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Talia Merda Lena

You can't Escape from sound..

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a character in “Mystics: Rise of Disception”, as played by TheGoddessReborn


Name: Talia Merda Lena

Nickname: Tali

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Race: Siren/Human

Ethnicity: Russian/British

Origin: St. Petersberg, Russian, Then moved to London, England at age 5 so her accent is quite odd. Mother: Russian who worked for a group called wayward which accepted people with gifts to help battle against the demons and monsters when tali was younger using her sound magic for their benifit, Father: English who become a mulit-millionare at an instant and lost it all when everything when crazy by way of his mind controlling ablities, which tali found out she too could by vibrating the mind in a specific way. he was also a powerhouse in the Wayward group where her parents met.

Appearance Description: in her normal form she is a typical blue eyed, blond haired girl which she stands 5'6 and weights about 125Lbs

Transformed Appearance: in her transformed state but is surrounded in a arua of pure sound with specific clothes as well as darker hair. it doesnt hurt anyone, unless she wants it to.

Orientation: Straight

Side: Mystic

Element: Sound

Abilities: Hearing
Hypnosis- the act of bring someone under tali's control with no objection of her target.
Hypnotic Music- the act of manipulation of music or sound using her own powers
Siren Song- the act of singing or vocal output to sway someone mentally
Vertigo Inducement using sound.- the act of using sound to cause a targets eyes to vibrate causing distress or disorientation

Razor Wind- the manipulation of sound to cause sharp or razor like currents for offensive purposes
Sonic Blasts-the manipulation of sound to cause concussive bolts to take a target down or make unconsious
Sonic Bolts- a smaller more compact attack to blow a target off their feet or with enough concentration to kill
Sonic Scream- a vocal release of sound to disorient, cause bleeding from the mouth, eyes or ears, shatter glass or cause death
Sound Absorption- a passive ablitity that allow tali to absorb sound for other or strong abliltiy
Sound Barrier or Shield- a collection of sound around the user to allow protection over projectilies or close quarters attacks
Vibration Emission- an ability that allow tali to relase violent vibration from her hands or body for offensive purposes
Voice Manipulation- the ability to alter vocal perception to emulate different types of voices both male and female

by riding sound waves.
Can fly at super sonic speeds
May cause damage to the body unless protecting herself with a sound barrier.

Enhanced Regeneration by vibrating nerve endings in the body to heal.

Echolocation- can use sound to see her enviroment when her phsyicals eye arent avalible.
Enhanced Hearing
Hearing and equilibrium are protected from the effects of sound.- her power protects her from the harsh effects of her power
Lie Detection by listening to the sound of their heart beat.

Everything that affects normal sound affects this ability as well, this might be overcome with enough training.
Vacuum or anything that stops sound prevents this power.

Skills: Tali is profiecent with double bladed weapons, this particular weapon however in collaspable and can be made into one weapon or two, even a staff


Personality: Tali is a very loving and trusting indivdual, she will believe nothing if there isnt any proof to it. she is a realist and sees nothing beyond her own eyes.

Brief History: her mother was worked for "Wayward" using her goddess given gift to keep the world safe for all childern, While in the mysterious group it was funded by her father who she knew nothing about. William (her furture father) would consitantly show up and check on everyone he was a very trust worthy and loving man and you could absoulty see it. he was a pargon among men. William knew it was love at first sight with Merda, (her mother) although merda knew nothing about the english language it was cake from william as he was an agressive telepath who could project an understand of the english language. soon enough the siren and the human fell in love and concived little tali. who was a hybrid product of both races and inherited her mother powerful gift. when she finally died fighting for the ones she loved, her father tried to protect her but he too fell to the monsters and demons sometime after her mother. now filled with rage and anger she joined the mystic to avenge her parents.

Other: none

So begins...

Talia Merda Lena's Story


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Tali smelled the russian air deeply. "ahhh.. i missed you mother russia." she said closing her eyes in what seemed like extacy. Her joy was cut short by a couple of village, her arms went across her chest as she stepped off the plane and walked across the run way.

