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Vertrag Ragsdale

"Listen, blockhead, SCRAM or I'll cut that useless bean you called brain."

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a character in “Mythical Hunt”, as played by Arthurna


Hunter Skelly

Name: Vertrag Ragsdale


Code name: Crimson Blaze

Gender: Male

Race: Human "Obviously."

Picture: Image

He wore exactly like the picture and black pants with black converse. The chain on his neck was connected to his right wrist but he's a left handed person so it didn't bother him...much. He had a tattoo of sakura under his left eyes and a skull one near his left collarbone. He wore black hairpins and made it looked like number thirteen in roman and an earring on his left ears. He had red hair and green eyes but one of his eyes was covered by eye-patch.

Past: Raised in the street along with other abandoned kids made him have a very bad manner but he grew as a strong kid because he often faced with life and death situation. One day his gang of street kid was accidentally involved in the Hunters and Beings dispute and almost all of his friends got killed by Beings because they were mistaken as the Hunters underling. Consumed in anger, he decided that he would avenge his friends and joined the Hunters to eliminate every Beings from the face of earth.

Weapon: Katana (Japanese Sword) and a pocket knife

Artificial magic: He was specialised in Fire manipulation but pretty bad at it so he practically never used it. "It's useless, so why bother."

Likes: Eat, Killing The beings and Annoy people.

Dislikes: The beings, Stupid people, Bad food and Rain.

Flaws: His loud mouthed and colorful language often got him in trouble. He often didn't care about other people feeling and it made people think he's a jerk.

Fears: Death

Orientation: "Heh? What do you think?"

Weaknesses: Magic in general. Actually he was weak toward every type magic but his agility kinda...uh....cover it.

So begins...

Vertrag Ragsdale's Story

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Vertrag Ragsdale

The rain which fell from the darkening sky was making the vision of pedestrian blurred. The drizzle soon turned into a harsh heavy rain and would surely soak a person to the bone in a second. On the day where’s thunder and storm most likely would come, a young man with bright red hair and a sheathed katana on his right hand stood under the downpour, cornering an old man just beside a warehouse near the harbor.

“Listen, old man old bat shit.” The red head’s voice was loud, even among the sound of rain. “You know I don’t have time for chit-chat, so tell me where do you ‘saw’ this vampiric-dude and I’ll be gone from your sight faster before you can say ‘damn’.”

Unfortunately, the old man did the wrong thing by looking at the red head’s eyes, in that split seconds the red head knew this geezer was lying about seeing the Beings. Lesson number one, if you was planning to lie, looking at the red head eyes was a wrong move. He knew it right away.

“Hey! That’s not the agreement, Red! Where’s the money? I want to see the money first before I tell you!”

The katana guy that was called Red had scratched his head and took a deep sigh before slammed his sheathed katana to the old man head, hard. The man fell unconscious on the ground. At least Red only used his right hand to knock the man out. He couldn’t guarantee the survival of the geezer if he used his left hand. Lesson number two, pissed out Red and you would saw hell.

“Che, what a waste of time.”

Vertrag Ragsdale, code name ‘Crimson Blaze’ or for short ‘Red’, looked toward a puddle of water. He already spent the past week hunting for a vampire that somehow became popular in those area only to turn out to be a rumor some old geezer spread, the same geezer who currently sprawled on Red’s feet. Red cursed loudly and kicked the unconscious man one last time then leaving the place. He hated rain and he was cold and soaked to the bone. Plus he didn’t get any killing for a week now. His day couldn’t get any worse, couldn’t it?

Red saw a black Ducati 749R parked not far from his position, without the owner in the vicinity. With that chrome baby he could cut the time to reach the downtown a lot and by the look of it only the harbor got this nasty rain. Meaning, if he went to the downtown there’s no rain whatsoever.

“Yep, it can’t get worse.” He smirked and fished out his pocket knife. And lesson number three, Red always got what he wanted.

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Character Portrait: Vertrag Ragsdale
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Red had stopped his motorcycle in front of an old workshop. As soon as he stepped down, a man around his mid forty patted Red in the back. “Heya Red, Nice bike you have there.”

“Heh, nice, isn’t it? Ducati 749R, my favorite.”

“Humm…Bet you spent a lot of money for it.”

“What are you talking about?” Red smirked at the man and showed him his pocket knife. “I spent nothing~” Red’s sing song voice had made the man blinked twice then laughing out loud.

“You hotwire it?!?” The man asked between chuckles.

Red didn’t need to answer it. “By the way, what’s up with the commotion?” He looked toward the crowd of people.

“Some hunter dude got his house burned along with his wife and kid. He’s apparently a traitor.” The man angled his head toward the end of the street, mentioning the direction of the fire. From his position, Red could faintly see the trail of smoke which rose to the sky.

“Whoa. Glad he died then. Too bad for the kid” He said without any sympathy on his tone.

And in that split second, a limousine whizzed pass them.

A sudden chill entered Red. It was as if a bucket of ice was thrown on his back and entering straight to his brain. The feeling was, of course, uncomfortable. Then, something clicked in his brain.

“Holly shit!”

“Huh? What’s up Red?”

Red had revived the engine without looking back at the man. “Gotta go. You know, the hunters stuff. See ya!” And he had speeding to the main street, the destination was the hunters main HQ. It’s all thanks to that limo, he just remembered about the forgotten report he was supposed to give today.

The bike went passed the speeding limit but he didn’t care. After all, he would got his ass fried if he’s late giving the report again. To hell with the rule

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#, as written by Zenia
Tsuyiko got out the limo in the dark night as his jet black hair seemed to dance in the night air and meld with it. He looked pleased with his work. “Viktor! Bring me the reports that I need to my office. See if any hunters have filled out anything new.” he ordered his servant who only bowed before he seemed to vanish. Tsuyiko shook his head as he walked into the doorway office building only to pause as he heard the sound of a motorcycle. He frowned as he slowly tilted his head in the direction of the noise, his eyes as ice. He saw a familiar figure on the motorcycle, it was one of his own hunters, Crimson Blade as his Code name went. He only sighed unimpressed. “Greetings. Running late?” he asked him, his voice flat revealing no emotions. “Come to give your report?” he asked him calmly as he walkind into the office building.