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Shigi Karasu

"It's over."

0 · 501 views · located in The Naruto Universe

a character in “Naruto: A New Dawn”, as played by DarknessUndying


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Name: Shigi Karasu
Nicknames: Black Crow of the Leaf
Titles: Lord Hokage, Fuckitshimrunforyourlife, Shigi Sensei.
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Birthday: Eighth of August
Height: 6'3
Weight: 145 lbs
Blood Type: A Positive

Village: Konohagakure
Rank: Jonin
Classification: Ex-Anbu Black Ops leader, Sensei to Chuunin, Hokage

Academy Grad. Age: 9
Chuunin Prom. Age: 13
Jounin Prom. Age: 20

Personality: Completely calm, with a slight sense of humour, Shigi is quite dark and is often thought of as an enemy. He actually works for Konoha, and is quite cheerful. He usually is polite, calm and collected, even in combat. But if a student angers him, he will not take it lightly.
History: TBA


Tailed Beast: N/A
Clan: Karasu (Crow)

Weapons: A Ninjato, Senbon and Bombs.
Chakra Type: Fire
Kekkei Genkai: Eye of the Crow
Description: It allows Shigi to disappear and reappear behind his enemy. Not much, but it is effective.
Signature Techniques: Katon: Burning Eagle and Crow's Drop.

So begins...

Shigi Karasu's Story

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Naruto: A New Dawn

A gentle breeze rolled through the villages. It had been a quiet day, apart from the usual bandit attacks that seemed to become normal after the war. Very little had happened other than the new Kages coming to the summits every now and then. Really, next to nothing had happened since the war.

Shigi walked through the forest of dead trees, on occasion he knelt down to take some leaves and test to see what direction the wind was blowing. Just in case he lost his target. He heard a rustle of leaves other than the ones he was holding, and he smirked.

"Shishimaru, come out already. I know that you're hidi-" He laughed, but was cut off by a blade coming down towards his head at an alarming rate. He laughed and sidestepped. "Damn you, Shigi! The Kodama is ours!" Shishimaru screamed, swinging his blade at Shigi. He took another step back, and whipped out a Shuriken. He flicked it towards the male's head, and it landed on target. Right on his scalp. He collapsed, a puddle of blood forming beneath him.

"Hey, you! That was our kill! Tell us your name!" A girl shouted. She had dark brown hair that was held together in a ponytail by a headband belonging to no village in particular. She seemed to be shorter than Shigi, and she had a veteran Ninja with her. Oh, how this would be fun.

"I have nothing to say to those who shall soon be dead." He muttered, his face going blank. The Veteran Ninja grumbled and unsheathed his Katana. "Then we'll have to beat it out of you!"

Half an hour later

They must have been fighting for a great deal of time, as Shigi was showing signs of fatigue and he had one small scratch on his knee. He twisted his arm and brought his blade up. "It's over." He muttered. The blade caught both Ninja's swords and hurled them into the ground. He leaped back, and that was when he recognised the headbands.

"You are skilled. Iwagakure ninja, correct?" He muttered. They both nodded. "Apologies. I thought I was alone in this hunt." He continued, which was met by the Iwa ninja relaxing. "I don't need the body. Do as you please. I've finally met a worthy foe. That's enough for me." He continued, yet again. He turned away from them, and dispersed into crows feathers. A voice was heard just after he left.

"Shigi is my name. We shall meet again, no doubt."

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#, as written by SMinSC
Lia was wandering around, "These tree's look so cool." She thought to herself, noticing that they didn't have many leaves on them, back home the tree's always had leaves on them. It was unnerving to some who entered the village, The former Bloody-Mist. It had picked up a lot sinse the war, and they no longer hunted people unless tehy were wanted crimanals. "Yea, the trees are nice, now where the hell are we?" Isubo, the Three-Tail Turtle said inside her. He would always talk to her, mainly because he was bored, and partly becasue he liked to insult her methods from time to time.

"You know? I have no idea." She said, getting a roaring, WHAT!!? From her Biju, "I don't know, although i think we are close to a hidden village. That's a good sign." She said, happy as can be, and the turtle went, "How the hell did you get a month vacation, you can't even navigate your way to a village." He was always sarcastic, "Well, the Mizu is a big sucker for the heads of S-Rank crimanals, so i guess that." "Good Point." He said as she made her way down the path.

