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God of Arts

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a character in “Myth of the New Gods”, as played by TheFinalOne



Name: Makarov

Deity of: Arts(Music, paintings etc), Relativity of time.

Alias: His followers call him Makarov itself.
The Fake God/Usurper: Most other God tend not to acknowledge him and call him the Fake God. This is either because he had usurped this power from the previous god or because he doesn’t demand any tributes or anything from his disciples/followers.

Gender: Male

Personality: Makarov is a very laid back kind of person. He is usually seen talking to his followers and giving them advice or creating new instruments and styles of music. Even if his people are in danger, he does not give them any direct help. He will advice them but never force his followers do anything. He considers his followers as his friends and talks to them more like a friend or a mentor than a God. Even his followers tend to consider him to be more of a close friend than a God.

Brief Description: Makarov is a handsome elf who carries a sword and a Veena with him at all times. He wears Gold-Green coloured armour and has long hair. He always has a nice smile on his face.

Primary Race: Makarov’s followers are mostly bards, painters, writers and so on. They live in different lands, in different circumstance, are of different races and economic backgrounds. He has more human and elven followers than dwarves or others. Since he doesn’t stop his disciples from following other religions, most Bards and painter etc follow him and another God.

Mortal Views on Deity:

Attitude towards mortal races and fellow Deities: He does tend to have a bias for those who have an artistic talent, though he will not actually act upon that bias. He treats all other Gods with respect, even if he hates them.

Godly Domain: He lives in a castle known as the House of the Thousand Doors. It is a castle with one only door inside which depending on his mood opens up in different dimensions and places. Some open up to tranquil places like a forest or a small house in the middle of nowhere, some open to chaotic places like a battlefield and one opens to a null void.


Alias: Hand Of God

Rank: First Bard

Gender: Male

Personality: Beethoven is a irascible man, suffering from bipolar disease. He has a disdain for authority and social ranks. Even though is seldom comes across as a nice person, his skills as composer are unmatched. He is loved by the people of the court of Zentralfriedhof where he is an esteemed guest and a performer for the King.

Brief Description: Beethoven has long curly grey hair and always a serious look on his face. He carries with himself a notebook and pen writing down pretty much everything he sees around himself. He wears a black coat with a red scarf. He is deaf.

Race: Human


The Message of God: Since he cannot hear, Makarov communicates with him using the book he carries with himself.
The Violin of Makarov: It is a violin gifted to him by Makarov. It is capable of playing tunes without Beethoven having to actual play it. All he has to do is think of a tune and the Violin creates that sound.

Abilities: Beethoven is a master of the piano and violin. He seldom plays other instruments. He is capable of putting together pieces that can change your emotions in seconds. He can make you happy, sad, angry, remorseful etc.


There are four Champions under Makarov; Mozart, the master of music, da Vinci, the master of paintings and sculpture, Richard Pryor, master of smooth talking, and Shakespeare, the master of the written arts. As the RP progresses I’ll add more info on them. The personalities and talents are similar to their real lives only some things are changed to make them seem that they more of the same time.

Mozart is also a player of pianos and violins. In Makarov's eyes all his disciples are equal but since Beethoven is more famous than Mozart, he is the avatar.
Da Vinci is a creator, artist, sculptor and a lot lot more. Actually he was the avatar and symbol of Makarov's power but because he never did find time to address other disciples and help them, Makarov gave that power to Beethoven instead.
Richard Pryor is a smooth talking ladies man. He is present in the court at Oberness, a trading port, and is usually behind the king’s decisions there. He is great at breaking tension and influencing people.
Shakespeare is the master at spinning tales and stories. He is capable of convincing people that what he says is the truth.

Mortal Lands

Bards, Writers, Poets, Painters, Sculptors etc are found everywhere. Makarov does not control any land or such. Since his disciples consider more of a friend and mentor than God, they are free to worship any other God. He communicates with everyone who has ‘risen above chaos’.
Relativity of Time: With his music, Makarov is capable of changing the flow of time around a person, making it seem that either a lot of time has passed or that time has slowed down.
Also, to each one of his followers Makarov gives a silver coin with strange engraving on it. This coin allows them to communicate with him.

So begins...

Makarov's Story


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Room Zero, Makarov's domain

Silence. Nothing. Void. Zero...
The Null Void was an interesting place. One couldn't see, feel, touch, smell or taste anything here. One was just, there. Makarov was the only one who could grant others in the Null Void abilities to use the senses...

