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Mythics University

Mythics University


a part of Mythics University, by ElMystery.

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ElMystery holds sovereignty over Mythics University, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Mythics University

Welcome! Registration is required before entering the building.


Mythics University is a part of Mythics University.

2 Places in Mythics University:

6 Characters Here

Link Burgess [1] "I try to escape the unnevitable: being special."
Tariq Naji [1] "You know what you need? A good dose of laghter."
Arlene Brine [1] "Memories are gold. Value them untill they end."
Luther Hailwing [1] "Don't...don't touch me..."
Dunken Scoraltis [0] Who are you again?
Saida Elventongue [0] "An ordinary archer practices until she gets it right. I'm going to practice until I never get it wrong."

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Character Portrait: Arlene Brine
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Arlene sat at the mouth of her family cave. She knew she had to move on. Her parents walked over. "Well miss you.." weeped her parents. "Same." Arlene said, bear hugging them. Then she took one last look at the cave and dived into the forest. Inside the forest, was a secret passage. This leaded to the market. Arlene crawled to the market. "Hello sir, where is Mythics University?" she chirped, asking a man running a vendor. "Take a right, go straight, look to the left, and go up the bridge." "Thanks!" She turned right and wondered the pavillion till she saw an entrance to the left. The market was filled with hundreds of creatures, willing to barter. Arlene finally saw the bridge. It was a glassy, clear road. Arlene stood up on it. After making it across, she spotted the large building.. the University. She dashed toward it anxiuosly.

She ran inside, but hatled. Her jaw dropped. Gargoyles hung up along the walls, fresh marble flooring tiles, metallic lockers, and the fresh smells of new paint! She strutted to the office. A grody dwarf with glasses sat in a chair. "Hello, who are you?!?" shrieked the dwarf. "Arlene.. Arlene Brine.." stuttered Arlene. "And what creature are yah?" "Werewolf mam." she mummbled, uneasily. "Welcome kid, here's your key," the dwarf rudely threw the keys at her. "Thanks.." mummbled Arlene, agrivated. She walked down the hall and looked at a school map pinned to a wall. "Turn right.." she mummbled to herself. She walked to the Dormitory Hall. Once she found her dormitory, she unlocked it and went inside.

Inside was unicorn mane carpet, a stone, twin bed, a torch, a translucent window, a spruce wood desk, and a mini oak wood table. Arlene sat on her bed. She felt a crunch when she lied back. Sitting back up, and indentifying the object, she saw it was some note. Arlene opened it up. It was her scheduel. After she read through it, she headed to the chow hall. Arlene was free for the first day of school, so she could get packed and situated. Arlene saw a full buffet, one side vegetarian, and one side carnivore. Arlene went to the carnivore side, and loaded loads of food on her plate. She then pigged out. Right when she was putting her plate away, the announcement speaker turned on. "Attention.. Attention, all students and teachers please come to the gym for a presentation." it shouted. Suddenly, there was a wave of students filling the halls. "Excuse me.. Ouch, Hey! " shouted Arlene, squeezing through the croud. After what seemed hours, she finally reached the bleachers.

The principal and the other school staff climbed up to the podium. "We have gathered everyones attention, to notify everyone." The principal said. He handed the microphone to a scrawny woman, with auburn hair and dark, Basil colored eyes. She had a high, squeeky voice. "Hello, I am proffesor Pamola. I will be teaching Herbology.." One by one, teachers came up and explained what they taught.

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Character Portrait: Tariq Naji
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#, as written by digikun
Tariq soared through the skies, leaving a cloudy trail in his path. He was a little bit excited. A whole university of beings like him! Well, not quite like him. Djinn aren't typically sent out on their own when they're as young as him. However as a half human, he was given a special exception, and thus was allowed by his mother to attend Mythics university. Once the campus came into view, he excitedly tumbled towards the ground, lightly landing on his feet. The campus looked amazing. The buildings looked ancient, nothing like the human cities he had been to. Tariq took the time to take in the sights as he headed towards the main office, as marked on the map he held.

Crossing down a hallway, Tariq marveled at all the decorations when he finally made it to what he assumed was the dean's office. "Hello, my name is--" He tried greeting the woman at the desk when she interrupted him.

"AND WHO ARE YOU?!" The dwarf yelled.

Undaunted, Tariq continued. "As I was trying to tell you, my name is Tariq Naji. And what is your--"

Again, he had been interrupted. "What creature are yah?"