As Tali passed them as they snarled. wait.. snarled? what in the world would possess them to snarl, should she run and risk them giving chase? tali walked with her head down and shaking a bit, she wished her father was here. Tali's eyes filled with a glassy build-up of tears at the thought of her father, she sniffed and sighed looking around carefully hoping they werent following. Quickly but gradually her footsteps increase.

"HEY!" "shit.." she said quietly and contiuned to walk the snarling man gave chase yelling. "Znayete li vy, blin, ne slyshishʹ menya devushka?" (did you fucking not hear me girl?) Tali's eye widened and stopped turning slowly. Tali sighed "oy, prosti menya, ya etogo ne sdelal." (oh, excuse me i didnt.) the man spat in her face and began speaking in english as tali was simply revolted her facial expression said just that. "wkell, mayb you hearr that huh?" "what do you want from me?" "i want you girl." "and thats exactly how you get a girl spit in her proklyatiye(damn) Face" whipping the viscus phlem from her face she began walking away, hearing the familiar snarl again what was that.

She found soon found out as a heavy pressure slammed her on the floor, only to realize it was the spitters knee. "U menya teperʹ myshka." (i've got you now little mouse.) "let me go!" she was growing frantic slapping and punching the man her hardest, but he wanst groaning or anything. the man opened his mouth snarling "Vampir?!" she said something of a scream. looking to her left and she fought the guy off of her she managed to turn herself around and she saw something.

a piece of wood sticking her finger into the vamps eye she scrambled to get it getting his friend first to which he fell screaming and pinned the other down. "you vill RUE THIS YOU LITTLE" "shut up you slime, Vampir are not allowed in the city!" "not anymore" the man said casually. "Welcome to the new russian and home to the freaks" he said giving a toothy smile. Tali remained slient shoving the piece of wood deeply in his throat which cause him to explode leaving tali covered in it. she gasped and moaned horrifed.


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His face was void of expression as he watched the young male crash land after attempting a 360 degree spin. Naja would’ve saved the young lad if it had not been for the thoughts he heard afterwards. The young man truly had a mouth on him, but his attention quickly returned to Alleyson who had noticed him and was soon approaching him. When she began speaking, Naja simply looked at her, a soft smile on his face.

“I am Naja, elder Mystic and Archmage of Nervesa. I am here on official business. What I am about to tell you will freak you out more than me speaking to you telepathically. Within you is what the elder council calls mystic magic. You are not given this magic, it is threaded into your DNA and you are born with it. Now bear with me Alleyson Rosewright, for your decision will reflect the fate of this world. An evil has emerged and seeks to lay claim to this realm. If we do not stop this threat, all hope is lost. If you want to know more, here is my card. Read the inscription on it if you ever need to speak to me.”

Naja’s lips had not moved, for he had spoken to Alleyson using telepathy. He smiled and nodded and in a flash he was gone.

Appearing on a tall building in Montreal, Canada, Naja sat with his eyes closed. He hoped the three he had visited so far would understand the threat and read the inscription on the cards. Sighing, he once again plucked a photograph of a female. This group was full of females, but Naja did not complain, he simply stood up.

“Talia Merda Lena…………..a siren born,” Naja stated as he rubbed his hand across the picture.

Light covered Naja’s form and when it subsided, Naja was gone. When he appeared, he witnessed the vampire’s demise at the hands of Talia. She was a strong willed girl and Naja simply walked up to the girl.

“Are you alright? I see you’ve met one of those that linger in the shadows. A vampire, one of Suyag’s minions no doubt. Greetings, I am Naja, elder Mystic and Archmage of Nervesa. I am here seeking your help. The being you just killed is working for a higher evil. You possess something that will assist in stopping them, and making the world safe once more,” Naja said softly before reaching out and touching the girl softly on the shoulder.

Magic filtered into the girl’s body, healing her aches and pains. When Naja removed his hand, the magic stopped. He reached into his pocket and gave Talia the same card he had given the other three.

“Simply read the inscription if you ever need to talk to me. Think about what I’ve said. It is a big decision, one that you can’t walk away from. Be careful Talia, for as you have witnessed, not all is as it seems.”


