me out! You are what is known as a mystic, a being capable of accessing dormant power within them to transform and fight against or with evil. Your powers lie dormant within you, and to activate them, I need only touch you. If you want to know more, here is my card.”

Naja placed a card on the table, and inscribed on it was an incantation that read “Solvia Lumus Verde.”

“Just speak the words on the card and I’ll be there.”

The spell would transport Syeira to Naja’s location, if and only if she was serious and wanted to know more.

“You think you’ve seen all this world has to offer Syeira? You are quite mistaken. To a Mystic, anything is possible; you just simply have to believe.”

Naja had closed his hand, but when he opened it, a pink orb floated out of it and sparkled with energy.

“To us, there is nothing we can’t do, but it takes training and dedication. A great evil has risen Syeira, in fact the one you tussled with verbally earlier was one of them. He was a werewolf, a creature dark and sinister that feasts on the flesh of the living. Remember my words Syeira and be careful, for not all is as it seems. Speak to no one about this Syeira, unless you wish to lose your life by those who hide in the dark shadows. Speak this to NO ONE!”

There was a flash of light and Naja was gone, leaving behind the 100 dollar bill and the card. Everything returned to normal, and everyone was moving again. Syeira was left with much to contemplate. Still, Naja’s work was not done; he had to find the others. He sat atop the tavern and once again the photos appeared in front of him. Chen YanYu. Naja stood to his feet and once again was off to find this particular individual. When Naja arrived at the dragon den, he smiled feeling the presence of the dormant mystic magic.

"She's here," he said softly as he approached the very large estate. Guards instantly approached him.

"What business do you have here sir?" They asked holding their weapons tightly.

"I am here on official MYSTIC business. Be ye steady and allow me entry," Naja spoke, his voice full of power.

The guards looked at one another and nodded.

"Lies, the mystics are no more, they all vanished and live no more," one of the guards stated glaring at Naja.

"You are mistaken, and I'd hate to see your punishment when your leader hears about this, now LET ME PASS!"

Naja glared back at the guard, his form shifting in an flash of energy. The guard's eyes widened as they instantly backed away and made room for Naja to pass. Naja smirked and nodded before entering into the estate.

"My liege, someone approaches with business of a forgotten kind," one of the servants stated as they knelt before the leader of this particular dragon den. Naja approached the main house. It was there that he felt the pull of the mystic magic. When Naja entered into the building, he stood in front of the leader.

"I am here to speak with your daughter, Chen YanYu," Naja stated with authority.


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#, as written by Runika
YanYu was in the midst of returning to her room when the same head servant, seeming very upset, walked up to her. It was not ladylike nor admirable to stomp around the household, but she was sure that if she could, the head servant would have stomped right up to her.

"Young mistress your father calls for your presence." She said sternly.

The young dragon stared at the servant strangely. Her father had called for her? The only times her father had even called for her was to either reprimand her, lecture her, or train her. She wished it was for training, but he only did so once in a blue moon. Favoring her brothers, her own training was left to other instructors.

"For informing me, xie xie." Thank you. YanYu replied.

Resisting the urge to bolt towards the main room, she took a breath and straightened her poise as she walked. If she left any room for criticism, her father would definitely never miss the chance to degrade his own daughter. When she reached the room that hosted her father and his guards, she bowed in respect before straightening herself up to speak.

"I have arrived, father." She greeted without emotion.

Strange, there was a man there who was not one of them. He was from the outside. What business did he have with the dragons? Her father motioned for her to come closer, and she obeyed, standing next to him. He whispered, but she could sense his anger.

"I have warned him to leave, but he seems rather intent on meeting you. He claims to be one of the Mystic. I do sense old magick from this one, but even I have not seen a Mystic in many years."

YanYu nodded, understanding that her father did not trust this man and wanted him out of the house as soon as possible. She herself did not believe he was one of the Mystics. Dragons had a long lifespan and if her father was skeptical, then all the more reason for her to not trust the man as well. She made her way over to the man, her hands folded out in front of her and stopped a short distance away.

"What business do you have with me?" She asked the man.


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Naja watched the young female appear. It was her, the water mystic. He could sense the mystic magic within her and simply smiled when she stood beside her father. Sometimes he wished he wasn’t a telepath, as the minds of others became an open book for him to read. Sighing, Naja stood there listening to the whispering, hearing every thought. The doubt they had that he was a mystic only made him smile, as he would soon prove them wrong. Naja watched as the girl approached him slowly. She spoke, asking what business he had with her to which Naja simply smiled.

“Yes, I can feel it within you. You are the Water Mystic. I am Naja, Psychic Mystic and Archmage of Nervesa. I was cursed with immortality to make sure that the Earth never fell into evil hands. Now that evil once again seeks to destroy this world, I must awaken the mystic magic within you in hopes that you will join my cause and put a stop to it. This would mean leaving your home, training and never looking back. I know it is a lot to take in, but it will be worth it. I understand your father’s doubt, for even you have it.”

Naja stopped and looked up at Chen’s father before transforming slowly into his mystic form. Only mystics could do this, for there was no duplication. No other could access this type of power and that is why mystics were essential saviors of realms. Naja looked at the shocked look on most of the palace hands before nodding.

“Not all of the mystics are dead, in fact your daughter is one,” Naja spoke telepathically to Chen’s father before lowering his eyes to meet Chen’s, speaking telepathically to her as well, “I will give you time to think about this. Here is my card. Just read the inscription if you ever need to see me.”

Naja handed Chen the same card he had handed Syeira before nodding and snapping his fingers. Instantly he had vanished, leaving Chen and her parents with much to think about.

He sat atop a tall mountain range, and once again he pulled a photo. This time it was a tom boyish looking female. Naja smirked, “Alleyson Rosewright!”

There was a spark of energy and Naja was off again to find this Alleyson individual. Appearing near a skater park, Naja walked out from his place of arrival and leaned against the wall, watching Alleyson show off her skater skill. He smiled, knowing the girl hadn’t even seen him arrive. When the one keeping time informed her of the time she had made, he watched her reaction as well as the reaction of the others. He said nothing, merely watching and observing how this girl acted.


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#, as written by Runika
YanYu eyed the man strangely. What nonsense was he spouting from his mouth? A mystic? Her? Impossible, ridiculous, implausible! She couldn't even compare to the dragons within her clan, how could he tell her she had an ancient power that lay dormant within her, one that many fear? There was no room for her to comment for he immediately continued saying that she would have to leave the home that kept her protected.

Her eyes widened when the man transformed into some other form. It was clearly the same man, but the power that enveloped was indeed ancient majick. Gasps could be heard around the room, and she swore that even her father, the most stoic of them all, was impressed.

She felt a card being pressed into her hand as words floated into her mind. Telepathy...? She opened her mouth to respond but she heard an unexpected snap of fingers and the man disappeared entirely. Chatter filled the room; news was going to spread quickly. Yes, she was the daughter of the head of the clan, but no one was going to believe that the Mystic was her and not her brothers. She looked down at the card in her hand. It wasn't in Chinese, but it wasn't a language she recognized either. Was it perhaps something similar to Latin? Solvia Lumus Verde... What a strange incantation.

"Bi zui!" Quiet! Boomed her father's voice. The room fell silent. "Leave me alone with my daughter." He ordered. Everyone in the room aside from the father and daughter departed quickly.

Even after everyone had departed, only silence hung in the air. She knew better than to speak without being spoken to, so she waited. After a few more minutes of silence, her father finally spoke. Still sitting leisurely, he began to speak.

"He is indeed a Mystic. That transformation belongs to one, I cannot deny it."

Did he believe that I truly held ancient power? She thought to herself.

"However, what proof does he have that you are the water mystic? He has none."

Her hopes immediately dissolved. Accepting the task of the water mystic was not something significant to her, but her father's acceptance was. He had always treated her less than her brothers, and even now, he was not willing to accept that there was a possibility that she was indeed someone with power. A mystic himself had come to look for her, what more proof did he need?

"Father..." She hesitated, afraid of the consequences for arguing. "Do you not trust the man, or is it that you believe that I am someone incapable of being a Mystic?"

For a split second, anger flashed on his face. "When have I been wrong, YanYu? Forget about the Mystics."

Her heart dropped. That was it. This was the end of the conversation, he wasn't going to speak any further. She bowed before making her way out of the room and out onto the courtyard.


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The warlock had been contemplating his king's last message during their short wait for Alleyson to show up. "Any Mystic you find, bring them to me, and be rewarded." That was what he had heard, but he did not enjoy the thought of what he would do to them. More importantly, he did not know if the girl-elf had wore the necklace he had given her. No matter, he would take them to see his king, whether they agreed to go or not, but how? It came to him suddenly, 'Father,' he thought with a slow smile. Father, like Mother, was golem built with fatherly instincts into it, but unlike Mother, it was created out of ice, steel, and death magicks. It was also on the border of the Lich King's lands, of which, he was sure to take notice if three 'guests' were to appear on his doorstep.

