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n a r c i s s i s t s

n a r c i s s i s t s


An academy for some of the richest, most powerful teens in the world. Each student's fate is intertwined. Prepare for the drama of a lifetime.

1,031 readers have visited n a r c i s s i s t s since toajojo created it.

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The following content may contain elements not suitable for young audiences.
Reader discretion is advised.

Look Within

A storm is brewing.

Another year breeds a new round of sin.

The whine of descending helicopters permeate the air; tinted limos and Cadillacs crowding the parking lot; a cacophony of sharp Loboutin stilletos clacking against the marble steps; satin rubbing against silk in a thousand-dollar greeting between friends, and lips moving against another in that of lovers.

It's a common scene gathering in the courtyard of L'institut de Château Rouge in Switzerland. After all, it's the first day of school; all smiles and hugs and kisses and laughter.

But as they say, another year breeds a new round of sin.

Scandals, violence, secrets waiting to be told, lies begging to be uncovered - the happiness is merely temporary.

A storm is brewing.

And you're in deep.

Are You Satisfied With the Life You Are Living?


Another Year Breeds A New Round Of Sin


Everyone knows them as the "It" couple; attractive, charming, wealthy - perfect. But what comes up, must always come crashing down. America's been sleeping around - bored over the growing monotony of her relationship with England. And one dreary Sunday morning in Rio de Janeiro, she crosses paths with none other than Le Rouge's resident football hero, Brazil. Sparks fly.

However, with America not wanting to let go of the status that came with her relationship with England, she and Brazil decide to begin a secret affair.

Meanwhile, England notices that America's grown distant. Suspicious, he starts keeping a closer eye on her - bordering on the obsessive as he has her followed and screens her texts and emails for clues. It's only a matter of time before he finds out, and with a monster hiding behind the flawlessly handsome exterior, what will the future hold for the star-crossed lovers?

ENGLAND ♂ - Open
AMERICA ♀ - Reserved
BRAZIL ♂ - Open


Monaco and France; a relationship born of money. As the heirs of two of the biggest business empires in Europe, they both hold the key in merging the two and making their respective families wealthier than all your billionaires combined. However, Monaco has a secret.

He's secretly fallen for his best friend - his very male, very straight best friend: Le Rouge's bad boy, Germany. But with his duty to his family as well as his relationship with the smitten France bearing down on him, he has two options: to chase the boy who might not even return his affections, or to force himself to learn to love France as she loves him.

Unbeknownst to Monaco, Germany's not as oblivious as he seems. He's begun to notice Monaco's growing affections, but with his reputation and Monaco's own future hanging in the balance, he has to force himself to keep his own feelings at bay. So he decides to strike a deal with France, who's grown jealous over Germany and Monaco's closeness. If she can make Monaco fall in love with her by the time Christmas Break rolls over, he'll stay away - but if she can't, then he will take what he knows is his.

The rest of the world be damned.

MONACO ♂ - Taken by Onica-Louis
FRANCE ♀ - Taken by Toajojo
GERMANY ♂ - Reserved


They say that the morning after pill has a 95% success rate. Unfortunately for Canada, she just so happened fall into the remaining 5%.

A drunken one night stand with Italy over the summer has left her three weeks pregnant. She, of course, doesn't know this yet. But with her fragile new relationship with Russia entering its early stages, what will it mean for the two of them when she finds out? She has two options; lie to the kind, quiet Russia and make it seem like its his, or tell him the truth. Either way, he will find out, and so will Italy.

What they did was wrong, and Italy knows that. He's been in a relationship with South Africa for two years now. It's the one and only time he cheated. He doesn't know about the baby yet, but when he finds out, he'll have to deal with the consequences of his actions. But what will it mean for his and South Africa's relationship? Will she be able to forgive him, or will he lose the one and only girl he truly loved because of one drunken mistake?

CANADA ♀ - Reserved x2
RUSSIA ♂ - Open
ITALY ♂ - Open
SOUTH AFRICA ♀ - Taken by Naps


Spain is a modern Casanova; dropping both panties and boxer shorts everywhere he goes, and Le Rouge is no different. He's also very, very single, but out of all of his suitors - both male and female - it's these three stand out the most: Greece, Holland, and Sweden. Each of them fighting tooth and nail for the alluring Spain's elusive affections.

