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Michio Sora

A boy of the Village Hidden in the Sky; ward of Konohagakure.

0 · 267 views · located in Konohagakure - The Hidden Leaf Village

a character in “Naruto: A History Made”, as played by Hypnosis


Name: Michio SoraImage
Nicknames: Ward of Konoha, Prisoner of Konoha, Sky Ninja
Age: 15
Gender: Male
On a Note: Michio does not wear the blindfold shown in the picture.

Birthday: October 26th
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 102 lbs.
Blood Type: AB

Village: Soragakure, the Village Hidden in the Sky
Rank: Chuunin
Classification: Chuunin

Academy Grad. Age: 11
Chuunin Prom. Age: 13
Jounin Prom. Age: -

Personality: Michio Sora is extremely sensitive to the fact that he was born of a village that had once threatened Konohagakure; as such, he has developed a kind of sullen attitude in response to being constantly teased and reminded that his birthplace was once an enemy of his new home. He tries harder than most in an effort to prove he is not of traitorous descent, and rarely receives credit where credit is due. Therefore, Michio lives a rather isolated life, which has contributed to his isolated personality.

History: Soragakure and Konohagakure have maintained a kind of tenuous peace since the events Shinnō put into action in the Land of the Sky. In conjunction with their apparent amity, Konohagakure graciously allowed the Village Hidden in the Sky to send a young ninja to participate in the academy and Chuunin exams.

Michio Sora was born into a semblance of nobility - his father is cousin to the reigning Shujin - and it was through this close relation that Michio was chosen to represent Soragakure in the Hidden Leaf Village. Sent to live in a foreign land at the early age of five, Michio was forced to live in isolation, marked by the denizens of Konoha as a representation not of armistice but of the enemy.

The boy was brought up and trained amongst the other children of the village, and, as such, attended the Konoha Academy, where he made excellent progress. The boy proved to be exceptional in the use of various Wind Release techniques, and showed a great affinity for the Land of the Sky's Propulsion skills. However much he seemed to be doing well, though, the boy was still regarded as a ward of the village, and was treated with no love, respect, or praise.

Still, the lack of an orthodox upbringing instilled a fire in the young ninja, and fueled his regime to train harder and become one the village no longer felt was necessary to fear. Redoubling his efforts, Michio was able to make a name for himself in the Chuunin exams, showing off his proficiency in both his native and learned abilities.

Since graduating to the Chuunin rank, Michio has only maintained a standard level of fame and difficulty in missions, although he yearns for adventure and a true test of his abilities.


Tailed Beast: -
Clan: Sora

Weapons: Explosive tags (pre-folded into gliders), fanned shuriken, glider-fabric wrapped around his arm.
Chakra Type: Wind
Kekkei Genkai: Propulsion
Description: Propulsion is one of the various wind and air-related abilities mastered by the ninja of Soragakure. Propulsion allows for one to control the air surrounding one's body to either reduce resistance and allow enhanced speed or allow for lift, gliding, and/or flight through the manipulation of air currents, though flight and gliding are only capable through the use of a glider or specialized flight suit.
Signature Techniques:
Secret Technique: Air Cutter - Allows Michio to channel a sharp wedge of chakra in front of himself to effectively cut the air and allow for enhanced speed.
Secret Technique: Aerial Thrust - Allows Michio to channel wind-element chakra into the soles of his feet, which he expels in a powerful downward thrust, allowing for enhanced lift when jumping.
Secret Technique: Explosive Gliders - Michio throws several explosive tags, folded into gliders, at his opponent. He then controls their paths with wind-element chakra, directing them toward his opponent, on whom or near whom they will explode.
Secret Technique: Supersonic Shuriken - Launching several of his fanned shuriken at his opponent, Michio channels wind-element chakra into the fanned out sections, effectively enhancing their rotational speed - thereby increasing their cutting power - and the speed at which they fly towards their target.
Wind Release: Sonic-boom - Michio channels a large amount of wind-element chakra into his palms, then claps his hands together, expelling a powerful gust of wind straight at his opponent.
Wind Release: Rising Air Currents - Michio directs wind-element chakra underneath his opponent, then forces it and a powerful gust upwards, knocking his opponent off their feet and sending them into the air.
Wind Release: Falcon's Talon - Similar to the Beast Tearing Gale Palm, Michio channels wind-element chakra into his hands or feet in the form of sharp talons. This technique is often combined with either Michio's Secret Technique: Air Cutter or his gliding ability.
Explosive Replacement Technique - As with a normal Body Replacement Technique, when Michio is struck, he substitutes himself with an explosive tag; the explosion can be used as a diversion or a damaging offensive attack.
Air Cushion Technique - If falling, Michio can channel wind-element chakra into the air around him, slowing his descent and/or cushioning his impact.

