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"Rest assured, our bite is much worse than our bark."

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a character in “Myths of the Forgotten”, as played by CrimsonFox


Zolla, Lama, and Iri

Lama (left), Zolla (center) and Iri (right).

"Rest assured, our bite is much worst than our bark."

Zollamairi, or her childhood nickname; Lalai
(Pronounced Zoe-lah-may-ree and Lah-lay)




Normally weighting about 55lbs, her length from nose to base of tail is 4.5ft and from front paw to the top of her center head she's 4ft. Given those dimensions, she is smaller than a cereberus of her age, which is most likely due to lack of nutrition as a pup that stunted her growth. Her coat is a brownish-red color (unlike the more common black or dark gray colors in cereberus) and her eyes are the color of amber. Though she is physically weaker than other cereberus, her small size does give her an advantage in the chase as it makes her much faster, and her fur makes it much easier for her to camouflage herself against the forest.

Most noticeable though is the fact that she also only has one tail (which is generally viewed as a sign of weakness in cereberus). However, at birth Lalai had not only one fully developed tail but two. This indicated that she was exceptionally powerful magic-wise, and this turned out to be true as she quickly mastered the element of darkness and grasped the basics of fire well before she was out of her puppyhood stage of life. However, due to an incident, she no longer has that second tail that she was so proud of (though she has maintained the power). Furthermore, she's extremely sensitive to the topic of her stump (the place where she'd once had her second tail before it was chopped off) and will lash out without warning at anyone who mentions it. The tail she does have is a snake, about 2 feet long when perfectly stretched out, and is venomous - at the base of the tail it's scales are a deep indigo which turns to a light blue about 3/4 towards the head, and it's eyes are perfectly white with no pupils.

She is capable of turning into a regular looking canine in order to blend in, and looks like the picture below.


Lama is the more level headed of the three and is generally associated with the earth. She's the one who judges whether or not someone else is a friend, foe, or simple prey - as well as how powerful they are, and how the hunt would most likely go. She is the head to the right of the center head, and generally acts as the right-hand-man for the center.

Iri is the most aggressive of the three and her head sits to the left of the center head. Constantly ready for a fight, she's obsessed with revenge against humans and hates to be bested or forced to flee. Often she's egging the other two on and seems to be in a constant state of bloodlust.

Zolla is the epitome of the shadows and deceitfulness. Shes a trickster who takes sick pleasure in tormenting/killing her prey slowly. Shes fairly playful, though her idea of "playing" is extremely cruel and sadistic to whatever may be the "toy" as shes more like a hunter toying with it's prey rather than a puppy with a squeaky-toy. Seeing those weaker than her in pain pleases her (though seeing those stronger than her in pain causes great fear). She is the center head and is generally the one in control of their body.

Usually referring to themselves as "Zollamairi" (rather than each one separately), a plural entity, using phrases such as "Yes, we would be happy to do that. Just leave it to us." and will introduce themselves as "Zollamairi" rather than individually. When speaking to others it is usually only Zolla's voice heard unless they're very excited or scared, in which case the others will likely be heard in addition to her. Their favorite past time is turning into their canine form and befriending humans (children specifically) and luring them away to a secluded area before revealing their true form and devouring them - this is mostly Zolla's dark pleasure. She's been warned against this as it's extremely dangerous, but she doesn't care as she views this hobby as a way for them to avenge their family as well as feed themselves. To those they views as equals or superiors she generally lacks seriousness and does a lot of teasing, though not maliciously but in a more friendly manner. When she gets serious, there is a distinct lack of emotion or pity - she's a killer and nothing more.

Skills and flaws
+ Zolla, Lama and Iri all work very well together, balancing each other out and eliminating any blind spots or weakness she may have that would allow an enemy to sneak up on her.
+ The snake which serves as their tail is in fact venomous, though it has a mind mostly of it's own, and this gives them immunity to various vemons (even if administered in large doses) and it never actually sleeps - constantly on the alert.
+ Expert mastery of shadows / dark magic as well as the basic mastery of fire

- Though they share three separate (connected) minds, they only have one shared body - meaning that injuries/illness/pain effects all of them equally and must eat enough for three instead of just one due to the high calorie usage of the three heads
- While her immunity to venom is very high (toxic matter injected), her defense against various poisons (toxic matter ingested) is very low which is why she is so careful about what she eats (for example: human meat is viewed as a delicacy - however their clothing can sometimes make her sick)
- The stump where her second tail once was is extremely sensitive as it's been trying to regrow for years, however lack of proper nourishment has prevented this and instead left it a very, very sensitive place on her body

Basic Strengths are immunity to fire, keen hunting abilities, and venom as well as their natural magic abilities and the ability to change there size. Basic Weaknesses are vulnerability to water, being blinded by bright light, and poison.

