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General Information


{ Given Name }
Keelan Delany / Kang Junhe 康君河

{ Nickname(s) }
Qilin/Kirin; Del

{ Age / Birthday }
25 / 31 October 1992 (Saturday, 11:51AM)

{ Nationality / Ethnicity }
American / Irish-Chinese

{ Sexuality and Romantic Orientation }
panromantic asexual

{ Gender Identity }
agender (they/them)

{ Marital Status }

{ Occupation / Employment }

  • SHIELD (former)
  • Avengers (current)


{ Height & Weight }
5'2 / 114lbs. or 1.57m / 51.7kg

{ Hair Colour / Length }
Keelan's hair is red, and comes down to just below their shoulders, often with a bit of curl to it.

{ Eye Colour }
Keelan's eyes are a deep brown, almost black.

{ Distinguishable Facial Features }
With a round face, rosy cheeks, and pouty, naturally red lips, Keelan always looks fresh and bright, with a impish tilt to her smile.

{ Birthmarks / Scars }
Burn scars span their neck, chest, and arms.

{ Outfits / Style }
They have a preference for comfortable clothes, especially sweaters, usually paired with jeans. They also like sneakers and brightly coloured woolly socks.

{ Scents }

  • grape (shampoo)
  • mint (sweets)

{ Physical Description }
Keelan has a rectangular body shape, with narrow shoulders, a small chest, and narrow hips. They have a more petite build, and long,
slender hands. Despite being half Chinese, their complexion is clear and pale, and they clearly take after their father more in terms of physical appearance.


∞ Habits / Quirks ∞
✦ twisting their hands - "It's an easy way of dealing with my anxiety."
✦ playing with their hair - "It's there, and it's a convenient distraction."
✦ shrinking inwards, especially when nervous - "I'm easily scared of others. You'd understand if you were me."

∞ Likes ∞
β™₯ books - "Books don't judge you. You can curl up with a book for hours it'll never call you names, or give you weird looks."
β™₯ rainy days - "It's easy to get lost in dark, noisy weather."
β™₯ sweet food "A sweet tooth is easy to indulge."

∞ Dislikes ∞
βœ– birds - "They swoop and chatter and sometimes steal my food."
βœ– socialising - "I prefer my own company."
βœ– children - "I can barely take care of myself, how do I deal with someone else who needs taking care of?"

∞ Talents ∞
βœ” baking - "Something about the patience and strength required to make desserts is very calming."
βœ” ice skating - "Dad used to take me skating all the time wen I was younger. I still remember it - the slide of the ice, the wind in my hair."
βœ” photography - "The city is beautiful, there's so much to see and capture, I want to keep these images forever."

∞ Fears ∞
✘ isolation - "I isolated myself for nearly two years. It's a terrible thing to have to live with - knowing I was away from my parents, but unable to see them, to tell them I was alive..."
✘ hurting others - "I think - I think maybe I accidentally hurt some people with my powers when I was still figuring them out. I can't quite remember, but it was a bad time for me."
✘ darkness - "I can't sleep without a light on. It's a terrible habit, but it makes me feel safer."

∞ Flaws ∞
✘ unadaptable - "Sometimes, when the going is easy, you get too used to it... then things change and, it's like being thrown into a pool of cold water when you were warm and cosy before - everything's different and you have to adjust again."
✘ timid - "New things are scary. New people are scary. They could be capable of anything - I don't know, so I have to protect myself."
✘ paranoid - "Comes with the anxiety territory."

∞ Secrets ∞
βŒ› anxiety - "It's not exactly a secret, but I don't like people knowing about it - I developed social anxiety in the two years I was in hiding."
βŒ› their parents think they're dead/missing - "I didn't exactly - keep in touch with them while I was away. They probably think I'm dead by now, if Hydra didn't feed them any weird lines. I haven't been to find them yet - I'm scared."
βŒ› previously engaged to their colleague - "But, you know, he turned out to be Hydra, and then he blew up my lab, and now all I've got are these pretty burn marks."