Makarov loved this room. There was nothing in the room at the moment, but his conscience... and hers too.
"How are you?" asked Makarov. "Go away," said a sad female voice.
"I know I've said it a thousand times, but this is a fine castle you've made," he said and as always she didn't reply.
"How many more years are you going to sulk for?" he asked her.
She was Draupadi, the previous ruler of the bard. Many years ago he had taken over her title, become a God, and trapped her here. Occasionally he would come here to talk to her, to make her tell him the secret.

"Fine... Let me play you a tune I made yesterday," he said a started playing the Veena he always carried with himself, a sad tune. If anyone mortal would heard he would have surely died feeling insane amounts guilt and sadness.
"You missed a beat," she said and Makarov laughed. Even if she was angry or sad, she just couldn't stop herself from improving a tune or telling someone that they did something wrong. If only she hadn't been narrowminded, she would still be his God, and he her Avatar...

"Well... I continue this fun chat but my disciples need me," he said and she replied, "They won't be yours for long."
Makarov laughed, said, "They won't be yours either," and left her alone.

Melchi, Sanguine's Empire

"Is meade all we want?" sang the human standing on a table while many surrounded him, laughing, drinking and shouting.
"Hell no! We want more," he shouted while playing an old tune, fast and fun.
"A great body to flaunt," he shouted. People in the bar were enjoying themselves. When he shouted, "And..." all the males in the bar shouted,
"A sexy ass whore!"

For quite some time after that there was only drinking, shouting, taking whores upstairs and fighting. It took the human fifteen minutes to get outside. He needed to talk to Makarov urgently. He took out a silver coin. No would accept it as money because it's engraving weren't that of normal money. He rubbed it and said, "Makarov, you there?"

"One second let me just this thing sorte- Ya, what happened?" said a voice on in his head. This was the first the human had used the coin.

"Shouldn't your powers not work in the Red Mother's domain?"

"Some powers don't. Like I can't see or hear what you are seeing or hearing..."

The human walked towards a smaller, quiter road and spoke, "We have a problem..."


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Makarov's Domain

"Oh my," said Makarov as the human finished telling Makarov what he had heard from someone at the bar. The Dregs near Melchi had found some sort of magical stone and it was turning them into smart Ferals, into more dangerous Dregs. Makarov didn't like the sound of it at all for that stone's description sounded similar to the stone Draupadi had told him about many years ago.
A stone created by a God who has been dead for thousands of years, a stone that the God had said would bring him back. Draupadi didn't know much else about the stone, and Makarov had never bothered to find that stone.

"Keep yourself in the city and near the guards, I cannot have you die. Try to find out some more, but be careful. Get back to me tomorrow," Makarov said to the human, closed the link and stepped out of the Null Void. He needed to visit Sanguine but something told him he wasn't going to yet.

That something made a half-bow and said, "Makarov, god of art and the one that could be called my opposite because art is created by emotions and desires while logic blocks emotion and stops desire. I would like to discuss some important business."

That something was the essence of Lahar, the God of Logic. Business, huh? thought Makarov. How were two "opposites" going to do business together? The matter of Sanguine would have to come later.

Makarov smiled and bowed. He spoke, "Welcome, welcome to my humble domain, Lahar, God of Logic. The previous tenant, Goddess Draupadi, told me to show you Room 404. She wanted to shown it to you herself, but never got the chance."

Makarov turned back at the only room not the exit in the castle and spoke, "Room 404, please." "One moment please," started a female voice, "Ready."

Makarov opened the door and stepped inside hoping Lahar would follow. Room 404 was an interesting room. It had only a few things, all of whom self illuminated. The room had no lighting only objects.

There were two chairs in the center, a small table and a book on that table. The chair molded itself depending on who sat, the table changed its size depending on how it was needed. The book showed the user what he wanted. Maps? info on People? Books? Calculator? It did everything. Makarov personally did not like Room 404. A chair that turned from a dinner chair to a recliner if the user wanted to? Pfft. Everything in this room was made be perfect scientifically, even the wall which changed shape and angle to keep the room perfectly illuminated.

Makarov sat on one of the chairs, and removed and readied his violin. He started playing a simple tune and spoke, "True, to create art one requires emotions, be it the art of Music or the art of Killing." The tune he was simple but it had a pattern easy to notice. Suddenly he removed the pattern his tune, making each movement of the bow random. The tune thus created was pathetic. "But without logic, it cannot survive."

He stopped playing and continued, "So, what his this important business you speak of?"


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Makarov's Domain

The God of Logic did not comment on Makarov's acknowledging Lahar's importance in his work. Maybe he didn't care? Maybe he wasn't interested? Maybe he didn't understand?