The smile upon his lips grew tight, as Alleyson Rosewright came around the corner. She didn't strike him as anything, but the feel about her was wholly human. 'Odd,' he thought slowly, 'Normally they are half of something else. Should be interesting, nonetheless.' With a small bow in her direction, he said, "My name is Daimion, and this here is Scarlet, and we have something to discuss with you, but, unfortunately, we cannot discuss it here." He held up his hand, and spoke in a harsh language once more. The world about the three became harsher, bleaker, and colder. Around them was the beginnings of a winter wonderland, and before them was a cliff that ascended into the clouds above. "Drats," he muttered, "I was off again. No matter," he spoke aloud, then, "If you two will forgive me, but magick does have its limits sometimes." Carefully, he wrapped an arm about the two by the waist, and lifted them into his arms. There was a sound of leather being torn, as large gossamer wings erupted from his back, changing his entire features into a serene-like look. His hair became silver, dancing in the wind, and his body stretched back into his regal self. "Much better," he laughed aloud, as his wings grew larger, thicker, more corporeal. They appeared to be much like a pair of dragons' wings, but that shifted, suddenly, into an appearance of angel wings.

The wings back to stretch themselves slowly, as he squatted down close to the ground. "Hang on to me tight, ladies, it'll be a short ride, but well worth it, I guarantee you," he said with a sly wink. Once the wings had flapped experimentally a few times, they folded themselves close to his body, just as he leaped high into the air. They unfurled then, and began to pump upwards, gaining height quickly. Soon, they were above the clouds, and his booming laughter echoed across the sky in triumph. He soared about the clouds, subtly calling to Father with his magick, until there came a rumbling answer west of them. Banking west, he glided them towards a now forming cliff, where a giant of ice and steel stood waiting for them, waiving its arm at them. The moment he set the pair down, was the moment he cried out happily, and hugged the giant. This was the only time he would express true emotion for another creature, because Father was his first creation, and it resembled the old Daemon that was his real father. It was built much like a Templar was from the days of old, but out of ice and steel. It even had human-like features etched into its face, as well as an open faced helmet atop its head, but more importantly, it had a tongue and a gift for speech, even if it was slow and simple.

"Father," Daimion said happily, "these two young ladies are Scarlet and Alleyson. They will be needing shelter from the cold, food, drink, and better clothing." The giant beckoned to the to follow, lumbering slowly north. He then pulled Scarlet aside, whispering, "You wanted to speak to another Mystic, so hear is your chance. I will leave you both alone for a time, and will be back by nightfall." A finger pointed past Father, who was still lumbering north, "There is a cottage for you both to relax at, including a hot tub, fine food and drinks, and warmer clothing made of the finest materials on the planet. I suggest you two get going," he said aloud, "A fog is moving in, and I would hate to see you both freeze to death before I had a chance to dine with you." With that, he vanished in a flurry of snow and gravel.

Deep within the mountain, was a small treasure trove of wealth, but when he said "small", he really meant to say that it would make a greedy dragon lust after his trove. He cared little for the gold and jewels that cascaded down to the floor in front of him. Instead, he headed straight for the center of the room, where two giant skeletons stood guard over a small chest between them. As he neared, he noticed that the guards' heads had swiveled to follow his every movement, but did nothing, even when he reached the chest, opened it, and retrieved his beloved daggers, Shin'ran and Terratuul. Shin'ran was crafted from a black dragon's fang and scales, incorporating the madness magick that it had spawned, whereas Terratuul was created from a slain golden dragon's fang and scales. It, too, had magick that was incorporated into the blade, but it was corrupted by its own death. Slowly pulling out Shin'ran, he stared into the skull at the hilt, until it finally woke up and began to cackle with maddening laughter. On the other side was another skull, but that one sobbed uncontrollably. He replaced the dagger back into its respective sheathe, cutting off the madness magick it had created, and withdrew Terratuul. That dagger began to sing a sad tune, as it slowly melted onto his left arm, becoming a shield with a spike in the centre. He replaced that one as well, buckled the pair to his waist, and said, sighing with contempt, "Tell Lord Manacia that there are two Mystics heading for the cottage at the border of his lands. Warn him not to approach until the cover of nightfall, not as his self, but as he once was in all his glory, and as human as possible. I, no, we need this to work, else it'll be another long and arduous war." One of the giants began to lumber towards the back, where it housed a massive gateway that led directly into the courtyard of the Lich King. Turning to the other, he said, "I need you to wake the others, and amass at the king's castle. There will be a war soon, and I plan not to be caught with my pants down again." Once more, he reached inside the chest, but pulled out a tan choker, with a prominent emerald in the centre. By placing it onto his neck, he began to feel more alive, as the drug known only as the Philosopher Stone began to course throughout his body. "Much better," he grinned maniacally, "Now then, off to China I go," and vanished the moment he thought of the place he wanted to go.

Daimion, no, Th'drago appeared over a compound near a forested terrain, and gradually glided down towards them on gossamer wings, which slowly took the form of a green dragon's wings. His own body began to shift, as the Serpent's influence took over his form. Dragon-like claws appeared upon his hands and feet, while a spiked tail erupted from his backside. Horns appeared from the sides of his head, and small green scales flowed over his body. Every time he visited the Asian countries, this had happened, and, most of the time, he would take a back seat and watch the show, but not this time. This time, he needed to call upon favors from his past, one that would benefit his "family", and hurt Naja. Alighting himself atop one of the structures, he found himself being stared at by men, women, and children of all ages. "I seek the lord of these lands," his voice boomed, "Bring him here, so that we may speak words together, and discuss past times, trades, and upcoming battles." That last made many people wary, and some scampered away. Leaping down to the ground, he could not help, but spy a passing maiden that smelled too much like a dragon. "You there," he pointed at the black haired maiden, "What is your name?"


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#, as written by Runika
YanYu sat under the coolness of the tree in her courtyard. A small pond was next to her feet, and she watched the fish that swam back and forth. How pitiful. To them, their world was that small pond. If someone were to lift the fish above water, then perhaps it would finally see that there was a world outside their pond. However, even though she mocked the fish, she felt like one of them. The difference between them and her was that she felt trapped, whereas they felt free to roam their small universe. Perhaps, it would be better to be one of the fish. That way, she would not have to feel this disappointment. Inside her head she was debating confronting her father again regarding the matter of the mystics. One thing was certain, she was not going to walk away without some sort of punishment. He had already made it clear that they were no longer speak of the matter. Bringing up again could result in something much worse that just being ignored or shunned.

Could it be possible? That she was truly a Mystic? If she could meet that Psychic mystic again... He mentioned training didn't he? What if... he trained her? If he trained her, she would become stronger, would she not? She could return home stronger and prove to her father that she was a daughter he could be proud of. However the risk involved in leaving without his permission would be severe. Also, what if she did not return home triumphant? What if she were to return home a failure?

As her thoughts wandered, she caught the scent of another creature. Could it be the psychic mystic from before? No. The scent was different. Strangely familiar, yet so very very different. Her nose wrinkled at the peculiar scent. It smelled odd, strange, mysterious... Then she heard a commotion come from outside her palace. Curious, but remaining on guard, she approached the gate, only to be greeted rather rudely by some creature. She was the leader's daughter, and was not used to such a disrespectful greeting. Then again, he obviously was not from around here. Taking a better look at the stranger, her eyes narrowed. A dragon? Not a Chinese one. She couldn't tell just what he was. Yet at the same time she felt that he was not someone to take lightly.

"I am YanYu. You... are not Chinese. Who are you to visit the dragon clan?" She asked. "If you have no business here, please depart immediately."


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The last time he was in China, Daimion had seduced a dragon maiden to pledge her, and her army's loyalties to him. This had caused an uproar within the clans, marking them as dead to the others, outcasts. In the end, their leader, Chenguang, his "Morning Light", was executed. It had caused him a great sadness to envelope his cold heart, obliterating those that had slain her. In these lands, there was no neutrality towards the people, only muted hostility. For although his strength is mighty, and his magicks powerful, he was still a half human, and thus vulnerable to the wants of the flesh, of the heart. The girl in front of him- YanYu was her name?- looked too much like his own maiden dragon, making him study her with an intense stare. His own eyes glowed a fierce burgundy, which seemed to glow and envelope the world about him. It then peered beyond her, and into her energy, but was instantly repelled, causing him to blink. "<Strange,>" he muttered to himself, and was instantly answered by the great serpent in his mind, 'She is not your Morning Star, Daimion Shadowsoul. Although,' it's voice became a slow hiss then, 'she does look much like her, she is most probably a descendent of her brood.'