{ Personality Type }
Scorpio / Monkey / INFJ-T (The Advocate)

[ detailed | passionate | inquisitive | creative | resourceful ]

Keelan holds a strong sense of idealism and morality, and has the potential to take concrete steps to realise their goals. Though soft-spoken and antisocial, they hold firmly fixed ideas and opinions, and, given that they can deal with the social situation, will fight for what they believe in. They have a good sense of compassion, and are able to consider situations from a human perspective.
They are creative, often coming up with ideas around problems, and their insight helps them to see past smokescreens to the truth. Their passion also helps them to stay true to their goals, and they are organised and methodical in their approach, given that situations are more easily controlled than people.
Unfortunately, Keelan is sensitive and easily affected by others' words, and tend to keep a private profile, staying away from events that require socialising and finding it difficult to open up to new acquaintances. Their perfectionism also forces them to ensure that their work is always at the best it can be, and they can be obsessive in their pursuit of perfection.
Despite these weaknesses, Keelan's passion for their interests truly shine through when they are speaking in an environment they are comfortable with - they can be surprisingly talkative and passionate, and the sparkle in their eye in such situations is truly a sight to behold.



{ History }
Born to two immigrants, Keelan was always taught the way of blending in. Their mother, a small Chinese woman who believed the best way to survive in a foreign country was to keep your head down and work quietly, gave them a Chinese name aside from the strange, hard to pronounce one they received from their father, for them to remember the foreign heritage that was half of them.
Keelan grew up keeping to themself, working quietly, keeping their head down - except during PE classes, which they loved, even as the other kids moaned and dragged their feet. Out there, Keelan was the fastest, their smile bright as they fair flew past their opponents. Life at home was boring; life in school was lonely; life on the field was vibrant. Aside from sports, Keelan excelled in biology studies, and they believed they could pursue a career in research.
In university, Keelan received a scholarship to further their studies in genetics and developmental biology, and although they graduated cum laude, due to their lack of money, they decided not to continue studying. Keelan thought they'd live a salaryperson's life, and then fade away into old age and death as so many people did, but to their surprise they were recruited by SHIELD, as a researcher tasked with researching and developing serum not unlike that in one Steve Rogers's body. Working in SHIELD, it was impossible to ignore the overwhelming presence of the Avengers, and although Keelan was often terrified they'd somehow be dragged into all the action that always seemed to be happening around the Avengers, they secretly admired them, desiring their life of adventure and heroics.
Following the resurfacing of the Winter Soldier and the discovery of Hydra within SHIELD's ranks, Keelan's discovery that all their fellow researchers were Hydra agents was preempted by the explosion of their lab, having been sabotaged by the other researchers in an attempt to distract from their theft of the research that their team had worked on for years. The only person in the lab, Keelan was left with burn marks all down their neck, chest, and arms, and terrible powers that they could barely contain. Terrified, they fled SHIELD and hid for some period of time, only emerging almost two years later, when they were more certain of their own capabilities, and yet less certain of themself.

{ Family }

  • father: Finley Dawson Delany | 56 | alive
  • mother: Kang Yan 康燕 | 50 | alive


  • Bad Wine And Lemon Cake - The Jane Austen Argument & Amanda Palmer
  • Breathe Me - Sia
  • Boat Turns Toward The Port - Soap&Skin
  • Always - Panic! at the Disco
  • Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons
  • Truce - Twenty One Pilots
  • Fear and Loathing - Marina and the Diamonds

Miscellaneous / RP Specific


{ Weapons }
  • blue energy blasts - Keelan has access to a pocket dimension that is basically a space full of energy from an unknown source, and they can open portals and direct the energy from this dimension anywhere they wish.
  • guns - every SHIELD agent is taught to use guns, and while they weren't the most expert marksman out there, Keelan was still a pretty good shot.

{ Powers / Abilities }
  • pocket dimension manipulation
  • teleportation
  • invisibility
  • ability to create blasts of energy (see above)

{ Other }
Dialogue Color: #872657

Face Claim: Karen Gillan

Character Format: ☿Urania☿

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Roleplay Type: superhero (specifically developed for Marvel/Avengers-based roleplay, but can be adapted)

Fonts: Garamond / Caslon

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