Of course, only one of them will come out victorious, and they're all willing to do whatever it takes to outdo the other. That means a healthy amount of blackmail, sabotage, bribery, and everything in between. Without Spain knowing, of course.

The game's been set, and it's all down to the creativity of each one to determine the winner.

That is, if they don't fall for each other along the way.

SPAIN ♂ - Taken by Onica-Louis
GREECE ♀ - Reserved
HOLLAND ♂ - Taken by Naps
SWEDEN ♀ - Open

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Other Relationships

SPAIN & ITALY - First cousins on Spain's mother's side. Spain also acts as Italy's confidante.

CANADA & AMERICA - Step-siblings. Both only tolerates the other to some degree.

FRANCE & ENGLAND - Childhood friends who've grown to become bitter rivals in Academics. When not fretting over their respective relationships, they each take turns trying to destroy the other.

SWEDEN & ENGLAND - Sweden is America's roommate who helps England in keeping track of America in exchange for info on Spain, England's roommate.

Are You Ready To Face The Consequences?

L'institut de Château Rouge

Often shortened to 'Le Rouge', L'institut de Château Rouge is an exclusive premiere boarding school located in Switzerland. It offers only the best of the best in education, as well as world class amenities to accompany its wealthy students. Le Rouge offers no scholarships, and accepts no more than fifty new students per year out of hundreds of applications to join its population of up to two hundred students.

It's a relatively small school compared to others, but it also happens to hold some of the most powerful teenagers to walk the planet. Those whose mummies and daddies are capable of shelling out hundreds of thousands to accompany its already lucrative tuition to bribe their kids a spot in the world's most exclusive boarding school.

In return, Le Rouge works hard to keep the identities of its residents a secret from the public, as well as ensures that whatever shenanigans they manage to get themselves into stays away from the hands of the always hungry paparazzi prowling outside its walls. As such, students are only allowed to leave within the school year through one of the school's fleet of helicopters.

Money is everything in Le Rouge. Management are willing to turn a blind eye to anything as long as they're paid with the right amount. As such, students are largely allowed to run wild within the school grounds, throwing raucous dorm parties and engaging in whatever illegalities their young, heavily-insured minds can manage to conjure up. As long as they can make up for it with stellar grades, of course.

Part of the selection process is IQ. No matter how rich your parents may be, if you're as dumb as a lunk of coal, then your application form will be crumpled up and sent to join the other rejects in the industrial-sized rubbish bin by the Head of Admissions' desk.

Welcome to Le Rouge.

Institute Grounds

At the end of a long, winding driveway flanked by rows of trees and tall, concrete walls topped with a short electrified fence, you will see Le Rouge's magnificent scarlet-coloured main building. Entering the building will lead you past the marble hallway lined with portraits of its founders and past headmasters, and into the main hall. The ground floor houses majority of the classrooms, while the second floor holds the administrative offices, faculty rooms, and the mini library.

To the left of the main building is the Salle d'Albâtre ( Alabaster Hall ), which is where the boys' dormitories are, and to the right is the Salle d'Ivoire ( Ivory Hall ), the girls' dormitory. Between the two is a beautiful courtyard with plenty of greenery. It also separates the main building from the dining hall, where students may have their meals, as well as purchase food items for their in-dorm kitchens.

Beyond the dining hall lies the athletics field, where students come for gym class and for leisure purposes as well. To the left of the field is the leisure building, with an Olympic-sized swimming pool on the ground floor, and a gym and multiple dance studios on the second. The leisure building also has separate saunas for males and females - useful for when winter rolls around - as well as a spa.The building housing the school's grand library lies to the right of the field, which is next to Le Rouge's grand theater hall.

All buildings are connected to one another by a series of covered walkways.

By the outskirts of the school is the hangar where Le Rouge's helicopters, as well as some of its students' own choppers, are stored.

Le Rouge Dormitories

There are two people per dorm. Each is equipped with a kitchen, washing machines, a dining area, full entertainment sets, cable television, and private bathrooms connected to the bedrooms.

The Salle d'Albâtre, or the Alabaster Hall is the men's dorms, and the Salle d'Ivoire, or Ivory Hall, is the womens'. There are a total of ten dorms from the first floor up, with a common room on the ground floor for the students to rest and mingle with their peers.

