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Lia Shetmond

Three-Tails of the Mist

0 · 276 views · located in The Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: A New Dawn”, originally authored by SMinSC, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Lia Shetmond
Nicknames: Lia, turtle girl
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Birthday: September 8
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115lbs
Blood Type: O negative

Village: Kirigakure
Rank: Jonin
Classification: Jinchuuriki

Academy Grad. Age: 8
Chuunin Prom. Age: 11
Jounin Prom. Age: 14

Personality: Lia is a very happy person. She is often smiling, and will find ways to help people, even if it is inconveniant for her. She enjoys watching others grow stronger, and wants to fight with another Jinchuuriki. She is smart, and has the Three-Tails to help to, in case something happens. When she is extremly angry, the Three-Tails charka will cover her, making her a ton more deadly, although she can good control over its chakra so far, so she will use it to help her.

History: When Lia was born, her mother was used to seal the Three-Tails into her, making her a Jinchuuriki. She lived with her father, who was a ninja, so she started trained very early. She graduated the academy in dead last. She was strong, but didn't like to use the energy. She did like her team mates, and they made a good team. They qualified for the Chunin exam when she was eleven, and passed the first past with help from Three-Tails. However, during the second test, her team mates were killed by a fellow ninja, who fled before he took her scroll. She became extremely anger, so in the finals, when she faught him, she used the Three-Tails chakra to rip him in half. She became Chunin, and went on to complete many missions. When she was fourteen, she became a jounin, much to her father's delight. However, on her first mission as jounin, her father was killed in front of her, and she killed those who killed him. She has improved her relationship with the Three-Tails, and has made it her mission to make the Mist the greatest ninja village.


Tailed Beast: Isobu, The Three-Tailed Turtle
Clan: Shetmond

Weapons: basic ninja equipment
Chakra Type: Water
Kekkei Genkai: N/A
Description: Image OCC: her headband is Mist, NOT leaf
Signature Techniques: Jinchuuriki style: Acid Rain, Water Style: Water Whip, Hidden mist jutsu, water shark bomb jutsu, water dragon jutsu, more water based one.

So begins...

Lia Shetmond's Story

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#, as written by SMinSC
Lia was wandering around, "These tree's look so cool." She thought to herself, noticing that they didn't have many leaves on them, back home the tree's always had leaves on them. It was unnerving to some who entered the village, The former Bloody-Mist. It had picked up a lot sinse the war, and they no longer hunted people unless tehy were wanted crimanals. "Yea, the trees are nice, now where the hell are we?" Isubo, the Three-Tail Turtle said inside her. He would always talk to her, mainly because he was bored, and partly becasue he liked to insult her methods from time to time.

"You know? I have no idea." She said, getting a roaring, WHAT!!? From her Biju, "I don't know, although i think we are close to a hidden village. That's a good sign." She said, happy as can be, and the turtle went, "How the hell did you get a month vacation, you can't even navigate your way to a village." He was always sarcastic, "Well, the Mizu is a big sucker for the heads of S-Rank crimanals, so i guess that." "Good Point." He said as she made her way down the path.

Around half an hour later, she noticed something moving beside her, and was not surprised with a ninja blade came out, almost hitting her, but she had great instincts, so she jumped back, "Finally, this vacation was starting to get dull." The Turtle said as more blades came came, earning the thrower a Hidden Mist Jutsu from Lia. The mist was to thick to see out of, but Lioa had learned to use Chakra in order to find others. She quickly found the target moving around frantically, and then started performing hand signs. "Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu." She half yelled, and said with utter glee. The water sharks hit their mark perfectly, and after a moment of screams the sharks vanashed, and Lia cleared the smoke.

What was left was a not pretty, although she could tell the face, he was a B-Rank, not worth much, but she should probably tell the Mizukage anyway. She did a summoning jutsu and out came a turtle, small and one she knew. "Hey, Tsuki. Can you please take this body back to the Mizu please." "Sure thing Lia." The turtle said and vanashed with the body. "Not as much fun as I wanted." He said, and Lia ignored him and continued on her merry way.