"A-A Djinn. Ma'am. Djinn human mix really. Funny story--"

"Welcome kid. Here's ya' key." Replied the dwarf flatly as she threw the key at Tariq. The djinn thanked her, though whether or not she even heard him was questionable, so he simply went on his way. He looked down at his key. "Room 1345...." Using the map, Tariq somehow made it to his dorm room, though it took him a good long while. The campus was huge. He settled into the comfy room and unpacked his things when he heard the speakers boom, telling all students to get to the gym. "Aww..." Tariq groaned. "Orientation..."

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Character Portrait: Luther Hailwing
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Luther had arrived at the school a few minutes (what he considered) late. Anything that wasn't ten minutes early was late to the young werewolf. His shirt was torn and his limbs achey, but it was so much easier to run here (and faster) in his wolf form rather than taking a bus or having his guardian drive him. Luther sighed, looking at the dwarf woman at the door. He straightened his jacket and stood up straighter.

As Luther approached the door, the little dwarf woman started to yell at him. "What's your name!?" She demanded in a less than friendly tone. Luther flinched at her voice. The woman didn't seem to notice how nervous and uncomfortable he was, so again she yelled "Who are you!?"

Luther cleared his throat, gulping down the lump that had formed at the back of his mouth and tried to form the words of his name. The first time it didn't work, so he cleared his throat louder and coughed out; "Luther Hailwing," before the woman was able to yell again.

"What species?!" She demanded. "What type of creature are you!?" Luther froze, his body tense. He wasn't used to being asked questions, as his guardian never really said much of anything to him and he had zero friends.

"I-I'm a werewolf, ma'am," He states with little volume to his low, agonized voice. The dwarf woman tossed him a key, which he caught with incredible speed. "GO!" she demanded when he just stood there. Luther scampered up to his room, looking around before collapsing to the bed. His body ached, and all he wanted to do was sleep.

The world seemed against him today, as just as his head hit the pillow and his eyes closed, there was an announcement for all students to report to some sort of orientation. Great, Luther thought to himself. Just what I need. To be surrounded by bodies who can see and feel my pain... Luther hadn't even unpacked anything yet, though he didn't have much.

As Luther climbed out of the comfortable bed (he really did just want to sleep) and stepped into the hallway, he was bumped into by a fellow student. The bump, though nothing to the other student, sent searing pain through his entire left arm. Luther let out a low growl, but continued to walk as if nothing had happened.

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Character Portrait: Link Burgess
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#, as written by Guest
"Bye, son! Have a great year!" his parents called out to him. Meanwhile, Link Burgess was dreading the year to come as his parents drove off in their red Volvo. Lucky pricks... he thought. Probably going to honeymoon it up while I'm gone...

Sighing while shifting the weight on his backpack, he readjusted his grip on his suitcase and walked into the enchanting castle. With gargoyles hanging everywhere and spectacular art etched into the architect of the building, it was exactly as people might expet it to be: a school for the magically gifted. Mythics University was considered the best of the best in magic schools, making Link wonder what qualified as an average magic school.

Entering the arch of a gateway, Link felt the lingering smell of new paint throughout the hallways. The lockers were ugly reminders of the modern age; they simply didn't belong in a building styled like this. The floors shown like new. Link was less impressed on the inside than his first impression on the outside.

"Hello, who are you?!" a crackly voice sounded. Link turned to look at whoever spoke behind him and realized that he had to look down at the dwarf. "Um, Link Burgess..." he replied, honestly.

"What species are you?"

"...demigod." he replied, unsure of who this person was or what she wanted.

"Welcome kid, here's your key," she answered back, practically throwing the keys at him, then moved on. She must do this a lot... he thought as he shrugged and moved along, finding the Dormitory. He looked for the room number that matched the number of his key and eventually came across his room. He sighed, preparing himself for his newlyfounded life, before entering.

It looked comfy enough. The carpet appeared to be made out of something foreign. Otherwise, it was what you'd find in a classic guest room. He flung his bag onto his bed, noticing the white strip of paper that layed there. Picking it up, he saw that it showed his schedule, mainly combat classes. He'd gotten everything he wanted. He placed the paper next to his suitcase before leaving the room. Despite it's vastness, he felt awkwardly claustrophobic.

He went to the lunchroom, consiting of two sides, vegetarian and carnivore. Why wasn't there an omnivore side of anything? he contemplated as he headed for the carnivore line first. Most of the food made him turn his head in disgust, but he'd managed to find a turkey drumstick and a shish kabob. He then proceeded to the vegetarian line where he got a salad as a side to his meal before sitting down and enjoying a quiet lunch.

The announcement came over the speakers. There were groans and cheers and Link was a cross in between. He was curious and yet not curious at the same time. But he tried to show enthusiasm as he watched the teachers introduce themselves, not caring about most of them, as he would probably never meet them anyway...