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"Why does the world seem to be shrinking?"

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a character in “Myths of the Forgotten”, as played by Weilacca


Jodac, Dae and Vhal


"We wonder these lands for a reason, that reason is yet to be decided."




17 (human years)

Eye colours: Jodac: Red, Dae: Black, Vhal: Black
Fur colour: Black
Height: N/A (ranges)
Weight: N/a (Also ranges)


Jodhal holds a split personality where each had holds a personality of it's own. Something very rare in the Cerberus race. Along with this, they hold a much higher intellect than other Cerberus, to the point where they can be classed as sentient creatures which are not controlled by pure instinct alone.
Jodac, the left head, is a rash being. He lives to fight and always prefers to solve problems with violence and death, however, he lacks in willpower. During any fights with the other heads, he can never take full control of the body, however one of the two tails can be controlled by him, allowing some annoying actions. He mostly shouts insults and orders at the others to do what he wants.
Dae, the middle head, is the leader of the three. He has no control over the two tails, but has the highest willpower of the three where he can control the whole body. Dae thinks with logic and prefers to stay back and assess the situation before acting upon it. Most of the time, he stays quiet, trying his best to ignore the other heads.
Vhal, the right head, is more of an idiot. He never understands the situation fully and can be easily distracted by instinct. His inquisitive nature brings a lot of danger to the three as he can easily take full control over the body whenever he 'needs' to. When paying a lot of attention to this head, one may think he holds a much more evil aura, with his random silences being the most frightening.

Skills and flaws
+ Elemental Magic of Darkness, Fire and Earth (Vhal, Dae and Jodac Respectively)
+ Separate personalities for the three heads
+ Higher ability due to division of labour

- Three heads argue
- Fights can lead to struggles over control
- Vhal is an idiot

Natural Weapons: Claws, Teeth,
Magic: Fire, Earth and Darkness.

Jodhal doesn't have much of a history, they were born into a dying world with their family gone before they could walk properly. Wondering the lands is their only story.

So begins...

Jodhal's Story


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October. Early morning. H.O.N office at Crambvoyak. Phone ringing demanding someone to answer.

As soon as the phone was lifted the person in the other end started to talk. ”It's L. I have a new client. Your shopping list is following. Two Cerberus tails. Minced and dried tiefling horns. And one Valkyrie. Alive.” That's all the voice said before hanging up.

The phone was put back down and a member of H.O.N. wrote the ”shopping list” on paper. He then walked downstairs to living quarters. It was a simple space with couple of couches and a tv. In corner was a small kitchen with tables, sink, and stove to cook food. The most luxurious part was that each member was allowed to have their own bedrooms for personal space but each two bedrooms shared same bathroom. He knocked on three doors to wake up one of the teams. ”James, Shane, Mila! Time to get work!” The man shouted a slided the piece of paper under the door to James' room.

Shena Savel

It was early morning, sun barely even risen yet when Shena was flying leisurely through the Alsangi Forest the spear in her hand as usual. In the chilly fall air the mist was floating above the ground as she was doing her usual round around the forest. She was looking for any sights of possible danger. Footprints, fabric from clothes, weird items, anything that might belong to humans. She hadn't had any luck that morning. Which was a good thing for the village but Shena was wishing to see at least something so the patrolling wouldn't be so awfully boring each time.

She arrived to the Verah Pond and landed down glancing to the sky. It was cloudy, might even rain later that day. Shena walked edge of the water kneeling down and took so water in her hands drinking. It was cold just like the air and ground, the winter was clearly coming soon. After drinking she stood up stretching and looked around her. Seeing no one she picked up her spear and starter running further away from the water as she struck the spear on ground swinging herself in the air and kicking the air before landing down. It was one of her morning routines to practice at the Pond when no one was bothering her.