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Rin Nobunaga


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a character in “Naruto: Altverse”, as played by AsheCandy


Kage who lead the Rebellion, Fighting to secede and take the right to self govern.



Name: Rin Nobunaga/Kaishi
Rank: Haganekage
Age: 27
Gender: Transgender
Dialog: #7a7a52
Thought: #999966
Primary Jutsu Type(s): Ninjutsu & Taijutsu
Primary Jutsu Elements(s): Earth & Fire
Special Trait(s): Weapons Expert - Balance (Blade) and Order (Shield) | While Rin does not have any bloodline traits, nor is she a Jinchūriki, she is exceptional at armed combat. She is also an exceptional blacksmith and used her tallents to craft her signature weapons Balance and Order. As the wielder of "Balance", Rin can change the shape of the blade with her chakra. Her off hand weapon is the round shield "Order". This shield amplifies and channels any chakra that passes through its handle, and can be used to create full 360 degree barriers.

Family History:
Rin spent much of his early life as an orphan in Kumogakure. He was constantly teased for being effeminate, clumsy, and small for his age. At eight he defected from the hidden cloud, and started a journey west. It was on this journey that he was taken in by Genji Kaishi, a blacksmith who lived outside of the Hidden Stone Village. Genji taught him how to fight for himself, never be afraid of new beginnings, and the art of weapon smithing. The two grew inseparable. Genji was determined to help Rin reach his full potential, and Rin wanted to see Genji achieve lasting happiness. After some time traveling the two fell in love, but Rin was never really comfortable with himself, and Genji had noticed. Over the course of the next three years Genji worked to tear down the defenses Rin put up to endure his emotional pain, one day it paid off and Rin admitted to himself and his partner that he identified as transgender. The two were married on Rin's 19th birthday.

Rin is a very different woman than the boy she left in Kumogakure. Strong and abrasive, she is a leader who got where she is by staring down fear, and tearing down threats. She has no friends outside of her husband Genji, however, she keeps very strong professional relationships with her allies. Rin is closed off about any information pertaining to her time before meeting her husband.

Rise to Power:
After settling down in Kikai, a small industrial town located on the border of the land of earth and the land of wind, Genji and Rin opened a small blacksmith practice. The shop specialized in chakra infused steel which allowed a ninja to pass chakra though their weapon as an extension of their body. She used this time to craft her own signature blade "Balance" and her round shield "Order". Soon after completing the weapon set, Blight began to spread and corrupt the land between Kikai, and the rest of the Earth/Wind Nations. Supplies dwindled and the people suffered. Rin refused to watch her home crumble. She pulled her husband into the forge and the pair worked tirelessly to find a solution. After a few weeks they crafted the first of four resonance plates. The plate was thin, tall, and narrow. They buried it on the northern edge of town and started channeling their chakra into it creating a temporary barrier against the blight. After proving their concept, and informing the people of Kikai, nine additional plates were forged; along with crews who were drafted to keep them active 24/7. The solution was crude, and always intended to temporary, but with no support coming any longer from the capitals the village was left to its own devices. The people formed a new government and named Rin Haganekage or Steel Shadow. After hearing about the success of the resonance plates the land of earth started directing refugees to Kikai and town grew into a Village, being renamed to Kinzokugakure.

Position on the Civil War:
Originally Rin was understanding of supply chains being sparse, but after the supplies stopped, yet refugees continued being sent to her village she became angry. A few months after supplies fell off and the population had swollen beyond the means of the village, Ren committed a squad to steal supplies from the Village Hidden in the Stone. The first few attempts were successful with enough resources to survive another year. However, it only took one failed mission to break the peace. One cold night the squad was fleeing from a mill. They were about to be caught by a Hidden Stone patrol; causing a skirmish to break out between the two groups. Both parties lost one squad member before the supply runners were able to escape. This action has embroiled the Steel and Stone in constant war ever since.

Bonus Facts:
Rin still uses her surname despite her marriage because it is the only thing her parents left her.
Rin maintains her female figure with a transformation jutsu that Genji helped her form. The jutsu is sealed with a small gem on the back of her neck.
Rin and Genji's Forge is named "The Chakra Works"

So begins...

Rin Nobunaga's Story


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Shadows danced across the room as the glow from the furnace died down and settled in it's final throws for the night. Rin and Genji were both exhausted after forging two spare resonance plates for their village. The Kage summit was approaching fast and with the Kage gone she wanted to make sure that in the event of a failure their village would not be left unprotected.

Rin was laying coiled in Genji's arms, the two collapsed by an anvil watching the embers die in the furnace a few feet away.

"How do you think they will receive us?"

Rin asked meekly stairing into Genji's steely blue eyes.

"The Land of Iron is a neutral party, so I would expect them to act as if we are already a formal territory. However, the Kage of the other territories are likely to look down on us. Not that they could, but don't let them intimidate you."

Genji pulled Rin tight against his chest and sighed.

"I just hope there are no attempts to circumvent diplomacy while we are gone. The hidden stone could very easily use this temporary ceasefire as an opportunity to set up an ambush while we are attending the summit."

The last of the embers settled into ash and Rin closed her eyes sinking into Genji's embrace and slowly falling into sleep. Before she finally found rest she spoke one last time.

""I dare them to try...""

Her eyes fell shut and Genji brushed his hand through her soft blonde hair until he also dozed off. The next day would begin their journey.


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Rin awoke rubbing the sleep from her eyes; the sun just barely cresting over the horizon illuminating the skies with beautiful oranges and reds. Genji was already out side making their final preparations for the trip north. The beautiful woman ran her eyes up and down her man admiring his rigid masculine form and biting her bottom lip.

What a man. she thought to her self as she walked out into the daylight.

"Ahh your awake! wonderful!" Genji stated joyfully with his thundering voice. "We should be about two days away from the Land of Iron so the sooner we get moving the better."

Normally the trip would take just under a day but because of the blight and the hostile relationship with their neighbor to the north Rin and Genji would have to take an alternate path.

Are all of our preparations taken care of? Rin asked.

She grabbed for her traveling pack from next to the door way, then slung the bag over her shoulders. She walked up to Genji, gently sliding her hand against his arm and giving him a "good morning" peck on the cheek.

"Yes, I finished the last minute foot work this morning and made sure the plates were in the first security team's hands."

With no time to waste the two garbed themselves a couple of energy bars and started down the road.