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Tariq Naji

"You know what you need? A good dose of laghter."

0 · 136 views · located in Mythics University

a character in “Mythics University”, as played by digikun


Name: Tariq Naji

Speicies: Djinn/Human mix

[Elemental Arts]

Club/Sport: Dueling


Personallity: Outgoing and friendly, Tariq, as a very young Djinn, still views the world with almost a child like wonder. He doesn't care much for study, always finding an excuse to put off his work and just deal with things as a joker.

Gender: Male


So begins...

Tariq Naji's Story

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#, as written by digikun
Tariq soared through the skies, leaving a cloudy trail in his path. He was a little bit excited. A whole university of beings like him! Well, not quite like him. Djinn aren't typically sent out on their own when they're as young as him. However as a half human, he was given a special exception, and thus was allowed by his mother to attend Mythics university. Once the campus came into view, he excitedly tumbled towards the ground, lightly landing on his feet. The campus looked amazing. The buildings looked ancient, nothing like the human cities he had been to. Tariq took the time to take in the sights as he headed towards the main office, as marked on the map he held.

Crossing down a hallway, Tariq marveled at all the decorations when he finally made it to what he assumed was the dean's office. "Hello, my name is--" He tried greeting the woman at the desk when she interrupted him.

"AND WHO ARE YOU?!" The dwarf yelled.

Undaunted, Tariq continued. "As I was trying to tell you, my name is Tariq Naji. And what is your--"

Again, he had been interrupted. "What creature are yah?"

"A-A Djinn. Ma'am. Djinn human mix really. Funny story--"

"Welcome kid. Here's ya' key." Replied the dwarf flatly as she threw the key at Tariq. The djinn thanked her, though whether or not she even heard him was questionable, so he simply went on his way. He looked down at his key. "Room 1345...." Using the map, Tariq somehow made it to his dorm room, though it took him a good long while. The campus was huge. He settled into the comfy room and unpacked his things when he heard the speakers boom, telling all students to get to the gym. "Aww..." Tariq groaned. "Orientation..."