She was walking when she noticed someone up ahead, male and most likely a ninja. She knew that he could be trouble, so she made a water clone and had it stand back in case something went down. She appoched the figure, and annoced herself by coughing very loudly, so she didn't have to sneak up. "Hey, you! Do you know where the closest village is? I am trying to find one, can you help me?" She said calmy, as to not scare him and Isubo told her, "Lia, this should be fun." He said wondering if she would finally use him again to help.

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#, as written by SMinSC
Lia was walking around this her village, the mist village. She managed to find it, so that was a good sign. "It took you long enough to find your own bloody home." Isubo said within her. "Not my fault I can't read a map well." She yelled inside to him. "Yes it is."

She liked this village a lot, although it got way to hot for her, she liked it to be cool. She was eating some ramen she had goten from a place in town, walking around looking at what ever she could find, when she noticed some fimilar figures standing near her.

"Isubo, that's the Mizu, what's he doing out?" She wondered and Isubo only insulted her lack of ability to tell that he was probably on a mission. She decided to walk up to him, and saw Tetsu, that guy scared her a bit, always with the illusions. Also with them was someone she didn't know, and a girl who came out of the sand. "That was cool." She thought to herself before walking up.

She bowed to the Mizu out of respect, "Mizukage, it's good to see you." She said hugging him, she didn't know if she should or was interupting something, but it hardly mattered to her. "Hello, Tetsu. You still incharge of the Mizu's protection?" She said to him playfully.

"And you two are?" She said to the duo, and she did recognize the girl. She was a Kage, but she didn't change her question just because she remebered a fact.

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Tsubame nodded her head in greeting to the new girl.
"That would be Rin Kagame, Kazakage of Sunagakure and my sister. I'm Tsubame Taka, Sage of Song and probably the strongest ninja in the village." She intentionally left her sentence ambiguous, in order to make Lia question whether she was referring to Suna or Kiri. "I apologize for answering in my sister's stead, but that's a Sensor-class jutsu that will only see the target, as it locks on to their specific chakra reading, ensuring the speaker won't lose track of the listener, and so the listener can be heard clearly in response. I should know, I helped make it." She spoke everything with no pride, malice, or sorrow. She only spoke the truth, as if it were the time of day she spoke. She then continued to spin her whistling shuriken in the air, now forming a small ball of wind around the shuriken as she practiced her wind control.

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So many people appearing at once. First Tsubame shows up, literally dropping in from the sky. Second, the Kazekage just appeared into the village right in front of her. And now a new girl altogether? On top of this, she felt she was being ignored, which severely irritated Emeli.

Emeli waved slightly before speaking. "I'm Emeli Katsumaki, if anyone really cared. Seems like I'm being a little ignored, so I thought I'd put my word in," she said, smiling. She directed her attention to the new girl specifically, whom she felt an odd sensation of familiarity from, as if they had something in common. "Hello, who might you be? You're the only one I'm unfamiliar with here, and I'd feel terrible if I didn't at least know your name." Emeli spoke with a smile, despite her irritation. It was always good to be nice to people, lest you wish to make an enemy out of a potential ally. In reality, though, she hoped to disarm the hostile situation. The Mizukage and Tsubame were at ends with each other, and with the Kazekage randomly showing up, she was worried what would be done with herself. Additionally, the Mizukage insisted that he accompany them back to Sunagakure, which worried her slightly. And who would he send as an answer to Tsubame? She was unsure of the caliber of ninja in Kirigakure, but she couldn't imagine much aside from one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist being an acceptable answer to a sage.

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Character Portrait: Rin Kaname Character Portrait: Matsuyo Terumi Character Portrait: Shigi Karasu Character Portrait: Emeli Katsumaki Character Portrait: Tetsu Hanei Character Portrait: Tsubame Taka Character Portrait: Lia Shetmond
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Tsubame facepalmed at hearing the new featherbrain try to address Rin's Sandshape.
"Does no one ever listen to me? I said only the Mizukage can say anything to that shape and expect to be heard. For Karura's sake, can't I have one person listen to anything I say?"
With that, she just sat down cross-legged where she stood and folded her arms. She then closed her eyes.
"If anyone needs me, if you can even hear me, I'll be asleep right here!" she said, and immediately went to sleep, still sitting.