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Luther Hailwing

"Don't...don't touch me..."

0 · 347 views · located in Mythics University

a character in “Mythics University”, as played by SweetPonine


Luther Hailwing


Gender: Male
Age: 18
Speicies: Werewolf

+Elemental Arts
+First Aid

Personallity: Luther is a shy, introverted goth. He's a werewolf, so he ages extremely slowly. While he tells people he's only 18, in reality he's over 60 years old. He doesn't like to talk to people. Luther was turned into a werewolf at three years old, which means he won't die until he's almost two thousand years old. He can change on demand, but it hurts him immensely. You will almost never see him in his werewolf form. He doesn't like people touching him, as it causes his always healing wounds and his old scars to burn. While he is a closet romantic, the most you'll get out of Luther is a hello.
Key/Dorm: #3456

So begins...

Luther Hailwing's Story

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Luther had arrived at the school a few minutes (what he considered) late. Anything that wasn't ten minutes early was late to the young werewolf. His shirt was torn and his limbs achey, but it was so much easier to run here (and faster) in his wolf form rather than taking a bus or having his guardian drive him. Luther sighed, looking at the dwarf woman at the door. He straightened his jacket and stood up straighter.

As Luther approached the door, the little dwarf woman started to yell at him. "What's your name!?" She demanded in a less than friendly tone. Luther flinched at her voice. The woman didn't seem to notice how nervous and uncomfortable he was, so again she yelled "Who are you!?"

Luther cleared his throat, gulping down the lump that had formed at the back of his mouth and tried to form the words of his name. The first time it didn't work, so he cleared his throat louder and coughed out; "Luther Hailwing," before the woman was able to yell again.

"What species?!" She demanded. "What type of creature are you!?" Luther froze, his body tense. He wasn't used to being asked questions, as his guardian never really said much of anything to him and he had zero friends.

"I-I'm a werewolf, ma'am," He states with little volume to his low, agonized voice. The dwarf woman tossed him a key, which he caught with incredible speed. "GO!" she demanded when he just stood there. Luther scampered up to his room, looking around before collapsing to the bed. His body ached, and all he wanted to do was sleep.

The world seemed against him today, as just as his head hit the pillow and his eyes closed, there was an announcement for all students to report to some sort of orientation. Great, Luther thought to himself. Just what I need. To be surrounded by bodies who can see and feel my pain... Luther hadn't even unpacked anything yet, though he didn't have much.

As Luther climbed out of the comfortable bed (he really did just want to sleep) and stepped into the hallway, he was bumped into by a fellow student. The bump, though nothing to the other student, sent searing pain through his entire left arm. Luther let out a low growl, but continued to walk as if nothing had happened.