Nodding once, he opened his jaws to speak whilst grinning with many rows of sharpened teeth, "Indeed I am not," a small bow to her direction, "I am of Greece, of the Isle of Crete, where people, such as myself," he had placed a hand upon his breast at that point, "can flourish without the rivalries of pure humans and Mystics of all sorts." His green wings had wrapped around his chest, then, allowing him to hide his hands, which had started to twitch towards his weapons. There were guards that had surrounded the pair, and all had trained there weapons on him. The thought of battle with these people would have amused him on any other day, but he was hear for allies, not enemies. Besides, only he would come out of it unscathed, whereas all around him would feel only regret towards enacting his vengeance upon them. With a whispering voice, he said, "I suggest you call off your guard, or, at the very least, put them on standby. If one of them were to loose their weapon upon me, only I will remain." A tight grimace creased his lips, then, before he continued, "I am called Th'drago, the Green Dragon of the South, mate of Chenguag who, by all accounts, should have been the ruler of these lands, and I am still peeved at you, and the other clans, for killing her. Unless you do not wish to see the others fall to their deaths," a low growl, followed by noxious fumes emanating from his mouth, which, once it touched the ground, caused it to bubble and disintegrate right before their eyes, " Call. Them. Off!"

Taking a single step back, he pulled back his wings to reveal sparkling green scales, and a loincloth that covered his front, which fell to his knees. Besides his claws, the only other weapons were a pair of daggers, if one were to call them that. To a regular human, they would be like swords to them, but to one such as the Warlock, they were almost like toothpicks. The blades came half way down his thighs, but that didn't concern him, what did, however, was the power that they contained within them. A violet dagger, with a pair of skulls, on on each side, seemingly oozed with chaos, whereas the other just sang a muted, sorrowful song. He had only touched the hilt of both with a single finger from both hands, when he heard a whistling come from behind him. His entire body vanished into smoke, then reappeared to catch the flying missile with an outstretched hand. It was only a few milimetres from the girl's face, before he caught it, a single arrow. Holding it above his head, he shouted, "Back off. If another fires an arrow at my back, while this girl is in front of me, I may not be here to catch the next one." After he had said this, he snapped the arrow in half, before tossing it away.

"I came here," Daimion spoke slowly, his anger and tone quieting down, "I came here, to speak to the lord of these lands. To enact a treaty, a 'promise', if you will, but instead," a claw pointed straight at the girl in front of himself, "I find the spitting image of Chenguang. This leads me to believe that some of her brood has survived." With arms crossed over his chest, he continued, "She was a blue dragon, as were most of her people. They were of water, but all were annihilated because they did not follow with what the others had decreed. They had wished to remain out of the last battle, but she had wished otherwise, and was killed for it." Tears began to bead down his face, then, and sizzled the earth beneath him, while his own hand was slowly inching it's way towards the black dagger. It had gripped it tightly when he felt the presence of an elder dragon, and, whipping his body around, he charged the palace, before skidding to a halt in front of several dozen spear points. "This is the ultimate betrayal," he rumbled at the old dragon-man at the top of the stairs, "She was mine!"

The rumbling became a half roar when the man waved him away, as though he was not a threat to anyone. "We know you cannot attack us, nor do anything, unless someone attacks you, Daimion Shadowsoul," the man sneered at him, goading him to make a move, "So you might as well just leave us, and bother someone else."

He had begun to turn away, but stopped as maddening laughter erupted from the warlock. "One of your guards had fired an arrow at my back, old one," his grin stretched, as did his form. A large, western dragon made of green mist stood in front of the warriors, but before anyone could move, a claw lashed out, slamming the old man into the wall behind him. Shin'ran appeared in his hands, to the side of the misted claw, and was slowly inching its way towards his neck. The maddening cackle, and hysterical crying, was enough to keep everyone away, as it was increasingly infectious the closer you get to the blade. "I will ask you only once," he whispered slowly, as the old man had succumbed to hysteria, "Is she Chenguang's?" At a nod, he vanished, as did the chaos, and mist dragon, only to appear next to YanYu. "If you wish to know more about yourself, your past, and why your 'people' do not trust you fully, come with me, and I will explain." He held out his hand to her, in the hopes that she would take it. His welcome had run out at this place, and he did not wish to be here any longer.


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The destruction that Daimion caused was something to witness, although he was making Naja’s job that much easier. Who would go with someone who did such damage? Naja shook his head as he watched Daimion’s act of violence. When the warlock slammed the dragon elder into the stone palace wall, Naja glared. The Warlock had gone too far to recruit his mystics. Naja had received the go ahead from the higher ups to attack should he need to. As Daimion appeared beside Chen, and began whispering in her ear, an orb of energy crashed against the warlock’s form, sending the man flying backwards, hitting the ground hard.

“Leave this place Daimion. Leave and never return. Do not try to poison this child’s mind with your lies. Chen, it is best if we leave now!”

Naja snapped his fingers and two large golems appeared, wearing armor and holding devilish axes. Naja turned to looked at Daimion.

“These golems are fierce warriors, and if you do not leave, they will be force to attack. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want them against you.”

Naja turned his attention to Chen.

“My dear, I hate to be forceful, but we do not have time for this. When I get you and your father to safety, I can explain further.”

Naja began chanting and his voice filled the room with such overwhelming power that most of the guards shook in awe. There was a flashing of light as Chen’s father vanished, followed by the rest of the clan. Then Naja and Chen vanished arriving outside the base just as Syeira and Casamir did.

Alleyson Rosewright & Nicolai

Alleyson didn’t like this guy. He seemed so prideful and it made her frown. More so, when the man lifted his hand and began to speak in an unknown language, it scared her. She wasn’t used to this type of environment. Everything around her changed, but as if that weren’t enough to freak her out, the man grabbed her without asking her. This pissed her off. She would’ve punched him if they weren’t flying in mid-air. Waiting to land somewhere, Alleyson began to plan some type of escape. She was still thinking about the man who had visited her at the skate park. He seemed so genuine, the complete opposite of the man she was with now. Something about this man was dark, devious, and off balance.

Sighing when they landed, she looked and observed. She had no clue; neither did Daimion and Scarlet, that they had been followed by Nicolai. Hiding in the Earth, Nicolai waited and bided his time. When Daimion and the large ice/steel giant left, Alleyson looked at Scarlet. The girl had also looked at her and had begun to speak.

“My take on the mystics? Honestly I thought it was all a bunch of baloney, but now I’m not so sure. Tell me something Scarlet? Right? Doesn’t that man give you strange vibes? As if he’s after something and not telling us the entire truth.

“He’s not,” came a voice from the stone wall that the cottage was built into.

Alleyson jumped and glared as a hole appeared in the wall and Nicolai stepped out.

“Pardon my intrusion ladies, but I was sent to make sure you were alright. I am Nicolai, sworn Mystic and Protector of Tao. The man you are with, his name is Daimion. He’s a warlock, and a conniving one at that. His job is to collect the mystics that Naja has found and keep them from fulfilling their destiny. I know it is hard to believe, but I have a way of breaking through his lies. Did he tell you about the tattoo? Every mystic has a tattoo of angel wings, and the nobility generals have a tattoo of a skeletal snake on their hands. Have you noticed how he tries to cover his hands? Think about it. I know you’ve seen the tattoos. If you come with me, I can assure you everything will become clear. Naja is waiting.”

Alleyson glared at the male. He was cute, and cute was always good. She couldn’t smile, nor smirk. She just looked at him, and then at Scarlet.

“How do we know we can trust you?” Alleyson asked.

“How do you know you can trust Daimion? All I can give you is my word, and this.”

Nicolai lifted his shirt revealing the pair of angel wings on his chest. His abs glistened in the light of the cabin’s fire. After he was sure they had seen it, he dropped his shirt and held out his hand.

“Please. We don’t have much time. Daimion is already trying to get another mystic, I just hope Naja isn’t too late.”

Casamir and Syeira

After the two read the words on the card, they vanished, the world around them disappearing and being replaced by trees and more trees. Behind them was a large house, a very large house. It had white shudders and made of some type of rock. It was beautiful to behold and stood at least four stories high. Naja looked at the two and smiled. They had read the card.

“Marvelous. You have chosen your path and read the card. Excellent, now then, come, all three of you, for there is much I need to tell you.”

Naja beckoned to them to enter into the base.

Willow & Laea

Laea smiled a warming smile as she listened to Willow’s first question.

"Before I go anywhere with you, I'd like to ask you something if I may. What... What am I? You mentioned the name Mystic? Would this mean I am also a Mystic?"

Laea smiled even more, though this smile was soothing.

“You are a mystic, for you possess the mystic magic and symbol. Check your body; it is a pair of wings. We all have it,” Laea stated showing Willow her symbol that was on her left bicep, “You are special, just as the other mystics are special. You are part witch, and the last of a powerful coven. We are guardians, and it is our sworn duty to protect. You may ask what does the world need protection from. That is why I am here. Beings of dark power have returned to lay waste to the Earth. Naja has been trying to recruit the mystics, but as he tries so to do the Nobility. They want to find you, and once they’ve found you, they will KILL you or imprison you. Sure, they’ll make it seem as if they are there to help, but in all actuality, with the mystics out of the way, they’d be able to take over that much quicker. I only ask you this because I fear for the safety of the world. Willow, it is entirely your choice. I cannot force this responsibility onto you, I can only ask.”