[still a WIP]
Magic abilities of shadow (expert) and fire (average), they can use either to her benefit. Additionally, completely disregarding magic, they is built like a wolf; powerful jaws with massive fangs and claws. Both fast and strong, a keen sense of smell and hearing also help hunter down prey. Their tail is a snake with a mind mostly of it's own that never sleeps and is venomous - able to paralyze a victim with even a small dosage.

Zollamairi was the youngest born in a litter of 5 cerberus pups with 3 sisters and 1 brother. They were the smallest of their siblings with a coat of auburn whist the others had coats of black and grey. However this was not the most odd feature they had as, though they were the youngest/smallest, they were born with two fully developed tails (most are born with one that often still developing and don't grow a second until the end of their puppyhood years) - which immediately indicated that they were the most powerful of the pups. This continued to be true as they grew, mastering shadow magic almost overnight and taking up fire magic as a secondary trait. They became an excellent hunter, a vicious fighter (though larger foes still gave them trouble due to sheer size) and easily the alpha of their siblings, despite being born into an omega position.

Though they made the most of their situation, life was far from easy for their family. The forests they lived in where being cut down almost overnight and prey was scarce, and on top of all of that Zollamairi's parents had warned them and their siblings of evil creatures known as "humans" that hunted down their kind for their fur and tails (though they didn't understand what this meant at the time). Despite all of these struggles, they were playful, loved to explore and tussle with their siblings (even though their siblings were much larger than them). But things changed as they grew older. By the time they were adolescents, their brother and one of their sisters had vanished along with their father, and their mother had driven them and their last two sisters to flee to yet another forest. They were starving, exhausted and freezing due to a heavy rain when metal monsters with bright lights for eyes surrounded the cave that they'd taken shelter in.

Their mother, commanding Zollamairi and their sister to flee, lumbered out to face the abominations known as humans and as they watched their mother be slaughtered, they felt a deep anger with them and charged out just as their mother collapsed. The two of them fought viciously as they never had before, but in the end their sister fell beside their mother and ropes where thrown around their neck as they were dragged down. There was a sharp pain and Zollamairi realized the vile humans had begun to skin the three of them regardless of if they were alive or dead. Just as they realized this there was a sharp pain at the base of their tails and they leaped up, filled with a new fury and leashed a torrent of fire unaffected by the rain upon the monsters known as humans.

Everything happened so quickly after that. The metal beasts caught fire and blew up, humans being burned or blown up alongside their metal mounts, and as the forest burned the screams of these mortal demons grew louder. Though their cried could not compare to the howl of utter agony Zollamairi unleashed as they looked upon the bodies of their mother and sister which lay beside the beautiful blue snake that had previously been attached to their body but was now writhing on the ground. Then, they fled, running for what seemed like days until they came upon a forest so deep that the black tendrils of humans had not yet penetrated it, and collapsed by a stream. It took a few days for them to recover, eating fish, drinking water, and trying to recover from the physical and psychological wounds. Over that time their hatred for people steadily grew.

It was not terribly long after the recovery that they stumbled upon a group of humans again, however these were not like the others. They were unarmed and hide inside a cloth triangle after making a small pitiful fire out of wood, and with there there was another cereberus! Although this one only had one head and a furry tail, and was significantly smaller than they were. After observing for a few days, they discovered that this was called a "dog" and that it was a companion to humans. Deciding that this was the perfect way to extract their revenge for their family, they began to experiment with transformation and quickly found that they were able to assume a similar form (much to their delight). Then, in this form, they were able to lure humans away from others where they could them be most easily slaughtered. However, most pleasing of their discoveries was that (once the clothes had been removed) the human's bodies could be consumed and were delicious.