*The bandages around Michio's arms are not bandages, but a thin fabric wrapped around his arms several times and pinned to prevent unraveling. When unraveled, however, and when chakra is channeled into this fabric, it becomes rigid, allowing for short-term gliding on air currents. Sustained flight requires vehicles and other equipment only found in Soragakure.

I'd like to make it known that I owe the credit for the character of Michio Sora to VarietyBlack, my personal friend who no longer has time for the site. He is not a character from my head, but one I didn't want to see fade and disappear.

So begins...

Michio Sora's Story

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Prior to the chaos, high in the stands, sat one of the previous year's promoted ninja. The boy watched the two genin competitors with intent, measuring those that would someday be his equals, if not his betters; with the way they were battling, however, neither seemed likely.

Michio Sora sat back in his seat, pushing shaggy hair from his eyes, and took a moment to briefly survey the crowd. Everyone was gathered to watch the event, it seemed, as the stands appeared to be filled. Here and there, a person stood watching, an act which showed just how important the exam was to the village. As his eyes wandered from face to face and body to body, they eventually came to rest on the position of the gathered Kages.

Four of the five powerful ninja were seated, gazing upon the two warring youths, but it was the lack of the fifth that seemed to stand out starkly.

Michio was not of the Village Hidden in the Leaves - his home was Soragakure, the Village Hidden in the Sky - but, from a young age, he had been a ward of Konoha, serving as a glorified hostage, representing his home in a foreign land. He was not bitter, however; the Hokage had always been kind to him, and, for that, had earned Michio's greatest respect. The fact that the man was now absent, when his presence was most called for, surprised the boy.

His thoughts were interrupted, though, by the appearance of two birds, which appeared to glide purposefully into the center of the arena, only to detonate upon arrival.

The explosion rocked the stadium, throwing Michio off to the side and out of his chair. He rose quickly, alert to even the subtlest of movements, anticipating danger. None came, though a woman, astride a great clay bird similar to the first two, proceeded to hover in the ring.

"So, then. It's about time we met face to face. I assure you I won't do much harm to this village. Especially you Kages."

Upon saying so, the woman promptly snatched a young girl from the stands, and attempted to escape the scene, firing explosives at the four present Kages from within the beast she stood atop. The hostage girl screamed, and that was all it took to kick Michio into action.

From within the black pouch at his lower back, the boy removed a pair of paper gliders with letters and glyphs scrawled on them; in actuality, the gliders were a pair of explosive tags, which Michio had delicately folded into the pseudo-aircraft. Stepping to the edge separating the spectators' stands from the arena itself, the boy launched the papers at Kagura, weaving hand signs as they soared. Small amounts of Wind chakra stirred the air around the explosives, increasing their flight speed and guiding their path. The boy just hoped it was a surprising enough attack to work.

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#, as written by darkune
Ginga woke up in his bed and looked around for his brother. "Genta? Genta where are you?" Ginga felt strangely good and instictivly jumped out of bed starting toward the bathroom. In the restroom he saw his older brother collapsed on the floor dead. "Genta!?" Ginga cried out and checked for a pulse in his brother. There was none and Ginga was devastated. "Genta, what did you do?" He asked himself and looked into the mirror to see that he had six stripes on his face.

The situation finally caught up to Ginga when he saw his brother's body once more and he felt more powerful. "AH!" Ginga screamed and a red aura grew around him with A red aura tail shooting out of his back side. "Who made him do this?! Why?!" He yelled and looked over toward Konoha when he heard an explosion.

Without warning Ginga was speeding toward the village at alarming rates knowing that the person that made Genta do what he did was there. When he arrived at the stadium where he saw a young woman being held hostage by a crazed ninja, Ginga could smell Genta's scent on her captor. "Let that girl go!" He boomed and shot directly up at the clay bird that the ninja was riding on. He could see dust particulates and a paper airplane going at the bird as well, he assumed the worst and knew that he had to get the hostage out first. "Ninja Art: Fang Wolf Fang!" Ginga started to spin violently and drilled right through the bottom of the bird and grabbed the hostage when he came out leaving the ninja alone on her bird.