Dorián & Kurama

“I’m worried,” Dorián stated as he looked at Kurama.

“As am I,” Kurama replied.

“Then why are we just sitting here?” Dorián questioned glaring at Kurama then back at the card his father had given him.

“I don’t know man, I really don’t know. I want to accept what your dad told me, but I have a life to live,” Kurama stated.

“But that life you want to live may end if we don’t help. I know my dad, and I know he wouldn’t ask so much if it weren’t absolutely necessary,” Dorian said standing to his feet and twirling the card between his fingers. He looked out the dorm room window and sighed.

“I’m reading it!” he said softly as he looked at Kurama who had the same card in his hand.

“At least leave them notes,” Kurama stated as he grabbed a pen and paper. He began to write a note to his girlfriend while Dorián wrote one to his boyfriend. They taped the notes to the outside of their door and looked at the cards.

“You ready?” Dorián asked.

“Let’s just get this over with,” Kurama stated as they both read the card in unison.

The setting around them changed and before they realized it, they were surrounded by trees. The noticed Naja as well as three others walking into the rather large building, and decided that that would be the appropriate place to go. They walked slowly, not sure if the choice they had made was the right one.


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Nicolai, Alleyson, Scarlet & Lord Manacia

Alleyson gasped when Nicolai lifted his shirt and showed both Scarlet and her the angel wings that seemed to flap on his chest. She was more or less stunned by the man's physique than the tattoo that he was showing them. Still, gawking at the man would prove useless if she didn't get to know him first. What he spoke of hit a nerve with Alleyson. First Naja comes and tells them that they are mystics and protectors of the Earth and now this guy, whose name is Nicolai, comes and tells them the exact same thing, and that their lives were in danger. To make matters worse, a deep dark voice filled the room and creeped from the shadows. Nicolai glared, knowing full well whose voice it was.

"Lord Manacia," Nicolai stated as he heard the heavy footstep. He watched as Scarlet took his side, and now he waited on Alleyson.

"I'm coming with you," Alleyson said, "but no funny business."

"Alright, but we need to leave now," Nicolai stated, "do you still have the card?"

"I do," Alleyson stated, "I kept it in my wallet."

Alleyson pulled the card out and gave it to Nicolai. She stood next to Nicolai and glanced over at Scarlet. This was all a bit much, but the voice she heard was far too dark to belong to anyone of good. Then she saw the one responsible for such a horrid voice. Alleyson backed up a bit, but Nicolai stood his ground.

"Lord Manacia, it seems time has been nice to you," Nicolai cockily spoke as he steadily backed away from Manacia, holding his arms out to keep the girls behind him, "but I'm afraid I can't do as you ask."

Nicolai shifted forms, his aura glowing as he continued to keep his arms outstretched so that the girls were protected.

Willow & Laea

"This decision you have made will be one you will not regret. Now, hold on to me, this trip will be quick."

Laea smiled down at Willow and touched her on the shoulder before her eyes glowed brightly and the two of them vanished. They arrived in front of the base in the Amazon, to which Laea was much relieved. She had appeared directly in front of Dorián, and Kurama.

When the group entered into the base, Naja turned around and looked at them.

"Ahh, welcome, welcome, welcome," he said softly, "I trust you have many questions for me so please, all of you wait for me in the main hall."

Naja stepped into his chamber, allowing Laea to lead the mystics into the main hall. Dorián was used to this place, for it was his home.

As they walked, they noticed the beauty of the base. There seemed to be no expense spared to build this place. Walls lined with beautiful satin. Chairs made of the finest material. Laea opened a large door which led to the main hall. The hall was gigantic. A large flat screen TV perched on the wall. Large bay windows on the opposite side, covered with wooden blinds. It was all luxury. The main hall led into a kitchen area that was vast, and by the size of it, could feed an army. Laea smiled as they entered in.

"Please, make yourself at home, Naja will be with us shortly."


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Chenguang was the most beautiful woman the warlock had ever met, and he had met plenty during his long life. She was called the "Morning Star" in the western world, a Lucifer in the Roman tongue, but she was his. She had cared for him after a losing battle against the Mystic of Light, shielded him from the bastard that would dare strike out at him, and ultimately drove him back. Daimion was grateful for what she had done for him, and asked her to follow him with promises of glory and treasure. She had yearned for such an opportunity, but the other clans had forbidden such an action, damning all who would try. This did not stop her, however, and she entered the war, standing by the Warlock of Nobility as she did so. He had known his king's feelings about the union between them, but did not care. She was his, and that was all that had mattered.

Devastation, chaos, mayhem, all these things, and more is what they had inspired in their enemies. Although the mystics had employed mythical creatures that could fly, they could not stand against the drakes and dragons' clan. When she went down because of a massive wound to her shoulder, his entire form changed completely. His scales had changed from a pale green, to brilliant sapphire blue, but something more. He became a death dragon, a being of immense power, but only for a short time. The length of such of form would destroy a lesser being, but to one such as him? He could only last for an hour, before succumbing to exhaustion. On the battlefield, however, his blinding rage decimated the plain, causing friend and foe to flee from the devastation. Only the king had the strength to stop his madness, before he could deal even more damage.

Now, however, Naja had appeared, threatening violence with golems, knowing full well that he could do nothing to retaliate. When he stole YanYu away from him, he felt the chains of his neutrality fall away from him, and lashed out, striking with the darkest of magicks into the void the old Mystic had conjured up, striking at him full in the face. "You have started this war once more, Naja" Daimion said slowly as he watched his quarry fade from his sight, "You will not live beyond this one. I guarantee it." As Naja faded away, he held up the living body of the archer that had shot at him. "With this one's blood, I will find them, and I will find Chenguang's offspring and bring her back. I have lived as a Noble since last we met, and have wished for a peaceful end to all of this squabble, but lo, you have taken away that peace yet again. This time, there will be no peace." Power erupted about him, energy of the blackest and brightest erupted about him, striking out at the ground between the golems. They had begun to move in on him as he spoke, but the moment they had crossed the space where he struck, they had begun to disintegrate completely.

He had no cares for the world anymore, and began to call upon his resources by opening one massive portal after another. Creatures and beings as old as the world began to pour out of the portals, converging on the lone Daimion, chattering in their ancient languages. "Begin preparations," he said quietly, causing all around him to quiet and become still. "Beat the drums," his voice rose, "Sound the call," his arms rose above his head, which had drawn back, "For tonight, we go," with a loud cry he howled, "to WAR!"

A peel of lightening fell upon his shoulders, banishing him back to the king's lands, where he found Father in distress over the fact of an intruder within the lands of Death. "Call the others, Father," he said slowly, "Naja has started the war once more." The golem nodded once, then, taking a deep breath, he bellowed to the cold and uncaring world. However, the world rumbled and howled back at him. Ice and Frost Giants appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and converged on the cottage before them. Walking slowly, he shed his draconic form, to take up his regal self, and, upon entering the building, he stopped to stare at the intruder with a coldness that seemed to echo his liege lord's manner. "Nicolai," he said calmly, "The last time I saw you, one of Chenguang's drakes were eating your insides. Too bad for you, your leader has started the war by taking one of my mate's offspring from me." He withdrew Terratuul from it's sheathe, and pointed it at the man's chest. The song it sang was one of peace, and when directed at one person, however, it would instill a sense of Nirvana and Vertigo into the person. He focused the blade's influence at the man, using it's influence to turn him into a vegetable.

"My apologies, ladies, but you will not be going anywhere." His sidelong glance at the pair was one of anguish and despair, "Naja has stolen one of my mate's offspring from me, thus, starting the war once more." His head swiveled towards his king, and said with a low bow, "I am yours, fully, once more, my Lord Manacia. He has started it, so there is no more need to create any illusions for these young mystics. As an apologetic token, I offer up these three to you, in hopes that I may continue to stay in your services." Daimion never cared to kiss ass to his superior, but he was in the wrong for trying to have his lord appear as a human once more. "You do look stunning with skin on, if I may say so myself, and I do," his infectious smile was back, which beamed brightly towards the pair of ladies. "No one will be going anywhere," he repeated, "These lands belong to my Lord Manacia, and, because we are at war once more, my underlings are setting up the barriers necessary to keep everyone that does not use death magicks in, as well as out. In short," his smile became wholly manic then, "you are trapped for the duration of the war."

His smile became a chuckle as he was reminded of something. "Which reminds, the last war lasted almost a thousand years." The chuckle became a booming laughter, just as the barrier was complete, causing darkness to descend over the land.