This trickery has been going on for nearly 2 years now and Zollamairi has grown significantly from the starved, runt of a pup that they once were (though size wise they are still smaller than normal). The dense forest has been declared their home, alongside a variety of other magical creatures that they'd not known existed previously (one being another cereberus even). There is a cave well hidden by the rocks and trees very deep in the forest that they have marked as there own, and deep inside are hundreds of human bones belonging to the multitude of victims they've claims in their time there. The collection is one of their proudest possessions.


So begins...

Zollamairi's Story


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October. Early morning. H.O.N office at Crambvoyak. Phone ringing demanding someone to answer.

As soon as the phone was lifted the person in the other end started to talk. ”It's L. I have a new client. Your shopping list is following. Two Cerberus tails. Minced and dried tiefling horns. And one Valkyrie. Alive.” That's all the voice said before hanging up.

The phone was put back down and a member of H.O.N. wrote the ”shopping list” on paper. He then walked downstairs to living quarters. It was a simple space with couple of couches and a tv. In corner was a small kitchen with tables, sink, and stove to cook food. The most luxurious part was that each member was allowed to have their own bedrooms for personal space but each two bedrooms shared same bathroom. He knocked on three doors to wake up one of the teams. ”James, Shane, Mila! Time to get work!” The man shouted a slided the piece of paper under the door to James' room.

Shena Savel

It was early morning, sun barely even risen yet when Shena was flying leisurely through the Alsangi Forest the spear in her hand as usual. In the chilly fall air the mist was floating above the ground as she was doing her usual round around the forest. She was looking for any sights of possible danger. Footprints, fabric from clothes, weird items, anything that might belong to humans. She hadn't had any luck that morning. Which was a good thing for the village but Shena was wishing to see at least something so the patrolling wouldn't be so awfully boring each time.

She arrived to the Verah Pond and landed down glancing to the sky. It was cloudy, might even rain later that day. Shena walked edge of the water kneeling down and took so water in her hands drinking. It was cold just like the air and ground, the winter was clearly coming soon. After drinking she stood up stretching and looked around her. Seeing no one she picked up her spear and starter running further away from the water as she struck the spear on ground swinging herself in the air and kicking the air before landing down. It was one of her morning routines to practice at the Pond when no one was bothering her.


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It had been a good night for Zollamairi.

It was still the wee hours of the morning, just as the sun was beginning to rise and the slim rays of light had entered the sky but had not yet quite filtered through the dense tree line. The mist that had settled, along with the dim light and mild chill of the morning, gave an eerie feeling to the forest - and rightfully so. This was the home to some of the last supernatural creatures in existence, Zollamairi included. They were all fleeing from creatures known as "humans" which were similar to imps in that they multiplied quickly and took over / looted vast areas. However imps were weak, fragile and unintelligent little pests whilst humans were not - this is why they prospered. As a whole, but even as individuals, humans better fit the definition of "monsters".

Humans were cruel, vile, unfeeling abominations who completely disregarded all others - including their own kind. They had no sense of compassion nor honor and were happy to commit murder (or worse) in order to fulfill their wicked desires. So greedy were these things that they had decided they must cover the earth so that no other creature could live. Then, when they'd accomplished that, they decided that this was still not enough and set out to extinguish these creatures altogether. Hunting them down and slaughtering them all, regardless of age or honor, then cutting apart their bodies and taking what they wanted before leaving the rest to rot away or burn. Zollamairi had seen it, had lived it, and had been forced to flee from it lest become another corpse to the burn pile.

Zolla, the center head, growled softly and both Lama and Iri joined in the the quiet sound in mutually agreement. Humans were the true monsters, they agreed. But, despite the disadvantage that all supernatural creatures (including Zollamairi) had been given by being forced to flee to this solitary forest hidden deep in the mountains, they were far from totally helpless. As if it reaffirm her point, Zolla sunk her fangs deeper into the object she was holding in her mouth and relished the taste and feel of hot human blood as it spilled into her mouth. Lama and Iri too were carrying the bodies of humans, one female and the other male, and they eyed the blood hungrily. The trio had not eaten for many days now, and as the sun rose above the tips of the trees and made their eyes water slightly, they were eager to return to their cave to enjoy their meal.