Ginga landed on the roof and let the hostage go while entering his own mind. "What where am I?" He asked and saw a giant cell with huge eyes staring at him. "Welcome boy, you aren't like my last Jinchuuriki." It boomed and gave a wicked grin. "Jinchuuriki? Like my big brother?! Can you tell me what happened to him?" Ginga asked the voice pleading with him. The voice laughed and quickly told him that he was now his Jinchuuriki and he didn't know anything about the other Bijuu's hosts. "So what did you want boy?" The voice wondered and clawed at the cage. "Well I was wondering if I could get more power, that's what my brother asked his Bijuu." Ginga stated boldly and put his hands on the bars showing that he wasn't afraid and wanted a friendship with the demon. "Hmm your forward I'll give you that, alright I will give you more Chakra." The demon stated with the wicked grin growing to be warmer and more sincere.

After the little meeting in his head, Ginga felt another surge of power and another red tail shot out of him making two. His hair started turning from its natural snow white to a light brown color and the stripes on his face grew to be parted. "I'm going to tear you apart!" He boomed as loud as the demon was in his head. "Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!" Ginga spat out a large stream of liquid fire, unlike lava but more like flaming water.

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Kagura smiled at the chaos. She made a handsign, under the cover of the girl. The real Kagura was sitting below the stands. She didn't want to play games, especially now that the Tsuchikage was watching. The clone cackled like a deranged maniac, and when the Paper Gliders hit the fake Kagura, she disappeared. The real one muttered to herself. "Hidden Jutsu: Laughter of Death." With this, the clone was behind the male, and aimed a kick at his head. "Out of my way!" She shouted, then reappearing on the bird.

"Nobody ever understands art, do they? Murder is an art form.." She shouted, then a look of insanity formed on her face. She pulled her robes off, revealing just a small two peice set of a Bra and Shorts. She had a strange mark on her chest. "Remember this, lord Tsuchikage?!" She shouted, the mark started to spread along her body, eventually turning her into a black version of herself. "I would recommend fleeing now, while you have the chance. It's like my grandfather said.."

"Tremble! Be Arfaid Recoil in Despair! Cower in awe, and cry your heart out! Because my art...."

The real kagura quickly dug herself underground, and sealed it with a small breathing hole.

"Is an EXPLOSION!" The fake one screamed, although her version of the technique was only 3 Kilometers, it still packed a punch. Corpses were hurled, people were obliterated, and blood flew. Kagura poked her head out of the ground in the centre of the stadium.

"Um... Hi... How are you still alive?" She muttered, pulling herself out. She scanned the stadium for damage, and admittedly, not much aside from civillian casualties. She looked up and saw Kurama's new host. "Oh god. Figures i'd die for this." Kagura muttered, standing up - Low on chakra. "Alright. Give me your best shot, idiots!" She shouted, popping a chakra pill into her mouth.


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Michio watched as the explosive gliders detonated, and allowed himself a undeserved moment of self-congratulations. He noticed the clone disappear, only to materialize beside him and deliver a hard kick to his face. The blow sent him sprawling backwards, skidding across the stone floor of the stadium. The clone vanished again, reappearing in her original spot atop the great terracotta bird.

The boy's vision swam; he had taken many blows from superiors before, but one doesn't ever become used to them. He could see her speaking to the seated Kages, offering what he could only assume were threats and curses.

"... Is an EXPLOSION!"

The woman began to expand, her body stretching to an extreme limit, until Michio was sure she would burst. It registered then what her intention was, and, quickly as he was able, the boy began working the hand signs required to activate his cushioning technique; he was not quite finished when Kagura's clone erupted in a massive ball of fire.

Michio was thrown from the floor into a wall just behind it, though only momentarily, as the wall gave way to the great force exerted. From there, he fell downward, and the ground rose up to meet him.

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The last things he could remember were a great light and a great pain. There was also the sensation of falling, a stomach-flipping weightlessness, though everything afterward was lost in darkness. After a time, however, the darkness had receded, giving way to light from above, which stung Michio's reopened eyes.

He lay in a great pile of rubble - debris from the stadium, he could see - small and large masses of smoking stone. Attempting to move, the boy felt a terrible pain in his back, though, testing the various motions of his body, the boy found very little injury had befallen him. Wincing, he decided to allow himself rest, or what little could be attained when laying among the wreckage of an explosion.

As he stared up into the sky, he noticed three figures leave the stadium: two he did not recognize, though the third - the one bloodied, limp, and needing to be carried - was most certainly the woman who had caused the damage. The situation struck Michio as suspicious, but there was little the boy could do in his condition against three tried ninja.

He would commit their appearances to memory, though, to report what he saw. If these ninja were in league with the terrorist, it was in the best interest of everyone that he do what he could to stop them.