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Suyag and his royal guard had been sprinting toward what was the next town on the map. Russia was different from the last time that he had been there. More technological. Less oppresive. The town would serve as a decent hiding place from the sun as well as provide an aircraft for transport. He needed to claim him throne in the holy city as soom as possible so he could call forth his armies. Every clan of vampires to make a Legion. One Legion was easily worth a theatre of human soldiers. Nine Legions in all would be called forward. It was time to create another bloodbath like that of the 1940's. He had no idea how many human servants that his kin now controlled but it had to be in the millions.

He came to the town where most of the population had gone inside for the night. A few still dwelled outside. He lifted his claw in the air and screeched an long since forgotten language in the air. The Crusniks began to pillage the town. There was only one rule that they knew of. Take no prisoners. Drunkers and civilians in buildings were being ripped apart by the Crusnik, making it a massacre. Suyag veered off in a different derection. He caught a scent of something different...magic. He belowed his bloodlust roar from the top of his lungs and began to sprint in the general direction of the scent, killing all that stood in his way.


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After making sure Talia was alright, Naja vanished from sight, off to find the next mystic on his list. The remaining photos appeared before Naja and he picked another female. This one was interesting to Naja. It may have been her elven side, but Naja was determined to get them all together to help stop the evil that was ever present in the world. Naja folded the picture and the remaining vanished.

“Scarlet Lagorúthel, it seems today is your day my dear.”

Naja vanished again. This time he appeared a few feet away from Scarlet and her father. When she started sparing against her father, Naja smiled. This girl had spunk and that was hard to find. He watched until she started hitting the punching bag. When the girl caused the bag to unravel and break loose from its chain restraints, Naja stepped forward.

“Be careful my dear. Allow me.”

Naja waved his hand and the bag lifted and reset itself. The metal twisted and contorted until it was set the way it was before. Naja nodded and began to speak.

“You may wonder who I am, or rather how I found you, but none of that is important. What is important is that a young elf like yourself should be putting her gifts to good use. I am Naja, elder Mystic and Archmage of Nervesa. I was sent to find and awaken the new mystics, and guess what? You are one of them. I can’t say much here, but I do want you to know that a great evil has awakened and is soon to devour this world if we do not stop it. I cannot do it alone, but this decision will require some thought. I want you to know that by accepting this responsibility, there is NO turning back.”

Naja stopped and produced yet another card with the same inscription on it.

“When you want to talk, read the inscription and I will be there. Be safe Scarlet my dear, and may the power of elven magic protect you.”

Naja turned and vanished in mid stride, leaving Scarlet with something to think about.


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Naja smiled when Alleyson began to speak. She was a spunky one that much was asserted, and after she finished speaking, Naja nodded and waved his hand, creating a large screen of sorts in mid air. He then began to speak, the screen showing what he spoke about.

"Long ago, the world was nearly destroyed by a dark tyrant. This creature ravaged Earth, claiming many lives and enslaving many more. His name was Lord Azael, and he was the founder of the Nobility. To combat this evil, the High Council of Good Magic called forth twelve young warriors. It was my duty to train these twelve young warriors in order to put an end to Lord Azael and his corruption. These twelve warriors weren't just humans as you may think, but were different races. Some were elves, some were demon, some were angels and some were fae. Even dragons were enlisted, as well as beings from other universes and galaxies. These beings were the perfect candidates to teach the forbidden elemental magicks. So, I trained them in the forbidden magicks, teaching them and guiding them to one day put an end to Lord Azael."

Naja stopped speaking, looking at each of their faces to make sure they were listening before he continued.

"The High Council decreed that this group should have a name, and thus called them Mystics, protectors of Earth Realm and the Universe. After the High Council approved of this, they sent each of the mystics into battle against Lord Azael. Never before had I seen such courage. The battle raged for millennia it seemed until the twelve, who were now only four, sealed Lord Azael away forever deep inside what is now Mount Fuji. The High Council cursed me with immortality in order to keep the teachings of the mystics alive, but as years went on and my students died one by one, I became discouraged. The only students that remain are Nicolai and Laea. These two were gifted immortality because of their race. Laea is an angel, and Nicolai is a rock fae."