Just had the sun had come up and the mist was starting to disappear, they reached the cliffside hidden by heavy overgrown were they'd marked their territory. The dense brush that surrounded the area not only hid the stone underneath so thoroughly that Zollamairi had nearly missed it, but provided an excellent barrier against outsiders - unless a human were willing to be torn apart by the thorns and risk their limbs against the poisonous snakes who had their nests their, it was impossible for them to get past. Zollamairi, however, had fur and immunity to such venom and had quickly claimed the area.

Once past the brush, the stone walls of collapsed mountainsides made something similar to a maze and hide the rather small entrance to the cave that could easily go unnoticed. Inside the cave there was absolutely no light, no sound and air flow. It was damp and full of winding passages that seemed to go on for ages. Not only was getting to the entrance extremely difficult, but once inside the cave it would be all too easy for a human to lose their bearings and become hopelessly lost. It had happened twice before, judging by the old bones that Zollamairi had found the first time they explored the cave.

However, once past those two obstacles and upon entering the mouth of the cave, Zollamairi had no trouble finding the back cavern which they resided in. The ability to see perfectly in the dark as well as extremely sensitive noses had led them to a large underground cavern. Upon entering there was a large lake of crystal clear and freezing cold water, and across said lake was a large island upon which Zollamairi had made her bed using tuffs of fur and the shredded clothes of humans, all in a rather wide yet shallow indention in the ground. On the other side of the island, opposite to the entrance, sunken below the still water were the many many bones of humans. The flesh had been consumed by Zollamairi and the bones licked clean before being tossed into the water where the subzero temperatures had preserved them.

These human's bones would be no difference.

Making the leap from the entrance to the island, Zollamairi settled comfortably down before dropping the bodies and beginning to feast.


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The tunnel she crept through was barely big enough for Mantra to walk through. She ducked, slid, and stepped along the path through the tunnel and into a cave where she currently inhabited. She just finished stealing some weapons from a dwarf's shop on the outer range of the dwarf encampment around the Bronden mines. The sun was peeking out of the horizon now, illuminating the forest with a soft violet color, but before it was a black night with only a crescent moon to illuminate the lock on the door. She didn't like to break into the dwarf shops because they were unpredictably around the weapon shops when she didn't expect them. This time she got lucky and found just what she needed with no interruptions.

She dumped her long pack onto a rock crevice in the wall and pulled out her trophies. Two Naturite swords, one rapier, three steel swords, and a large array of daggers. She started to examine the daggers she found. She found drawers full of them behind the counter and dumped them all into her bag. She liked knives of sorts. They were easy to hide and discreet. She had a collection of them she kept with herself everywhere she went.

Some of these daggers she found in the shop were human-made weapons. There were labels on some of the items, indicating "ninja stars," "butterfly knives," "Army knives," "throwing knives," and "Switch blades" as some of the items. She was not a stranger to a few of these weapons. She had been attacked by a few of these weapons before. She held some of her own switch blades and butterfly knives in her trophy collection, along with the other items she has collected over the years. Like her favorite one: a black tiefling horn.

She picked up the ninja stars and admired their dark metal and sharp edges. Human weapons were usually never practical to her; they were more for show to her than for fighting. Most of the ones she collected were colored in bright, obnoxious colors that would signal anyone's whereabouts with ease. The other weapons she encountered, surprisingly, were very useful. These for example were black metal pieces that can hide on her person and can be used at night in the shadows without being spotted.

She put away all of the weapons back into the weapon bag, except for the ninja stars and the throwing knives and took them to her enchanted pack by the wall. She would abandon this cave today. A bit north of the mountain range where she resided was another cave that she suspected had been preoccupied by a creature. She heard activity there the night before as she was walking back to her cave and she decided that was too close for comfort. She knew an inn she could stay in and sell her pickings there. It was located in the town of Veraloi, and the townsfolk there are always looking for weapons.

She would leave in the afternoon, but for now she would rest. She slid her knives into her pack and dropped everything to the floor behind some very tall rocks. She stretched herself onto the floor, holding her weapon bag in one hand and rested her head on her pack. From there she muttered a spell around the rocks she lay behind, setting a trap in case intruders appear, and closed her eyes. She fell asleep quickly.


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After licking the last bone clean and tossing it into the submerged pile of remains, Zollamairi stood. Licking her paws clean of the blood from her meal, she could not help but to feel unsatisfied. Humans rarely provided an exciting or remotely challenging hunt, and she stretched her muscles which we sore from under-use. She craved something... challenging. Perhaps not even to eat, but something to get the blood flowing through her veins. There were a variety of deer native to the area which may make for the fine chase, but she wasn't hungry and deer never did well with the whole catch-and-release method.

