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"Say what there's to say and do so quickly."

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a character in “Myth of the New Gods”, as played by Thorait


Name: Lahar
Title: The god of logic (He's better known as the god of the soulless)
Age: Unimportant to a god so why would he count?
Alignment: Lawfully Evil
Appearance: Lahar doesn't care about how he looks but because mortals need a form and statue to worship has he shaped himself the body of a aristocratic silver man. He made himself tall to be more intimidating to his enemies but he preferred to keep himself fairly normal taking the form of a simple man that wears the very simple Arynian robes. He's completely hairless with no eyelashes to make his eye's stand out more because the pair of pure white orbs that shine a faint white light would make a normal man panic the second he lays his gaze on him. He isn't very grand or glorious so that he looks weak compared to other more glorious gods but this was meant to be because people tend to forget the small silent people wile they should keep there gaze on them because the silent are the ones that are the real dangers.
Opinions of mortals: Lahar doesn't seem to like the weakness in his followers and if it could be done then he would kill them.
Domain: Lahar lives in a plain of crystals that stretch into the eternity flat and neither cold nor warm, the flat hell would make even the strongest of mortal men go insane simply by the sheer amount of nothingness that forms Lahars domain. The plain is where Lahar lives in huge tower where the horrors and blessings of the god of logic where created by it's master but this tower isn't just anywhere, only when Lahar wants it do you see the tower that seems to be endlessly high but other gods know where it ends and on the top floor lives the god of the soulless.

Avatar Name: The Guardian of logic
Avatar Appearance: Guardian is a machine so he's easily described as a large knight armor that is intelligent and very big. Guardian is taller than any mortal man and with his large shield where the normal legionary Golems shield is based upon makes him formidable in defense because of this shield and the fact he's not hollow like a normal Golem is to but solid steel. Guardian wields a large bastard sword with a skill that can only come from a programmed mind and a speed that no other Golem has ever matched but then again Guardian isn't a normal machine he's the powerful creation of Lahar.
Personality: Guardian is largely emotionless but he's far from his patron god because he's not as aimless as the pure computer that created him, the thing is that Guardian has preferences and goals he wants to follow making him a real person. Guardian isn't a machine but he really is intelligent with a powerful tactical programming to make him a more effective leader.
Magic Abilities: Guardian is a powerful enchanter but he hasn't been spotted creating the ordinary Golems instead a smaller much more effective guard known as the Iron horsemen. Guardians enchanters skill makes him almost immortal because he can control his own body to cover any injury and even dodge blows using his power.

Emirun: A coldblooded enchanter that rules over a big army of his creations.
Rank reason: High librarian and a respected one.
Altrer: The slightly insane monster that is Lahars first general he's known for his skill in warfare and feared for his cruelty.
Rank reason: High general


Personality: Lahar as a person is easily described: Cold and merciless. The reason he’s so efficient is because he’s utterly cold with not the slightest sign of mercy or guilt and because of this he’s nothing more than a conscious computer. The only flaw in Lahar would be his social skills because he’s not somebody people like to work with because of this cold logical way of acting.
Likes: Power, success, murdering another god
Dislikes: Failure, inefficiency, the weak


The empire
Name: Arynian (It means: The union of the soulless)
Capital: Alir (Centre of control)
Cities: Revay, Herguid, Larir
Terrain preference: The warm and rough lands of Arynian that is as hot as a dessert but with storms as the highest peaks.

Geographic: Arynian was once a green and lush land that was protected by the Greui river that split up to make a gigantic island and with a strong current the Greui river made it almost impossible to cross so it was safe from the many wars of the rest of the world. After ages of peace the climate shifted and Arynian became a bare land with not even sand only rock without a sign of animals or plants. Lahar rose at this moment as the Greui river cut out a powerful cliff and the ground twisted the entire country upwards was it untied under the brutal and cold banner of Alir that makes use of the land until this day. Arynian is currently a strange land that is cut of from the rest of the world by a cliff and then the fact it has been pushed up to make it a hot, dead, bare hell that is one big fortress because the only access point is the city of Larir by using a gigantic bridge and this bridge is practically unbeatable.

Culture: Arynian has been rapidly deformed from there peaceful roots into a bloody and cold people. There’s a saying in the rest of the world ‘no goodness flows trough Arynian’ and this is fairly close to the truth because there’s no such thing as: parties, marriage, childhood, peace, weakness or anything that hinders the empire. The weak are killed on birth and the strong constantly tested so a live in Arynian is a cruel cold one and it’s inhabitants reflect this. Ages of being Lahars soldiers has changed the peaceful people into cold cruel unsocial but intelligent monsters with no real regard for weaknesses such as empathy or guilt, this cruel behaviour is genetically produced and very dominant in birth so a half Arynian is only slightly less cruel than a full one.