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#, as written by Runika
"Greece?" What is a man of the Middle East doing here? She fought the urge to cower and step back, her pride forced her to stare at the man, the dragon that was not like her. She was not afraid of his form, nor his words, rather, she was afraid of his presence. He did not strike her as a liar, but he did not seem like one she could fully give her trust to. Her eyes darted around them. Guards had approached them, something she had expected before, but had somehow forgotten. His warning made her jaw clench. What was he saying? That he would win in battle with a whole army against him? Nevertheless, she felt some truth within his words. He had not yet done harm, there was no reason to threaten him. The moment the thought processed through her mind however, his approach became rather aggressive. At this point, she felt threatened, and worried for those around her.

"Ting." Stop. She ordered. The guards took a few steps back, but were reluctant to lower their weapons. Moving neither closer nor father, she kept her hands folded neatly in front of her. Her curiosity was now perked by the mention of the murder of some maiden by the name of 'Chenguang'. "Who is she?" She asked. "This Chenguang you speak of? I know no one of that name. By her name, I can see she is Chinese, but are you sure you have the right clan? Not once has that name been mentioned before your visit today. I am young, even for a dragon. Either you speak of the past or you speak lies."

When his wings unfolded to reveal his full form, she stared in curiosity, but also in fear when she took notice of the two weapons at his waist. Both had a horrid sound, each unique emit from it. It was as if their songs were captivating her, until they vanished. She was shocked to find the strange dragon had caught an arrow just in time before it struck her. YanYu held her breath until it was drawn from her face, letting out a sigh of relief. If only he were a normal person, she would have no problem thanking him and feeling grateful. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Spitting image? Blue dragon? Just who was this Chenguang? Her father had never mentioned a dragon of blue to her before. She had believed she was the only one.

Before she could question him further, he had spun around and directed his attention to someone else, her father. Baba! She feared for her father, despite her father's strength and power. This man was not ordinary. His mere presence could make those of dragon blood quiver. Relief washed over her when he freed her father, but it was quickly replaced by cautiousness when he reappeared next to her side. To be truthful, she wanted to know. He seemed to know more about her than she, or anyone for that matter, did. Well, he seemed more willing to speak about what he knew than those she had lived with her whole life. Although curiosity was one reason for her temptation to take his hand, it was also fear. She feared for herself, her father, and her clan. No matter how ill he implied her people were, they were her people; they were her blood. She had a duty to keep them safe. If she went with the Mystic, would Th'dragon attack her clan? Her people had made the first move, he had all the reason to go on a rampage.

Just when she was prepared to take his hand, an orb of light came straight at Th'drago, causing her to step back, confused and looking for the source. She didn't even have time to protest, and at this point, it was getting ridiculous. She had no say in anything whatsoever. Her father's image vanished, followed by her people, and soon enough, herself. Angry, confused, and worried, she waited for them to arrive at their destination before she bombarded the man with questions. The first being, "Where are we and where are my people? You did not just leave them there after angering that man did you?!"


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Naja looked at Chen with a soft smile.

“Do not worry, they are safe. The Mystic Elders transplanted them to a safer place. My dear Chen, please forgive me if I have overstepped any boundaries you may have had. The Mystic Elders did not want any of you to fall into the hands of Lord Manacia and his generals. I had to act quickly to get ALL of you here. Nicolai is with the last two, and with his skills and magic, I am more than certain he will be able to bring them back. Now, please go to the main hall, I will be there shortly.”

Naja smiled at Chen and turned once more to leave.

Nicolai, Lord Manacia, Scarlet, Alleyson, & Daimion

Nicolai watched as Daimion appeared and began to talk. When the male warlock pulled his blade, Nicolai retaliated by producing a wall of rock that shot straight through the floor in between Daimion and himself, thus stopping the affects of Daimion's blade. Nicolai backed up a bit, backing the girls up along with him. Alleyson was in complete and utter shock at what was happening. She could only glare at the man she had come with. This Daimion fellow was on her hit list now.

“You're mistaken Daimion, for as long as we bear the sacred wings, we may leave, or have you forgotten that after all these years of being Manacia's toy?”

Nicolai barely had time to do anything when Lord Manacia moved, swinging his sword to decapitate poor Nicolai. If it hadn't been for Scarlet's scream, he would have fallen victim. Quickly rock encased all three of them, Lord Manacia's sword striking the hard earth, causing it to shatter and spread shrapnel in all directions. Nicolai took this as his chance to get them out of there. He pushed Scarlet and Alleyson into the tunnel he had created before jumping in himself, closing it after he had done so. They had escaped, but Nicolai's arm was bleeding. Manacia had managed to slash the mystic causing excruciating pain to fill his body. Within the Earth, Nicolai looked at the two women, his body shaking and his senses going haywire.

“Take me to Naja quickly. Read the incantation!”

Alleyson took the card from Nicolai and gave it to Scarlet.

“I can't pronounce the shit,” she said sternly as she looked at Nicolai's wound. She was panicking, trying to figure out what to do. She was no nurse, and she definitely didn't know anything about healing.


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Nicolai, Scarlet, & Alleyson

Upon Scarlet speaking the incantation, they were immediately whisked away before the final steps could be taken to keep them there. Nicolai grunted as he looked around at the familiar place. Blood continued to seep from his wound as he tried standing. Alleyson helped Nicolai by placing herself under his uninjured arm and keeping pace with his movements. As the three ventured into the large white mansion, Nicolai slowly began to talk.

"This is the Amazonian Base. It is the place where all Mystics have resided once in their life. This is the place you'll learn, train and develop your skills as a mystic."

Nicolai swooned a bit, but Alleyson kept him upright cursing under her breath as they entered in.

Naja had just exited his study when he saw them enter.

"What has happened?" the all knowing elder asked as he read their minds before they could answer, "take him to the main hall."

Naja followed the three as they made their way into the main hall. When they entered in, Nicolai collapsed, nearly taking Alleyson down with him. Naja quickly moved to Nicolai's injured arm.

"Dark magic. I recognize this type of wound anywhere. Lord Manacia!" Naja spoke as he began chanting. The atmosphere around them began to shift, and Naja's chanting began to fill every ear.

As Naja's hands began to glow a eerie green, Laea moved all of the mystics away from Nicolai and Naja, in order to give the high elder room.

"It.......hurts....." Nicolai grunted out as he prepared for the healing.

When Naja pressed his glowing hands against the wound, Nicolai grunted loudly before screaming in pain. His body convulsed the entire time the healing was taking place before falling limp. Naja looked into Nicolai's eyes and could tell the man was weak from the dark magic, and quickly helped him to his feet.

"Alas any later and that arm would've been removed," Naja stated as he stood in front of the mystics, "Now then, you have questions, I have answers. Shoot!"


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Naja smiled when Alleyson began to speak. She was a spunky one that much was asserted, and after she finished speaking, Naja nodded and waved his hand, creating a large screen of sorts in mid air. He then began to speak, the screen showing what he spoke about.

"Long ago, the world was nearly destroyed by a dark tyrant. This creature ravaged Earth, claiming many lives and enslaving many more. His name was Lord Azael, and he was the founder of the Nobility. To combat this evil, the High Council of Good Magic called forth twelve young warriors. It was my duty to train these twelve young warriors in order to put an end to Lord Azael and his corruption. These twelve warriors weren't just humans as you may think, but were different races. Some were elves, some were demon, some were angels and some were fae. Even dragons were enlisted, as well as beings from other universes and galaxies. These beings were the perfect candidates to teach the forbidden elemental magicks. So, I trained them in the forbidden magicks, teaching them and guiding them to one day put an end to Lord Azael."

Naja stopped speaking, looking at each of their faces to make sure they were listening before he continued.

"The High Council decreed that this group should have a name, and thus called them Mystics, protectors of Earth Realm and the Universe. After the High Council approved of this, they sent each of the mystics into battle against Lord Azael. Never before had I seen such courage. The battle raged for millennia it seemed until the twelve, who were now only four, sealed Lord Azael away forever deep inside what is now Mount Fuji. The High Council cursed me with immortality in order to keep the teachings of the mystics alive, but as years went on and my students died one by one, I became discouraged. The only students that remain are Nicolai and Laea. These two were gifted immortality because of their race. Laea is an angel, and Nicolai is a rock fae."

Naja stopped talking once again in order to gauge the groups reaction to what he was telling them.

