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Linaku Asurinosa

"Peace isn't gained by war. it's gained by hope."

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a character in “Naruto: A New Dawn”, as played by Azori


Name: Linaku Asurinosa
Nicknames: Naku,
Age:13 years old
Gender: Male

Birthday:17th April, 1999
Weight: 8 and a half stone
Blood Type: A+

Village: Konohagakure ( leaf village )
Rank: not gained yet.
Classification: Jinchuuriki

Academy Grad. Age:
Chuunin Prom. Age:
Jounin Prom. Age:

Personality:Quiet yet friendly,Calm,Polite,Smart

History:Lived by himself in the Forest contained with a high rank sealing jutsu to protect Linaku cast by the Tailed beast contained in him. The Tailed beast was sealed in him by his parents to protect him. The Asurinosa Family have been close to Sekaru ( the tailed beast ) seeing as the family saved him from death. he has always been a friend to them but, during the 4th ninja war, the parents died only when Linaku was 3 years of age. Ever since then Sekaru put up the barrier to protect Linaku so that nothing could harm him. Sekaru Fed him, taught him, and cared for him like he was his own son. after 10 years the barrier weakened and Sekaru decided it was time to seal himself inside Linaku and let him live a life outside his home known to him as "Sanctuary Forest". Sekaru is Linaku's Closest friend and can always trust him and nothing can rip that connection. And that's where it starts for Linaku.


Tailed Beast: Kyuubi, The 9 tailed fox.

Weapons:1. Thief Sword kinda like this, <====|---|====> and 2 daggers held like Zidane from Final Fantasy IX.
Chakra Type:Air, water (Linaku) Fire, Air ( Kyuubi )
Kekkei Genkai: aisugan- can turn my water jutsu's into ice and quickens my speed.
Description:Looks like the sharingan but instead of red, a light icy blue.
Signature Techniques: Water style : Water orb Cannon, Wind Style : Healing Symphony


Calm and polite, keeps himself in control and never gives up. Always Showing his power to overcome the horrible things in life. ... re=related (THEME 1 ) ( THEME 2 )


He has a thief sword which is used in rare occasions, 2 sapphire daggers 1 of his main weapons and his skilled martial arts which is closely related to the gentle fist. his clothing is a creamy yellow hoody with light blue denim jeans. his outfit will change threw seasons but keep his main colours.

So begins...

Linaku Asurinosa's Story

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Character Portrait: Linaku Asurinosa
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#, as written by Azori
" I never knew the forest was THIS big. " Linaku sounding surprisingly shocked about the size of the surrounding atmosphere. "There's a lot to see in Konohagakure. Shops, Monuments, springs, especially Hokage monument. Underneath it is where you'll be registering for the Ninja Academy and also-" Kurama explained and still shared information about the leaf village. But Linaku wasn't that interested in the other stuff. It was the academy that was bothering him. He knew that Kurama was a good enough teacher but he didn't know if what he had taught him would be forbidden within the village.

Kurama could sense his sadness and disbelief." There's no need to be like that.Here's one piece of advice, Be yourself. Never let anybody tell you how your supposed to be."He finished with a proud smirk. "Your right.Now I'm just a bit nervous, hahaha! Linaku bursted out with just at the end of the forest. "wow. I'm not even that far from home and everything looks different." Linaku astonished to see. "That's how the world works..." Kurama murmurs and drifts off in to thought."W-what's wrong?" Linaku sounding concerned about Kurama."hmm? oh...nothing. Just....wondering..."He said keeping to himself. "Wondering about what?" Linaku replied. "Wondering if your gonna get into academy! Hehe...Probably not." Kurama says very cheekily. "What?! I'll show you, Foxy! I'll pass!"Barking at him, echoing through his mind."Linaku.There's the village." Kurama says with a tone of happiness mixed in.Linaku stops to glance at the gates and surrounding walls where he will be starting his life."...Nice View." He simply murmurs in a quiet tone. " The amount of times people get in to this village..."Kurama says annoyingly. I wonder why he says that? I think it would be pretty hard to get in. I mean, look at the size of the walls! the only way you could get through there is from the sky. "I doubt that." Linaku starts with sounding all smart with himself." The only way you could get in there is from the sky or run the walls."He continued. "you can actually." Kurama announced. "you can what?" "run up walls." "what?!?! " Linaku shouts out with out evening noticing the crowd all turn and look at them. "Well, if you can run up walls...I guess it IS pretty easy to infiltrate this village." He thought,believing Kurama with out any thought. "Yeah,OK. Start walking. you shouting out is making the crowd gather and stare at you funny.and not the good funny." Kurama shares with Linaku.
"Hmm..?" Linaku jumps at every one staring at him and starts to pace quickly toward the academy. "Well, at least your speedy." Kurama jokes. "Shut up, Foxface!" Linaku shouts through his head jokingly and smirks.

"What a nice start, hehehe." I think.