Alabaster Hall floor plan
Alabaster Hall common room
Ivory Hall floor plan
Ivory Hall common room

Room Assignments






Le Rouge School Rules

  • Curfew from Sundays to Thursdays is at 10 PM and ends at 8 AM; and 1 AM to 8 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Students may come and go whenever they please, however they must be back five minutes before the designated curfew. Students are only allowed to leave campus grounds via Le Rouge's helicopter service.
  • Students caught beyond curfew shall be fined and subjected to one to eight hours of community service.
  • Students must be in proper school uniform at all times during school hours, which is from 8 AM to 4 PM. After which, they may change into whichever attire they wish as long as it meets the standard dress code (no flip flops, sheer clothing, plunging necklines, skirts more than three inches above the knee, etc.)
  • Men's School Uniform - Red waistcoat worn over a cream-colored shirt along with matching red tie, and black blazer with school crest emblazoned over the right breast-pocket, and a red handkerchief tucked in the left. Worn with black slacks and leather dress shoes.
  • Women's School Uniform - A similar red waistcoat worn over a cream-colored shirt, with thin, red tie and a black blazer emblazoned with the school crest over the right breast-pocket. Uniform is worn with a black pleated skirt two inches above the knee, black knee-high socks or black stockings, and black leather shoes ( heel must not be over three inches long ).
  • Male students are forbidden from staying in female dormitories beyond 5 PM and vice-versa. Students are also forbidden from entering the bedrooms of those of the opposite sex. Failure to abide by standard dorm rules will result in a fine and a two-week ban from the dormitory.
  • Transgressions such as cheating on major tests , bullying, and theft are considered to be major offenses, as well as inappropriate behavior within school grounds. If caught, students shall be fined heavily, as well as subjected to fifteen to twenty-four hours of community service. An audience with the students' parents may also be requested by the Headmaster.
  • Students caught smoking, drinking, loitering, etc. within school grounds will be fined and subjected to one to ten hours of community service depending on the severity of the act.
  • Rape, Murder, and similar grave acts of violence will be subjected to automatic dismissal.

Toggle Rules

  1. Literacy is a must. I'm expecting at least a well-written paragraph from you gringos.
  2. This is not PG-13. Feel free to do whatever, just as long as you don't end up descending into flat-out porn. Fun stops the moment your characters lose their tighty-whiteys.
  3. IC Drama is good. IC Drama is great. IC Drama is what roleplays are made for. OOC Drama however, is not. No in-fighting. If you must insist on making a scene, at least take it to inbox. I will condone no childish spats on this glorious RP Thread.
  4. Mary/Gary-Sues suck balls. Seriously. None of that, please. They're rich and wealthy and they can have everything they want and they know it, but Jesus, they're not perfect. They're just like you and me, if not more than a little fucked up.
  5. No god-modding/power-playing. You have your character, and we have ours. You play yours, and we play ours. Simple as that.
  6. Le Rouge's school rules were meant to be broken, except the last one because hell to the no, guys. That's plain wrong.
  7. Reservations last 48 hours before I re-open the spot. You may post your reservations or reserve through PM. Either's fine by me. Must have a WIP up within those 48 hours.
  8. No anime characters. I love them dearly, but I want realistic people for this roleplay.
  9. Two characters max, but you may only reserve ONE character from scenarios 1 & 2. 3 & 4 are totally fair game.
  10. Several people may try for a single spot aside for the ones I chose for myself. Should this happen, then I'll just choose the skelly I think looks best and go with that.
  11. Should you wish to change your character's country of origin, then make sure it's not one of the ones listed above. It's for diversity's sake.
  12. If you've gotten this far, then add 'A storm is brewing.' in your reservation.

Code: Select all
[font= times new roman]
[size=120][b]Full Name::[/b][/size] {First Middle Last. Should sort of correspond with nationality.}
[size=120][b]Nickname::[/b][/size] {Self-explanatory.}
[size=120][b]Age::[/b][/size]{ 17 - 19.}
[size=120][b]Gender::[/b][/size] {Self-explanatory.}
[size=120][b]Nationality::[/b][/size] { Must be according to role. Refer to rules if you wish to change it.}
[size=120][b]Place of Birth::[/b][/size] {Should correspond with nationality.}
[size=120][b]Sexual Orientation::[/b][/size] {Self-explanatory.}
[size=120][b]Role::[/b][/size] {You know. . .}

[b][i][size=200]Let's Dig A Little Deeper[/size][/b][/i]
[size=120][b]Personality::[/b][/size] {At least one [i]really[/i] good paragraph.}

[size=120][b]History::[/b][/size] {At least one [i]really[/i] good paragraph. }

[size=120][b]Other:[/b][/size] {Did I miss something?}

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Character Portrait: Sam Mesman
Character Portrait: Marlice Brown
Character Portrait: Liluo Nachi Matheo
Character Portrait: Abel Leksanteri Dario


Character Portrait: Abel Leksanteri Dario
Abel Leksanteri Dario

“Mr. or Mrs. Dario... what an awkward, but charming, ring to it.”