Naja stopped talking once again in order to gauge the groups reaction to what he was telling them.

"It was when Lord Manacia came into power over the Nobility that I began my search for the next mystics. For you see, after the first mystics, their legacy was passed down to their children, and their children's children, and their children's children's children. The tattoo that is upon each of you is not just there for show, it was passed down in your DNA. It was a way for safe passage to and from different realms as well as a way to judge friend from foe. It is my fault that the teachings of the mystics died away. I did not want to train any more students and have to watch them die whilst I lived on, and so I went into battle with Lord Manacia and his generals along with Nicolai and Laea, and after an intense battle, both sides dispersed and went underground. It has been my job for many many countless years to keep this war out of human perception. So I take the liberty of wiping clean the memories of any human who accidentally crosses over. Now, Lord Manacia is back. He is threatening to spill our existence over into the human world, but we can not let that happen. If he does, the human's will go chaotic, and the world will plunge into darkness. This is the reason I summoned you all here. Lord Manacia, Daimion, Blaidd, Suyag, and others like them are seeking out ways to enslave this world. Your families, your friends, everything will be lost if we do not stop them. I can not MAKE you choose this life, I can only lead you to it. You will have to go through immense training, your mystic magicks must be unlocked, and you will have to leave your home. There will be no turning back once you accept, but believe me when I say this. Lord Manacia and his generals will NOT stop hunting you. It will be easier for them to take over if you all are removed from the picture."

Naja stopped talking and waved his hand to remove the screen which had shown the exact events as they had happened.

"I will give you a moment to process all the information I have just delivered unto you. If you have any more questions, please ask them now or forever hold your peace."


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"So, this is a choice?"

Naja looked at YanYu who spoke next. He smiled, knowing the girl was worried about her people. Naja closed his eyes before speaking.

"YanYu Chen, I feel a great distraction within your very soul. You seek to know if your people are safe. I had nothing to do with that personally, for it was the High Council who transported them to the dragon realm. I can take you there if you like for only the high council and the king allow passage to this realm."

Naja opened his eyes knowing that he hadn't answered the girl's question, and so he smirked before continuing to speak.

".....but to answer your question, yes, it is a choice. The information I have laid upon you is great. You will have a choice as to whether or not you'll visit your family or cut ties with the world. Remember, this choice you make could very well determine whether or not your family and friends live or die. It is no longer my war YanYu, it is everyone in this room's war. Nicolai, upon joining, cut ties with the world in order to keep his family safe, for if you choose to cut ties with your family, the high council locks away their memory of you and places protective magic around them that not even Lord Manacia could break, but as I have said it is entirely up to you."

Naja took a breath before continuing.

"I expect nothing but your hard work and determination, and dedication in mastering the mystic magic within you all. If you choose to accept this task, I will unlock the inner mystic magic and your powers will bloom. If you choose to reject this task, I will take you back to your life and wipe your memory of ever meeting me, Nicolai and Laea. Remember, your choice could very well determine the state of the world."

Naja had taken a seat by now and had crossed his legs waiting for any more questions the group may have. Dorian looked at the others and at his father.

"Dad, you have my support. I will do all I can," Dorian said softly as he looked over at Kurama.

"Hell, from what I've seen, if we don't help the world is doomed. I'll join, hell I have nothing else to do," Kurama stated as he stood up and walked over to Naja's side along with Dorian. Laea and Nicolai looked at the others as they too took their place at Naja's side.

It was then that a beautiful female flew into the main hall through an open window. She was an angel of the gods, and Naja knew the High Council had sent her.

"I am Nerissa, the Celestial Beauty, and an Angel of the Gods." She turned to Naja, "The Gods know what this battle may bring, and have sent me to help on behalf on the Gods. For I am the only one of you, to know the one you called 'Lord Manacia' best.. For I was once his lover..."

"It is nice to meet you Nerissa. Please do have a seat and after we have finished here, we will talk."

Naja crossed his legs and observed the others.