"It was when Lord Manacia came into power over the Nobility that I began my search for the next mystics. For you see, after the first mystics, their legacy was passed down to their children, and their children's children, and their children's children's children. The tattoo that is upon each of you is not just there for show, it was passed down in your DNA. It was a way for safe passage to and from different realms as well as a way to judge friend from foe. It is my fault that the teachings of the mystics died away. I did not want to train any more students and have to watch them die whilst I lived on, and so I went into battle with Lord Manacia and his generals along with Nicolai and Laea, and after an intense battle, both sides dispersed and went underground. It has been my job for many many countless years to keep this war out of human perception. So I take the liberty of wiping clean the memories of any human who accidentally crosses over. Now, Lord Manacia is back. He is threatening to spill our existence over into the human world, but we can not let that happen. If he does, the human's will go chaotic, and the world will plunge into darkness. This is the reason I summoned you all here. Lord Manacia, Daimion, Blaidd, Suyag, and others like them are seeking out ways to enslave this world. Your families, your friends, everything will be lost if we do not stop them. I can not MAKE you choose this life, I can only lead you to it. You will have to go through immense training, your mystic magicks must be unlocked, and you will have to leave your home. There will be no turning back once you accept, but believe me when I say this. Lord Manacia and his generals will NOT stop hunting you. It will be easier for them to take over if you all are removed from the picture."

Naja stopped talking and waved his hand to remove the screen which had shown the exact events as they had happened.

"I will give you a moment to process all the information I have just delivered unto you. If you have any more questions, please ask them now or forever hold your peace."


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#, as written by Runika
That doesn't make me feel any more at ease, she thought angrily. Her father had disappeared. Her whole clan had disappeared. Right before her eyes. She was supposed to believe he had transported them all to a safer place? To her, it sounded like either he had made them disappear, or isolated them somewhere. Both sounded unacceptable and she wanted to ensure they were safe and sound. However, the man simply brushed her off, telling her to go to some sort of main hall. Finally able to take a good look at where he had transported them, she saw no way out. Sighing, she made her way to the direction he had indicated for her.

By the time she had reached the main hall, there was already a group of people gathered. The first thought that came to her mind was the strange variety that was gathered. They were people from different parts of the world, different culture, ethnicity, race, and age. It was the first time she had seen such a combination. They all had a human like appearance like her, but she could sense they were not all of human blood. Some half human, some of a completely other race, and just one that seemed wholly human. That one sure had the mouth of a human.

These people, are they all mystics? Were there so many of them? She thought as she analyzed the odd combination of people. She had not realized there were so many elements. In China, only about five were recognized - fire, water, metal, earth, and wood. That man called himself of the psychic element, did he not? She was now intrigued by the possible different elements. The fact that there are unknown elemental powers meant that there was magick and abilities she had never heard of or seen; possibly more powerful than any other powers she had witnessed thus far.

In the process of her curiosity, she hadn't noticed the commotion over a male by the name of 'Nicolai'. He had seemed to be gravely injured, and she just watched as the psychic mystic performed his magick on him. Needless to say, she was impressed. A psychic that had healing magick? Now just what kind of logic allowed that? It didn't seem to be normal healing, because the victim looked like he was in pain. The only thing she wondered was if she would have to take that kind of injury upon herself.

The one who seemed wholly human stepped up and spoke, asking the question that they were all probably wondering. She sure had a mouth on her, that one. YanYu listened quietly to Naja explain the situation. To her, it sounded like some sort of bed time story. Unrealistic. So, Th'Drago was one of those serving under some sort of dark lord? She actually found it hard to believe, despite seeing first hand the threat he posed to her clan. His story about the dragon maiden seemed so real; his feelings felt real. her thoughts were interrupted by Naja's inquiry for questions. That was only one question, was he not going to wait until all questions were answered?

"So, this is a choice?" She asked the moment the opportunity came forth. "I still do not know who to believe, nor do I know whether or not I wish to join this fight, your war. I would like to know, if we join this little team of yours, what do you expect? Our utmost loyalty? Our time? Will we not have the chance to see our friends and loved ones until this fight, which you said lasted for a millennium the last time, is over?"


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Listening to Nicolai explain where they currently were, though avoiding looking at him almost completely; keeping her eyes planted firmly on the door of the large white house. Entering the building, Naja came walking out of one room to see them. Distress came over the elder's features before asking about what happened. Mouths opened to explain but Naja simply told them to guide the injure man to the main hall. Just as they were entering the room, Nicolai collapsed, bringing Alleyson down along with him, Scarlet could've easily balanced them out and she was about to grab onto him, but a glimpse of red sent her cringing back. She watched from her peripheral vision as Naja grabbed onto his friend's arm before feeling the painfully familiar sensation of being teleported. Keeping her arms crossed she looked up once she felt the strange feeling stop and found a woman that had the same feeling of a presence as the other two elder mystics. Though she was only the first one she noticed before noticing all the others around the room.

She didn't even notice Naja walk into the room until Alleyson spoke up. Getting used to her profanity, Scarlet simply looked up at Naja expecting an answer. Waving his hand in the air, a screen appeared out of thin air. He started to explain the history of the Mystics and the fate of the last war. He also mentioned our little friends Lord Manacia and Daimion as the Nobility's leader and general. A thoughtful look formed on Scarlet's face as she took in the situation. If she didn't join this... group there was a chance that the whole world as she knew it will cease to exist. On the other hand, if she did, she would be putting her life on the line and she'd be protecting everyone she ever cared about. It wasn't a very hard choice, honestly, though the fact that her parents were most likely at home wondering where the hell she went, maybe even if she got kidnapped and or murdered by the strange man.

Looking around at the others, she felt several different auras radiating from them. A tall brunette and a red head stood close to each other and gave off a rather magical feel, though different from the feel of Naja and the other Mystics. Two males, one with black hair that gave her a rather familiar aura feel, though had a rather dark feel, and one with a head of white and dark blue streaks, gave her the feel of completely different beings in one, stood together as well. A girl that gave her the same feel as the red head, wearing a full black outfit. Scarlet's piercing blue eyes landed on the girl that's been giving her the strangest feel. With long black hair, and rather Asian features, the girl gave off a superior feel, but that's not what made her stick out from the others. Scarlet felt something bigger in her aura and something that made her feel inferior. While observing the girl, she jumped slightly when she started to talk. She asked Naja the questions she, herself, has been meaning to ask. Looking towards their "teacher" she awaited an answer, or rather, answers along with the others.


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Puzzled with all this new information, this new life, and this new self she is, she took all the time to process information for granted. She looked around at the others, eyeing them and gazing at them each individually as if they were pieces of a puzzle, and she was the player waiting to make a move. She had so many questions, many that would take too long to answer, but she asked none of them. Laea was right, these people are like her. Mystics? She didn't even know how to tell each other apart or which one she is. A few others spoke up to ask questions, like one Chinese girl with long black hair. There were so many different types of people, maybe their mood depended on what element they are? Their traits? Their abilities?

One with a crude mouth by the name of Alleyson had spoken before them as well, though foul language and profanity is nothing new to Willow by the government officers always cursing her name while after her. She didn't know what to feel around these people or what to say back to the Psychic Mystic. That seemed a slight bit outrageous to her since she's always been a voice of reason and knowledge.

Willow suddenly realized that her life would be no different than it is now. Darkness. Burdens. Deceit. Running from enemies and playing stealth, it'd all be the same as it was before... So why not? At least here she'll have a chance, other than being the last one of her witch-kind, to attack back and defend herself from harms way and create her own harm to offense for good purposes. She never asked for the life of a criminal, but to be left alone. And if she can't be left alone, then she might as well help those who still have that option. So she'll do it. She'll go along with this battle, this war, and assist as much as she can, even if it leads her further into a life of abandonment and lies, at least she may have another chance of living freely again, away from the government and from the dark forces that lurk the Earth.

Willow stood straight, tilting her head slightly to the right and eyeing Naja now, watching him intensely and gazing upon him, but then smiled a bit and looked around at the others around her again. So many different people, all opposites or similar's to each other. She'll do it, she'll participate in this and she'll become apart of it...


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"So, this is a choice?"

Naja looked at YanYu who spoke next. He smiled, knowing the girl was worried about her people. Naja closed his eyes before speaking.

"YanYu Chen, I feel a great distraction within your very soul. You seek to know if your people are safe. I had nothing to do with that personally, for it was the High Council who transported them to the dragon realm. I can take you there if you like for only the high council and the king allow passage to this realm."

Naja opened his eyes knowing that he hadn't answered the girl's question, and so he smirked before continuing to speak.

".....but to answer your question, yes, it is a choice. The information I have laid upon you is great. You will have a choice as to whether or not you'll visit your family or cut ties with the world. Remember, this choice you make could very well determine whether or not your family and friends live or die. It is no longer my war YanYu, it is everyone in this room's war. Nicolai, upon joining, cut ties with the world in order to keep his family safe, for if you choose to cut ties with your family, the high council locks away their memory of you and places protective magic around them that not even Lord Manacia could break, but as I have said it is entirely up to you."

Naja took a breath before continuing.

"I expect nothing but your hard work and determination, and dedication in mastering the mystic magic within you all. If you choose to accept this task, I will unlock the inner mystic magic and your powers will bloom. If you choose to reject this task, I will take you back to your life and wipe your memory of ever meeting me, Nicolai and Laea. Remember, your choice could very well determine the state of the world."