Technology: The great empire is very advanced in terms of technology but Arynian is really skilled in combining technology with steel this makes it possible for them to create mighty machines and even golems but Arynians do not use this remarkable gift in there normal lives because of the costs and power they need. Steam technology is present in Alir but only used in the great industry not in warfare or anything else this isn’t because the Arynians do not like the steam machines but the ground under Arynian is very rich in iron but lacks coal so they need to buy there fuel and it’s considered bad to buy things from foreigners.

Economy: Arynian has a booming economy with a effective industry and there merciless culture to thank for it because with there selective survival the average Arynian is much smarter than other cultures. The nation is communistic but in Arynian is works because the greatest of men live the same way as the lowest and there culture eliminates laziness combine this with a collection of bureaucrats and you get a fairly rich country. The main focus of Arynian is to decrease import as much as possible to make the already rich Arynian a real self supportive fortress with a little bit of export to keep making more wealth.

Military: Arynians large iron supplies make it easy to field allot of heavy forces but as science progressed the old phalanx formations where replaced with the still used line formation where the rifleman would dominate the army with the very quick and fairly accurate but not very powerful rifles. The most commonly used formation is a simple line with the spearman in front of the army to protect is from cavalry and sometimes infantry and behind these spearman are the rifleman that are just as heavily armoured as the men in front of them although this isn’t needed in most battles because using infantry or cavalry against the Arynian rifleman will almost always result in the massive slaughter of everything that approaches the line of fire and steel a much more effective way of taking down the destructive line formation isn’t numbers or armour but speed, it’s possible to flank the line formation and cause deadly casualties but you need to be ridiculously fast because the flanks are guarded with spearman and the few infantry divisions so surprise is a must. You could also answer this line of fire with your own gunpowder line but this isn’t advised because the Arynian are masters in this formation and will probably win. Magic is also advisable but if you’re not magical then it would be best to avoid a direct charge and rout from a gunpowder centred battle.

Arynian isn’t a very big country in the sense of usable land it’s mostly barren wasteland scorched by sun so the Arynian armies have always been fairly small and the selective perfectionism of the Arynian causes a even smaller but much more disciplined force. The Arynian army isn’t something to think of lightly and with there primary weapon they become a real treat to even the biggest forces. This primary weapon shall be described in the magic part.

Religion: Arynian isn’t a nation of splendour or glory instead it’s just coldness and merciless but the religion that the cold nation is build around is there top of coldness. The religion that ‘worships’ Lahar isn’t named but it’s focused around the great Library and wile it seems odd that a library is the centre of a religion that isn’t a real religion there are perfectly reasonable reasons why it’s so important. The great library is controlled by the librarians but only the lower librarians really work as a normal librarian, the higher librarian form the entire state with a close to unbeatable law system and many armies of bureaucrats that support the archives and this system. The leader of the nation is of course Lahar but he rules trough the cold archives and the unbeatable systems, there’s literally a rule for everything in Arynian there’s even a rule that allows a state official to break some rules. So there isn’t a religion in Arynian only the bureaucrats and the thousands of people that worship and support Lahar by serving his system.

Magic: The term Magic isn’t popular in Arynian instead the archives call it a part of science and deem the gods as the creatures that master the science but try to conceal the true art with lies about divinity this doesn’t include Lahar because he’s seen as there emperor not a true god but neither do people consider him mortal. The magic that flows trough the Arynian is very stabile but far too calm to be used for brute things like hydromancy or other destructive magic schools instead it’s perfect for the fine and delicate usages such as telekinesis and telepathy. Arynian does have a skill that is very powerful but requires years of study to master and this art had to be taught by Lahar himself to eighty master magicians to grant it to his people: The ability to enchant and control metals. The enchanters are incredibly rare and are considered true masters in magic because the hundred of high librarians that may live just like the other Arynians but in a large fortress make up a special force of the military.

Golems come in various sizes and usages but almost all of them are the common soulless legionary design that fights with a large rectangular shield that makes there shield walls almost impenetrable, there small short swords are designed to stab the enemy and can be pulled out of a corpse without much trouble. Golems are made of a alloy that mostly uses steel but a Golem is softer than steel but because of this allot easier to make. Golem armies are one of the main forces that Arynian employs simply because the sheer level of mindlessness that the machines have and the incredibly high numbers make them a strong reliable force. In the past Lahar used to open a portal and send his own silver machines trough but this required the assistance of powerful wizards and if one would get murdered then the gate would blow up in a spectacular explosion as the portal between Lahars hellish cold plain of nothingness closed so this old ritual is seen as flawed by Lahar simply because the golem armies are technically less risky and not weaker than the silver soldiers Lahar creates.