Character Portrait: Liluo Nachi Matheo
Liluo Nachi Matheo

“The ability to prosper in life is great, but the ability to have a great life and prosper is slim.”

Character Portrait: Marlice Brown
Marlice Brown

"When you fall in love with someone you begin to fall in love with the world..."

Character Portrait: Sam Mesman
Sam Mesman

"Yes, it was the pirouettes made me want to die."


Character Portrait: Abel Leksanteri Dario
Abel Leksanteri Dario

“Mr. or Mrs. Dario... what an awkward, but charming, ring to it.”

Character Portrait: Liluo Nachi Matheo
Liluo Nachi Matheo

“The ability to prosper in life is great, but the ability to have a great life and prosper is slim.”

Character Portrait: Sam Mesman
Sam Mesman

"Yes, it was the pirouettes made me want to die."

Character Portrait: Marlice Brown
Marlice Brown

"When you fall in love with someone you begin to fall in love with the world..."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Liluo Nachi Matheo
Liluo Nachi Matheo

“The ability to prosper in life is great, but the ability to have a great life and prosper is slim.”

Character Portrait: Sam Mesman
Sam Mesman

"Yes, it was the pirouettes made me want to die."

Character Portrait: Marlice Brown
Marlice Brown

"When you fall in love with someone you begin to fall in love with the world..."

Character Portrait: Abel Leksanteri Dario
Abel Leksanteri Dario

“Mr. or Mrs. Dario... what an awkward, but charming, ring to it.”

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Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Aw. Oh well. I understand and thank you. I hope I will get to roleplay with you some other time.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Hi, sorry, I'm having trouble gaining inspiration for my characters, and thus I am afraid I will be withdrawing my reservations on Russia and Sweden.

Best of wishes for this roleplay!

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

@Luna Delta, yes she is. You are welcome to compete for her. Good luck!

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Is Canada still available for competition? If so, you should expect me to submit someone soon~

(Psst, a storm is brewing.)

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

@Gentlemiss, she is already reserved for you!

@Naps, it is fine really lol.

@Onica-Louis, a member named @Crickets... has reserved him. I will PM you so we can collaborate.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

@toajojo Who reserved Germany? I kind of want to collab some with them before this starts, I'd also like to collab some with you about our characters relationship.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Yes please! (: Thank you.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Omg sorry for submitting Sam twice lol. I blame it on my computer ;A;

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

@Gentlemiss; Yes. America is available. Would you like her?

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Aw, okay. :( For some reason I read it as "open" on the front page... Oops. xD Sad to miss out on this. :( Next roleplay you make, I'm there, heh. Edit: I thought I saw it was reserved but... did America become available?

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Aw, man! I am super sorry @Gentlemiss. Germany has already been reserved, but competitions are allowed. You are also free to reserve a different character. I would love to have you in this roleplay!

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

A storm is brewing...

Is Germany reserved yet? If not, I'd love to steal him. x3

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

I have posted the character sheet in the rules section. Please note that you are all free to tweak it and spice it up however you wish. I would like you to add pictures. My character, France, is complete and in the character section.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Of course you two!
Sweden and Russia are reserved for @Miss Nomer.

South Africa and Holland are reserved for @Naps.

Also, I just remembered. @SaxyLady15, America and Canada are cousins. Do you mind choosing one? You can reserve a different second character if you would like.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

Hello! May I please reserve Sweden & Russia?

A storm is brewing.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

May I reserve Holland and South Africa?
~ A storm is brewing.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

So far. . .
America and Canada have been reserved by @SaxyLady15

Monaco and Spain have been reserved by @Onica-Louis.

Remember positions are up for competition. Also, I will post the character sheet in the next 24 hours or so. Do not fret about getting your WIP in until then.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

May I reserve Monaco and Spain please?

A Storm Is Brewing

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s


May I reserve America and Canda?

A storm is brewing.

Re: n a r c i s s i s t s

May I reserve America?