Naja had taken a seat by now and had crossed his legs waiting for any more questions the group may have. Dorian looked at the others and at his father.

"Dad, you have my support. I will do all I can," Dorian said softly as he looked over at Kurama.

"Hell, from what I've seen, if we don't help the world is doomed. I'll join, hell I have nothing else to do," Kurama stated as he stood up and walked over to Naja's side along with Dorian. Laea and Nicolai looked at the others as they too took their place at Naja's side.

It was then that a beautiful female flew into the main hall through an open window. She was an angel of the gods, and Naja knew the High Council had sent her.

"I am Nerissa, the Celestial Beauty, and an Angel of the Gods." She turned to Naja, "The Gods know what this battle may bring, and have sent me to help on behalf on the Gods. For I am the only one of you, to know the one you called 'Lord Manacia' best.. For I was once his lover..."

"It is nice to meet you Nerissa. Please do have a seat and after we have finished here, we will talk."

Naja crossed his legs and observed the others.


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#, as written by Runika
YanYu's teeth grinded seeing that one by one, the Mystics were taking his side. Was it really that easy for them? To throw themselves into this war that previously had nothing to do with them until literally moments before their summon to this base? For YanYu, it was a much more difficult decision. She was not going to mindlessly throw herself into such a predicament. She knew her strengths, her weaknesses, and her limitations better than anyone. If she would have to face people like Daimion, she knew the only thing that awaited her was death. She wasn't stupid. It wasn't like she had been praised all her life either. All she ever received was negative feedback and comments that put her in a position that inferior to those of her brothers.

Tch. She stopped thinking when she remembered the psychic was listening to every thought that was processed in her head. It was hard to get used to the fact that he could read her mind, and she felt as if her privacy was being invaded on a constant basis. Couldn't he control what he could and could not hear? It was irritating to know he could probe her mind whenever it was convenient. Of course, he now must have known what she was thinking.

The mention of the place her clan was sent caught her attention. "The realm of... dragons?" She repeated, as if trying to fathom if such a place existed. "Was there ever such a place?" She asked. "If you would allow me, I would like to cross over and see that my people are safe. Hopefully your High Council will not restrict me of this one wish." They couldn't deny her of seeing her family could they? After all, they were the ones who took them away. Actually, it was likely they would not allow it. She rethought it and said, "If not, is there a way I could simply see them? Perhaps through a visual along with a method of communication so that I would be able to talk to them briefly? Also..." She hesitated before she continued. "Th'Drago, or Daimion, he already knows who my people are, I do not see the purpose in wiping my existence from their memories. Whether or not they know who I am, they are no less in danger than they are now."

Not only would that not change the state of safety, it would take away one of the main reasons she was even considering taking the responsibility as mystic. It was to return a hero, to prove to both her father and her people that she was someone with capabilities and not just the daughter of the head dragon. If her clan's memories were wiped, there would be no one to even praise her, to finally recognize her. What would be the point in working so hard to not be acknowledged by the very people who doubted her the most?

To hell with it. "As long as I am able to speak to my family to ensure they are safe, I will agree to this 'team' of yours." The person she needed to prove her worth the most to was not her clan, her brothers, or her father, but herself. If she could prove herself worthy of her father, then only then would he himself even look at her with worth. YanYu was going to join the mystics side in this war, but for now she was not about to waddle over and stand behind Naja. First, she needed to see her clan. Secondly, the fact that they were walking over to one side like a childish game of sides left a distaste in her mouth.


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Naja watched as one by one they came and stood beside him. It was a miraculous feeling of success when he watched his son approach and stand beside him. Naja couldn't have been happier, but there was a time for everything and he simply sat there, his legs crossed and his hands in his lap. He listened and nodded to each of their statements. They had a lot of training ahead of them, the first being gaining control over the mystic magic within. He heard Scarlet's mind reach out to him to inform him that Daimion knew of her parents location. Naja closed his eyes and spoke into her mind.

"Do not fret my child. Everything will be alright."

..and then there was one. Naja looked at YanYu who stood alone. He tilted his head slightly to the side as he listened to her doubt. She was very interesting. He listened to her talk about wanting to see her family before she made a decision, and as quickly as she had said those words, she returned with her confirmation. She had decided to join the Mystics, but she still wanted to see her family.

"Very well YanYu, once I activate everyone's mystic magic, I will personally take you to the realm of dragons. Now please, everyone gather around. I can not tell you what to expect as it is different with each Mystic. Close your eyes and let go of anything that hinders you. Look deep inside yourself and feel for the power inside."

As he watched them, he waited for them to each close their eyes. He stood up, and nodded to Laea and Nicolai. The two shut the windows and closed the doors before backing up against the wall. Naja walked up to Alleyson first, taking his time to look into her very soul. She was fully human, and he hoped she could cope with the tremendous change that was about to occur. He lifted up his left hand, slowly placing it on top of her head, his thumb pressing into the middle of her forehead.


At the utterance of the words, a wild aura fluxed from within Alleyson, covering her entire body before it exploded outward. Naja smiled as he felt the cold embrace him. She was the Ice Mystic. Naja smiled at her and moved on to YanYu. He performed the same movements and placed his hand in the same way on YanYu.


Silence overcame everyone as they seemed to wait for something to happen. Naja closed his eyes and spoke to YanYu within her mind.

"Let go of limitations YanYu. Prove to yourself that you can do this!"

An outward burst of aura flooded over Naja and he looked at YanYu with a pleased look. She was the Water Mystic. He went to Kurama, and approached the male slowly.

"You sure about this Kurama?" Naja asked with a smirk.

"DEFINITELY!" Kurama responded as he felt Naja's hand on his head and his thumb pressing into his forehead.


Kurama felt a sudden pain overcome him as if something were trying to force its way out of him. He let out a painful moan, but Naja did not release his hand, he kept it there, and the pain continued until Kurama screamed in pain.


That was all he could say before the aura exploded in all directions. When it subsided, Kurama was panting and Naja had removed his hand. He looked at Kurama.

"Something dwells within you, something ancient. I must say I have not felt power like that in quite a while. Welcome Nature and Wood Mystic."

Kurama looked at Naja puzzled before sitting down. Laea brought over some water and he started to drink.

Naja walked over to Scarlet next. He closed his eyes, placed his hands in the exact position he had done before.

"Release!" He spoke softly. Once again, an aura fluxed out of Scarlet before subsiding.

"Ahh Scarlet, fire resides within. You are the Fire Mystic."

He turned to Willow, and gracefully approached the girl.

"Do not be afraid," he said softly as he placed his hand on her head. He spoke the words and watched as darkness began to creep in around them. There was a sudden flux of aura as all the shadows in the room sucked into Willow before exploding out. The walls of the mansion creaked, but held steady. Naja removed his hand with a soft smirk.

"Darkness and Shadows, that is your forte Mystic. Do not think evilly of your element, it is the wielder who chooses their role."

Naja turned to Casamir and Syeira. He spoke into Casamir's mind.

"You will be an important part in your sisters life Casamir. Don't wait too much longer."

Suddenly, he placed one hand on Casamir and one hand on Syeira.


Their aura exploded in unison and it cracked a nearby window. Naja released them and felt wind blow through his hair and the sudden chill of metal touching his skin.

"Wind, and Metal, interesting...."

Lastly, Naja walked over to Dorian. He looked the male up and down before patting him softly on the shoulder.

"Dorian, I am so very proud of you. Blood could not make us any closer. I love you my son and...." Naja placed his hand on Dorian's head, "....I RELEASE WHAT IS WITHIN."

Dorian gasped as he felt the three parts of his being suddenly awaken with vigor and then came the rush of his mystic element. Electricity shot from Dorian's form and shattered nearby glass as Dorian released a powerful aura shattering windows and moving furniture. Naja released his hand and stepped away.

"I have awakened that which is within, now YanYu, come with me."

Naja turned to the others before speaking again.

"Laea and Nicolai will be responsible for your training until I return. You are to give them your undivided attention as they are masters of their elements. Now excuse me a moment."

Naja turned to YanYu and held out his hand for her to take.

Laea smiled as did Nicolai.

"Welcome aboard you all."


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#, as written by Runika
A small smile grew on YanYu's face, satisfied that she was going to be given the opportunity to see her clan. Thank you, she thought rather gratefully. She then listened as the psychic mystic instructed them on the steps they were to take in order to allow their inner mystic to release. What hinders me...., she started to think as she watched Naja start with the one that had the essence of a pure human.

She didn’t really know what to expect. He said it was a release. Did it mean that a sudden surge of power was going to explode from their bodies? Or would nothing appear to happen on the outside but in reality they had changed completely internally? Deciding to obey his instructions, she closed her eyes, waiting for her turn to arrive. Although her eyes were closed, she kept her other senses sharp, trying to obtain as much information as possibly without her vision. She heard the word ‘release’ uttered by Naja, and almost as soon as he had spoke the word, she felt a tremendous change in energy. A chill ran down her spine and she swore that the temperature had dropped drastically for just a few seconds. The ice mystic... All that energy.... from a human? She was genuinely shocked that a human could possess so much power. Were all their releases going to be similar? Or would her own release be nothing but a small ember compared to the explosion that was experienced by the ice mystic?