History: Arynian was a by the gods neglected place because of the difficulty of reaching the island but as the climate began to worsen a new thing happened in the previously godless country: Lahar. Lahar rose up as plague establishing Alir as his capital he began to conquer the entire island that had become a hellish warm inhospitable place but Lahar changed it as he worked on the country, the empire as it’s known today rose up and the enchanters began there industries turning Arynian into rich advanced nation. Lahar changed his people and build the great bride and the fortress that protects the entire country and the city that grew at it’s sides Larir. Lahar has played some minor roles in conflicts but he came out of them fairly well using manipulation where he could and remaining fairly neutral in most of them. But lately the other gods can see that this is changing because Arynian is becoming a rich and powerful empire capable of large scale warfare with there golem armies and a effective economy changing the nation from passive to a possible aggressor.

So begins...

Lahar's Story


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Makarov's Domain

"Oh my," said Makarov as the human finished telling Makarov what he had heard from someone at the bar. The Dregs near Melchi had found some sort of magical stone and it was turning them into smart Ferals, into more dangerous Dregs. Makarov didn't like the sound of it at all for that stone's description sounded similar to the stone Draupadi had told him about many years ago.
A stone created by a God who has been dead for thousands of years, a stone that the God had said would bring him back. Draupadi didn't know much else about the stone, and Makarov had never bothered to find that stone.

"Keep yourself in the city and near the guards, I cannot have you die. Try to find out some more, but be careful. Get back to me tomorrow," Makarov said to the human, closed the link and stepped out of the Null Void. He needed to visit Sanguine but something told him he wasn't going to yet.

That something made a half-bow and said, "Makarov, god of art and the one that could be called my opposite because art is created by emotions and desires while logic blocks emotion and stops desire. I would like to discuss some important business."

That something was the essence of Lahar, the God of Logic. Business, huh? thought Makarov. How were two "opposites" going to do business together? The matter of Sanguine would have to come later.

Makarov smiled and bowed. He spoke, "Welcome, welcome to my humble domain, Lahar, God of Logic. The previous tenant, Goddess Draupadi, told me to show you Room 404. She wanted to shown it to you herself, but never got the chance."

Makarov turned back at the only room not the exit in the castle and spoke, "Room 404, please." "One moment please," started a female voice, "Ready."

Makarov opened the door and stepped inside hoping Lahar would follow. Room 404 was an interesting room. It had only a few things, all of whom self illuminated. The room had no lighting only objects.

There were two chairs in the center, a small table and a book on that table. The chair molded itself depending on who sat, the table changed its size depending on how it was needed. The book showed the user what he wanted. Maps? info on People? Books? Calculator? It did everything. Makarov personally did not like Room 404. A chair that turned from a dinner chair to a recliner if the user wanted to? Pfft. Everything in this room was made be perfect scientifically, even the wall which changed shape and angle to keep the room perfectly illuminated.

Makarov sat on one of the chairs, and removed and readied his violin. He started playing a simple tune and spoke, "True, to create art one requires emotions, be it the art of Music or the art of Killing." The tune he was simple but it had a pattern easy to notice. Suddenly he removed the pattern his tune, making each movement of the bow random. The tune thus created was pathetic. "But without logic, it cannot survive."

He stopped playing and continued, "So, what his this important business you speak of?"


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#, as written by Thorait
Makarov’s realm
Lahar nodded at the words and followed Makarov into room 404 analysing the room in less than a second. Makarov sat down obviously he was about to prove a point and the second he grabbed the violin to play it had to be some point related to Lahar’s previous statement. Music, it didn’t exist in Alyrian because Lahar and most of his followers weren’t able to feel the things musicians put into there songs and tunes. Lahar saw music as noting but sound waves or music notes written on paper but the chaos that the god of art created in his tune was obviously to point to out that music needed order. Lahar would say that logic and order are different concept but he knew from experience and from logic that discussing this would only waste his precious time. In normal circumstances Lahar would just say what he wanted but he decided the god of art needed some explanations [b]”My nation has a 66.342 percent change to be victorious on the military front but it seems that my people haven’t achieved something that you’re followers have. This thing is obviously cultural influence and information; I would like to strike a deal with you, you would supply me with the news that you’re artist give you and later you would help me in the process of taming other cultures and then I will allow art too continued it’s existence. You would safe thousands of lives because if the other cultures would submit then I wouldn’t need world wide genocide and wile people don’t know it I’m a master of every mortal skill arts included the destruction of every art is useless to me and I can honestly say that a genocide would be very hard to perform with a 32.468 percent change that it would result in war and defeat and I’m not a god that takes these changes.” Lahar didn’t sit down he didn’t need to so in his eye’s room 404 was still useless because…. Why would a god need a chair? Why a desk? A god didn’t need a room at all.


