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The Painted Lady of Iwa

0 · 324 views · located in The Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: A New Dawn”, as played by Valium


Name: Riyo
Nickname(s): -
Title(s): The Dust Princess, The Painted Lady of Iwa
Age: 36
Gender: Female

Birthday: February 7th
Height: 5'8
Weight: 109 lbs
Blood Type: B

Village: Iwagakure
Rank: Kage
Classification: Sensor, Tsuchikage

Academy Grad. Age: 10
Chuunin Prom. Age: 12
Jounin Prom. Age: 17
ANBU Prom. Age: 20
Kage Prom. Age: 27

Personality: Riyo is a very calm individual. Even in the face of adversity, she never panics or shows any sign of fear to her opponents, feeling that as a leader, it is her responsibility to keep the morale high. She is strong-willed, stubborn and hard to move in terms of changing her opinion or decision on something. Riyo is kind and helpful, but will never tolerate being taken advantage of. Riyo shows great respect to those who respect her and is known to have great manners and etiquette.

History: Born into a mercantile family in a small village within the Land of Earth, Riyo never expected that she would become a Kunoichi. In fact, she never dreamed of becoming one, let alone becoming the Tsuchikage. When her village was raided by bandits however, Riyo and her parents moved to the bigger, safer village of Iwagakure, and as a result of the senseless attack, Riyo swore that one day she would grow strong enough to find and punish any mountain bandits in the Land of Earth. Riyo was admitted into the Iwa Academy, where she learned the basics and graduated at the top of her class. She trained for two years under the tutelage of the retired Tsuchikage and managed to surpass her fellow gennin during the Chunin exams, reaching the final battle rounds before losing to a Konoha shinobi. Despite her loss, Riyo was recognized for her brilliance and prowess on the battlefield and was promoted to the Chunin rank at the age of 12.

At the age of 16, Riyo would become the apprentice to the serving Tsuchikage as a potential candidate to become the next Tsuchikage. Riyo would later be promoted to the rank of Jounin at the age of 17, and three years later, after mastering Dust Release to an acceptable standard, the girl was promoted to become a member of the ANBU, where she donned a mask that resembled a bird with red markings. In addition to her duties as a member of the ANBU, Riyo worked alongside the Tsuchikage as his assistant up until his retirement, where the title of Tsuchikage was passed down to Riyo.

Riyo has served as the Tsuchikage for 9 years and swears to protect the village with everything she has.


Tailed Beast: -
Clan: -

Weapons: Shuriken, Kunai, Exploding Tags
Chakra Type: Earth, Fire, Wind
Kekkei Tota: Dust Release
Description: Dust Release is an advanced nature Kekkei Tota that combines three elements - Fire, Earth and Wind - which seems to give the user the ability to pulverize matter on a molecular level within the boundaries of a three-dimensional shape formed between the hands. The shapes can vary from cones to cylinders to cubes to spheres. Riyo often uses the spherical form of Dust Release. Riyo is known to have mastered the art of Dust Release.
- Flight Technique
- Hiding With Camoflauge Technique
- Shuriken Shadow Clone Technique
- Chakra Sensing Technique
- Body Replacement Technique
- Body Flicker Technique
- Splitting Technique

- Rock Clone Technique
- Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Ultra-Added Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Light Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Ultra-Light Weight Rock Technique
- Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm
- Earth Release: Moving Earth Core
- Earth Release: Earth Flow Rampart
- Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears
- Earth Release: Earth Dome
- Earth Release: Earth Flow Divide
- Earth Release: Earth Flow River
- Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin

- Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work
- Fire Release: Great Fire Destruction
- Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation

- Wind Release: Pressure Damage
- Wind Release: Great Breakthrough

- Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique

So begins...

Riyo's Story

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#, as written by Valium
Tsuchikage Riyo

As the sun peaked over the crests of the mountains, signaling a new day for all the inhabitants of Iwagakure, the Tsuchikage could be seen standing on the rooftop of the Tsuchikage's Mansion. It was somewhat of a daily routine for her - something that was relaxing. As the village leader, her job was practically 24/7 with no time for breaks or relaxation of any kind. It wasn't a productive day if Riyo got more than five hours of sleep, or so she thought. But her training and internship with the former Tsuchikage had prepared her for this task, this career, and this responsibility that she had over the citizens of her village.

Riyo took a deep breath in, filling her lungs with the pure, unpolluted air as she basked in the warming glow of the morning sun. Despite being born and raised in the Land of Earth, the morning sunrises never failed to amaze her. It was a natural wonder on its own, enhanced by the heavenly backdrop of the mountain ranges and thick, lush forests and breathtaking waterfalls on the mountains. Perhaps one of these days she would retire from her position and live out in the mountains. But the solitude was something Riyo doubted she would ever be able to cope with. It was simply too lonely being in the wilderness.

Drawing her attention back to the village streets, Riyo watched intently as the villagers began to set up their shops and prepare for a new day's work. It brought back memories of her childhood - the family shop, waking early in the morning and helping her mother and father in order to quickly open their small general store for business. Their village was quite close to Iwa. In fact, you would have had to pass it in order to get to Iwa, but it was so small that it must have been barely noticeable to most, and with the constant bandit raids, the population dwindled until finally, there was no one left. They had all moved to Iwa. In a way, Riyo had these bandits to thank for inspiring her to become a kunoichi. Had the raids not happened, Riyo would have most likely become an exact replica of her parents - running a shop of her own, living like the villagers she watched over. A simpler life. But Riyo would never trade being the Tsuchikage for anything else. It wasn't the title or the fame that came with it, it was the sense that she was improving the lives of the villagers day by day, and ensuring their safety through the boring talks and letter exchanges between villages (to form alliances). That was all she needed.

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A black feather gently drifted down to the group. It landed nearby, maybe two or three meters. The feather exploded into a cluster of them, revealing a Shinobi clad in a black overcoat, boots and Hakama, with a fishnet undershirt. He smiled softly, tightening his gloves.

Shigi stepped forwards, making his presence known, albeit subtly. "Lady Rin, Lord Matsuyo. It is an honour to see you - Ah, and who might these be? Accomplices?" He muttered, looking at the others. He nodded at Tetsu in greeting, but his smile quickly faded into his usual apathetic look. His eyes were locked onto Emeli. He knew her. The Jinchuriki that held the one tailed beast. He quickly shifted his gaze to Tsubame. She seemed familiar, but he wasn't completely sure.

He turned to Matsuyo and Rin. "I have come to tell you that Shishimaru, the Kodama Dealer, is dead. He should've rethought his plan and turned himself in to one of us. Shame, really." He muttered, his voice no louder than a whisper. It was one of Shigi's habits to speak quietly. "However, it would be in your best interest to attend the up and coming Summit in the land of Iron. This is where I shall discuss this matter, and no more shall be said here."

He sighed, and looked at them fully, rather than shifting his gaze now and then. "On a less formal note, I've been wondering how you've been and how your villages are. Konoha is reasonably quiet at the moment. And it seems to be having warm weather." He smiled, actually speaking at a normal tone for once.

"And.. Er... If you two.. And possibly Lady Riyo.. Wanted.. To um.." He stammered, struggling to speak. "Wanted to.. You know.. Visit Konoha for a day or two... I'd be welcome to have you." He finished, his face pale with effort. It wasn't like Shigi to ask anyone for anything. But hey, can you blame him for wanting to be friends with the other Kages?