Well, I’m about to find out. She felt her body become rigid when Naja’s hand pressed against her forehead. Immediately, worry and doubt filled her mind. Was there even a power withheld inside of her? How much of a disappointment would she be? When she heard him speak the word, ‘release’, her eyes shut tight. But... nothing. She felt nothing. Was her father right? Was she just not capable of being someone of worth? Then, she heard Naja’s soft words floated into her mind, and they calmed her, reassured her. Yes, she could do this. She was indeed, a mystic.

As soon as she reassured herself, she felt a surge of power erupt from her very being. It wasn’t painful, a little uncomfortable, but in the process, she felt so free. It was as if something were cleansing her of her doubts, calming her, and reassuring her. The smell of the rivers, the ponds, the sea, filled her nostrils, and she took a deep invigorating breath. When the energy passed, she let out a sigh of relief. She felt lifted, stronger, and much more confident than before. It was the greatest feeling she had ever experienced. Her eyelids fluttered open, her eyes brighter than before.

One by one, Naja awakened the other’s powers. She watched as each of the separate elements had their own effect on their host, and how each host took the process differently. Eventually, Naja had released everybody, and extended his hand to her. Biting her lip, she stepped out towards the psychic, but still refused to take his hand. Instead, she bowed at a small angle to him, hoping that was good enough of a gesture to show her gratitude without seeming rude for rejecting his hand. There was never any physical contact within her family aside from sparring or beating when reprimanded, and this led to her discomfort of any contact at all, even things as small as a handshake. A bow always sufficed in her clan. She wasn't planning on changing her habits now either despite the fact she was going to have to get to know all the mystics.


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Naja nodded when YanYu bowed slightly to show her gratitude. It made him smile as he stepped closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"YanYu, once you've visited this realm, you will be able to access it whenever YOU want to. Since you possess the mark of the mystic, traveling between realms will come easy. Now, hold your breath."

There was a rush of power that overcame both of them and in an instant they were gone. Traveling between realms felt like your oxygen was being taken from you, but before you could collapse you appeared at your destination. Naja gasped as he took in breaths of air before looking over at YanYu to make sure she was alright.

"Welcome to the Realm of Dragons. In the middle of the kingdom should be where your father resides. To the east is a land of fire dragons, to the east is earth dragons, north is wind dragons and south is water dragons. There are all kinds of dragons in the exotic forests which are located between the regions, including jungle dragons, demon dragons, and the like. Feel free to come here at any time and roam about learning the fighting techniques from these different dragons. Now, if you don't mind, transforming into your dragon form is the easiest way to travel. I myself have learned from the best in the art of dragon transformation, and my dragon form is a bit massive."

Naja stepped away from YanYu before a pink aura began to envelop him. His body began to shift. Grunts and roars erupted from his form as it shifted, overcome by the bright aura that enveloped him. When the aura subsided, Naja was in his dragon form. He roared and looked at YanYu.

"Say hello to one of the first Psychic Dragons young one," Naja spoke into the mind of YanYu as he roared into the sky and his colorful wings spread wide. He towered over YanYu, blocking out the sun and producing shadows that stretched wide.


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The half elf let out a heavy breath at Naja's reassurance though still felt a twinge of concern. She still didn't know if her family was alright, or if they were searching for her, or if they thought she was dead, or they may even be- Stop it! Stop it! She mentally snapped at herself. A heartbeat later, she froze, something dark and faint slipped into the back of her mind. It was oddly familiar and that terrified her. She waited for it to fade away, and while it lessened, and grew more distant, stayed there like a stain on a white shirt. Deciding to inform Naja later about the disturbing feeling, she zoned back into the conversation Naja was having with the Mystic she felt the strange aura in earlier. The female reluctantly agreed and stood along with the rest of them.

The ritual started, Nicolai and Laea closed the windows and shut the doors before standing by the wall. She watched carefully as Naja released the Mystic aura of each person, one by one. She zipped up the white vest she still wore from her earlier encounter with Daimion, which she decided to get rid of right after the ceremony, at the sudden drop of temperature during Alleyson's releasing. Ice... She felt that irritating feeling of being inferior when a somewhat calming feeling radiated from her. Water... She slightly flinched at the pain the male next to her experienced before a powerful wave of energy pulsed from him. Wood and nature... It didnt look like it bothered the first two, but Karuma looked as if he were instense pain. Scarlet felt herself tense when Naja placed his hand on her head and a thumb on her forehead.

"Release!" He spoke softer than he did with the others though she immediately felt something surge from within her. Her body temperature hit impossible stages. She raised a hand only to see she was shaking violently. The elf clenched and unclenched her hand attempting to stop her trembling. The brunette felt something flare inside her and embraced it wholly. Heat radiated freely from her body, balancing the temperature from the cold Alleyson created earlier and forced an edge to the soothing presence YanYu had coming out in waves from her. She yanked the necklace from her neck and tucked it in her pocket as her clothes turned back to her usual white tee and black jeans. The cold barely effected her anymore, she felt rather warm actually. A chuckle bubbled in the back of her throat as she fought a war with a smirk that was slowly conquering her mouth. Dripping with cockiness, she smirked and let out a soft laugh. Fire... Well this aught to be good. She thought strange of herself for feeling rather arrogant about the new power, though it was a welcomed change. She looked back at Naja as he released the energies of the rest of the attending Mystics before glancing back at the first three. Water... No wonder I felt threatened earlier. Her blue orbs watched as YanYu left with Naja, before turning to the others, observing each one of them. This should be one hell of a class. She laughed to herself, the smirk becoming a permanent resident on her face. Though in the back of her mind, she felt the dark energy seem to pulsate.


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#, as written by Byte
Alleyson could only smile gleefully at the various flavours of people in this particular group. Already could she feel that this would be an interesting experience, for her personally anyway. She watched, as Naja approached each and every one of them to 'release' their supposed powers, starting with yours truly.

Her eyes closed, Allie could only chuckle as the man pressed his thumb against the woman's forehead, the word 'release' ringing through her ears. Almost immediately, Alleyson could feel an unnatural cold presence filling the room and her own body, her own temperature dropping down significantly as a winter-cold feeling spread to every edge of her organic vessel.

Her teeth clenched at the first seconds, but soon subsided into another smirk. It felt familiar, like those harsh winters in Canada. Oooh, how she would miss that!

When Naja released his firm press on Allie's forehead, the skater-gal opened her eyes the spot any significant changes to her appearance. Luckily, there weren't any, although she could feel a cold touch that originated from within her pockets as she pulled out her hands.

Shifting her body just slightly, her emerald eyes widened briefly at the sight of a thin layer of ice that pressed against her hands. Curious, perhaps this wasn't a plug-n-play after all.

Frowning a tad at the weird phenomena, Allie's train of thoughts were abruptly halted at a series of unnatural presences, all coming from the people she had decided to partner with. The one that grasped her the most, was that of the young woman who she remembered to be named Scarlet, the same woman who she had a brief moment of conversing with. It felt warm, the exact opposite of her own aura or whatever you'd call it. The Skater-gal could only grin, but it didn't take away that this was something that felt uneasy... Even more than was usual for her.

It'd be a major change of life. It went from normal, to weird, to extremely amazingly and utterly insane. She could only imagine what a life of a mystic would have in store for her, nothing normal that was for certain.

Allie observed some more, forming an “Huh?” with her mouth as her eyes had settled on the boy that cried out in pain. It seemed that not every release was a pleasant one. “C'mon, everyone else didn't seem to budge an inch. Take it like a man, would you?” She teased, leaning forward with her frail body as her expression was a mixture of annoyance and enjoyment.

The others were all as impressive and epic as the rest. Some frightening, some far less so. Allie could only watch in amazement as lightning struck through the large hall, wind hastily brushing through everyone's hair, and a few other sights that had her on the edge of a seat, if she had one.

After the display of power, and not to mention an unforgettable show, Naja did not waste any time to get back to business. But Allie wasn't pleased with what had said. “Huh?” The woman exclaimed, her tone filled with annoyance. “Can't you cut us some slack? We barely got here, and you want us to work our asses off on the go? Geez fella, let us get some fuckin' rest before throwing us for the wolves!” She huffed, her eyes rolling with the turning of her head, her hands impatiently resting on her hips as she muttered a few curses.

But with her comment, Naja was gone, as was the one mystic who seemed to be reluctant on joining. With a massive frown, Allie blew a few fringes of purple-dyed hair away frm her gaze, looking at Nicolai and Laea for further, outrageous instructions.