"Perhaps,'" Iri suggested, a playful edge in her voice, "We may go play with the tiny humans."
"You merely wish to eat the tiny humans," Lama pointed out, sounding disproving, and Iri giggled madly.
"I must agree with Iri," Zolla said, "Perhaps not with eating the tiny humans, but she does have a point in that they would provide us some entertainment."

In agreement now, Zollamairi traveled to the entrance of her cave and took in a deep breath, relishing the scent of the forest and fresh air before bounding off through the woods. The time it took her to reach her destination was brief and as she neared it, Zollamairi shifted her form, turning into an average looking dog with long reddish-brown fur. There was a small human dwelling along the edge of the woods which housed two adults (male and female) as well as five children; a boy age 13, a girl age 10, two identical girls both 8 and one tiny boy who was only 5. As Zollamairi walked into the yard and began barking all of the small humans came running out the front door of the house, laughing and cheering about how "The puppy is back! The puppy is back!"

Though normally she despised humans, Zollamairi could not deny how nice it was to have her belly rubbed and her ears scratched, nor how tasty some of the food these small humans presented to her was. Eventually, when they grew large, she had every intention of devouring the entire household and fantasized about the looks on their faces when their "puppy" turned against them. However, in the meantime, she would take advantage of these human's trusting nature and use them as a source of entertainment.


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Mahalet Mahzun

After about an hour of sunning himself, Mahalet eventually got over his mental rut. He ducked under a branch as he took a deep breath of the forest air. his hometown was never abundant with trees s the forest had always been an intriguing environment for him. Mind he'd never come in here as a secretary bird . That was hardly suited for this habitat, not to mention the predators it would have to compete with. No in ever way but for Mahl's human side it was inspiring to say the least.

Mahalet stood out like a sore thumb in his red harem pants and orange hoodie. The fact didn't go over his head and it was slightly intentional. Any predator would immediately notice him and upon realizing how inedible he was move on. Any hunter might see him and start talking of their kills if he was lucky. Unless in the odd event he scared off their quarry, in which case it wasn't a fool-poof wardrobe.

Mahl continued his daydreams and hardly realized when he came upon the edges of the woods towards human housing. Rolling his eyes, he languidly began putting on his hood to cover his head feathers and sunglasses over his eyes. He contemplated just turning around back into the forest but concluded there was probably something he needed in town. As great as Veraloia was he still needed his fix of modernity every now and then. Just before his glasses completely obscured his eyes, he caught a glimpse of children playing with their dog and smiled as he leaned against a tree.

He'd always considered learning to become a dog. Imagine all of the things someone would just tell a dog thinking it a normal animal. his own choices in animal were hardly inconspicuous or cuddly. And aside from stupidity and a general subservience to humans, they still maintained a wolf-like majesty. Something the cats he'd seen couldn't attest to. Although ths particularly reddish brown dog seemed to hold more of that wolven quality than he was used to. Perhaps it was in the familiar look in its eye or the power that seemed to resonate behind them. He was about to start writing notes for a story on humans playing with magical dogs or forces they don't understand (again) when the realization of who this dog could be connected.

Now that... is a far more interesting story He thought as he began writing down as many notes as he could on the area time, his reactions, the kids descriptions etc. in order to help him formulate an actual story later. More evidence might be needed though. He didn't know every cerberus in Veraloia but he could only imagine how interesting it would be if it as any of the cerberus he knew. There goes those tough.....façade is not the right word. he didn't doubt that a majority of the threats those Cerberus had made toward him were deadly serious. This ...would be an expose piece! Showing a softer side to those three-headed hell hounds. In his excitement he almost rushed without a single picture of the event. he was too invested n this story to be discredited as he had been before. He pulled his polaroid camera from her bag and snapped a couple of pictures of the house, kids and especially the dog. The sound of the camera shudder was nothing subtle and any above average ear would be able to hear it. Through the viewfinder he soon noticed that the mother was looking a him and beginning to move into the house toward the phone.

Accepting how much of a creep he must have seemed, he walked back toward the wood, waving the developing photos.