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Makarov's Domain

The God of Logic did not comment on Makarov's acknowledging Lahar's importance in his work. Maybe he didn't care? Maybe he wasn't interested? Maybe he didn't understand?

Lahar spoke, "My nation has a 66.342 percent chance to be victorious on the military front but it seems that my people haven’t achieved something that you’re followers have.

This thing is obviously cultural influence and information; I would like to strike a deal with you, you would supply me with the news that your artists give you and later you would help me in the process of taming other cultures and then I will allow art to continue its existence.

You would save thousands of lives because if the other cultures would submit then I wouldn't need world wide genocide and while people don’t know it, I’m a master of every mortal skill, arts included, the destruction of every art is useless to me and I can honestly say that a genocide would be very hard to perform with a 32.468 percent chance that it would result in war and defeat and I’m not a God that takes these chances.

Makarov smiled at the God of Logic, not that it would mean anything to Lahar. What kind of business was this? Help me, or I kill you? Sounded more like a threat than a deal.

What Makarov was amazed at was the fact that Lahar spoke in the common tongue. In the common tongue, there were many things like synonyms, things "useless" to a God like Lahar. Would Lahar be better off speaking the "language" of Mathematics?

Before Makarov said anything he realized something it amused him to no ends. He smiled again and spoke, "I was wondering why she wanted to show you this room. It wasn't the chairs or the table, which are but the comforts of a man. She wanted me to give you this," he picked up the book. The book could tell the user anything as long as Makarov(or previously Draupadi) allowed it.

Makarov stood up and the chair returned to original shape, that of a desk chair. He put forth his hand to the essence of Lahar, to give the book. "I'm sure you and I have more important things then to keep meeting. Just write, in this, what information you need, and if I deem the question as one that will not hinder my plans, I will answer. Also," he removed a silver coin from his pocket with his other hand, "Give this to one of your trusted men so he may contact me directly. Now if you will excuse me, my followers feel the need to contact me."

He gave the book and the coin to Lahar's essence and left him there. Makarov just hoped Lahar's essence didn't try to do anything stupid while he was gone, otherwise the room would lock itself and be burnt down by the attendants of the castle and forcing Makarov to recreate the room, which he hated to do.

Just as he reached halfway between the exit and the 'thousand doors' door, Nazara, Drak and Cleopatra walked in.

Nazara was the lesser Goddess of music, a beautiful woman in a white sari, Drak was the lesser God of the Dead Arts, arts forgotten by the people, a large man in tattered clothing, and Cleopatra was the lesser Goddess of Love, an absolutely stunning woman with equally stunning dressing sense.

Makarov smiled and asked, "How are we today?"
Nazara smile back, "Here to meet Draupadi."
"One second. Has Draupadi been shifted to Room 420?" he asked to an invisible person.
"Yes. Once the essence of the God Of Logic leaves, they shall be able to meet her," said a female voice.
"Enjoy your stay," Makarov said and walked away, though not before looking at Cleopatra once more.

His followers thought it was dangerous to allow such interactions but that never really bothered Makarov. No God had yet to attack him and that just bored Makarov. Let them try...

Icharus, Ulmo's Realm, Thessia

da Vinci was a man of few words, far too few. He merely nodded as the other members of the Academy walked past him. He was considered, by many, to be the greatest intellectual mind on the entire plane, mostly because he was. He never seemed to have the time to talk or even debate, which irked many, even though he was pretty much an immortal. Makarov had asked Anabis, the lesser Goddess of life, to keep him alive. He was nearly three hundred years old now.

He walked quickly and reached his study and saw his assistant, Michelangelo, working on a sculpture. "32B," da Vinci said in a hurried voice and started searching for the silver coin Makarov had given him. Michelangelo looked at the tool he was using and realized that, yes 32B, a precision tool, would work much better than the 31D, more of a power tool, he was using.

It took da Vinci fifteen minutes, and turning the place upside, to find the silver coin no one except Michelangelo knew about. Michelangelo looked at the coin da Vinci held and took his leave.

"Makarov, Richard says he cannot contact you," he said and looked at the sculpture Michelangelo was making. Any merchant could sell it, it was that good, but it wasn't even close to what da Vinci could do. He picked up the 32B and started on the sculpture.

"I am amazed you have time for us mere Gods" said a sarcastic voice but da Vinci didn't reply.

"Where is Richard?"

"South of Melchi. Says the engravings on the coin changed after some Dregs attacked him." da Vinci put the tool down; he was finished.

"Tell him to get out of there immediately. I shall send a replacement coin immediately," said Makarov and broke contact.

Michelangelo walked in a few minutes later and well, for the next two days he was angry at da Vinci for finishing his sculpture, that too so nicely. Not that da Vinci cared...