Around half an hour later, she noticed something moving beside her, and was not surprised with a ninja blade came out, almost hitting her, but she had great instincts, so she jumped back, "Finally, this vacation was starting to get dull." The Turtle said as more blades came came, earning the thrower a Hidden Mist Jutsu from Lia. The mist was to thick to see out of, but Lioa had learned to use Chakra in order to find others. She quickly found the target moving around frantically, and then started performing hand signs. "Water Style: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu." She half yelled, and said with utter glee. The water sharks hit their mark perfectly, and after a moment of screams the sharks vanashed, and Lia cleared the smoke.

What was left was a not pretty, although she could tell the face, he was a B-Rank, not worth much, but she should probably tell the Mizukage anyway. She did a summoning jutsu and out came a turtle, small and one she knew. "Hey, Tsuki. Can you please take this body back to the Mizu please." "Sure thing Lia." The turtle said and vanashed with the body. "Not as much fun as I wanted." He said, and Lia ignored him and continued on her merry way.

She was walking when she noticed someone up ahead, male and most likely a ninja. She knew that he could be trouble, so she made a water clone and had it stand back in case something went down. She appoched the figure, and annoced herself by coughing very loudly, so she didn't have to sneak up. "Hey, you! Do you know where the closest village is? I am trying to find one, can you help me?" She said calmy, as to not scare him and Isubo told her, "Lia, this should be fun." He said wondering if she would finally use him again to help.

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A black feather gently drifted down to the group. It landed nearby, maybe two or three meters. The feather exploded into a cluster of them, revealing a Shinobi clad in a black overcoat, boots and Hakama, with a fishnet undershirt. He smiled softly, tightening his gloves.

Shigi stepped forwards, making his presence known, albeit subtly. "Lady Rin, Lord Matsuyo. It is an honour to see you - Ah, and who might these be? Accomplices?" He muttered, looking at the others. He nodded at Tetsu in greeting, but his smile quickly faded into his usual apathetic look. His eyes were locked onto Emeli. He knew her. The Jinchuriki that held the one tailed beast. He quickly shifted his gaze to Tsubame. She seemed familiar, but he wasn't completely sure.

He turned to Matsuyo and Rin. "I have come to tell you that Shishimaru, the Kodama Dealer, is dead. He should've rethought his plan and turned himself in to one of us. Shame, really." He muttered, his voice no louder than a whisper. It was one of Shigi's habits to speak quietly. "However, it would be in your best interest to attend the up and coming Summit in the land of Iron. This is where I shall discuss this matter, and no more shall be said here."

He sighed, and looked at them fully, rather than shifting his gaze now and then. "On a less formal note, I've been wondering how you've been and how your villages are. Konoha is reasonably quiet at the moment. And it seems to be having warm weather." He smiled, actually speaking at a normal tone for once.

"And.. Er... If you two.. And possibly Lady Riyo.. Wanted.. To um.." He stammered, struggling to speak. "Wanted to.. You know.. Visit Konoha for a day or two... I'd be welcome to have you." He finished, his face pale with effort. It wasn't like Shigi to ask anyone for anything. But hey, can you blame him for wanting to be friends with the other Kages?

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Tsubame facepalmed at hearing the new featherbrain try to address Rin's Sandshape.
"Does no one ever listen to me? I said only the Mizukage can say anything to that shape and expect to be heard. For Karura's sake, can't I have one person listen to anything I say?"
With that, she just sat down cross-legged where she stood and folded her arms. She then closed her eyes.
"If anyone needs me, if you can even hear me, I'll be asleep right here!" she said, and immediately went to sleep, still sitting.

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Matsuyo looked at Shigi and let out a sigh for another person showing up in his village for no reason but he offered something for him showing up so he did not feel so mad. He was wondering why on earth Rin started to sleep on the ground in the middle of his village. "Why don't you get up. Lets all go somewhere more private to speak." he said. He then pointed to the main building in his village where is office was. "Everyone that is here right now is invited to come so we may discuss this." He started to walk towards his office. "Oh and as regards to the invitation to come to your village, Shigi I will take you up on that offer." He then took a bow. "Thank you for the offer." He then held out his hand witha paper in it towards Emeli.