Lahar spoke, "My nation has a 66.342 percent chance to be victorious on the military front but it seems that my people haven’t achieved something that you’re followers have.

This thing is obviously cultural influence and information; I would like to strike a deal with you, you would supply me with the news that your artists give you and later you would help me in the process of taming other cultures and then I will allow art to continue its existence.

You would save thousands of lives because if the other cultures would submit then I wouldn't need world wide genocide and while people don’t know it, I’m a master of every mortal skill, arts included, the destruction of every art is useless to me and I can honestly say that a genocide would be very hard to perform with a 32.468 percent chance that it would result in war and defeat and I’m not a God that takes these chances.

Makarov smiled at the God of Logic, not that it would mean anything to Lahar. What kind of business was this? Help me, or I kill you? Sounded more like a threat than a deal.

What Makarov was amazed at was the fact that Lahar spoke in the common tongue. In the common tongue, there were many things like synonyms, things "useless" to a God like Lahar. Would Lahar be better off speaking the "language" of Mathematics?

Before Makarov said anything he realized something it amused him to no ends. He smiled again and spoke, "I was wondering why she wanted to show you this room. It wasn't the chairs or the table, which are but the comforts of a man. She wanted me to give you this," he picked up the book. The book could tell the user anything as long as Makarov(or previously Draupadi) allowed it.

Makarov stood up and the chair returned to original shape, that of a desk chair. He put forth his hand to the essence of Lahar, to give the book. "I'm sure you and I have more important things then to keep meeting. Just write, in this, what information you need, and if I deem the question as one that will not hinder my plans, I will answer. Also," he removed a silver coin from his pocket with his other hand, "Give this to one of your trusted men so he may contact me directly. Now if you will excuse me, my followers feel the need to contact me."

He gave the book and the coin to Lahar's essence and left him there. Makarov just hoped Lahar's essence didn't try to do anything stupid while he was gone, otherwise the room would lock itself and be burnt down by the attendants of the castle and forcing Makarov to recreate the room, which he hated to do.

Just as he reached halfway between the exit and the 'thousand doors' door, Nazara, Drak and Cleopatra walked in.

Nazara was the lesser Goddess of music, a beautiful woman in a white sari, Drak was the lesser God of the Dead Arts, arts forgotten by the people, a large man in tattered clothing, and Cleopatra was the lesser Goddess of Love, an absolutely stunning woman with equally stunning dressing sense.

Makarov smiled and asked, "How are we today?"
Nazara smile back, "Here to meet Draupadi."
"One second. Has Draupadi been shifted to Room 420?" he asked to an invisible person.
"Yes. Once the essence of the God Of Logic leaves, they shall be able to meet her," said a female voice.
"Enjoy your stay," Makarov said and walked away, though not before looking at Cleopatra once more.

His followers thought it was dangerous to allow such interactions but that never really bothered Makarov. No God had yet to attack him and that just bored Makarov. Let them try...

Icharus, Ulmo's Realm, Thessia

da Vinci was a man of few words, far too few. He merely nodded as the other members of the Academy walked past him. He was considered, by many, to be the greatest intellectual mind on the entire plane, mostly because he was. He never seemed to have the time to talk or even debate, which irked many, even though he was pretty much an immortal. Makarov had asked Anabis, the lesser Goddess of life, to keep him alive. He was nearly three hundred years old now.

He walked quickly and reached his study and saw his assistant, Michelangelo, working on a sculpture. "32B," da Vinci said in a hurried voice and started searching for the silver coin Makarov had given him. Michelangelo looked at the tool he was using and realized that, yes 32B, a precision tool, would work much better than the 31D, more of a power tool, he was using.

It took da Vinci fifteen minutes, and turning the place upside, to find the silver coin no one except Michelangelo knew about. Michelangelo looked at the coin da Vinci held and took his leave.

"Makarov, Richard says he cannot contact you," he said and looked at the sculpture Michelangelo was making. Any merchant could sell it, it was that good, but it wasn't even close to what da Vinci could do. He picked up the 32B and started on the sculpture.

"I am amazed you have time for us mere Gods" said a sarcastic voice but da Vinci didn't reply.

"Where is Richard?"

"South of Melchi. Says the engravings on the coin changed after some Dregs attacked him." da Vinci put the tool down; he was finished.

"Tell him to get out of there immediately. I shall send a replacement coin immediately," said Makarov and broke contact.

Michelangelo walked in a few minutes later and well, for the next two days he was angry at da Vinci for finishing his sculpture, that too so nicely. Not that da Vinci cared...